Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Comprehensive mechanism of initial stage for lignin pyrolysis
Li J, Bai XW, Fang Y, Chen YQ, Wang XH, Chen HP, Yang HP
10 - 27 Prechamber ignition: An exploratory 2-D DNS study of the effects of initial temperature and main chamber composition
Benekos S, Frouzakis CE, Giannakopoulos GK, Bolla M, Wright YM, Boulouchos K
28 - 35 Effects of CO2 on soot formation in ethylene pyrolysis
Mei JY, You XQ, Law CK
36 - 50 Cookoff modeling of a melt cast explosive (Comp-B)
Hobbs ML, Kaneshige MJ, Erikson WW, Brown JA, Anderson MU, Todd SN, Moore DG
51 - 65 Large-eddy simulation of dual-fuel spray ignition at different ambient temperatures
Tekgul B, Kahila H, Kaario O, Vuorinen V
66 - 77 Ignition delay time and laminar flame speed measurements of mixtures containing diisopropyl-methylphosphonate (DIMP)
Mathieu O, Sikes T, Kulatilaka WD, Petersen EL
78 - 85 Effect of boron content in B center dot BiF3 and B center dot Bi composites on their ignition and combustion
Valluri SK, Ravi KK, Schoenitz M, Dreizin EL
86 - 92 Combustion of 3D printed 90 wt% loading reinforced nanothermite
Shen JP, Wang HY, Kline DJ, Yang Y, Wang XZ, Rehwoldt M, Wu T, Holdren S, Zachariah MR
93 - 102 Energetic ionic liquid hydroxyethylhydrazinium nitrate as an alternative monopropellant
Swami U, Senapathi K, Srinivasulu KM, Desingu J, Chowdhury A
103 - 112 Experimental and numerical studies on electric field distribution of a premixed stagnation flame under DC power supply
Ren YH, Cui W, Pitsch H, Li SQ
113 - 123 Energy analysis of unsteady negative edge flames in a periodic flow
Grib SW, Renfro MW
124 - 133 Effects of ignition disturbance on flame propagation of methane and propane in a narrow-gap-disk-burner
Jang HJ, Lee SM, Kim NI
134 - 144 Experimental and numerical analysis of the autoignition behavior of NH3 and NH3/H-2 mixtures at high pressure
Dai LM, Gersen S, Glarborg P, Levinsky H, Mokhov A
145 - 156 Three-dimensional behaviour of quasi-detonations
Kellenberger M, Ciccarelli G
157 - 168 Impact of spray-wall interaction on the in-cylinder spatial unburned hydrocarbon distribution of a gasoline partially premixed combustion engine
Raman V, Tang QL, An YZ, Shi H, Sharma P, Magnotti G, Chang J, Johansson B
169 - 183 The effects of naphthalene-addition to alkylbenzenes on soot formation
Chu C, Thomson MJ
184 - 192 Liftoff and blowout of the Emmons flame: Analysis of the triple flame
Li SP, Yao Q, Law CK, Liang WK, Zhuo JK
193 - 202 Theoretical kinetics of the C2H4 + NH2 reaction
Mai TVT, Duong MV, Huynh LK
203 - 220 On the interaction between turbulence and ethanol spray combustion using a dynamic wrinkling model coupled with tabulated chemistry
Sacomano FL, Hosseinzadeh A, Sadiki A, Janicka J
221 - 223 Modified multipurpose reduced chemistry for ethanol combustion
Millan-Merino A, Fernandez-Tarrazo E, Sanchez-Sanz M, Williams FA
224 - 237 Pressure gradient tailoring effects on the mechanisms of bluff-body flame extinction
Morales AJ, Reyes J, Joo PH, Boxx I, Ahmed KA
238 - 251 Analysis of combustion modes in a cavity based scramjet
Ruan JHL, Domingo P, Ribert G
252 - 258 An experimental investigation on oscillating length scale of gas pipeline leakage flame restricted by parallel sidewalls
Wang Q, Yan J, Shi LM, Tang F
259 - 268 Non-intrusive laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in flammable mixtures via limiting inverse-bremsstrahlung photon absorption
Oh S, Carter CD, Park Y, Bae S, Do H
269 - 282 Scaling and prediction of transfer functions in lean premixed H-2/CH4-flames
AEsoy E, Aguilar JG, Wiseman S, Bothien MR, Worth NA, Dawson JR
283 - 294 Single-head detonation propagation in a partially obstructed channel
Kellenberger M, Ciccarelli G
295 - 308 Deflagration-to-detonation transition in hot HMX and HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives
Parker GR, Heatwole EM, Holmes MD, Asay BW, Dickson PM, McAfee JM
309 - 323 Nonlinear stability analysis of intrinsic thermoacoustic modes in a one-dimensional longitudinal combustor
Mohan B, Mariappan S
324 - 332 Synthesis, characterization and nanoenergetic utilizations of fluorine, oxygen co-functionalized graphene by one-step XeF2 exposure
Wang AQ, Bok S, Mathai CJ, Thiruvengadathan R, Darr CM, Chen H, Zachariah MR, Gangopadhyay K, McFarland JA, Maschmann MR, Gangopadhyay S
333 - 341 Learning-based prediction of wildfire spread with real-time rate of spread measurement
Zhai CJ, Zhang SY, Cao ZL, Wang XM
342 - 351 Large eddy simulation of auto-ignition kernel development of transient methane jet in hot co-flow
Liu B, An J, Qin F, Li R, He GQ, Shi L, Zhang D
352 - 363 Mirrored continuum and molecular scale simulations of deflagration in a nano-slab of HMX
Lee K, Joshi K, Chaudhuri S, Stewart DS
364 - 375 On transition to self-similar acceleration of spherically expanding flames with cellular instabilities
Cai X, Wang JH, Bian ZJ, Zhao HR, Dai HC, Huang ZH
376 - 388 Ignition dynamics of a pulse detonation igniter in a supersonic cavity flameholder
Cuppoletti D, Ombrello T, Carter C, Hammack S, Lefkowitz J
389 - 400 The gas-phase formation of tin dioxide nanoparticles in single droplet combustion and flame spray pyrolysis
Li HP, Pokhrel S, Schowalter M, Rosenauer A, Kiefer J, Madler L
401 - 416 Formation of combustion wave in lean propane-air mixture with a non-uniform chemical reactivity initiated by nanosecond streamer discharges in the HCCI engine
Filimonova EA, Dobrovolskaya AS, Bocharov AN, Bityurin VA, Naidis GV
417 - 424 Experimental observation of the heat transfer mechanisms that drive propagation in additively manufactured energetic materials
Kline DJ, Alibay Z, Rehwoldt MC, Idrogo-Lam A, Hamilton SG, Biswas P, Xu FY, Zachariah MR
425 - 436 Effect of volumetric expansion on shock-induced ignition of H-2-NO2/N2O4 mixtures
He YZ, Liu YC, Mevel R
437 - 457 Dynamics of hydrogen-oxygen-argon cellular detonations with a constant mean lateral strain rate
Xiao Q, Radulescu MI
458 - 470 Large-Eddy Simulation and analysis of a sooting lifted turbulent jet flame
Grader M, Eberle C, Gerlinger P