Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Temperature approximations in chemical kinetics studies using single pulse shock tubes
Han X, Mehta JM, Brezinsky K
13 - 26 Investigation of the chemical and dilution effects of major EGR constituents on the reactivity of PRF by weak flames in a micro flow reactor with a controlled temperature profile
Grajetzki P, Onda T, Nakamura H, Tezuka T, Maruta K
27 - 40 Structure of strongly turbulent premixed n-dodecane-air flames: Direct numerical simulations and chemical explosive mode analysis
Xu C, Poludnenko AY, Zhao XY, Wang H, Lu TF
41 - 62 Hot-spot induced mild ignition: Numerical simulation and scaling analysis
Santner J, Goldsborough SS
63 - 73 Toward computational singular perturbation (CSP) without eigen-decomposition
Zhao P, Lam SH
74 - 98 Three-dimensional pore-scale numerical simulation of methane-air combustion in inert porous media under the conditions of upstream and downstream combustion wave propagation through the media
Yakovlev I, Zambalov S
99 - 116 Generation and transport of equivalence ratio fluctuations in an acoustically forced swirl burner
Bluemner R, Paschereit CO, Oberleithner K
117 - 132 Sensitivities of direct numerical simulations to chemical kinetic uncertainties: spherical flame kernel evolution of a real jet fuel
Zhao XY, Tao YJ, Lu TF, Wang H
133 - 143 A new methodology to calculate process rates in a kinetic Monte Carlo model of PAH growth
Leon G, Eaves N, Akroyd J, Mosbach S, Kraft M
144 - 154 Turbulent nonpremixed cool flames: Experimental measurements, Direct Numerical Simulation, and manifold-based combustion modeling
Novoselov AG, Reuter CB, Yehia OR, Won SH, Fu MK, Kokmanian K, Hultmark M, Ju YG, Mueller ME
155 - 166 Flamelet tabulation methods for solid fuel combustion with fuel-bound nitrogen
Wen X, Debiagi P, Stein OT, Kronenburg A, Kempf AM, Hasse C
167 - 179 High vapour pressure nanofuel droplet combustion and heat transfer: Insights into droplet burning time scale, secondary atomisation and coupling of droplet deformations and heat release
Pandey K, Basu S
180 - 186 A new kind of flame: Observation of the discrete flame propagation regime in iron particle suspensions in microgravity
Palecka J, Sniatowsky J, Goroshin S, Higgins AJ, Bergthorson JM
187 - 199 The role of conductive heat losses on the formation of isolated flame cells in Hele-Shaw chambers
Martinez-Ruiz D, Veiga-Lopez F, Fernandez-Galisteo D, Kurdyumov VN, Sanchez-Sanz M
200 - 213 Large Eddy Simulation of soot evolution in turbulent reacting flows: Presumed subfilter PDF model for soot-turbulence-chemistry interactions
Yang S, Lew JK, Mueller ME
214 - 224 Assessing an experimental approach for chemical explosive mode and heat release rate using DNS data
Hartl S, Geyer D, Hasse C, Zhao XY, Wang HO, Barlow RS
225 - 238 A numerical study of the pyrolysis effect on autoignited laminar lifted dimethyl ether jet flames in heated coflow air
Jung KS, Jung BR, Kang SH, Chung SH, Yoo CS
239 - 255 Autoignition behavior of a full boiling-range gasoline: Observations in RCM and GCI engine environments
Rockstroh T, Fridlyand A, Ciatti S, Cannella W, Goldsborough SS
256 - 266 Evolution of the soot particle size distribution along the centreline of an n-heptane/toluene co-flow diffusion flame
Dreyer JAH, Poli M, Eaves NA, Botero ML, Akroyd J, Mosbach S, Kraft M
267 - 277 Study of temperature, apparent spectral emissivity, and soot loading of a single burning coal particle using hyper-spectral imaging technique
Si MT, Cheng Q, Zhang Q, Wang DX, Luo ZX, Lou C
