Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.28, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1004-9541 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Numerical study on turbulent mixed convection in a vertical plane channel using hybrid RANS/LES and LES models
Ding PX, Wang SF, Chen K
9 - 22 Microscopic and macroscopic atomization characteristics of a pressure-swirl atomizer, injecting a viscous fuel oil
Najafi SMA, Mikaniki P, Ghassemi H
23 - 32 Numerical study on falling film flowing characteristics of R113 inside vertical tube under different structural conditions
Wang WS, Liao YH, Yan YZ, Zhao BC, Wang T, Shangguan SS
33 - 45 An experimental study of immiscible liquid-liquid dispersions in a pump-mixer of mixer-settler
Tang Q, Zhang JYZ, Wu YX, Wang YD, Liu ZH
46 - 53 Highly efficient [C(8)mim][Cl] ionic liquid accompanied with magnetite nanoparticles and different salts for interfacial tension reduction
Hashemi S, Saien J
54 - 62 Interaction of two in-line bubbles of equal size rising in viscous liquid
Tian Z, Li X, Cheng YW, Wang LJ
63 - 75 The investigation and optimization of drag reduction in turbulent flow of Newtonian fluid passing through horizontal pipelines using functionalized magnetic nanophotocatalysts and lecithin
Esfandiari N, Zareinezhad R, Habibi Z
76 - 83 A rate-based method for dynamic analysis and optimal design of reactive extraction: n-Hexyl acetate esterification as an example
Hu XT, Qin H, Hu B, Cheng HY, Chen LF, Qi ZW
84 - 89 Study on mass transfer of ethyl acetate in polymer adsorbent by experimental and theoretical breakthrough curves
Wang LN, Zheng JL, Du L, Li SG, Song WL
90 - 97 Water-selective hybrid membranes with improved interfacial compatibility from mussel-inspired dopamine-modified alginate and covalent organic frameworks
Yang H, Wu H, Pan FS, Wang MD, Jiang ZY, Cheng QF, Huang C
98 - 103 Selective swelling of polysulfone/poly(ethylene glycol) block copolymer towards fouling-resistant ultrafiltration membranes
Yang H, Zhou JM, Wang ZG, Shi XS, Wang Y
104 - 113 CO2 absorption performance in a rotating disk reactor using DBU-glycerol as solvent
Duan HL, Zhu K, Lu HF, Liu CJ, Wu KJ, Liu YY, Liang B
114 - 121 Gradient nanoporous phenolics as substrates for high-flux nanofiltration membranes by layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes
Yang YZ, Lan QQ, Wang Y
122 - 135 Investigation on removing recalcitrant toxic organic polluters in coking wastewater by forward osmosis
Li ZQ, Jiang LY, Tang CJ
136 - 142 Hydrolysis of mechanically pre-treated cellulose catalyzed by solid acid SO42--TiO2 in water-ethanol solvent
Zhang XYL, Lu HF, Wu KJ, Liu YY, Liu CJ, Zhu YM, Liang B
143 - 151 Light olefin production by catalytic co-cracking of Fischer-Tropsch distillate with methanol and the reaction kinetics investigation
Zou H, Pan T, Shi YW, Cheng YW, Wang LJ, Zhang Y, Li X
152 - 157 Isomerization of n-pentane catalyzed by amide-AlCl3-based ionic liquid analogs with various additives
Hu PC, Zheng JW, Jiang W, Zhong LJ, Zhou SF
158 - 164 Solventless ketalization of glycerol to solketal with acetone over the ionic liquid [P(C4H9)(3)C14H29][TsO]
Ji Y, Zhang TD, Gui X, Shi HJ, Yun Z
165 - 179 Performance enhancement of water bath heater at natural gas city gate station using twisted tubes
Soleimani P, Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Rashidi H, Bahmanpour H
