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Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.27, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1004-9541 (Print) 

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2227 - 2237 A review of low-temperature heat recovery technologies for industry processes
Xia L, Liu RM, Zeng YT, Zhou P, Liu JJ, Cao XR, Xiang SG
2238 - 2250 Current scenario and potential of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil in Pakistan: An overview
Khan HM, Ali CH, Iqbal T, Yasin S, Sulaiman M, Mahmood H, Raashid M, Pasha M, Mu BZ
2251 - 2260 Structure and synthesis of graphene oxide
Sun L
2261 - 2272 Co-firing of coal and biomass in oxy-fuel fluidized bed for CO2 capture: A review of recent advances
Liu QW, Shi Y, Zhong WQ, Yu AB
2273 - 2283 Effects of internals on phase holdup and backmixing in a slightly-expanded-bed reactor with gas-liquid concurrent upflow
Yu K, Wang WJ, Zhang T, Yong YM, Yang C
2284 - 2292 Distribution performance of gas-liquid mixture in the shell side of spiral-wound heat exchangers
Zheng WK, Cai WH, Jiang YQ
2293 - 2303 LDV measurements of particle velocity distribution in an annular stripper
Li YZ, Zhang XL, Zhai GW, Zhang HT, Li T, Sun QW, Ying WY
2304 - 2312 Numerical and experimental analyses of a stirred vessel for a large volumetric flow rate of sparged air
Bombac A, Pirnar J
2313 - 2324 Effects of geometrical and physical factors on light particles dispersion by agitation characteristic curve
Li M, Tan YB, Liu YF, Sun JL, Xie D, Liu Z
2325 - 2336 Numerical study on solid suspension characteristics of a coaxial mixer in viscous systems
Liu BQ, Xu ZL, Xiao Q, Huang BL
2337 - 2351 Characterization of mixing in an optimized designed T-T mixer with cylindrical elements
Dundi TM, Raju VRK, Chandramohan VP
2352 - 2358 Change in internal energy of thermal diffusion stagnation point Maxwell nanofluid flow along with solar radiation and thermal conductivity
Khan M, Salahuddin T, Tanveer A, Malik MY, Hussain A
2359 - 2375 Research on cigarette during smoking based on reverse engineering and numerical simulation
Tang DR, Wu JZ, Zeng JS, Gao WH, Du L
2376 - 2382 PDMS/ZIF-8 coating polymeric hollow fiber substrate for alcohol permselective pervaporation membranes
Li J, Labreche Y, Wang NX, Ji SL, An QF
2383 - 2389 Concentration control of volatile organic compounds by ionic liquid absorption and desorption
Ma XB, Wu MY, Liu S, Huang JX, Sun B, Zhou Y, Zhu QL, Lu HF
2390 - 2396 Experimental studies of air-blast atomization on the CO2 capture with aqueous alkali solutions
Li Z, Ji XY, Yang ZH, Lu XH
2397 - 2406 Hydrophobic modification of SAPO-34 membranes for improvement of stability under wet condition
Rehman RU, Song QN, Peng L, Chen Y, Gu XH
2407 - 2417 Experimental optimization and mathematical modeling of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of essential oil from Pogostemon cablin
Xiong KN, Chen Y, Shen S
2418 - 2426 Deep oxidative desulfurization of gas oil based on sandwich-type polysilicotungstate supported beta-cyclodextrin composite as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst
Rezvani MA, Khandan S, Sabahi N, Saeidian H
2427 - 2437 Characteristics of single petcoke particle during the gasification process at high temperatures
Liu M, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Xu JL, Liu HF
2438 - 2446 Controllable synthesis of novel nanoporous manganese oxide catalysts for the direct synthesis of imines from alcohols and amines
Chen FS, Zhao SL, Yang T, Jiang TT, Ni J, Xiong HF, Zhang QF, Li XN
2447 - 2454 Chitosan-catalyzed n-butyraldehyde self-condensation reaction mechanism and kinetics
Han XX, Li Y, An HL, Zhao XQ, Wang YJ
2455 - 2466 Porous polymer microsphere functionalized with benzimidazolium based ionic liquids as effective solid catalysts for esterification
Ling XM, Xie YW, Lin XC, Li L, Qiu T
2467 - 2471 The catalytic effect of the Na and Ca-rich industrial wastes on the thermal ignition of coal combustion
Cheng J, Zhou F, Xuan XX, Liu JZ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
2472 - 2480 Kinetic analysis via mathematical modeling for ferrous iron oxidation in a class of SBR-type system
Tec-Caamal EN, Rodriguez-Vazquez R, Torres-Bustillos LG, Aguilar-Lopez R
2481 - 2490 Optimization and kinetic modeling of waste lard methanolysis in a continuous reciprocating plate reactor
Miladinovic MR, Stojkovic IJ, Velickovic AV, Stamenkovic OS, Bankovic-Ilic IB, Veljkovic VB
2491 - 2497 Fault monitoring based on mutual information feature engineering modeling in chemical process
Tian WD, Ren YJ, Dong YX, Wang SG, Bu LZ
2498 - 2509 Effect of vacuum gas oil hydrotreating reactor on multiple reactors and hydrogen network
Lu DH, Wang YJ, Huang LJ, Zhang D, Liu GL, Li W, Wang P
2510 - 2517 Desorption isotherms and isosteric heat of anaerobic fermentation residues
Poos T, Szabo V
2518 - 2525 Solubility and solution thermodynamics of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate in the water-methanol system
Xu DJ, Xu DH, Zhong YJ, Luo T, Yang XS, Zhang ZY, Yang L, Wang XL
2526 - 2534 A facile preparation of 3D flower-shaped Ni/Al-LDHs covered by beta-Ni(OH)(2) nanoplates as superior material for high power application
Khan A, Senthil RA, Pan JQ, Sun YZ
2535 - 2543 Preparation of hollow B-SiO2@TiO2 composites and their photocatalytic performances for degradation of ammonia-nitrogen and green algae in aqueous solution
Zhou Q, Yin HB, Wang AL, Si Y
2544 - 2550 Removal of hexavalent chromium in soil by lignin-based weakly acidic cation exchange resin
Chen NW, Qiu G, Huang CP, Liu L, Li GC, Chen BH
2551 - 2559 Flow-mode synthesis of biodiesel under simultaneous microwave-magnetic irradiation
Khedri B, Mostafaei M, Ardebili SMS
2560 - 2565 Polydopamine modified Au/FAU catalytic membrane for CO preferential oxidation
Peng L, Wang LM, Zhu F, Liu JY, Yan WF, Gu XH
2566 - 2573 A composite absorption liquid for simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification in flue gas
Liu CL, Li J, Yang CL, Diao ZH, Wang CX
2574 - 2580 Synthesis of melamine-formaldehyde microcapsules containing oil-based fragrances via intermediate polyacrylate bridging layers
He YP, Yao SZ, Hao JZ, Wang H, Zhu LH, Si T, Sun YL, Lin JH
2581 - 2586 Protein-derived nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon for efficient adsorptive removal of heavy metals
Shi YW, Zheng W, Liu H, Wang L, Zhang HW
2587 - 2595 Composite bilayer films with organic compound-triggered bending properties
Deng K, Liu Z, Hu JQ, Liu WY, Zhang L, Xie R, Ju XJ, Wang W, Chu LY
2596 - 2605 Copper doped nickel aluminate: Synthesis, characterisation, optical and colour properties
Elakkiya V, Abhishekram R, Sumathi S
2606 - 2614 2018 petroleum & chemical industry development report
Zeng CY, Hu QL