Combustion and Flame

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1 - 12 The impact of cyclic fuels on the formation and structure of soot
Salamanca M, Botero ML, Martin JW, Dreyer JAH, Akroyd J, Kraft M
13 - 19 On the effect of pressure on soot nanostructure: A Raman spectroscopy investigation
Commodo M, Karatas AE, De Falco G, Minutolo P, D'Anna A, Gulder MO
20 - 32 Oxidation kinetics of n-pentanol: A theoretical study of the reactivity of the 1-hydroxy-1-peroxypentyl radical
Duan YZ, Monge-Palacios M, Grajales-Gonzalez E, Han D, Moller KH, Kjaergaard HG, Sarathy SM
33 - 43 Combustion performance of composite propellants containing core-shell Al@M(IO3)(x) metastable composites
Tang DY, Fan ZM, Yang GC, Wang YL, Liu PJ, Yan QL
44 - 44 Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann-Finite Difference model for low Mach number combustion simulation (vol 209, pg 394, 2019)
Hosseini SA, Safari H, Darabiha N, Thevenin D, Krafczyk M
45 - 56 Exploring the internal structure of soot particles using nanoindentation: A reactive molecular dynamics study
Pascazio L, Martin JW, Bowal K, Akroyd J, Kraft M
57 - 69 Opposed flow flame spread over thermally thick solid fuels: buoyant flow suppression, stretch rate theory, and the regressive burning regime
Hossain S, Wichman IS, Miller FJ, Olson SL
70 - 85 Evaluation of semi-empirical soot models for nonpremixed flames with increased stoichiometric mixture fraction and strain
Johnson PR, Chakrabarty RK, Kumfer BM
86 - 101 Effects of liquid fuel/wall interaction on thermoacoustic instabilities in swirling spray flames
Lo Schiavo E, Laera D, Riber E, Gicquel L, Poinsot T
102 - 119 LES/PDF modeling of swirl-stabilized non-premixed methane/air flames with local extinction and re-ignition
Yu S, Liu X, Bai XS, Elbaz AM, Roberts WL
120 - 128 Accurate multicomponent Fick diffusion at a lower cost than mixture-averaged approximation: Validation in steady and unsteady counterflow flamelets
Naud B, Arias-Zugasti M
129 - 135 Burning rate and flame structure of cocrystals of CL-20 and a polycrystalline composite crystal of HMX/AP
Ruesch MD, Powell MS, Satija A, Ruesch JP, Vuppuluri VS, Lucht RP, Son SF
136 - 146 Tantalum network nanoparticles from a Ta2O5+kMg system by liquid magnesium controlled combustion
Nersisyan H, Ryu HS, Lee JH, Suh H, Won HI
147 - 160 Computational investigations on the thermochemistry and kinetics for the autoignition of 2-pentanone
Kuzhanthaivelan S, Rajakumar B
161 - 177 Experimental investigation of the ignition process in a separated dual-swirl spray flame
Yang SH, Zhang C, Lin YZ, Xue X, Gan XH
178 - 197 Autoignition of CRC diesel surrogates at low temperature combustion conditions: Rapid compression machine experiments and modeling
Wang MY, Kukkadapu G, Zhang KW, Wagnon SW, Mehl M, Pitz WJ, Westbrook CK, Sung CJ
198 - 211 Eulerian thermo-mechanical simulations of heterogeneous solid propellants using an approximate projection method
Kumar T, Rycroft CH, Jackson TL
212 - 224 Linear burn rate of green ionic liquid multimode monopropellant
Rasmont N, Broemmelsiek EJ, Rovey JL
225 - 241 Evaluation of reaction kinetics models for meso-scale simulations of hotspot initiation and growth in HMX
Rai NK, Koundinyan SP, Sen O, Schweigert IV, Henson BF, Udaykumar HS
242 - 257 Multi-stage heat release in lean combustion: Insights from coupled tangential stretching rate (TSR) and computational singular perturbation (CSP) analysis
AlRamadan AS, Galassi RM, Ciottoli PP, Valorani M, Sarathy SM
258 - 267 Influence of m-xylene addition to Jet A-1 on spray structure, flow field and soot production in turbulent swirl-stabilized spray flames in a model combustor
