Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 14 On the particle evolution in iron pentacarbonyl loaded counterflow methane-air flame
Raj A, Tan Z, Zhu D, Croiset E, Wen JZ
15 - 27 Construction of a skeletal oxidation mechanism of n-pentanol by integrating decoupling methodology, genetic algorithm, and uncertainty quantification
Chang YC, Jia M, Niu B, Xu Z, Liu ZH, Li YP, Xie MZ
28 - 36 Data consistency of the burning velocity measurements using the heat flux method: Hydrogen flames
Alekseev VA, Konnov AA
37 - 51 Fast approximations of exponential and logarithm functions combined with efficient storage/retrieval for combustion kinetics calculations
Perini F, Reitz RD
52 - 71 Optimizing in-situ char gasification kinetics in reduction zone of pulverized coal air-staged combustion
Chen DG, Zhang Z, Li ZS, Lv Z, Cai NS
72 - 84 On the particle sizing of torrefied biomass for co-firing with pulverized coal
Panahi A, Tarakcioglu M, Schiemann M, Delichatsios M, Levendis YA
85 - 106 Reduction of a detailed chemical mechanism for a kerosene surrogate via RCCE-CSP
Koniavitis P, Rigopoulos S, Jones WP
107 - 114 Radiative extinction of large n-alkane droplets in oxygen-inert mixtures in microgravity
Nayagam V, Dietrich DL, Hicks MC, Williams FA
115 - 127 Longitudinal combustion instability of a pintle injector for a liquid rocket engine combustor
Sakaki K, Funahashi T, Nakaya S, Tsue M, Kanai R, Suzuki K, Inagawa T, Hiraiwa T
128 - 134 A note on radiation preheating of some hydrocarbons by combustion products
Binauld Q, Riviere P, Soufiani A
135 - 151 Comparison of droplet evaporation models for a turbulent, non-swirling jet flame with a polydisperse droplet distribution
Noh D, Gallot-Lavallee S, Jones WP, Navarro-Martinez S
152 - 163 Autoignition of trans-decalin, a diesel surrogate compound: Rapid compression machine experiments and chemical kinetic modeling
Wang MY, Zhang KW, Kukkadapu G, Wagnon SW, Mehl M, Pitz WJ, Sung CJ
164 - 174 Effect of aromatic fuels and premixing on aromatic species and soot distributions in laminar, co-flow flames at atmospheric pressure
Makwana AK, Iyer S, Linevsky M, Santoro R, Litzinger T, O'Connor J
175 - 179 Effects of Soret diffusion on premixed flame propagation under engine-relevant conditions
Faghih M, Han W, Chen Z
180 - 194 Symmetry-breaking for the control of combustion instabilities of two interacting swirl-stabilized flames
Kim D, Park J, Han D, Kim KT
195 - 205 Influence of aliphatic side chains of aromatic hydrocarbons on shoot formation: Experimental and numerical investigation
Araki Y, Takahashi K, Kaga K, Saito Y, Matsushita Y, Aoki H, Era K, Aoki T, Yamaguchi T
206 - 222 Effects of fuel properties and free stream turbulence on characteristics of bluff-body stabilized flames
Chowdhury BR, Cetegen BM
223 - 232 Bottom-up modeling using the rate-controlled constrained-equilibrium theory: The n-butane combustion chemistry
Janbozorgi M, Wang H
233 - 244 The effect of temperature and pressure on n-heptane thermal cracking in regenerative cooling channel
Wu Y, Wang XH, Song QS, Zhao LG, Su H, Li HH, Zeng XJ, Zhao DQ, Xu JZ
245 - 249 Application of acoustic oscillations in quenching of gas burner flame
Niegodajew P, Lukasiak K, Radomiak H, Musial D, Zajemska M, Poskart A, Gruszka K
250 - 263 Ignition and combustion behaviors of single coal slime particles in CO2/O-2 atmosphere
Zhou K, Lin QZ, Hu HW, Shan FP, Fu W, Zhang P, Wang XH, Wang CX
