Combustion and Flame

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1 - 12 Self-similar propagation and turbulent burning velocity of CH4/H-2/air expanding flames: Effect of Lewis number
Cai X, Wang JH, Bian ZJ, Zhao HR, Zhang M, Huang ZH
13 - 24 Characteristics of counterflow premixed flames with low frequency composition fluctuations
Tomidokoro T, Yokomori T, Im HG, Ueda T
25 - 38 Analysis of the spray flame structure in a lab-scale burner using Large Eddy Simulation and Discrete Particle Simulation
Paulhiac D, Cuenot B, Riber E, Esclapez L, Richard S
39 - 52 Modeling pre-spark heat release and low temperature chemistry of iso-octane in a boosted spark-ignition engine
DelVescovo DA, Splitter DA, Szybist JP, Jatana GS
53 - 66 Near-lean blowoff dynamics in a liquid fueled combustor
Rock N, Emerson B, Seitzman J, Lieuwen T
67 - 78 A comprehensive mechanism for liquid-phase decomposition of 1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazoctane (HMX): Thermolysis experiments and detailed kinetic modeling
Patidar L, Khichar M, Thynell ST
79 - 92 Confined spherically expanding flame method for measuring laminar flame speeds: Revisiting the assumptions and application to C-1-C-4 hydrocarbon flames
Movaghar A, Lawson R, Egolfopoulos FN
93 - 106 Transient ellipsoidal combustion model for a porous burner in microgravity
Markan A, Baum HR, Sunderland PB, Quintiere JG, de Ris JL
107 - 122 An experimental and modeling study on the reactivity of extremely fuel-rich methane/dimethyl ether mixtures
Porras S, Kaczmarek D, Herzler J, Drost S, Werler M, Kasper T, Fikri M, Schiessl R, Atakan B, Schulz C, Maas U
123 - 134 Experimental investigation of lean premixed pre-vaporized liquid-fuel combustion in porous media burners at elevated pressures up to 20 bar
Sobhani S, Legg J, Bartz DF, Kojima JJ, Chang CT, Sullivan JD, Moder JP, Ihme M
135 - 141 The kinetic study of excited singlet oxygen atom O(D-1) reactions with acetylene
Yan C, Teng CC, Chen T, Zhong HT, Rousso A, Zhao H, Ma GM, Wysocki G, Ju YG
142 - 155 Comprehensive kinetic study of combustion technologies for low environmental impact: MILD and OXY-fuel combustion of methane
Bagheri G, Ranzi E, Pelucchi M, Parente A, Frassoldati A, Faravelli T
156 - 164 Reconstructing cellular surface of gaseous detonation based on artificial neural network and proper orthogonal decomposition
Zhang YN, Zhou L, Meng H, Teng HH
165 - 176 Development of an optically accessible apparatus to characterize the evolution of spherically expanding flames under constant volume conditions
Halter F, Chen Z, Dayma G, Bariki C, Wang Y, Dagaut P, Chauveau C
177 - 188 Characteristics of laser ignition and spark discharge ignition in a cavity-based supersonic combustor
An B, Yang LC, Wang ZG, Li XP, Sun MB, Zhu JJ, Yan W
189 - 204 Experimental and kinetic modeling study on 1,3-cyclopentadiene oxidation and pyrolysis
Wang HY, Liu ZQ, Gong SY, Liu YJ, Wang L, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
205 - 215 Hypergolic ignition delay studies of solidified ethanol fuel with hydrogen peroxide for hybrid rockets
John J, Nandagopalan P, Baek SW, Cho SJ
216 - 233 Chemical pathways for the formation of benzofuran and dibenzofuran in combustion
Shi XT, Wang Q, Violi A
234 - 241 Effects of organic silicon compounds on syngas auto-ignition behavior
Schwind RA, Wooldridge MS
242 - 244 Cool-flame dodecane-droplet extinction diameters
Williams FA, Nayagam V
245 - 251 Titanium enhanced ignition and combustion of Al/I2O5 mesoparticle composites
Zhao WJ, Wang XZ, Wang HY, Wu T, Kline DJ, Rehwoldt M, Ren H, Zachariah MR
252 - 269 Investigation into pressure dependence of flame speed for fuels with low and high octane sensitivity through blending ethanol
Fan QH, Qi YL, Wang YD, Wang Z
270 - 278 A physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry - V. NOx formation from a typical Jet A
