Combustion and Flame

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1 - 6 Observed dependence of characteristics of liquid-pool fires on swirl magnitude
Coenen W, Kolb EJ, Sanchez AL, Williams FA
7 - 10 Role of ozone doping in the explosion limits of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures: Multiplicity and catalyticity
Liang WK, Wang YR, Law C
11 - 21 Providing effective constraints for developing ketene combustion mechanisms: A detailed kinetic investigation of diacetyl flames
Sun WY, Wang JX, Huang C, Hansen N, Yang B
22 - 32 Intrinsic thermoacoustic feedback loop in turbulent spray flames
Ghani A, Steinbacher T, Albayrak A, Polifke W
33 - 40 Pre-stressing aluminum nanoparticles as a strategy to enhance reactivity of nanothermite composites
Jacob RJ, Hill KJ, Yang Y, Pantoya ML, Zachariah MR
41 - 54 A species-clustered splitting scheme for the integration of large-scale chemical kinetics using detailed mechanisms
Wang JH, Pan SC, Hu XY, Adams NA
55 - 67 Microgravity diffusion flame spread over a thick solid in step-changed low-velocity opposed flows
Zhu F, Lu ZB, Wang SF, Yin YL
68 - 79 Enhancing ignition and combustion characteristics of micron-sized aluminum powder in steam by adding sodium fluoride
Zhu BZ, Li F, Sun YL, Wu YX, Shi W, Han WK, Wang QC, Wang Q
80 - 92 High-pressure pyrolysis and oxidation of DME and DME/CH4
Hashemi H, Christensen JM, Glarborg P
93 - 108 Filtered Wrinkled Flamelets model for Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent premixed combustion
Mercier R, Mehl C, Fiorina B, Moureau V
109 - 122 Experimental investigation of aerodynamics and structure of a swirl-stabilized kerosene spray flame with laser diagnostics
Malbois P, Salaun E, Vandel A, Godard G, Cabot G, Renou B, Boukhalfa AM, Grisch F
123 - 132 Non-linear response of the flame velocity to moderately large curvatures in laminar jet flames of methane-air mixtures
Garcia-Soriano G, Margenat S, Higuera FJ, Castillo JL, Garcia-Ybarra PL
133 - 134 A comment on papers by Zhou et al. (CNF, 2018) and Zhou et al. (CST, 2019): Flame displacement speed, flame front velocity, and edge (reactants) velocity
Kheirkhah S, Gulder OL
135 - 146 Buoyancy effect in sooting laminar premixed ethylene flame
Pejpichestakul W, Cuoci A, Frassoldati A, Pelucchi M, Parente A, Faravelli T
147 - 153 Conditions for formation of the blue whirl
Hu Y, Hariharan SB, Qi HY, Gollner MJ, Oran ES
154 - 164 On the early stages of soot formation: Molecular structure elucidation by high-resolution atomic force microscopy
Commodo M, Kaiser K, De Falco G, Minutolo P, Schulz F, D'Anna A, Gross L
165 - 179 Oxidation chemistry of four C9H12 isomeric transportation fuels: Experimental and modeling studies
Liu YX, Tian ZY
180 - 192 Soot inception in laminar coflow diffusion flames
Bartosa D, Sirignano M, Dunn MJ, D'Anna A, Masri AR
193 - 205 Impact of conformational structures on primary decomposition of cis-1,2-dimethylcyclohexyl isomers: A theoretical study
Bian HT, Ye LL, Li J, Sun JH, Liang TS, Zhong W, Zhao J
206 - 219 Influence of fuel-oxygen content on morphology and nanostructure of soot particles
Verma P, Pickering E, Jafari M, Guo Y, Stevanovic S, Fernando JFS, Golberg D, Brooks P, Brown R, Ristovski Z
220 - 230 Occurrence of multiple flame fronts in reheat combustors
Gant F, Scarpato A, Bothien MR
231 - 240 The breakdown of self-similarity in electrified counterflow diffusion flames
Di Renzo M, Pascazio G, Urzay J
241 - 252 High-temperature laminar flame speed measurements in a shock tube
Ferris AM, Susa AJ, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
253 - 268 Combustion regimes in sequential combustors: Flame propagation and autoignition at elevated temperature and pressure
Schulz O, Noiray N
269 - 277 Temperature gradient induced detonation development inside and outside a hotspot for different fuels
Pan JY, Dong S, Wei HQ, Li T, Shu GQ, Zhou L
278 - 285 Experimental effective metal oxides to enhance boron combustion
Huang SD, Deng SL, Jiang Y, Zheng XL
286 - 294 Role of radicals in carbon clustering and soot inception: A combined EPR and Raman spectroscopic study
