Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.28, No.1, January, 2011 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0256-1115 (Print) 

In this Issue (49 articles)

1 - 15 Fundamentals of membrane transport
Hwang ST
16 - 21 Gasholder level control based on time-series analysis and process heuristics
Jeong C, Chu YH, Han C, Yoon ES
22 - 26 A comparative study of carbon dioxide capture capabilities between methanol solvent and aqueous monoethanol amine solution
Kim DM, Cho J
27 - 31 Process simulation of activated carbon production using a rotary kiln
Kim YH
32 - 40 Solving mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems using improved genetic algorithms
Wasanapradit T, Mukdasanit N, Chaiyaratana N, Srinophakun T
41 - 48 Modeling and control of CO2 separation process with hollow fiber membrane modules
Jin HG, Han SH, Lee YM, Yeo YK
49 - 55 Studying the influence of refrigerant type on thermal efficiency of annular two-phase flows; mass transfer viewpoint
Baniamerian Z, Aghanajafi C
56 - 63 Chaotic behavior of in-line bubbles rising with coalescences in non-Newtonian fluids: A multiscale analysis
Jiang S, Ma Y, Fan W, Yang K, Li H
64 - 70 Surface modification of gold electrode with gold nanoparticles and mixed self-assembled monolayers for enzyme biosensors
Park BW, Kim DS, Yoon DY
71 - 78 An efficient and cost-effective solvent extraction for recovery of phenol and its hydroxy derivatives from aqueous medium
Yoon S, Kwon SY, Lee CW
79 - 83 Preparation, characterization, and oxidation catalysis of H3PMo12O40 heteropolyacid catalyst immobilized on carbon aerogel
Bang Y, Park DR, Lee YJ, Jung JC, Song IK
84 - 92 Optimizing photocatalytic degradation of phenol by TiO2/GAC using response surface methodology
Sin JC, Lam SM, Mohamed AR
93 - 98 Analysis of sulfur removal in gasoil hydrodesulfurization process by application of response surface methodology
Abghari SZ, Shokri S, Baloochi B, Marvast MA, Ghanizadeh S, Behroozi A
99 - 105 H3PW12O40/SiO2 for sorbitol dehydration to isosorbide: High efficient and reusable solid acid catalyst
Sun P, Yu DH, Hu Y, Tang ZC, Xia JJ, Li H, Huang H
106 - 113 NH3 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxides (NOx) over activated sewage sludge char
Jo YB, Cha JS, Ko JH, Shin MC, Park SH, Jeon JK, Kim SS, Park YK
114 - 118 A study on electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
Mottaghitalab V, Haghi AK
119 - 125 Bioethanol production from optimized pretreatment of cassava stem
Han M, Kim Y, Kim Y, Chung B, Choi GW
126 - 132 An analysis of CH4/N2 rich biogas production, fuel treatment process and microturbine application
Park J, Hur K, Rhim S, Kang H
133 - 137 Fuel properties of bio-oil/bio-diesel mixture characterized by TG, FTIR and 1H NMR
Xiaoxiang J, Ellis N, Zhaoping Z
138 - 142 Effect of oligomer on dye-sensitized solar cells employing polymer electrolytes
Ahn SH, Kim HW, Lee SH, Chi WS, Choi JR, Shul YG, Kim JH
143 - 148 Polarization characteristics and fuel utilization in anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell using three-dimensional simulation
Hwang JW, Lee JY, Jo DH, Jung HW, Kim SH
149 - 155 Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution by activated carbon prepared from cashew nut shell as a new low-cost adsorbent
Kumar PS, Ramalingam S, Sathishkumar K
156 - 163 Statistical optimization of Rhodamine B removal by factorial design using reaction rate constant in electrochemical reaction
Song Y, Kim D, Park Y
164 - 169 Minimization of excess sludge and cryptic growth of microorganisms by alkaline treatment of activated sludge
Na SH, Shon HK, Kim JH
170 - 177 The absorption rate of CO2/SO2/NO2 into a blended aqueous AMP/ammonia solution
Seo JB, Jeon SB, Choi WJ, Kim JW, Lee GH, Oh KJ