Rault TM, Vishwanath RB, Gulder OL
268 - 274 Combustion regime identification from machine learning trained by Raman/Rayleigh line measurements
Wan KD, Hartl S, Vervisch L, Domingo P, Barlow RS, Hasse C
275 - 282 Deflagration-to-detonation transition in laser-ignited explosive gas contained in a smooth-wall tube
Endo T, Kuwajima S, Kim W, Johzaki T, Shimokuri D, Miyoshi A, Namba S
283 - 292 Structures of laminar lifted flames in a non-premixed jet and their relationship with similarity solutions
Hwang GJ, Kim NI
293 - 311 Effects of fuel Lewis number on self-propagating flame spread over thin solid fuels in microgravity
Kumar BP, Kumar A
312 - 326 PAH formation from jet stirred reactor pyrolysis of gasoline surrogates
Shao C, Kukkadapu G, Wagnon SW, Pitz WJ, Sarathy SM
327 - 338 A DFT study of the mechanism of H transfer during steam gasification
Zhao D, Liu H, Lu PC, Yu HY, Qin M
339 - 348 Analysis of mixture stratification effects on unstrained laminar flames
Inanc E, Chakraborty N, Kempf AM
349 - 358 Dynamics of combustion waves in narrow samples of solid energetic material: Impact of radiative heat losses on chaotic behavior and dynamical extinction phenomenon
Kurdyumov VN, Gubernov VV
359 - 372 RON and MON chemical kinetic modeling derived correlations with ignition delay time for gasoline and octane boosting additives
Corrubia JA, Capece JM, Cernansky NP, Miller DL, Durrett RP, Najt PM
373 - 383 Analytical and numerical study of near-field ignition of H-2/air by injection of hot gas
Feyz ME, Hasti VR, Gore JP, Nalim MR
384 - 392 Cool flame chemistry of diesel surrogate compounds: n-Decane, 2-methylnonane, 2,7-dimethyloctane, and n-butylcyclohexane
Wang ZD, Hansen N, Jasper AW, Chen BJ, Popolan-Vaida DM, Yalamanchi KK, Najjar A, Dagaut P, Sarathy SM
393 - 404 Plasma decay in hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon -and H2O-containing mixtures excited by high-voltage nanosecond discharge at elevated gas temperatures
Popov MA, Anokhin EM, Starikovskiy AY, Aleksandrov NL
405 - 415 Parametric transition from deflagration to detonation revisited: Spherical geometry
Gordon PV, Kagan L, Sivashinsky G
416 - 424 Classification of the traveling wave solutions for filtration combustion considering thermal losses
Zavala RQ, Chapiro G
425 - 436 Experimental investigation of the evaporation of suspended mono-sized heptane droplets in turbulence intensities approaching unity
Verwey C, Birouk M
437 - 448 Experimental and model investigation on agglomeration of aluminized fuel-rich propellant in solid fuel ramjet
Li LB, Chen X, Zhou CS, Li WX, Zhu M
449 - 455 Pyrolysis study of 1,2,4-trimethylcyclohexane with SVUV-photoionization molecular-beam mass spectrometry
Liu YX, Zheng ZH, Tian DX, Tian ZY, Cao CC, Liu ZK, Zhai YT, Zhang Y, Yang JZ
456 - 466 A hierarchical single-pulse shock tube pyrolysis study of C-2-C-6 1-alkenes
Nagaraja SS, Liang JH, Dong SJ, Panigrahy S, Sahu A, Kukkadapu G, Wagnon SW, Pitz WJ, Curran HJ
467 - 477 Enhancing combustion performance of nano-Al/PVDF composites with beta-PVDF
Huang SD, Hong S, Su YC, Jiang Y, Fukushima S, Gill TM, Yilmaz NED, Tiwari S, Nomura K, Kalia RK, Nakano A, Shimojo F, Vashishta P, Chen ML, Zheng XL
478 - 487 New coordination complexes-based gas-generating energetic composites
Wu T, Sevely F, Julien B, Sodre F, Cure J, Tenailleau C, Esteve A, Rossi C
488 - 488 Combustion Performance of Composite Propellants Containing Core-shell Al@M(IO3)(x) Metastable Composites (vol 82, pg 931, 2020)
Tang DY, Fan ZM, Yang GC, Wang YL, Liu PJ, Yan QL