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ISSN: 0256-1115 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Effect of drainage layer on pressure drop of dual-layer glass fibrous coalescing filters
Xu C, Yu Y, Si X
1 - 10 Direct fabrication of graphitic carbon nitride-wrapped titanate nanotube arrays toward photoelectrochemical water oxidation in neutral medium
Nguyen TT, Tran HH, Cao TM, Pham VV
1 - 10 Forward osmosis performance of thin film composite membrane composed of electrospun polysulfone fiber coated by Fe3O4/fCNT-embedded polyamide active layer
Hajiaghaee SF, Bozorg A, Norouzi M
1 - 20 Removal of heavy metal from aqueous medium using novel high-performance, antifouling, and antibacterial nanofiltration polyethersulfone membrane modified with green synthesized Ni-doped Al2O3
Dadari S, Rahimi M, Zinadini S
1 - 8 Powder X-ray diffraction analysis of Cu/Cu2O nanocomposites synthesized by colloidal solution method
Lam NH, Le N, KiM ES, Tamboli MS, Tamboli AM, Truong NTN, Jung JH
1 - 9 Novel measurement method of determining PS nanoplastic concentration via AuNPs aggregation with NaCl
Hong JH, Lee BH, Park CH, Kim YH
1 - 9 Polyphenylsulfone/polyethylene glycol hexadecyl ether blend membranes with enhanced surface hydrophilicity for high-performance nanofiltration of dye solution
Rastegar B, Saljoughi E, Mousavi SM, Kiani S
1 - 14 Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of phosphoric acid-activated Goldenberry peel powder biochar for enhancing the adsorption of trace beta-lactamase inhibitors
Ai T, Xu X, Zhang L, Chen K, Wu Y, Dai S, Xiong X, Jie S, Jin X, Yu Z
1 - 12 Temperature-swing transesterification for the coproduction of biodiesel and ethyl levulinate from spent coffee grounds
Rizqullah H, Yang J, Lee W
1 - 128 Multiomics characterization of dose- and time-dependent effects of ionizing radiation on human skin keratinocytes
Song WS, Lee JS, Lim JW, Kim JE, Jo SH, Kwon JE, Park JH, Choi SH, Jang DC, Kim IW, Jeong JH, Kim YG
1 - 15 Novel NO removal using combined sodium erythorbate and FeⅡ EDTA system
Zhong L, He F, Dong B, Ding J
1 - 8 Synthesis of polyethylenimine-modified magnetic hydrogel nanocomposite absorbents for heavy metals removal
Wan T, He S, Wang T, Wang J, Yu M, Jia Y, Tang Q
1 - 10 Application of amine-loaded activated carbon fiber in CO2 capture and separation
Liu H, Lu X, Liu L, Wang J, Wang P, Gao P, Ren T, Tian G, Wang D
1 - 8 Destruction of oxytetracycline using a microwave-assisted fused TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation system
Park JG, Park YK, Jung SC
1 - 9 Experimental and computational phase behavior analysis of the PGME+CO2 and PGMEA+CO2 mixture at high pressures
Kwon YT, Dhamodharan D, Choi H, Shim SW, Byun HS
1 - 15 Efficient and practical adsorption of mixed anionic dyes in aqueous solution by magnetic NiFe-layered double oxide
Intachai S, Tongchoo P, Sumanatrakul P, Pankam P, Khaorapapong N
1 - 13 Nano-sized hematite-assembled carbon spheres for effectively adsorbing paracetamol in water: Important role of iron
Loc TT, Dat ND, Tran HN
1 - 7 Scrap oxidation of uranium carbide heavy ion accelerator target material
Jo BH, Shim YH
1 - 6 Facile microfluidic method for measuring the relaxation time of dilute polymer solution based on viscoelastic particle focusing
Jung YY, Shim TS, Kim JM
1 - 8 Chlorination behavior of Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)O2
Jeon MK, Kim SW, Oh MK, Eun HC, Lee KY
1 - 11 Optimization of Pt loading on the counter electrode for efficient and bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells with polymer gel electrolyte
Seo JW, Jung SM, Kim YJ, Kim JY
1 - 16 Box-Behnken design-based biodiesel wastewater treatment using sequential acid cracking and electrochemical peroxidation process: Focus on COD, oil-grease and volatile fatty acids removals
Guvenc SY, Cebi A, Can-Güven E, Demir A, Ghanbari F, Varank G
1 - 8 Effects of MgCl2 loading on ammonia capacity of activated carbon for application in temperature swing adsorption, pressure swing adsorption, and pressure-temperature swing adsorption process
Park JH, Hong MW, Yoon HC, Yi KB
1 - 11 H2S adsorption performance of alkali lignocarbon/PVA composite membrane
Li Y, Li F, Zheng M, Yan H, Liu Q
1 - 14 An integrated dendrite-free zinc metal electrode for corrosion inhibition in aqueous system
Hu YF, Zhou LF, Gong H, Jia H, Chen P, Wang YS, Liu LY, Du T
1 - 17 Exploration of anti-corrosive activity of TP (thespesia populnea)-TiO2 composite coating for mild steel (CS) in aggressive environments
Krishnan A
1 - 11 Thermal pretreatment of spent button cell batteries (BCBs) for efficient bioleaching
Pourhossein F, Sadeghi M, Mousavi SM
1 - 12 Pseudo-homogeneous kinetic modeling of dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) production by esterification of terephthalic acid and 2-ethylhexanol over tetrabutyl titanate catalyst
Zhou F, Cai J, Mao X, Wu Z, Nie Y
