Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.97 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Arsenic removal from groundwater by electrocoagulation in a pre-pilot-scale continuous filter press reactor
Flores OJ, Nava JL, Carreno G, Elorza E, Martinez F
7 - 15 Model study of sulfite oxidation in seawater flue gas desulfurization by cylindrical wetted-wall corona-streamer discharge
Wang XP, Li ZJ, Lei LC
16 - 33 Flow of two consecutive Taylor bubbles through a vertical column of stagnant liquid-A CFD study about the influence of the leading bubble on the hydrodynamics of the trailing one
Araujo JDP, Miranda JM, Campos JBLM
34 - 49 Numerical simulations of contact drying in agitated filter-dryer
Sahni EK, Chaudhuri B
50 - 58 Heat transfer in one-dimensional micro- and nano-cellular foams
Ferkl P, Pokorny R, Bobak M, Kosek J
59 - 59 A study of mixing by chaotic advection in two three-dimensional open flows (vol 81, pg 179, 2012)
Saatdjian E, Rodrigo AJS, Mota JPB
60 - 66 Effects of substituent groups and central metal ion on hydrogen adsorption in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks
Chen EY, Liu YC, Sun TY, Wang Q, Liang LJ
67 - 80 Numerical investigation of near-critical fluid convective flow mixing in microchannels
Chen L, Zhang XR, Okajima J, Maruyama S
81 - 95 Pore-flow calculations based on pore size distributions in polyimide membranes determined by a nanoprobe imaging technique
Stawikowska J, Kim JE, Livingston AG
96 - 107 Influence of non-linear breakage kinetics on the attainment of self-similarity for dry milling processes
Capece M, Dave R, Bilgili E
108 - 108 Reply on the comments on "Collision efficiency in a shear flow" by J. Kumar
Balakin BV
109 - 125 Instabilities of a confined two-layer flow on a porous medium: An Orr-Sommerfeld analysis
Goyal H, Kumar AAP, Bandyopadhyay D, Usha R, Banerjee T
126 - 138 Improved C-control of crystallization with reduced calibration effort via conductometry
Hermanto MW, Phua A, Chow PS, Tan RBH
139 - 151 Extension and validation of the particle segregation model for bubbling gas-fluidized beds of binary mixtures
Di Maio FP, Di Renzo A, Vivacqua V
152 - 161 Bubble free fluidization of a binary mixture of large particles
Gidaspow D, Chaiwang P
162 - 175 Comparisons of PEPT derived charge features in wet milling environments with a friction-adjusted DEM model
Govender I, Cleary PW, Mainza AN
176 - 185 A lab-scale system to study submicron particles removal in wet electrostatic scrubbers
D'Addio L, Di Natale F, Carotenuto C, Balachandran W, Lancia A
186 - 197 Evaluation and refinement of the property prediction stage of the targeted QSPR method for 15 constant properties and 80 groups of compounds
Shacham M, Elly M, Paster I, Brauner N
198 - 209 Experimental flowloop investigations of gas hydrate formation in high water cut systems
Joshi SV, Grasso GA, Lafond PG, Rao I, Webb E, Zerpa LE, Sloan ED, Koh CA, Sum AK
210 - 224 Influence of wall roughness and packing density on stagnant zone formation during funnel flow discharge from a silo: An X-ray imaging study
Babout L, Grudzien K, Maire E, Withers PJ
225 - 234 DEM simulation and analysis of particle mixing and heat conduction in a rotating drum
Gui N, Yan J, Xu WK, Ge L, Wu DL, Ji ZL, Gao JS, Jiang SY, Yang XT
235 - 255 Quantum efficiency modeling and system scaling-up analysis of water splitting with Cd1-xZnxS solid-solution photocatalyst
Zamfirescu C, Dincer I, Naterer GF, Banica R
256 - 263 CO2 capture for gas turbines: an integrated energy-efficient process combining combustion in oxygen-enriched air, flue gas recirculation, and membrane separation
Belaissaoui B, Cabot G, Cabot MS, Willson D, Favre E
264 - 271 Particle granular temperature of Geldart A, A/B and B particles in dense gas-fluidized beds
Wang JW, van der Hoef MA, Kuipers JAM
272 - 281 Effects of momentum flux and separation distance on bubbly jet impingement in microgravity conditions
Sunol F, Gonzalez-Cinca R
282 - 295 Impact of powder characteristics on a particle granulation model
Kastner CA, Brownbridge GR, Mosbach S, Kraft M
296 - 308 Fabrication and characterization of PVDF membranes via an in situ free radical polymerization method
Zhang PY, Xu ZL, Yang H, Wei YM, Wu WZ
309 - 310 Comments on'Collision efficiency in a shear flow [Chemical Engineering Science 68 (2012) 305-312]'
Kumar J
311 - 319 A model of wax deposit layer formation
Eskin D, Ratulowski J, Akbarzadeh K
320 - 327 Isocyanate-functionalized castor oil as a novel bitumen modifier
Cuadri AA, Garcia-Morales M, Navarro FJ, Partal P
328 - 336 Microfluidic rheology of the multiple-emulsion globule transiting in a contraction tube through a boundary element method
Tao J, Song XY, Liu JX, Wang JT
337 - 343 Charge transport between liquid marbles
Li MS, Tian JF, Li LZ, Liu AH, Shen W
344 - 352 Time of flight transport equation in Eulerian reference frame
Mao DM, Harvey AD
353 - 353 Two-dimensional volume of fluid simulation studies on single bubble formation and dynamics in bubble columns (vol 72, pg 61, 2012)
Ma D, Liu MY, Xu YG, Tang C
354 - 365 Experimental investigation of solid mixing and segregation in a tetrapodal blender
Alizadeh E, Hajhashemi H, Bertrand F, Chaouki J
366 - 375 Added mass of dispersed particles by CFD: Further results
Simcik M, Ruzicka MC
376 - 384 A mechanistic model for pressure drops in corrugated plates static mixers
Paglianti A, Montante G
385 - 393 Parameters influencing magnetically enhanced centrifugation for protein separation
Lindner J, Menzel K, Nirschl H
394 - 405 Front tracking simulation of cell detachment dynamic mechanism in microfluidics
Luo ZY, Wang SQ, He L, Lu TJ, Xu F, Bai BF
406 - 412 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of jet formation in packed beds
Kohl MH, Lu G, Third JR, Haberlin M, Kasper L, Prussmann KP, Muller CR
413 - 429 Hyperspherical path tracking methodology as correction step in homotopic continuation methods
Oliveros-Munoz JM, Jimenez-Islas H