Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Bismuth fluoride-coated boron powders as enhanced fuels
Valluri SK, Schoenitz M, Dreizin E
11 - 19 Oxidation, ignition and combustion behaviors of differently prepared boron-magnesium composites
Sun YL, Ren H, Jiao QJ, Schoenitz M, Dreizin EL
20 - 40 An experimental and modeling study of ethylene-air combustion over a wide temperature range
Yang M, Wan ZJ, Tan NX, Zhang CH, Wang JB, Li XY
41 - 49 Effect of metal dust fuel at a low concentration on explosive/air explosion characteristics
Liu WJ, Bai CH, Liu QM, Yao J, Zhang C
50 - 63 An experimental and numerical study of soot formation of laminar coflow H-2/C2H4 diffusion flames in O-2-CO2 atmosphere
Wang Y, Gu MY, Gao YP, Liu XF, Lin YY
64 - 73 The auto-ignition boundary of ethylene/nitrous oxide as a promising monopropellant
Yang M, Yang Y, Liao CY, Tang CL, Zhou CW, Huang ZH
74 - 85 Critical changes in the ignition and combustion characteristics of aged titanium-based initiators
Oh J, Yoh JJ
86 - 93 On band lumping, radiation reabsorption, and high-pressure effects in laminar flame propagation
Zheng S, Sui R, Liang WK, Zhou HC, Law CK
94 - 102 A computationally-efficient method for flamelet calculations
Lapointe S, Xuan Y, Kwon H, Whitesides RA, McNenly MJ
103 - 109 Experimental and numerical Lattice-Boltzmann investigation of the Darrieus-Landau instability
Tayyab M, Radisson B, Almarcha C, Denet B, Boivin P
110 - 119 Thermodynamics and kinetics of solution combustion synthesis: Ni(NO3)(2) + fuels systems
Amirkhanyan N, Kharatyan S, Manukyan K, Aprahamian A
120 - 135 Influence of the functional group of fuels on the construction of skeletal chemical mechanisms: A case study of 1-hexane, 1-hexene, and 1-hexanol
Wang PZ, Chang YC, Niu B, Dong X, Jia M
136 - 149 A comparative kinetic study of C-8-C-10 linear alkylbenzenes pyrolysis in a single-pulse shock tube
Sun WY, Hamadi A, Abid S, Chaumeix N, Comandini A
150 - 159 Spherically expanding flame in silane-hydrogen-nitrous oxide-argon mixtures
Mevel R, Chatelain KP, Lapointe S, Lacoste DA, Idir M, Dupre G, Chaumeix N
160 - 169 Ignition of nickel coated aluminum agglomerates using shock tube
Lee H, Kim JH, Kang S, Deshmukh PR, Sohn Y, Hyun HS, Shin WG
170 - 179 Cloud based tool for analysis of chemical kinetic mechanisms
Killingsworth NJ, McNenly MJ, Whitesides RA, Wagnon SW
180 - 193 Direct observation of frictional ignition in dropped HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives
Parker GR, Holmes MD, Heatwole EM, Broilo RM, Pederson MN, Dickson PM
194 - 200 Laser ablation of aluminized RDX with added ammonium perchlorate or ammonium perchlorate/boron/magnesium hydride
Cao W, Guo WC, Ding T, Han Y, Li M, Gao DY, Guo XL
201 - 211 Numerical analysis of flame stabilization for a steady premixed jet in vitiated coflow
Grib SW, Owens TC, Renfro MW
212 - 218 Effect of ageing on the combustion of single base propellants
Defanti BFD, de Mendonca LG, Nichele J
219 - 227 The competition between direct gas-solid reduction and oxygen uncoupling of CuO oxygen carrier in chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling: A single particle simulation study
Su MZ, Zhao HB, Tian X
228 - 240 Theoretical kinetics analysis for (O) over dotH radical addition to 1,3-butadiene and application to model prediction
Bai JF, Cavallotti C, Zhou CW
241 - 255 Chemical kinetics study of 1,3-butadiene plus H(O)over dot(2); implications for combustion modeling and simulation
Zhu YX, Zhou CW
256 - 269 Strain rate and pressure effects on multi-branched counterflow flames
Lopez-Camara CF, Juanos AJ, Sirignano WA
270 - 287 Experimental study and kinetic analysis of the laminar burning velocity of NH3/syngas/air, NH3/CO/air and NH3/H-2/air premixed flames at elevated pressures
Wang SX, Wang ZH, Elbaz AM, Han XL, He Y, Costa M, Konnov AA, Roberts WL