278 - 290 Numerical investigation of the effect of obstacle shape on deflagration to detonation transition in a hydrogen-air mixture
Coates AM, Mathias DL, Cantwell BJ
291 - 302 Raman spectroscopy of mini-CAST soot with various fractions of organic compounds: Structural characterization during heating treatment from 25 degrees C to 1000 degrees C
Le KC, Pino T, Pham VT, Henriksson J, Torok S, Bengtsson PE
303 - 312 Soot formation and flame structure in swirl-stabilized turbulent non-premixed methane combustion
Wang LY, Chatterjee S, An Q, Steinberg AM, Guider OL
313 - 321 Pyrolysis study of iso-propylbenzene with photoionization and molecular beam mass spectrometry
Tian DX, Liu YX, Wang BY, Cao CC, Liu ZK, Zhai YT, Zhang Y, Yang JZ, Tian ZY
322 - 336 A two-phase MMC-LES model for pyrolysing solid particles in a turbulent flame
Zhao LF, Cleary MJ, Stein OT, Kronenburg A
337 - 352 The effects of differential diffusion in counter-flow premixed flames with dilution and hydrogen enrichment
Abbasi-Atibeh E, Bergthorson JM
353 - 356 A spark ignition scenario in a temporally evolving mixing layer
Wawrzak A, Tyliszczak A
357 - 362 An alternative approach to improve burning rate characteristics and processing parameters of composite propellant
Sangtyani R, Saha HS, Kumar A, Kumar A, Gupta M, Chavan PV
363 - 375 Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate monopropellant: Role of heat loss
Nagendra K, Vijay C, Ingole M, Ramakrishna PA
376 - 388 High-temperature oxidation of methyl isopropyl ketone: A shock tube experiment and a kinetic model
Cheng J, Zou C, Lin QJ, Liu SB, Wang YP, Liu Y
389 - 393 Laminar burning velocities of surrogate components blended with ethanol
Matveev SS, Idrisov DV, Matveev SG, Konnov AA
394 - 404 Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann-finite difference model for low mach number combustion simulation
Hosseini SA, Safari H, Darabiha N, Thevenin D, Krafczyk M
405 - 407 Accuracies of reduced mechanisms for predicting acoustic combustion instabilities
Weiss AD, Sanchez AL, Williams FA
408 - 417 Experimental study of moisture content effects on the transient gas and particle emissions from peat fires
Hu YQ, Christensen EG, Amin HMF, Smith TEL, Rein G
418 - 429 The influence of chemical composition on ignition delay times of gasoline fractions
Naser N, Jameel AGA, Emwas AH, Singh E, Chung SH, Sarathy SM
430 - 440 Critical conditions for non-symmetric flame propagation in narrow channels: Influence of the flow rate, the thermal expansion, the Lewis number and heat-losses
Dejoan A, Jimenez C, Kurdyumov VN
441 - 451 Evolution of oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon chemistry at flame temperatures
Liu P, Chen BJ, Li ZP, Bennett A, Sioud S, Sarathy SM, Roberts WL
452 - 466 Simultaneous imaging of soot volume fraction, PAH, and OH in a turbulent n-heptane spray flame
Mulla IA, Renou B
467 - 477 An insight into gas phase flame retardant mechanisms of AHP versus AlPi in PBT: Online pyrolysis vacuum ultraviolet photoionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Ma C, Wang JL, Yuan Y, Mu XW, Pan Y, Song L, Hu Y
478 - 480 Direct sensitivity analysis for ignition delay times
Gururajan V, Egolfopoulos FN
481 - 492 Experimental and kinetic modeling investigation on laminar flame propagation of CH4/CO mixtures at various pressures: Insight into the transition from CH4-related chemistry to CO-related chemistry
Zhang XY, Mei BW, Ma SY, Pan HQ, Wang HY, Li YY
493 - 499 Estimating the internal and surface oxidation of soot agglomerates
Kelesidis GA, Pratsinis SE