Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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1 - 8 A reduced thermal diffusion model for H and H-2
Schlup J, Blanquart G
9 - 18 Chemical-looping combustion of plastic wastes for in situ inhibition of dioxins
Zhao HB, Wang JX
19 - 31 Propagation of a reaction front in a narrow sample of energetic material with heat losses: Chaotic regimes, extinction and intermittency
Kurdyumov VN, Gubernov VV
32 - 38 New roles of metal-organic frameworks: Fuels for aluminum-free energetic thermites with low ignition temperatures, high peak pressures and high activity
Su H, Zhang JC, Du Y, Zhang PC, Li SH, Fang T, Pang SP
39 - 52 Leading edge dynamics of lean premixed flames stabilized on a bluff body
Michaels D, Ghoniem AF
53 - 65 A wide-range experimental and modeling study of oxidation and combustion of n-propylbenzene
Liu YX, Wang BY, Weng JJ, Yu D, Richter S, Kick T, Naumann C, Braun-Unkhoff M, Tian ZY
66 - 75 Near-field flow stability of buoyant methane/air inverse diffusion flames
Zhu XR, Xia X, Zhang P
76 - 85 Analysis of high-temperature oxidation of wood combustion particles using tandem-DMA technique
Lamberg H, Sippula O, Joutsensaari J, Ihalainen M, Tissari J, Lahde A, Jokiniemi J
86 - 98 Stabilization of ultra-lean hydrogen enriched inverted flames behind a bluff-body and the phenomenon of anomalous blow-off
Jimenez C, Michaels D, Ghoniem AF
99 - 108 Numerical simulations of microgravity ethylene/air laminar boundary layer diffusion flames
Contreras J, Consalvi JL, Fuentes A
109 - 115 Exploring enhanced reactivity of nanosized titanium toward oxidation
Muravyev NV, Monogarov KA, Zhigach AN, Kuskov ML, Fomenkov IV, Pivkina AN
116 - 125 Concurrent flame spread over discrete thin fuels
Park J, Brucker J, Seballos R, Kwon B, Liao YTT
126 - 141 Experimental and kinetic modeling investigation on pyrolysis and combustion of n-butane and i-butane at various pressures
Li W, Wang GQ, Li YY, Li TY, Zhang Y, Cao CC, Zou JB, Law CK
142 - 159 Large-eddy simulation on the influence of injection pressure in reacting Spray A
Kahila H, Wehrfritz A, Kaario O, Masouleh MG, Maes N, Somers B, Vuorinen V
160 - 174 Experimental and modeling studies of small typical methyl esters pyrolysis: Methyl butanoate and methyl crotonate
Zhai YT, Feng BB, Yuan WH, Ao CC, Zhang LD
175 - 186 Cool diffusion flames of butane isomers activated by ozone in the counterflow
Alfazazi A, Al-Omier A, Secco A, Selim H, Ju YG, Sarathy SM
187 - 194 Combustion of sonochemically-generated Ti-Al-B nanopowders in a premixed methane/air dust flame
Weismiller MR, Huba ZJ, Epshteyn A, Fisher BT
195 - 209 Advancements on the propagation mechanism of a detonation wave in an obstructed channel
Kellenberger M, Ciccarelli G
210 - 212 Precise measurement of the length-scale effects on the flame propagation velocity using a compact annular-stepwise-diverging-tube (ASDT)
Kim HY, Kim NI
213 - 225 Laminar flame characteristics and chemical kinetics of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran and the effect of blending with isooctane
Wang XB, Fan XS, Yang KK, Wang JS, Jiao XM, Guo ZY
226 - 238 A new post-processing technique for analyzing high-dimensional combustion data
Fooladgar E, Duwig C
239 - 251 Coupling heat transfer and large eddy simulation for combustion instability prediction in a swirl burner
Kraus C, Selle L, Poinsot T
252 - 269 A model of tetrahydrofuran low-temperature oxidation based on theoretically calculated rate constants
Fenard Y, Gil A, Vanhove G, Carstensen HH, Van Geem KM, Westmoreland PR, Herbinet O, Battin-Leclerc F
270 - 286 Impact of direct integration of Analytically Reduced Chemistry in LES of a sooting swirled non-premixed combustor
Felden A, Riber E, Cuenot B
