Combustion and Flame

Combustion and Flame, Vol.211 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Droplet combustion of kerosene augmented by stabilized nanoaluminum/oxidizer composite mesoparticles
Guerieri PM, Jacob RJ, Wang HY, Kline DJ, Zachariah MR
8 - 17 Structures and propagation speeds of autoignition-assisted premixed n-heptane/air cool and warm flames at elevated temperatures and pressures
Zhang TH, Ju YG
18 - 31 Experimental and kinetic modeling investigation on sec-butylbenzene combustion: Flow reactor pyrolysis and laminar flame propagation at various pressures
Zhang Y, Mei BW, Cao CC, Zhang XY, Yuan WH, Yang JZ, Li YY
32 - 43 The assessment of spontaneous ignition potential of coals using TGA-DTG technique
Jankovic B, Manic N, Stojiljkovic D, Jovanovic V
44 - 53 Experimental investigation of the stochastic early flame propagation after ignition by a low-energy electrical discharge
Essmann S, Markus D, Grosshans H, Maas U
54 - 67 Wildfires front dynamics: 3D structures and intensity at small and large scales
Frangieh N, Accary G, Morvan D, Meradji S, Bessonov O
68 - 82 Adaptive chemistry via pre-partitioning of composition space and mechanism reduction
D'Alessio G, Parente A, Stagni A, Cuoci A
83 - 95 Thermoacoustic modes of intrinsic and acoustic origin and their interplay with exceptional points
Orchini A, Silva CE, Mensah GA, Moeck JP
96 - 111 The effect of oxygen concentration in the co-flow of laminar ethylene diffusion flames
Sun ZW, Dally B, Alwahabi Z, Nathan G
112 - 123 Investigation of the measurement characteristics of a multiple-ion-probe method for a propagating methane-oxygen-nitrogen flame
Yatsufusa T, Kii K, Miura N, Yamamoto H, Kawasaki A, Matsuoka K, Kasahara J
124 - 132 Experimental and modeling study of benzaldehyde oxidation
Namysl S, Pelucchi M, Maffei LP, Herbinet O, Stagni A, Faravelli T, Battin-Leclerc F
133 - 146 Numerical investigations on detonations in a condensed-phase explosive and oblique shock waves in surrounding fluids
Sugiyama Y, Homae T, Matsumura T, Wakabayashi K
147 - 157 Investigation of methanol ignition phenomena using a rapid compression machine
Wang YD, Qi YL, Liu W, Wang Z
158 - 172 Effects of turbulent flow regime on perforated plate stabilized piloted lean premixed flames
Kim J, Satija A, Lucht RP, Gore JP
173 - 184 Hybrid regularized Lattice-Boltzmann modelling of premixed and non-premixed combustion processes
Tayyab M, Zhao S, Feng Y, Boivin P
185 - 194 LES simulation of char particle gasification at Reynolds numbers up to 1000
Kriebitzsch S, Richter A
195 - 201 Thermite reactivity with ball milled aluminum-zirconium fuel particles
Woodruff C, Wainwright ER, Bhattacharia S, Lakshman SV, Weihs TP, Pantoya ML
202 - 217 Reactions of beta-hydroxypropyl radicals with O-2 on the HOC3H6OO center dot potential energy surfaces: A theoretical study
Liu MX, Liu ML, Yao XX, Li ZR, Wang JB, Tan NX, Li XY
218 - 228 Pressurized oxy-fuel combustion characteristics of single coal particle in a visualized fluidized bed combustor
Li L, Duan LB, Yang ZH, Zhao CS
229 - 252 Extinction strain rate suppression of the precessing vortex core in a swirl stabilised combustor and consequences for thermoacoustic oscillations
Karlis E, Liu YS, Hardalupas Y, Taylor AMKP
253 - 259 Double blue zones in inverse and normal laminar jet diffusion flames
Wang ZY, Sunderland PB, Axelbaum RL
260 - 269 Ignition and combustion analysis of direct write fabricated aluminum/metal oxide/PVDF films
Rehwoldt MC, Wang H, Kline DJ, Wu T, Eckman N, Wang P, Agrawal NR, Zachariah MR
270 - 280 Kinetic interactions between H-2 and CO in catalytic oxidation over PdO
Sui R, Liang WK, Zhang L, Mantzaras J, Law CK
281 - 302 Development of a virtual optimized chemistry method. Application to hydrocarbon/air combustion
Cailler M, Darabiha N, Fiorina B
303 - 311 A linearized error propagation method for skeletal mechanism reduction
Wu YC, Liu YF, Lu TF
312 - 324 Pocket formation and behavior in turbulent premixed flames
Tyagi A, Boxx I, Peluso S, O'Connor J
325 - 336 Simulation of char-pellet combustion and sodium release inside porous char using lattice Boltzmann method
Liu YZ, Xia J, Wan KD, Vervisch L, Wang ZH, Zhao H, Cen KF
337 - 346 Exploring the pyrolysis chemistry of prototype aromatic ester phenyl formate: Reaction pathways, thermodynamics and kinetics
Ning HB, Wu JJ, Ma LH, Ren W
347 - 361 Stationary edge flames in a wedge with hydrodynamic variable-density interaction
Shields B, Freund JB, Pantano C
362 - 373 Reactive sites on the surface of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon clusters: A numerical study
Chen DP, Luo KH
374 - 376 A direct method for calculating turning points of perfectly stirred reactors
Wu YC, Lu TF
377 - 391 Auto-ignitive deflagration speed of methane (CH4) blended dimethyl-ether (DME)/air mixtures at stratified conditions
Desai S, Sankaran R, Im HG
392 - 405 Ignition delay time and species measurement in a rapid compression machine: A case study on high-pressure oxidation of propane
Ramalingam A, Fenard Y, Heufer A
406 - 416 Control of NOx and other emissions in micro gas turbine combustors fuelled with mixtures of methane and ammonia
Okafor EC, Somarathne KDKA, Ratthanan R, Hayakawa A, Kudo T, Kurata O, Iki N, Tsujimura T, Furutani H, Kobayashi H
417 - 429 Experimental and numerical simulation of multi-component combustion of typical charring material
Ding YM, Fukumoto K, Ezekoye OA, Lu SX, Wang CJ, Li CH
430 - 444 Quantifying soot nanostructures: Importance of image processing parameters for lattice fringe analysis
Pfau SA, La Rocca A, Fay MW
445 - 455 Effects of direct-injection fuel types and proportion on late-injection reactivity controlled compression ignition
Tang QL, Liu HF, Ran XW, Li MK, Yao MF
456 - 464 Preparation of B/Nitrocellulose/Fe particles and their effect on the performance of an ammonium perchlorate propellant
Cheng L, Yang HT, Yang YE, Li YF, Meng YY, Li YC, Song DM, Chen HH, Artiaga R
465 - 476 Parametric transition from deflagration to detonation revisited: Planar geometry
Gordon PV, Kagan L, Sivashinsky G
477 - 492 LES/TPDF investigation of the role of reaction and diffusion timescales in the stabilization of a jet-in-hot-coflow CH4/H-2 flame
Zhou H, Yang TW, Dally B, Ren ZY