264 - 270 Tuning the ignition and combustion properties of nanoenergetic materials by incorporating with carbon black nanoparticles
Kim HS, Kim JH, Kim KJ, Kim SH
271 - 277 Relating a small-scale shock sensitivity experiment to large-scale failure diameter in an aluminized ammonium nitrate non-ideal explosive
Cummock NR, Mares JJO, Gunduz IE, Son SF
278 - 284 Formation of NO and NH in NH3-doped CH4 + N-2 + O-2 flame: Experiments and modelling
Brackmann C, Nilsson EJK, Naucler JD, Alden M, Konnov AA
285 - 295 Experimental study of low-temperature combustion characteristics of shale rocks
Chen W, Zhou Y, Yang LL, Zhao NN, Lei YF
296 - 308 Analysis of the dynamic response of premixed flames through chemiluminescence cross-correlation maps
Luciano E, Ballester J
309 - 321 Non-linear dynamics of thermoacoustic eigen-mode interactions
Acharya VS, Bothien MR, Lieuwen TC
322 - 333 Flame instabilities and flame cell dynamics in opposed nonpremixed tubular flames with radiative heat loss
Bak HS, Yoo CS
334 - 342 An analysis of width effects on flame spread in conjunction with concurrent forced flow using a variable B-number
Zhao LY, Fang J, He XZ, Wang JW, Tao SQ, Zhang YM
343 - 351 Broken C-shaped extinction curve and near-limit flame behaviors of low Lewis number counterflow flames under microgravity
Okuno T, Akiba T, Nakamura H, Fursenko R, Minaev S, Tezuka T, Hasegawa S, Kikuchi M, Maruta K
352 - 362 The impact of thermal diffusion on the structure of non-premixed flames
Dietzsch F, Scholtissek A, Hunger F, Hasse C
363 - 375 PLIF measurements of non-thermal NO concentrations in alcohol and alkane premixed flames
Bohon MD, Guiberti TF, Roberts WL
376 - 386 Influence of nozzle diameter on soot evolution in acoustically forced laminar non-premixed flames
Foo KK, Sun ZW, Medwell PR, Alwahabi ZT, Nathan GJ, Dally BB
387 - 395 The impact of roaming radicals on the combustion properties of transportation fuels
West RH, Goldsmith CF
396 - 409 Ignition studies of undiluted diethyl ether in a high-pressure shock tube
Uygun Y
410 - 418 Ignition and combustion behavior of mechanically activated Al-Mg particles in composite solid propellants
Belal H, Han CW, Gunduz IE, Ortalan V, Son SF
419 - 425 Self-acceleration and global pulsation in hydrodynamically unstable expanding laminar flames
Huo JL, Saha A, Ren ZY, Law CK
426 - 438 Experimental and mechanistic investigation of benzene formation during atmospheric pressure flow reactor oxidation of n-hexane, n-nonane, and n-dodecane below 1200 K
Kathrotia T, Osswald P, Kohler M, Slavinskaya N, Riede U
439 - 451 Statistics of scalar dissipation and reaction progress in turbulent flames with compositional inhomogeneities
Cutcher HC, Barlow RS, Magnotti G, Masri AR
452 - 463 Local measurements of wildland fire dynamics in a field-scale experiment
Mueller EV, Skowronski N, Thomas JC, Clark K, Gallagher MR, Hadden R, Mell W, Simeoni A
464 - 471 Coulomb explosion and ultra-fast hypergolic ignition of borohydride-rich ionic liquids with WFNA
Weng XY, Tang CL, Li JL, Zhang QH, Huang ZH
472 - 484 The effect of variable fuel staging transients on self-excited instabilities in a multiple-nozzle combustor
Culler W, Chen XL, Samarasinghe J, Peluso S, Santavicca D, O'Connor J
485 - 506 Assessment of chemical scalars for heat release rate measurement in highly turbulent premixed combustion including experimental factors
Wabel TM, Zhang PY, Zhao XY, Wang HO, Hawkes E, Steinberg AM