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Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.84 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Modeling of sorption enhanced steam methane reforming in an adiabatic fixed bed reactor
Fernandez JR, Abanades JC, Murillo R
12 - 20 Modeling of sorption enhanced steam methane reforming-Part II: Simulation within a novel Ca/Cu chemical loop process for hydrogen production
Fernandez JR, Abanades JC, Grasa G
21 - 30 The modelling of water and hydrochloric acid extraction by tri-n-butyl phosphate
Lum KH, Stevens GW, Kentish SE
31 - 39 Understanding coal/hydrocarbons pyrolysis in thermal plasma reactors by thermodynamic analysis
Yan BH, Xu PC, Jin Y, Cheng Y
40 - 47 Compositional analysis of the gas phase for the CO2+N-2+tetra-n-butylammonium bromide aqueous solution systems under hydrate stability conditions
Belandria V, Mohammadi AH, Richon D
48 - 56 Investigation of engineering aspects in ethane ODH over highly selective Ni0.85Nb0.15Ox catalyst
Skoufa Z, Heracleous E, Lemonidou AA
57 - 69 Wall function model for particulate fouling applying XDLVO theory
Ojaniemi U, Riihimaki M, Manninen M, Pattikangas T
70 - 79 A sodium borohydride hydrogen generation reactor for stationary applications: Experimental and reactor simulation studies
Sousa T, Fernandes VR, Pinto PJR, Slavkov Y, Bosukov L, Rangel CM
80 - 84 Surfactant effects on methane solubility and mole fraction during hydrate growth
Verrett J, Posteraro D, Servio P
85 - 99 Efficient formulation of crystal shape evolution equations
Borchert C, Sundmacher K
100 - 106 Wetting effect on bubble shapes formed in a cylindrical T-junction
Wielhorski Y, Ben Abdelwahed MA, Bizet L, Breard J
107 - 107 Hydrodynamic and mass transfer in inertial gas-liquid flow regimes through straight and meandering millimetric square channels (vol 66, pg 2974, 2011)
Roudet M, Loubiere K, Gourdon C, Cabassud M
108 - 112 Relationship between oxygen sorption properties and crystal structure of Fe-based oxides with double perovskite composition
Masunaga T, Izumi J, Miura N
113 - 119 The influence of soot nanoparticles on the micro/macro-scale behaviour of coalescing filters
Mead-Hunter R, Bredin A, King AJC, Larcher AV, Becker T, Mullins BJ
120 - 133 Falling film melt crystallization (I): Model development, experimental validation of crystal layer growth and impurity distribution process
Jiang XB, Hou BH, He GH, Wang JK
134 - 141 Production of hyaluronic acid (HA) nanoparticles by a continuous process inside microchannels: Effects of non-solvents, organic phase flow rate, and HA concentration
Bicudo RCS, Santana MHA
142 - 147 Reconsidering the flammability diagram for CH4/O-2/N-2 and CH4/O-2/CO2 mixtures in light of combustion-induced Rapid Phase Transition
Di Benedetto A, Cammarota F, Di Sarli V, Salzano E, Russo G
148 - 154 Numerical study of mixing behavior with chemical reactions in micro-channels by a lattice Boltzmann method
Wang WT, Zhao SF, Shao T, Zhang MX, Jin Y, Cheng Y
155 - 169 Three-dimensional effects in laminar flow past a confined cylinder
Ribeiro VM, Coelho PM, Pinho FT, Alves MA
170 - 181 Prediction of flow behavior of particles in a tapered bubbling fluidized bed using a second-order moment-frictional stresses model
Sun LY, Xu WG, Liu GD, Sun D, Lu HL, Tang YJ, Li D
182 - 187 Exact analytical solutions for heat and mass transfer of MHD slip flow in nanofluids
Turkyilmazoglu M
188 - 196 Effect of bud scars on the mechanical properties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell walls
Chaudhari RD, Stenson JD, Overton TW, Thomas CR
197 - 206 Enhanced nearest neighbors algorithm for design of water networks
Shenoy UV
207 - 217 Droplet formation and breakup dynamics in microfluidic flow-focusing devices: From dripping to jetting
Fu TT, Wu YN, Ma YG, Li HZ