287 - 297 Regression rates and burning characteristics of boron-loaded paraffin-wax solid fuels in ducted rocket applications
Hashim SA, Karmakar S, Roy A, Srivastava SK
298 - 308 Elucidating the flame chemistry of monoglyme via experimental and modeling approaches
Sun WY, Tao T, Zhang RZ, Li W, Yang JZ, Yang B
309 - 319 Oxidation of cyclopentadienyl radical with molecular oxygen: A theoretical study
Oleinikov AD, Azyazov VN, Mebel AM
320 - 334 Experimental and modeling study on the effects of dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) addition on H-2, CH4, and C2H4 ignition
Mathieu O, Kulatilaka WD, Petersen EL
335 - 342 Performance of iodine oxides/iodic acids as oxidizers in thermite systems
Wu T, Wang XZ, Zavalij PY, DeLisio JB, Wang HY, Zachariah MR
343 - 352 Hydrogen abstraction ratios: A systematic iPEPICO spectroscopic investigation in laminar flames
Kruger D, Osswald P, Kohler M, Hemberger P, Bierkandt T, Karakaya Y, Kasper T
353 - 367 The effects of nozzle geometry and equivalence ratio on a premixed reacting jet in vitiated cross-flow
Pinchak MD, Shaw VG, Gutmark EJ
368 - 380 Investigation on laminar flame propagation of n-butanoliair and n-butanol/O-2/He mixtures at pressures up to 20 atm
Wang GQ, Li YY, Yuan WH, Wang YZ, Zhou ZB, Liu YZ, Cai JH
381 - 393 Influence of preheating and burner geometry on modeling the attachment of laminar coflow CH4/air diffusion flames
Xu HH, Liu FS, Sun SZ, Zhao YJ, Meng S, Tang WB, Feng DD, Gu MY
394 - 407 Experimental and numerical investigation on soot volume fractions and number densities in non-smoking laminar n-heptanein-butanol coflow flames
Qiu L, Cheng XB, Li ZQ, Wu H
408 - 416 Comparative study of laser ignition and spark-plug ignition in high-speed flows
Endo T, Kuwamoto K, Kim W, Johzaki T, Shimokuri D, Namba S
417 - 430 Influence of chemical schemes, numerical method and dynamic turbulent combustion modeling on LES of premixed turbulent flames
Rochette B, Collin-Bastiani F, Gicquel L, Vermorel O, Veynante D, Poinsot T
431 - 441 Acetaldehyde oxidation at low and intermediate temperatures: An experimental and kinetic modeling investigation
Zhang XY, Ye LL, Li YY, Zhang Y, Cao CC, Yang JZ, Zhou ZY, Huang Z, Qi F
442 - 452 Mechanisms of oxide growth during the combustion of Al:Zr nanolaminate foils
Overdeep KR, Joress H, Zhou L, Livi KJT, Barron SC, Grapes MD, Shanks KS, Dale DS, Tate MW, Philipp HT, Gruner SM, Hufnagel TC, Weihs TP
453 - 467 Turbulent flame propagation with pressure oscillation in the end gas region of confined combustion chamber equipped with different perforated plates
Zhou L, Gao DZ, Zhao JF, Wei HQ, Zhang XJ, Xu ZL, Chen R
468 - 485 Effects of combustion heat release on velocity and scalar statistics in turbulent premixed jet flames at low and high Karlovitz numbers
MacArt JF, Grenga T, Mueller ME
486 - 495 Evaluating thermoacoustic properties of heating appliances considering the burner and heat exchanger as acoustically active elements
Hosseini N, Kornilov VN, Teerling OJ, Arteaga IL, de Goey P
496 - 499 Non-thermal solvate ignition of solid-state combustion at organic self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
Klimchuk EG, Tarasov AG
500 - 512 Fire behavior in chaparral-Evaluating flame models with laboratory data
Weise DR, Fletcher TH, Cole W, Mahalingam S, Zhou XY, Sun LL, Li J
513 - 526 Effect of after injections on late cycle soot oxidation in a small-bore diesel engine
Rao LZ, Zhang YL, Kim D, Su HC, Kook S, Kim KS, Kweon CB
527 - 540 Dielectric-barrier-discharge plasma-assisted hydrogen diffusion flame. Part 1: Temperature, oxygen, and fuel measurements by one-dimensional fs/ps rotational CARS imaging
Retter JE, Elliott GS, Kearney SP
541 - 557 Dielectric-barrier-discharge plasma-assisted hydrogen diffusion flame. Part 2: Modeling and comparison with experiments
Massa L, Retter JE, Elliott GS, Freund JB