Combustion and Flame

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ISSN: 0010-2180 (Print) 

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2311 - 2321 Laminar burning velocities at elevated pressures for gasoline and gasoline surrogates associated with RON
Mannaa O, Mansour MS, Roberts WL, Chung SH
2322 - 2336 Experiments and simulations of NOx formation in the combustion of hydroxylated fuels
Bohon MD, Al Rashidi MJ, Sarathy SM, Roberts WL
2337 - 2347 Engine Combustion Network (ECN): Global sensitivity analysis of Spray A for different combustion vessels
Pei YJ, Davis MJ, Pickett LM, Som S
2348 - 2353 High-temperature rate constant measurements for OH plus xylenes
Elwardany A, Badra J, Farooq A
2354 - 2370 Development and validation of a generic reduced chemical kinetic mechanism for CFD spray combustion modelling of biodiesel fuels
Cheng XW, Ng HK, Gan SY, Ho JH, Pang KM
2371 - 2389 Oxidation characteristics of gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engine soot: Catalytic effects of ash and modified kinetic correlation
Choi S, Seong H
2390 - 2404 A reduced toluene reference fuel chemical kinetic mechanism for combustion and polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon predictions
Wang H, Yao MF, Yue ZY, Jia M, Reitz RD
2405 - 2413 Experimental characterization of galloping detonations in unstable mixtures
Gao Y, Ng HD, Lee JHS
2414 - 2421 Formation of chlorobenzenes by oxidative thermal decomposition of 1,3-dichloropropene
Ahubelem N, Shah K, Moghtaderi B, Altarawneh M, Dlugogorski BZ, Page AJ
2422 - 2430 The effect of oxidation pressure on the equilibrium nanostructure of soot particles
Toth P, Palotas AB, Ring TA, Eddings EG, Vander Wal R, Lighty JS
2431 - 2441 Effect of the flame environment on soot nanostructure inferred by Raman spectroscopy at different excitation wavelengths
Russo C, Ciajolo A
2442 - 2453 On the accuracy of laminar flame speeds measured from outwardly propagating spherical flames: Methane/air at normal temperature and pressure
Chen Z
2454 - 2465 Investigation of 2,5-dimethyl furan and iso-octane ignition
Eldeeb MA, Akih-Kumgeh B
2466 - 2479 Autoignition response of n-butanol and its blends with primary reference fuel constituents of gasoline
Kumar K, Zhang Y, Sung CJ, Pitz WJ
2480 - 2486 Combustion simulations with accurate transport properties for reactive intermediates
Dagdigian PJ
2487 - 2495 Comparison of accuracy and computational expense of radiation models in simulation of non-premixed turbulent jet flames
Pal G, Gupta A, Modest MF, Haworth DC
2496 - 2507 Schlieren imaging and pulsed detonation engine testing of ignition by a nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharge
Lefkowitz JK, Guo P, Ombrello T, Won SH, Stevens CA, Hoke JL, Schauer F, Ju YG
2508 - 2517 Soot loading, temperature and size of single coal particle envelope flames in conventional- and oxy-combustion conditions (O-2/N-2 and O-2/CO2)
Khatami R, Levendis YA, Delichatsios MA
2518 - 2528 On the uncertainty of temperature estimation in a rapid compression machine
Weber BW, Sung CJ, Renfro MW
2529 - 2543 Modeling soot formation in premixed flames using an Extended Conditional Quadrature Method of Moments
Salenbauch S, Cuoci A, Frassoldati A, Saggese C, Faravelli T, Hasse C
2544 - 2560 Spontaneous ignition of isolated n-heptane droplets at low, intermediate, and high ambient temperatures from a mixture-fraction perspective
Borghesi G, Mastorakos E
2561 - 2568 Experimental study of microwave resonance plasma ignition of methane-air mixture in a constant volume cylinder
Wang Z, Huang P, Wang Q, Hou LY, Zhang GX
2569 - 2581 Numerical simulation and parametric sensitivity study of particle size distributions in a burner-stabilised stagnation flame
Yapp EKY, Chen DP, Akroyd J, Mosbach S, Kraft M, Camacho J, Wang H
2582 - 2591 Numerical and experimental study of flame propagation and quenching of lean premixed turbulent low swirl flames at different Reynolds numbers
Carlsson H, Nordstrom E, Bohlin A, Wu YJ, Zhou B, Li ZS, Alden M, Bengtsson PE, Bai XS
2592 - 2601 Advanced regression methods for combustion modelling using principal components
Isaac BJ, Thornock JN, Sutherland J, Smith PJ, Parente A
2602 - 2609 Dynamics of bluff-body-stabilized premixed hydrogen/air flames in a narrow channel
Lee BJ, Yoo CS, Im HG
2610 - 2620 An observation of combustion behavior of a single coal particle entrained into hot gas flow
Lee H, Choi S
2621 - 2637 Experimental and numerical investigation of thermo-acoustic instability in a liquid-fuel aero-engine combustor at elevated pressure: Validity of large-eddy simulation of spray combustion
Tachibana S, Saito K, Yamamoto T, Makida M, Kitano T, Kurose R
2638 - 2659 Experimental and numerical investigation of propagation mechanism of gaseous detonations in channels with porous walls
Mazaheri K, Mahmoudi Y, Sabzpooshani M, Radulescu MI
2660 - 2669 Stability of spinning detonation waves
Wu YW, Lee JHS
2670 - 2678 Formation mechanisms of soot from high-molecular-weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Ono K, Matsukawa Y, Dewa K, Watanabe A, Takahashi K, Saito Y, Matsushita Y, Aoki H, Era K, Aoki T, Yamaguchi T
2679 - 2685 Experimental and numerical investigation of freely propagating flames stabilized on a Hencken Burner
Belmont E, Ombrello T, Brown M, Carter C, Ellzey J
2686 - 2692 New HAN-based mixtures for reaction control system and low toxic spacecraft propulsion subsystem: Thermal decomposition and possible thruster applications
Amrousse R, Katsumi T, Itouyama N, Azurna N, Kagawa H, Hatai K, Ikeda H, Hori K
2693 - 2704 High-temperature chemistry of HCl and Cl-2
Pelucchi M, Frassoldati A, Faravelli T, Ruscic B, Glarborg P
2705 - 2719 Simultaneous soot temperature and volume fraction measurements in axis-symmetric flames by a two-dimensional modulated absorption/emission technique
Legros G, Wang QL, Bonnety J, Kashif M, Morin C, Consalvi JL, Liu FS
2720 - 2728 Structural evolution of soot particles during diesel combustion in a single-cylinder light-duty engine
Zhang RL, Kook S
2729 - 2742 Evaluating temperature and fuel stratification for heat-release rate control in a reactivity-controlled compression-ignition engine using optical diagnostics and chemical kinetics modeling
Kokjohn SL, Musculus MPB, Reitz RD
2743 - 2745 Quenching limits of inverse diffusion flames with enriched oxygen
Zhang Y, Sunderland PB
2746 - 2747 Promotion of methane ignition by the fire suppressants CCl4 and CF3H
Drakon A, Eremin A