218 - 241 A geochemical model for interpretation of chalk core flooding experiments
Andersen PO, Evje S, Madland MV, Hiorth A
242 - 254 Numerical modelling of steam quality in deviated wells with variable (T, P) fields
Xu JP, Liu YQ, Wang SZ, Qi B
255 - 265 Frictional and heat transfer characteristics of flow in square porous tubes of wall-flow monoliths
Bissett EJ, Kostoglou M, Konstandopoulos AG
266 - 275 A new Newton homotopy based method for the robust determination of all the stationary points of the tangent plane distance function
Malinen I, Kangas J, Tanskanen J
276 - 291 Mathematical modeling of high-pressure oil-splitting reactor using a reduced population balance model
Attarakih M, Albaraghthi T, Abu-Khader M, Al-Hamamre Z, Bart HJ
292 - 302 Diffusion behavior of the model diesel components in different polymer membranes by molecular dynamic simulation
Ling CJ, Liang XY, Fan FC, Yang Z
303 - 314 Prediction of air bubble dispersion in a viscous fluid in a twin-screw continuous mixer using FEM simulations of dispersive mixing
Vyakaranam KV, Kokini JL
315 - 332 infinity/infinity-Analysis of homogeneous distillation processes
Ryll O, Blagov S, Hasse H
333 - 344 Flow characteristics and morphology of hydrate slurry formed from (natural gas plus diesel oil/condensate oil plus water) system containing anti-agglomerant
Peng BZ, Chen J, Sun CY, Dandekar A, Guo SH, Liu B, Mu L, Yang LY, Li WZ, Chen GJ
345 - 350 Dielectrophoretic particle separator using mesh stacked electrodes and simplified model for multistage separation
Sano N, Matsukura B, Ikeyama Y, Tamon H
351 - 371 Role of the bi-dispersion of particle size on tortuosity in isotropic structures of spherical particles by three-dimensional computer simulation
Caravella A, Hara S, Obuchi A, Uchisawa J
372 - 380 Solar thermal decoupled water electrolysis process I: Proof of concept
Palumbo R, Diver RB, Larson C, Coker EN, Miller JE, Guertin J, Schoer J, Meyer M, Siegel NP
381 - 381 Thermodynamic modeling of phase equilibria of semi-clathrate hydrates of CO2, CH4, or N-2+tetra-n-butylammonium bromide aqueous solution (vol 81, pg 319, 2012)
Eslamimanesh A, Mohammadi AH, Richon D
382 - 398 Flow and mixing performance in helical ribbon mixers
Robinson M, Cleary PW
399 - 407 The mechanisms of thermal diffusion and baro-diffusion effects on thermacoustic mixture separation
Ke HB, He YL
408 - 416 Numerical and experimental investigations on the breakup of particle laden liquid jets in the centrifugal field
Gramlich S, Piesche M
417 - 436 Identification of flow regimes using conductivity probe signals and neural networks for counter-current gas-liquid two-phase flow
Ghosh S, Pratihar DK, Maiti B, Das PK
437 - 448 Particle velocity and flux distribution in a high solids concentration circulating turbulent fluidized bed
Qi MZ, Zhu J, Barghi S
449 - 468 Micromechanical modeling and analysis of different flow regimes in gas fluidization
Hou QF, Zhou ZY, Yu AB
469 - 478 A nanoparticle bed micro-reactor with high syngas yield for moderate temperature micro-scale SOFC power plants
Santis-Alvarez AJ, Nabavi M, Jiang B, Maeder T, Muralt P, Poulikakos D
479 - 493 Generalized predictive control with dual adaptation
Ho YK, Mjalli FS, Yeoh HK
494 - 511 Modeling and process evaluation of membrane bioreactor for removing biodegradable organic matter from water
Williams MD, Ravindran V, Pirbazari M
512 - 532 Distributed control of plant-wide chemical processes with uncertain time-delays
Xu SC, Bao J
533 - 539 Study of a novel tube forming method for preparing engineered blood vessels
Eames I, Chau G, Landeryou M, Town M, Levy MS, Lye GJ, Hoare M, Mason C
540 - 543 Catalyst as ignition source of an explosion inside a microreactor
Heinrich S, Edeling F, Liebner C, Hieronymus H, Lange T, Klemm E
544 - 551 The functionalization of carbon nanotubes using a batch oscillatory flow reactor
Melendi S, Bonyadi S, Castell P, Martinez MT, Mackley MR