1 - 11 Enhancing performance of polyacrylonitrile membranes for pervaporation dehydration of ethanol by tailoring morphology and process parameters
Nejad SMH, Mostafavi AH, Hosseini SS, Zeng H, Shao L
1 - 9 Visible light photocatalytic activity of TiO2 with carbon-fluorine heteroatoms simultaneously introduced by CF4 plasma
Lee RE, Lim CH, Lee HR, Kim SJ, Lee YS
1 - 7 Effects of cobalt oxide catalyst on pyrolysis of polyester fiber
Park CY, Lee NY, Cho IS, Ahn BM, Yu HK, Lee JH
1 - 11 Bioremediation of imidacloprid using Azospirillium biofertilizer and Rhizobium biofertilizer
Kulkarni K, Chawan A, Kulkarni A, Gharat S
1 - 14 IR-initiated preparation method of high performance nanofiltration membranes using graft polymerization of acrylic acid onto polyacrylonitrile surface
Khani-Arani Z, Akbari A
1 - 15 A comprehensive study on single and competitive adsorption-desorption of copper and cadmium using eco-friendly magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles
Bakhtiari S, Shahrashoub M, Keyhanpour A
1 - 9 Ion-imprinted antifouling nanocomposite membrane for separation of lithium ion
Sun D, Zhou T, Lu Y, Yan Y, Liu C, Che G
1 - 6 Composites of poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and polarized Ag nanoparticles for CO2 separation
Kim BJ, Kang SW
1 - 12 Microbially induced calcium precipitation based anaerobic biosynthetic crystals for removal of F- and Ca2+ in groundwater: Performance optimization, kinetics, and reactor operation
Zhai Z, Ali A, Su J, Hao Z, Liu J, Wang Z
1 - 10 Effective separation of Zn, Fe, and Mn from roasting-water leaching solution of blast-furnace dust using a precipitation-solvent extraction process
Ju J, Feng Y, Li H, Wang B
1 - 9 Enhancing antifouling and separation characteristics of carbon nanofiber embedded poly ether sulfone nanofiltration membrane
Hosseini SM, Banijamali MS, Farahani SK, Bandehali S
1 - 11 Activated carbon (AC)-metal-organic framework (MOF) composite: Synthesis, characterization and dye removal
Soroush S, Mahmoodi NM, Mohammadnezhad B, Karimi A
1 - 10 Microwave-assisted synthesis of MgFe2O4-decorated UiO-66(Zr)-NH2 composites for collaborative adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline
Vo TK, Nguyen MT, Nguyen VC, Kim JS
1 - 11 Construction of superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic corn stalk/konjac glucomannan aerogel for high-efficiency oil/water emulsion separation
Wang W, Mou L, Yang D, Wang Y, Yang F
1 - 12 Novel heterojunction magnetic composite MIL-53 (Fe)/ZnFe2O4: Synthesis and photocatalytic pollutant degradation
Nejadian MM, Mahmoodi NM, Ghotbi C, Khorasheh F
1 - 11 Renewable magnetic alginate-graphene oxide hybrid for efficient cationic dye removal
Liu W, Bai H, Gao W, Chen Z, Liu Z, Chen Z, Chen J
1 - 7 Ultra-thin polymer-encapsulation of SrAl2O4 : Eu2+, Dy3+ phosphor for enhanced hydrolytic resistance
Lee HM, Heo JH, Kim JC, Joo J, Cheong IW
1 - 8 The detection of Fe (III) and ascorbic acid by fluorescence quenching and recovery of carbon dots prepared from coffee waste
Won SA, Kim JS
1 - 8 Decomposition characteristics of SF6 in an electrical tube furnace and a pilot system by combustion
Lee JW, Kim MY, Byun YH
1 - 11 Optimal strategies for supercritical gas antisolvent (GAS) coprecipitation of pyrazinamide/PVP particles via response surface methodology
Shirafkan A, Nowee SM, Kamali H
1 - 9 Efficient dual adsorption of eosinY and methylene blue from aqueous solution using nanocomposite of graphene oxide nanosheets and ZnO nanospheres
Ahmad N, Karim S, Hussain D, Mok YS, Siddiqui GU
1 - 16 Transient response of immobilized enzyme reactors - the effects of reactor type and shape of core-shell bio-catalytic pellets
Cho YS
1 - 13 The effect of CNTs on V-Ce/TiO2 for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO
Youn JR, Kim MJ, Lee SJ, Ryu IS, Jeong SK, Lee KB, Jeon SG
1 - 8 Prediction of defluidization behavior using particle apparent viscosity
An Z, Wang H, Zhang Y
1 - 7 Characteristics of the all-vanadium redox flow battery using ammonium metavanadate electrolyte
Jung BY, Ryu CH, Hwang GJ
1 - 9 Performance evaluation of aqueous all iron redox flow batteries using heat treated graphite felt electrode
Lim HS, Shin MG, Noh CH, Koo EM, Kwon YC, Chung KY
1 - 6 Effect of air gap interval on polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane spinning for CO2 and CH4 gas separation
Ding SH, Oh PC, Jamil A
1 - 12 A short review on hydrophobic pervaporative inorganic membranes for ethanol/water separation applications
Kim HJ, Kim SJ, Lee KY, Foster RI
1 - 8 The modelling of biosorption for rapid removal of organic matter with activated sludge biomass from real industrial effluents
Domanovac MV, Runjavec MS, Meštrović E
1 - 23 Reactive distillation for methanol synthesis: Simulation-based design methodology
Ghosh S, Srinivas S
1 - 9 Assessment of MOF-801 synthesis for toluene adsorption by using design of experiment methodology
Lee SM, Lee MH, Yoo KS, Song SH
1 - 8 Dissolution of copper and copper oxide in aqueous solution containing
Ko CK, Lee WG