178 - 183 Enhanced adenosine triphosphate production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae using an efficient energy regeneration system
Yao Y, Xiong J, Chen Y, Tang J, Ying H
184 - 188 Formation of abnormally large-sized tubular amyloid β aggregates on a nanostructured gold surface
Lee J, Park J, Kwak BK, Choi I, Kim Y, Choi K, Yi J
189 - 194 Changes in physicochemical properties and gaseous emissions of composting swine manure amended with alum and zeolite
Bautista JM, Kim H, Ahn DH, Zhang R, Oh YS
195 - 202 Sesame cake protein hydrolysis by alcalase: Effects of process parameters on hydrolysis, solubilisation, and enzyme inactivation
Demirhan E, Apar DK, Ozbek B
203 - 208 Purification and properties of a milk-clotting enzyme produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens D4
He X, Ren F, Guo H, Zhang W, Song X, Gan B
209 - 215 Effects of pre-fermentation enzyme treatments of leaves, stems, and roots of ginseng on Lactobacillus fermentation characteristics and ginsenoside metabolite formation
Cho K, Woo HJ, Park KH, Chae HJ
216 - 220 Determination of optimum fermentation conditions for carotenoid production by Rhodotorula aurantiaca K-505
Kim SG, Chu KH, Kim EY
221 - 224 Decaffeination of coffee bean waste by solid-liquid extraction
Bi W, Zhou J, Row KH
225 - 231 Improvement of performance efficiency of a hydrocyclone with design modification by suppressing air core
Sripriya R, Suresh N, Chakraborty S, Meikap BC
232 - 238 Oriented crystallization of xanthine derivatives sublimated on self-assembled monolayers
Chung J, Kim IW
239 - 245 Melt crystallization of ibuprofen on surfaces patterned by a Nd : YAG laser
Chung J, Kim BJ, Chung H, Kim IW
246 - 251 Thermodynamic modeling of CO2 solubility in ionic liquid ([C(n)-mim] [Tf2N]; n=2, 4, 6, 8) with using Wong-Sandler mixing rule, Peng-Rabinson equation of state (EOS) and differential evolution (DE) method
Yazdizadeh M, Rahmani F, Forghani AA
252 - 255 Calculation of thermodynamic quantities for carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) close to the III-IV phase transition
Yurtseven H, Dildar Y
256 - 260 Viscosities of binary mixtures of ethanenitrile with benzene and several substituted benzenes
Yadava SS, Singh S, Bhan R, Yadav N
261 - 266 Preparation and modification of nano-porous polyimide (PI) membranes by UV photo-grafting process: Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration performance
Rahimpour A
267 - 271 Bacterial uptake of silver nanoparticles in the presence of humic acid and AgNO3
Bae E, Park HJ, Yoon J, Kim Y, Choi K, Yi J
272 - 278 Preparation of C/C composites by the chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) of propane pyrolysis
Bang KH, Chung GY, Koo HH
279 - 286 Development of a fast-response, high-resolution electrical mobility spectrometer
Intra P, Tippayawong N
287 - 292 Preparation and characterization of aniline/acrylonitrile nanocomposites using various surfactants in aqueous media
Eisazadeh H, Bistouni BG
293 - 297 Silk fibroin microspheres prepared by the water-in-oil emulsion solvent diffusion method for protein delivery
Srihanam P, Srisuwan Y, Imsombut T, Baimark Y
298 - 303 Characterization of UV curable hybrid hard coating materials prepared by sol-gel method
Kim SW
304 - 307 A model for the temperature effect on onset velocity of turbulent fluidization of Geldart type A particles
Choi JH, Ryu HJ, Yi CK
308 - 313 Flow regime recognition in the spouted bed based on Hilbert-Huang transformation
Chunhua W, Zhaoping Z, Rui L
314 - 314 Retraction: “Research on the main factors for changes in pressure based on turbulent circulating fluidized bed coal gasification technology” [Korean J. Chem. Eng., 27(6), 1707 (2010)]
Duan F, Jin BS, Huang YJ, Li B, Sun Y, Wu Y, Zhang MY