Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Heat release effects on the Reynolds stress budgets in turbulent premixed jet flames at low and high Karlovitz numbers
Lee J, MacArt JF, Mueller ME
9 - 23 On the use of dynamic turbulence modelling in fire applications
Maragkos G, Merci B
24 - 28 Synergistic effects on soot formation in counterflow diffusion flames of acetylene-based binary mixture fuels
Xu L, Yan FW, Dai W, Zhou MX, Chung SH, Wang Y
29 - 44 Experimental and modeling study of the low to high temperature oxidation of the linear pentanone isomers: 2-pentanone and 3-pentanone
Fenard Y, Pieper J, Hemken C, Minwegen H, Buttgen RD, Kohse-Hoinghaus K, Heufer KA
45 - 57 The effect of thermal diffusion on stabilization of premixed flames
Vance FH, de Goey P, van Oijen JA
58 - 61 Spanwise recirculation zone structure of a bluff body stabilized flame
Fugger CA, Gallagher TP, Sykes JP, Caswell AW
62 - 71 Global uncertainty analysis for the RRKM/master equation modeling of a typical multi-well and multi-channel reaction system
Huang C, Li S, Wang JX, Yang B, Zhang F
72 - 81 A machine learning methodology for improving the accuracy of laminar flame simulations with reduced chemical kinetics mechanisms
Pulga L, Bianchi GM, Falfari S, Forte C
82 - 91 Direct dynamics of a large complex hydrocarbon reaction system: The reaction of OH with exo-tricyclodecane (the main component of Jet Propellant-10)
Wu JJ, Gao LG, Ning HB, Ren W, Truhlar DG
92 - 99 Morphology of soot sampled from N-2-diluted methane/air counterflow flames at elevated pressures via TEM imaging
Amin HMF, Bennett A, Roberts WL
100 - 110 Further study on wall film effects and flame quenching under engine thermodynamic conditions
Tao MY, Zhao P, VanDerWege B, Iyer C, Ge HW
111 - 125 The structural evolution and fragmentation of coal-derived soot and carbon black during high-temperature air oxidation
Chang QH, Gao R, Gao M, Yu GS, Wang FC
126 - 135 Simulation of primary particle size distributions in a premixed ethylene stagnation flame
Hou DY, Lindberg CS, Wang MD, Manuputty MY, You XQ, Kraft M
136 - 145 Density functional theory study of the heterogenous interaction between char-bound nitrogen and CO2 during oxy-fuel coal combustion
Zhao SH, Sun RY, Bi XL, Pan XJ, Su Y
146 - 160 Analysis of the final stage of flame acceleration and the onset of detonation in a cylindrical tube using high-speed stereoscopic imaging
Krivosheyev P, Penyazkov O, Sakalou A
161 - 173 Shock tube/laser absorption measurements of the pyrolysis of JP-10 fuel
Johnson SE, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
174 - 184 Quantifying uncertainty in kinetic simulation of engine autoignition
Cheng S, Yang Y, Brear MJ, Frenklach M
185 - 193 Demonstration of knock intensity mitigation through dielectric barrier discharge reformation in an RCEM
Takahashi E, Nagano Y, Kitagawa T, Nishioka M, Nakamura T, Nakano M
194 - 205 CO-concentration and temperature measurements in reacting CH4/O-2 mixtures doped with diethyl ether behind reflected shock waves
He D, Shi L, Nativel D, Herzler J, Fikri M, Schulz C
206 - 222 Towards a method of estimating out-of-plane effects on measurements of turbulent flame dynamics
Tyagi A, O'Connor J
223 - 231 Sub-particle scale study on the melting behavior of Zhundong coal ash based on the heterogeneous distribution of elements
Zhou ZH, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Liu HF
