Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.34, No.3, March, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0256-1115 (Print) 

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589 - 599 Magnetic nanoparticles for bioseparation
Fatima H, Kim KS
600 - 608 Facile synthesis of imprinted submicroparticles blend polyvinylidene fluoride membranes at ambient temperature for selective adsorption of methyl p-hydroxybenzoate
Cui Y, Meng M, Sun D, Liu Y, Pan J, Dai X, Yan Y
609 - 618 Ultrafine palladium nanoparticle-bonded to polyetheylenimine grafted reduced graphene oxide nanosheets: Highly active and recyclable catalyst for degradation of dyes and pigments
Su C, Zhao S, Zhang H, Chang K
619 - 627 FTA-FMEA-based validity verification techniques for safety standards
Chae CK, Ko JW
628 - 641 A comparative study of teaching-learning-self-study algorithms on benchmark function optimization
Cho HJ, Ahmed F, Kim TY, Kim BS, Yeo YK
642 - 650 Simplified risk assessment on fire hazard of LPG filling station
Park K
651 - 663 CFD study on the radial distribution of coolants in the inlet section of rod-baffle-multi-tubular reactor
Liu C, Zhang L, Xu Y, Li Y
664 - 671 Effect of acid sites on catalytic destruction of trichloroethylene over solid acid catalysts
Wang T, Dai Q, Yan F
672 - 680 The effects of mineral salt catalysts on selectivity of phenolic compounds in bio-oil during microwave pyrolysis of peanut shell
Mamaeva A, Tahmasebi A, Yu J
681 - 691 Two-stage cracking catalyst of amorphous silica-alumina on Y zeolite for enhanced product selectivity and suppressed coking
Davoodpour M, Tafreshi R, Khodadadi AA, Mortazavi Y
692 - 700 Preparation of Cu-MgO catalysts with different copper precursors and precipitating agents for the vapor-phase hydrogenation of furfural
Sadjadi S, Farzaneh V, Shirvani S, Ghashghaee M
701 - 705 Oxidation of tetralin to 1-tetralone over CrAPO-5
Bhattacharjee S, Lee YR, Ahn WS
706 - 716 A new approach for modeling of multicomponent gas hydrate formation
Mohebbi V, Behbahani RM, Naderifar A
717 - 722 Removal of nitrate from constructed wetland in winter in high-latitude areas with modified hydrophyte biochars
Wang B, Liu SY, Li FY, Fan ZP
723 - 733 A novel hydrothermal releasing synthesis of modified SiO2 material and its application in phenol removal process
Yang X, Liu X, Tang W, Gao Y, Ni H, Zhang J
734 - 740 Efficient oxidative removal of 4-tert-octylphenol and 17α-ethynylestradiol from aqueous solutions using ferrate(VI)
Tiwari D, Sailo L, Choi SI, Yoon YY, Lee SM
741 - 746 One-dimensional column and three-dimensional box flushing of silicone emulsion-enhanced remediation for chlorinated solvent contaminated soils
Kwon TS, Lee JY, Yang JS, Baek K
747 - 756 HCl removal characteristics of calcium hydroxide at the dry-type sorbent reaction accelerator using municipal waste incinerator flue gas at a real site
Kim KD, Jeon SM, Hasolli N, Lee KS, Lee JR, Han JW, Kim HT, Park YO
757 - 767 Response surface modeling, isotherm, thermodynamic and optimization study of arsenic (V) removal from aqueous solutions using modified bentonite-chitosan (MBC)
Dehghani MH, Zarei A, Mesdaghinia A, Nabizadeh R, Alimohammadi M, Afsharnia M
768 - 772 Use of membrane separation in enzymatic hydrolysis of waste paper
Rad NM, Mousavi SM, Bahreini M, Saljoughi E
773 - 780 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of alkali-pretreated corncob under optimized conditions using cold-tolerant indigenous holocellulase
Sharma A, Nain V, Tiwari R, Singh S, Adak A, Nain PKS, Nain L
781 - 786 Identification of a new serine protease from polychaeta, Marphysa sanguinea, for its thrombolytic and anticoagulant activity
Yeon SJ, Shim KH, Hong JS, Shin HS
787 - 796 Hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects on hypercholesterolemic rats of polysaccharide from Salicornia bigelovii seed
Lim DH, Choi D, Kim SM, Piao YL, Choi OY, Lim GS, Chang YC, Cho H
797 - 805 Comparison of metabolite profiling of Ralstonia eutropha H16 phaBCA mutants grown on different carbon sources
Im DK, Yun SH, Jung JY, Lee J, Oh MK
806 - 813 Adsorption and kinetics of elemental mercury vapor on activated carbons impregnated with potassium iodide, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur
Jang HN, Back SK, Sung JH, Jeong BM, Kang YS, Lee CK, Jurng J, Seo YC
814 - 821 Optimal separation of phenol from model oils by forming deep eutectic solvents with quaternary ammonium salts
Tang W, Liu L, Li G, Zhu T, Row KH
822 - 828 An experimental and statistical model of a cyclic pressure swing adsorption column for hydrogen purification
Saberimoghaddam A, Nozari A
829 - 843 The influence of nanoparticles on gas transport properties of mixed matrix membranes: An experimental investigation and modeling
Jamshidi M, Pirouzfar V, Abedini R, Pedram MZ
844 - 853 Quantitative estimation of internal concentration polarization in a spiral wound forward osmosis membrane module compared to a flat sheet membrane module
Bae C, Park K, Heo H, Yang DR
854 - 865 Optimization of supercritical extraction of galegine from Galega officinalis L.:Neural network modeling and experimental optimization via response surface methodology
Davoodi P, Ghoreishi SM, Hedayati A
866 - 875 Controllability of separate heat pump distillation for separating isopropanol-chlorobenzene mixture
Zhu Z, Liu X, Cao Y, Liang S, Wang Y
876 - 884 Improvement of methane uptake inside graphene sheets using nitrogen, boron and lithium-doped structures: A hybrid molecular simulation
Hassani A, Mosavian MTH, Ahmadpour A, Farhadian N
885 - 891 Electrochemical properties of α-Co(OH)2/graphene nano-flake thin film for use as a hybrid supercapacitor
Jin EM, Lee HJ, Jun HB, Jeong SM
892 - 897 Organic/inorganic multilayer thin film encapsulation via initiated chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition for its application to organic solar cells
Kim BJ, Han D, Yoo S, Im SG
898 - 902 Quantitative analysis of carbon nanotube cross-linking reactions
Im YO, Lee SH, Yu SU, Lee J, Lee KH
903 - 912 Effect of hydrophobic modification on the structure and rheology of aqueous and brine solutions of scleroglucan polymer
Bakhshi M, Ozeiri M, Sharif A, Aalaie J
913 - 920 Temperature effects on riser pressure drop in a circulating fluidized bed
Won YS, Jeong AR, Choi JH, Jo SH, Ryu HJ, Yi CK
921 - 927 Performance comparison of aqueous MEA and AMP solutions for biogas upgrading
Park YC, Lee JS, Moon JH, Min BM, Shim DM, Sung HJ
928 - 934 Cycloaddition of carbon dioxide with propylene oxide using zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-23 as a catalyst
Ryu H, Roshan R, Kim MI, Kim DW, Selvaraj M, Park DW
935 - 941 Effect of process parameters on the CaCO3 production in the single process for carbon capture and mineralization
Murnandari A, Kang J, Youn MH, Park KT, Kim HJ, Kang SP, Jeong SK