552 - 556 Cefalexin-immobilized multi-walled carbon nanotubes show strong antimicrobial and anti-adhesion properties
Qi XB, Gunawan P, Xu R, Chang MW
557 - 563 Quantitative structure-property relationship for thermal decomposition temperature of ionic liquids
Gharagheizi F, Sattari M, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Mohammadi AH, Ramjugernath D, Richon D
564 - 573 Energy and exergy analyses of a Cu-Cl cycle based integrated system for hydrogen production
Ratlamwala TAH, Dincer I
574 - 579 Gel electrophoresis: Importance of concentration-dependent permittivity and double-layer polarization
Hsu JP, Huang CH, Tseng S
580 - 590 Analysis of reactivity and energy efficiency of methane conversion through non thermal plasmas
Ravasio S, Cavallotti C
591 - 601 Numerical simulation of junction point pressure during droplet formation in a microfluidic T-junction
Yan Y, Guo D, Wen SZ
602 - 611 Phase equilibria of CO2+N-2 and CO2+CH4 clathrate hydrates: Experimental measurements and thermodynamic modelling
Sfaxi IB, Belandria V, Mohammadi AH, Lugo R, Richon D
612 - 618 Efficient moment matrix generation for arbitrary chemical networks
Smadbeck P, Kaznessis YN
619 - 627 Lipid production optimization and optimal control of heterotrophic microalgae fed-batch bioreactor
Abdollahi J, Dubljevic S
628 - 637 Exponential functional rigorous method for calculation of the number of theoretical plates in distillation column
Cao R, Fu GL, Liu YS, Yan CY, Wu Y, Wang J
638 - 645 Radiative heat transfer and catalyst performance in a large-scale continuous flow photoreactor for hydrogen production
Baniasadi E, Dincer I, Naterer GF
646 - 655 Settling of spherical particles in unbounded and confined surfactant-based shear thinning viscoelastic fluids: An experimental study
Malhotra S, Sharma MM
656 - 670 Systematic design of supersaturation controlled crystallization processes for shaping the crystal size distribution using an analytical estimator
Nagy ZK, Aamir E
671 - 683 Model validation for precipitation in solvent-displacement processes
DiPasquale N, Marchisio DL, Barresi AA
684 - 694 Mathematical modelling of oscillatory behaviour during methane oxidation over palladium catalysts
Peskov NV, Slinko MM, Bychkov VY, Korchak VN
695 - 705 Using water-miscible ionic liquids to improve the biocatalytic anti-Prelog asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketones with whole cells of Acetobacter sp CCTCC M209061
Xiao ZJ, Du PX, Lou WY, Wu H, Zong MH
706 - 717 Experimental investigation of two-phase distribution in parallel micro-T channels under adiabatic condition
Chen JF, Wang SF, Cheng S
718 - 726 Simulation of the light evolution in an annular photobioreactor for the cultivation of Porphyridium cruentum
Huang QS, Yao LS, Liu TZ, Yang J
727 - 734 Identification of nested biological kinetic models using likelihood ratio tests
Mailier J, Vande Wouwer A
735 - 745 Bubble size measurement using Bayesian magnetic resonance
Holland DJ, Blake A, Tayler AB, Sederman AJ, Gladden LF
746 - 760 MFIX simulation of NETL/PSRI challenge problem of circulating fluidized bed
Li TW, Dietiker JF, Shahnam M
761 - 771 Hydrodeoxygenation of acetic acid in a microreactor
Joshi N, Lawal A
772 - 780 Calculating thermal fouling resistances from dynamic heat transfer measurements
Lister VY, Davidson JF, Wilson DI
781 - 800 Particle deposition in turbulent duct flows
Yao J, Fairweather M
801 - 813 Experimental and modeling study of adsorption and diffusion of gases in Cu-BTC
Nobar SN, Farooq S
814 - 821 Membrane-assisted fluidized beds-part 1: Development of an Immersed Boundary Discrete Particle Model
de Jong JF, Annaland MV, Kuipers JAM
822 - 833 Membrane-assisted fluidized beds-Part 2: Numerical study on the hydrodynamics around immersed gas-permeating membrane tubes
De Jong JF, Annaland MV, Kuipers JAM