Saggese C, Wan K, Xu R, Tao YJ, Bowman CT, Park JW, Lu TF, Wang H
279 - 281 Singlet-diradical character in large PAHs triggers spontaneous-ignition of coal
Altarawneh M, Oluwoye I, Dlugogorski BZ
282 - 294 NOx reduction in an axially staged gas turbine model combustor through increase in the combustor exit Mach number
Rodrigues NS, Busari O, Senior WCB, McDonald CT, Chen Y, North AJ, Laster WR, Meyer SE, Lucht RP
295 - 308 Ignition and combustion characterization of single nitromethane and isopropyl nitrate monopropellant droplets under high-temperature and quasi-steady conditions
Mbugua A, Satija A, Lucht RP, Bane S
309 - 322 Experimental and numerical investigations of charge motion and combustion in lean-burn natural gas engines
Korb B, Kuppa K, Nguyen HD, Dinkelacker F, Wachtmeister G
323 - 336 Laminar premixed and non-premixed flame investigation on the influence of dimethyl ether addition on n-heptane combustion
Wullenkord J, Graf I, Baroncelli M, Felsmann D, Cai LM, Pitsch H, Kohse-Hoinghaus K
337 - 344 Studies of multi-channel spark ignition of lean n-pentane/air mixtures in a spherical chamber
Zhao H, Zhao NB, Zhang TH, Wu SQ, Ma GM, Yan C, Ju YG
345 - 351 Ultrafast swelling and shrinking of soot in alkanol-air flames induced by femtosecond laser filamentation
Zang HW, Fu Y, Hou MY, Li HL, Yamanouchi K, Xu HL
352 - 354 Effect of ageing on combustion of ammonium perchlorate with copper chromite additive
Perumal R, Nagendra K, Ramakrishna PA
355 - 366 Reduction of large-scale chemical mechanisms using global sensitivity analysis on reaction class/sub-mechanism
Chang YC, Jia M, Niu B, Dong X, Wang PZ
367 - 376 An experimental and analytical investigation of canyon fire spread
Xie XD, Liu NA, Raposo JR, Viegas DX, Yuan XS, Tu R
377 - 387 A reduced reaction mechanism of biodiesel surrogates with low temperature chemistry for multidimensional engine simulation
Zhang L, Ren XH, Lan ZG
388 - 402 An experimental study of n-dodecane and the development of an improved kinetic model
Mao YB, Raza M, Wu ZY, Zhu JZ, Yu L, Wang SX, Zhu L, Lu XC
403 - 414 Effects of non-thermal plasma on the lean blowout limits and CO/NOx emissions in swirl-stabilized turbulent lean-premixed flames of methane/air
Kim GT, Yoo CS, Chung SH, Park J
415 - 432 Prediction of local extinctions in piloted jet flames with inhomogeneous inlets using unstrained flamelets
Chen ZX, Langella I, Barlow RS, Swaminathan N
433 - 447 Effects of water addition on the combustion of iso-octane investigated in laminar flames, low-temperature reactors, and an HCCI engine
Schmitt S, Wick M, Wouters C, Ruwe L, Graf I, Andert J, Hansen N, Pischinger S, Kohse-Hoinghaus K
448 - 458 A generic and self-adapting method for flame detection and thickening in the thickened flame model
Rochette B, Riber E, Cuenot B, Vermorel O
459 - 468 Flame extinctions: Critical stretch rates and sizes
Bradley D, Shehata M, Lawes M, Ahmed P
469 - 485 Comparative analysis of pyrolysis and combustion of bisphenol A polycarbonate and poly(ether ether ketone) using two-dimensional modeling: A relation between thermal transport and the physical structure of the intumescent char
Swanna JD, Dinga Y, Stoliarova SI
486 - 499 High-pressure shock tube study of ethanol oxidation: Ignition delay time and CO time-history measurements
Laich AR, Ninnemann E, Neupane S, Rahman R, Barak S, Pitz WJ, Goldsborough SS, Vasu SS
500 - 509 Flame interactions in a stratified swirl burner: Flame stabilization, combustion instabilities and beating oscillations
Han X, Laera D, Yang D, Zhang C, Wang JC, Hui X, Lin YZ, Morgans AS, Sung CJ
510 - 518 Measurement of the times for pyrolysis and the thermal diffusivity of a pyrolysing particle of wood and also of the resulting char
Redko T, Volford A, Marek EJ, Scott SA, Hayhurst AN