Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.34, No.5, May, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0256-1115 (Print) 

In this Issue (35 articles)

1281 - 1293 Interfacial phenomena between conjugated organic molecules and noble metals
Kim JH
1294 - 1304 Improved mechanical properties, barrier properties and degradation behavior of poly(butylenes adipate-co-terephthalate)/poly(propylene carbonate) films
Pan H, Hao Y, Zhao Y, Lang X, Zhang Y, Wang Z, Zhang H, Dong L
1305 - 1309 Controlled release of iron for activation of persulfate to oxidize orange G using iron anode
Jeon P, Park SM, Baek K
1310 - 1318 Process simulation for the recovery of lactic acid using thermally coupled distillation columns to mitigate the remixing effect
Kim SY, Kim DM, Lee B
1319 - 1327 Nanoparticle deposition in transient gaseous microchannel flow considering hindered motion and rarefaction effect
Andarwa S, Tabrizi HB
1328 - 1336 Laminar flow and chaotic advection mixing performance in a static mixer with perforated helical segments
Meng H, Jiang X, Yu Y, Wang Z, Wu J
1337 - 1345 Effect of Cu promoter and alumina phases on Pt/Al2O3 for propane dehydrogenation
Lee H, Kim WI, Jung KD, Koh HL
1346 - 1357 CO2/O2-oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene over highly dispersed vanadium oxide on MgO-promoted sulfated-zirconia nanocatalyst: Effect of sulfation on catalytic properties and performance
Taghavinezhad P, Haghighi M, Alizadeh R
1358 - 1365 Enhanced ketalization activity of cyclohexanone and ethanediol over immobilized ionic liquid in mesoporous materials
Dai L, Zhao Q, Zhao H, Li Y, Jiang T
1366 - 1376 Novel multi-scale diffusion model for catalytic methane combustion
Huang K, Wang L, Xu Y, Wu D
1377 - 1384 Removal of chlorinated phenol from aqueous solution utilizing activated carbon derived from papaya (Carica Papaya) seeds
Krishnaiah D, Joseph CG, Anisuzzaman SM, Daud WMAW, Sundang M, Leow YC
1385 - 1392 Performance improvement of local Korean natural hydraulic lime-based mortar using inorganic by-products
Cho JS, Moon KY, Choi MK, Cho KH, Ahn JW, Yeon KS
1393 - 1399 Treatment of malachite green dye using combined oxidation techniques based on different irradiation
Gole VL, Alhat A
1400 - 1404 Deodorizing, antimicrobial and glucosyltransferase inhibitory activities of polyphenolics from biosource
Kim Y, Jang SJ, Kim HR, Kim SB
1405 - 1415 Quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) for prediction of CO2 Henry’s law constant in some physical solvents with consideration of temperature effects
Gorji AE, Gorji ZE, Riahi S
1416 - 1434 Separation of tetrahydrofuran using RSM optimized accelerator-sulfur-filler of rubber membranes: Systematic optimization and comprehensive mechanistic study
Karmakar M, Mahapatra M, Singha NR
1435 - 1443 Solubility of celecoxib in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone+water mixtures at various temperatures: Experimental data and thermodynamic analysis
Nozohouri S, Shayanfar A, Cardenas ZJ, Martinez F, Jouyban A
1444 - 1455 Flux, antifouling and separation characteristics enhancement of nanocomposite polyethersulfone mixed-matrix membrane by embedding synthesized hydrophilic adipate ferroxane nanoparticles
Rahimi M, Dadari S, Zeinaddini S, Mohamadian E
1456 - 1465 Investigation of hydrodynamic and mass transfer of mercaptan extraction in pulsed and non-pulsed packed columns
Amani P, Amani M, Hasanvandian R
1466 - 1474 Habit modification of tamoxifen crystals using antisolvent crystallizations
Kim DC, Yeo SD
1475 - 1482 The effect of cyano groups on the solubility of carbon dioxide in ionic liquids containing cyano groups in anion
Cho HK, Kim JE, Lim JS
1483 - 1489 Effect of electrolyte composition on the morphological structures of dendritic copper powders prepared by a spontaneous galvanic displacement reaction
Zhuo K, An CY, Kannan PK, Seo N, Park YS, Chung CH
1490 - 1494 Cu seed layer damage caused by insoluble anode in Cu electrodeposition
Ham YS, Cho SK, Kim JJ
1495 - 1499 Fabrication of NOA microfluidic devices based on sequential replica molding
Sim JH, Moon HJ, Roh YH, Jung HW, Bong KW
1500 - 1503 Photodegradation of organic dyes via competitive direct reduction/indirect oxidation on InSnS2 under visible light
Park S, Kim W, Kim Y
1504 - 1508 Highly stable inverted organic photovoltaic cells with a V2O5 hole transport layer
Zafar M, Yun JY, Kim DH
1509 - 1516 Effects of reservoir temperature and water salinity on the swelling ratio performance of enhanced preformed particle gels
Farasat A, Sefti MV, Sadeghnejad S, Saghafi HR
1517 - 1523 Effects of solvents on rheological and crosslinking properties of photo-polymerized poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels
Jung KI, Lee DG, Bong KW, Noh SM, Um MS, Choi WJ, Kim B, Jung HW
1524 - 1530 In situ mass spectrometry of glucose decomposition under hydrothermal reactions
Duangkaew P, Inoue S, Aki T, Nakashimada Y, Okamura Y, Tajima T, Matsumura Y
1531 - 1540 Effects of polyolefin elastomer on physico-mechanical and thermal properties of HDPE/CaCO3/LDPE-g-MA/POE composites
Ahn Y, Ahn JW, Han C
1541 - 1553 Three-dimensional CFD study of conical spouted beds containing heavy particles: Design parameters
Setarehshenas N, Hosseini SH, Esfahany MN, Ahmadi G
1554 - 1562 A mode transition strategy from air to oxyfuel combustion in a 35MW coal-fired power plant boiler
Luo Z, Cheng W, Wu B, Zhao Y, Zhang J
1563 - 1575 Experimental and numerical predictions of ash particle erosion in SCR monolithic catalysts for coal-fired utility boilers
Yu C, Si F, Ren S, Jiang X
1576 - 1583 NH3-SCR performance and characterization over magnetic iron-magnesium mixed oxide catalysts
Xu L, Niu S, Lu C, Wang D, Zhang K, Li J
1584 - 1590 Enhanced photoactivity of N-doped TiO2 for Cr(VI) removal: Influencing factors and mechanism
Wang SQ, Liu WB, Fu P, Cheng WL