232 - 244 Auto-ignition of thermally thick PMMA exposed to linearly decreasing thermal radiation
Gong JH, Zhai CJ, Cao JL, Li J, Yang LZ, Zhou Y, Wang ZR
245 - 255 Experimental study of the effect of ullage height on flame characteristics of pool fires
Liu CX, Ding L, Jangi M, Ji J, Yu LX, Wan HX
256 - 270 Propagation of premixed flames in the presence of Darrieus-Landau and thermal diffusive instabilities
Creta F, Lapenna PE, Lamioni R, Fogla N, Matalon M
271 - 279 Role of dimethyl ether in incipient soot formation in premixed ethylene flames
Li ZP, Liu P, Zhang P, Wang Y, He H, Chung SH, Roberts WL
280 - 292 Revealing the critical role of radical-involved pathways in high temperature cyclopentanone pyrolysis
Dong XR, Ninnemann E, Ranasinghe DS, Laich A, Greene R, Vasu SS, Green WH
293 - 299 High-pressure shock-tube study of the ignition and product formation of fuel-rich dimethoxymethane (DMM)/air and CH4/DMM/air mixtures
Herzler J, Fikri M, Schulz C
300 - 315 Effect of inlet and outlet boundary conditions on rotating detonation combustion
Bluemner R, Bohon MD, Paschereit CO, Gutmark EJ
316 - 325 A multiscale model of wood pyrolysis in fire to study the roles of chemistry and heat transfer at the mesoscale
Richter F, Rein G
326 - 337 Range of "complete" instability of flat flames propagating downward in the acoustic field in combustion tube: Lewis number effect
Dubey AK, Koyama Y, Yoon SH, Hashimoto N, Fujita O
338 - 353 Entrainment studies in inverse jet flame port burner
Hariharan V, Mishra DP
354 - 368 Investigation into the thermal behavior and FTIR micro-characteristics of re-oxidation coal
Zhu HQ, Zhao HR, Wei HY, Wang W, Wang HR, Li K, Lu XX, Tan B
369 - 384 Autoignition behavior of gasoline/ethanol blends at engine-relevant conditions
Cheng S, Kang D, Fridlyand A, Goldsborough SS, Saggese C, Wagnon S, McNenly MJ, Mehl M, Pitz WJ, Vuilleumier D
385 - 397 Low pressure flame blowoff of the stagnation region of cast PMMA cylinders in axial mixed convective flow
Marcum JW, Rachow P, Ferkul PV, Olson SL
398 - 411 Large eddy simulation of turbulent diffusion jet flames based on novel modifications of flamelet generated manifolds
Zadsirjan S, Tabejamaat S, Abtahizadeh E, van Oijen J
412 - 425 A DNS study of the impact of gravity on spherically expanding laminar premixed flames
Berger L, Hesse R, Kleinheinz K, Hegetschweiler MJ, Attili A, Beeckmann J, Linteris GT, Pitsch H
426 - 438 Near-limit H-2-O-2-N-2 combustion in nonpremixed counterflow mixing layers
Carpio J, Rajamanickam P, Sanchez AL, Williams FA
439 - 452 A comprehensive study of flamelet tabulation methods for pulverized coal combustion in a turbulent mixing layer - Part I: A priori and budget analyses
Wen X, Rieth M, Scholtissek A, Stein OT, Wang HO, Luo K, Kempf AM, Kronenburg A, Fan J, Hasse C
453 - 467 A comprehensive study of flamelet tabulation methods for pulverized coal combustion in a turbulent mixing layer-Part II: Strong heat losses and multi-mode combustion
Wen X, Rieth M, Scholtissek A, Stein OT, Wang HO, Luo K, Kronenburg A, Fan JR, Hasse C
468 - 471 Laser pulse initiation of RDX-Al and PETN-Al composites explosion
Aduev BP, Nurmukhametov DR, Liskov IY, Tupitsyn AV, Belokurov GM
472 - 484 Simulated production of OH, HO2, CH2O, and CO2 during dilute fuel oxidation can predict 1st-stage ignition delays
Buras ZJ, Safta C, Zador J, Sheps L