180 - 190 3D printed millireactors for process intensification
Santana HS, Rodrigues AC, Lopes MGM, Russo FN, Silva JL, Taranto OP
191 - 197 Investigation of liquid-liquid equilibrium of the ternary system (water+1,6-diaminohexane+2-methyl-1-propanol or 3-methyl-1-butanol) at different temperatures
Dou YH, Li HX, Gao XQ, Liu GJ, Xu L
198 - 207 Solubility and thermodynamics of lamotrigine in ternary mixtures of ionic liquids ([OMIm][Br] plus [HMIm][Br] plus water) at different temperatures
Barzegar-Jalali M, Jouyban A, Martinez F, Shekaari H, Mirheydari SN
208 - 215 Leaching calcium from phosphogypsum desulfurization slag by using ammonium chloride solution: Thermodynamics and kinetics study
Zhong YJ, Shi T, Chen QG, Yang XS, Xu DH, Zhang ZY, Wang XL, Zhong BH
216 - 223 Interaction of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride with sodium dodecyl sulfate in aqueous/electrolytes solution at different temperatures and compositions
Ahsan SMA, Amin MR, Mahbub S, Molla MR, Aktar S, Rub MA, Hoque MA, Arshad MN, Khan MA
224 - 235 Effect of salts and their interaction with ingenious surfactants on the interfacial tension of crude oil/ionic solution
Lashkarbolooki M, Parvizi R, Ayatollahi S, Raeeni EG
236 - 241 A study on periodic boundary condition in direct numerical simulation for gas-solid flow
Liu SW, Liu XW, Chen FG, Wang LM, Ge W
242 - 248 Zwitterionic polymer-coated porous poly(vinyl acetate-divinyl benzene) microsphere: A new support for enhanced performance of immobilized lipase
Li YF, Zhang CY, Sun Y
249 - 253 Transformation of phthalic acid diesters in an anaerobic/anoxic/oxic leachate treatment process
Wang Q, Jiang LH, Fang CR, Mao HZ, Zhuang HF
254 - 265 Platanus orientalis leaves based hierarchical porous carbon microspheres as high efficiency adsorbents for organic dyes removal
Jiang XZ, Sun PP, Xu L, Xue YR, Zhang H, Zhu WC
266 - 270 Oxidation of petroleum-based byproducts diformyltricyclodecanes (DFTD) with O-2 under catalyst-free and ultra-low temperature
Zhang LB, Xing BW, Deng BL, Wang TF, Ming H
271 - 278 Chlorine-free emission disposal of spent acid etchant in a three-compartment ceramic membrane reactor
Yuan FL, Cui LL, Ding PP, Jing WH
279 - 285 Simulated biomass tar removal mechanism by a Quench Coupled with ADsorption Technology (QCADT)
Zhang XS, Pan JW, Wang L, Sun HQ, Zhu YZ, Chen HJ
286 - 292 The relationships among sCOD, VFAs, microbial community, and biogas production during anaerobic digestion of rice straw pretreated with ammonia
Zuo XY, Yuan HR, Wachemo AC, Wang XT, Zhang L, Li J, Wen HL, Wang JX, Li XJ
293 - 298 Improving supercritical water gasification of sludge by oil palm empty fruit bunch addition: Promotion of syngas production and heavy metal stabilization
Weng ZC, Kanchanatip E, Hantoko D, Yan M, Su HC, Zhang SC, Wang GB
299 - 306 Activation mechanisms on potassium hydroxide enhanced microstructures development of coke powder
Chen XJ, Zhang HR, Guo YX, Cao Y, Cheng FQ
307 - 317 Surface and structure characteristics of commercial K-Feldspar powders: Effects of temperature and leaching media
Salimkhani H, Joodi T, Bordbar-Khiabani A, Dizaji AM, Abdolalipour B, Azizi A
318 - 327 Enhanced degradation of reactive dyes using a novel carbon ceramic electrode based on copper nanoparticles and multiwall carbon nanotubes
Jafari F, Nasirizadeh N, Mirjalili M