288 - 295 Hierarchical model form uncertainty quantification for turbulent combustion modeling
Klemmer KS, Mueller ME
296 - 310 Effect of spark location and laminar flame speed on the ignition transient of a premixed annular combustor
Ciardiello R, de Oliveira PM, Skiba AW, Mastorakos E, Allison PM
311 - 325 Theoretical study on COS oxidation mechanism
Li TS, Li J, Zhang HL, Yang S, Wang JK, Xiao J
326 - 337 Effect of metal additives on neutralization and characteristics of AP/HTPB solid propellants
Vellaisamy U, Biswas S
338 - 345 Modeling detonation limits for arbitrary non-uniform concentration distributions in fuel-air mixtures
Bauwens CRL, Dorofeev SB
346 - 348 Response function of ammonium perchlorate monopropellant
Nagendra K, Vijay C, Ramakrishna PA
349 - 351 Analyzing OH*, CH*, and C2*chemiluminescence of bifurcating FREI propane-air flames in a micro flow reactor
Baumgardner ME, Harvey J
352 - 363 Influence of gas radiative property models on Large Eddy Simulation of 1 m methanol pool fires
Nmira F, Ma L, Consalvi JL
364 - 370 Shock-induced ignition and pyrolysis of high-pressure methane and natural gas mixtures
Shao JK, Ferris AM, Choudhary R, Cassady SJ, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
371 - 383 Carbon oxidation in turbulent premixed jet flames: A comparative experimental and numerical study of ethylene, n-heptane, and toluene
Pineda DI, Paxton L, Perakis N, Wei CY, Luna S, Kahouli H, Ihme M, Egolfopoulos FN, Spearrin RM
384 - 400 Population balance modelling and laser diagnostic validation of soot particle evolution in laminar ethylene diffusion flames
Liu AX, Garcia CE, Sewerin F, Williams BAO, Rigopoulos S
401 - 415 Multiscale modeling of transients in the shock-induced detonation of heterogeneous energetic solid fuels
Choi S, Kim B, Han S, Yoh JJ
416 - 419 On the possible coexistence of two different regimes of metal particle combustion
Altman I, Demko A, Hill K, Pantoya M
420 - 428 Modes of mild ignition in shock tubes: Origins and classification
Kiverin AD, Minaev KO, Yakovenko IS
429 - 440 3D tomography integrating view registration and its application in highly turbulent flames
Liu N, Zhou K, Ma L
441 - 452 Control the combustion behavior of solid propellants by using core-shell Al-based composites
He W, Lyu JY, Tang DY, He GQ, Liu PJ, Yan QL
453 - 461 Determination of kinetic parameters of exothermic condensed phase reaction using the energetic material ignition delay data
Zarko VE, Knyazeva AG
462 - 475 Cellulose assisted combustion synthesis of high surface area Ni-MgO catalysts: Mechanistic studies
Danghyan V, Orlova T, Roslyakov S, Wolf EE, Mukasyan AS
476 - 486 Effects of fuel composition and octane sensitivity on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and soot emissions of gasoline-ethanol blend surrogates
Kalvakala KC, Pal P, Aggarwal SK
487 - 501 An ultrafast multi-zone HCCI model with Autoignition, Global reaction and Interpolation (AGI) for achieving comparable accuracy to detailed chemical kinetics models
Zhou YC, Gainey B, Lawler B
502 - 515 The role of differential diffusion during early flame kernel development under engine conditions - part I: Analysis of the heat-release-rate response
Falkenstein T, Rezchikova A, Langer R, Bode M, Kang S, Pitsch H
516 - 529 The role of differential diffusion during early flame kernel development under engine conditions - part II: Effect of flame structure and geometry
Falkenstein T, Chu HC, Bode M, Kang S, Pitsch H
530 - 543 On the effects of opposed flow conditions on non-buoyant flames spreading over polyethylene-coated wires - Part I: Spread rate and soot production
Guibaud A, Citerne JM, Consalvi JL, Legros G
544 - 551 On the effects of opposed flow conditions on non-buoyant flames spreading over polyethylene-coated wires - Part II: Soot oxidation quenching and smoke release
Guibaud A, Citerne JM, Consalvi JL, Legros G