Vitiello G, De Falco G, Picca F, Commodo M, D'Errico G, Minutolo P, D'Anna A
295 - 304 Preferential vaporization impacts on lean blow-out of liquid fueled combustors
Won SH, Rock N, Lim SJ, Nates S, Carpenter D, Emerson B, Lieuwen T, Edwards T, Dryer FL
305 - 315 A Bayesian approach to calibrating hydrogen flame kinetics using many experiments and parameters
Bell J, Day M, Goodman J, Grout R, Morzfeld M
316 - 326 Experimental and theoretical study of secondary acoustic instability of downward propagating flames: Higher modes and growth rates
Dubey AK, Koyama Y, Hashimoto N, Fujita O
327 - 335 A strategy for increasing the energy release rate of aluminum by replacing the alumina passivation shell with aluminum iodate hexahydrate (AIH)
Kalman J, Smith DK, Miller KK, Bhattacharia SK, Bratton KR, Pantoya ML
336 - 344 Temperature and water measurements in flames using 1064 nm Laser-Induced Grating Spectroscopy (LIGS)
De Domenico F, Guiberti TF, Hochgreb S, Roberts WL, Magnotti G
345 - 357 Investigation of the partial oxidation of methane/n-heptane-mixtures and the interaction of methane and n-heptane under ultra-rich conditions
Kaczmarek D, Atakan B, Kasper T
358 - 367 Experimental and numerical study of polyoxymethylene (Aldrich) combustion in counterflow
Glaznev RK, Karpov AI, Korobeinichev OP, Bolkisev AA, Shaklein AA, Shmakov AG, Paletsky AA, Gonchikzhapov MB, Kumar A
368 - 370 Radiative extinction of burner-supported spherical diffusion flames: A scaling analysis
Nayagam V, Dietrich DL, Williams FA
371 - 377 Effects of electrode spark gap, differential diffusion, and turbulent dissipation on two distinct phenomena: Turbulent facilitated ignition versus minimum ignition energy transition
Shy SS, Nguyen MT, Huang SY
378 - 388 Auto-ignition characteristics of end-gas in a rapid compression machine under super-knock conditions
Qi YL, Wang YD, Li YF, Wang JX, He X, Wang Z
389 - 396 Self-propagating combustion of sputter-deposited Al/CuO nanolaminates
Zapata J, Nicollet A, Julien B, Lahiner G, Esteve A, Rossi C
397 - 406 On the microexplosion mechanisms of burning droplets blended with biodiesel and alcohol
Chao CY, Tsai HW, Pan KL, Hsieh CW
407 - 414 Increasing the heating efficiency and ignition rate of certain secondary explosives with absorbing particles under continuous infrared laser radiation
Konovalov AN, Yudin NV, Kolesov VI, Ul'yanov VA
415 - 421 Michelson-Markstein effect in combustion of solid homogeneous energetic materials
Krupkin VG, Marshakov VN, Rashkovskiy SA
422 - 433 Experimental study and physical analysis of flame geometry in pool fires under relatively strong cross flows
Lin YJ, Delichatsios MA, Zhang XL, Hu LH
434 - 440 Semi-valveless pulse detonation cycle at a kilohertz-scale operating frequency
Matsuoka K, Taki H, Kawasaki A, Kasahara J, Watanabe H, Matsuo A, Endo T
441 - 445 Hypergolicity evaluation and prediction of ionic liquids based on hypergolic reactive groups
Sun CG, Tang SK, Zhang XW
446 - 456 The stochastic fields method applied to a partially premixed swirl flame with wall heat transfer
Fredrich D, Jones WP, Marquis AJ
457 - 465 Non-equilibrium effects on thermal ignition using hard sphere molecular dynamics
Murugesan R, Sirmas N, Radulescu MI
466 - 483 Auto-ignition control using an additive with adaptable chemical structure. Part I: Development of a kinetic model for 1,3-cyclohexadiene and 1,3,5-hexatriene combustion
Schonborn A, Le MD, Fournet R, Glaude PA, Warth V, Sirjean B
484 - 505 The uniform conditional state model for turbulent reacting flows
Hendra GR, Bushe WK
506 - 521 A conservative method for numerical solution of the population balance equation, and application to soot formation
Liu AX, Rigopoulos S
522 - 533 Detailed kinetic modeling of dimethoxymethane. Part II: Experimental and theoretical study of the kinetics and reaction mechanism
Jacobs S, Dontgen M, Alquaity ABS, Kopp WA, Kroger LC, Burke U, Pitsch H, Leonhard K, Curran HJ, Heufer KA
534 - 546 Vaporization model for arsenic during single-particle coal combustion: Model development
Liu HM, Wang CB, Zhang Y, Zou C, Anthony E