Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.80 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Experimental study of liquid spreading in structured packings
Fourati M, Roig V, Raynal L
16 - 29 Compromising adjustment solution of primary reaction coefficients in ethylene cracking furnace modeling
Geng ZQ, Cui YF, Xia LR, Zhu QX, Gu XB
30 - 38 Visualization of partially mixed region by use of periodical reaction
Hashimoto S, Chikamochi Y, Inoue Y
39 - 54 Inclusion of collisional return-to-isotropy in the MP-PIC method
O'Rourke PJ, Snider DM
55 - 69 CFD study of single phase and multiphase (liquid-liquid) pump-mixer: Analyzing design parameters, flow structures and turbulence
Tabib MV, Lane G, Yang W, Schwarz MP
70 - 80 Optimizing continuous powder mixing processes using periodic section modeling
Gao YJ, Muzzio FJ, Ierapetritou MG
81 - 90 Scaling analysis of the electrohydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) process for pharmaceutical particle fabrication
Rezvanpour A, Krantz WB, Wang CH
91 - 99 Al-PAM assisted filtration system for abatement of mature fine tailings
Alamgir A, Harbottle D, Masliyah J, Xu ZH
100 - 108 Free volume estimates of thermodynamic and transport properties of heavy oils with CO2
Tran TQMD, Neogi P, Bai BJ
109 - 118 Combining hydrodynamic and enzymatic treatments to improve multi-species thick biofilm removal
Pechaud Y, Marcato-Romain CE, Girbal-Neuhauser E, Queinnec I, Bessiere Y, Paul E
119 - 127 Determination of the packing fraction of silica nanoparticles from the rheological and viscoelastic measurements of nanofluids
Mondragon R, Julia JE, Barba A, Jarque JC
128 - 133 Screening of binary alloys for warm temperature capture of elemental mercury using density functional theory
Couling DJ, Nguyen HV, Green WH
134 - 147 On the controllability and energy sensitivity of heat-integrated desiccant adsorption dryers
Atuonwu JC, van Straten G, van Deventer HC, van Boxtel AJB
148 - 159 The onset of buoyancy-driven convection in a horizontal fluid layer heated suddenly from below
Kim MC, Chung TJ, Choi CK
160 - 172 Modeling and simulation of the mass transfer of volatile compounds in a membrane device for toxicity tests
Stoian AV, Druon-Bocquet S, Groux H, Sanchez J
173 - 173 Josef Stefan and his evaporation-diffusion tube-The Stefan diffusion problem (vol 75, pg 279, 2012)
Mitrovic J
174 - 181 Experimental investigation of vortex breakdown in a coaxial swirling jet with a density difference
Adzlan A, Gotoda H
182 - 187 Mathematical modelling of buccal iontophoretic drug delivery system
Moscicka-Studzinska A, Ciach T
188 - 194 Study of complex dynamics in pure and simple microbial competition
Ajbar A
195 - 204 Experimental Study on Air Entrainment in Slot Die Coating of High-Viscosity, Shear-Thinning Fluids
Bhamidipati K, Didari S, Harris TAL
205 - 218 Time delay compensation for the secondary processes in a multivariable carbon isotope separation unit
Pop CI, Ionescu CM, De Keyser R
219 - 231 Thin film composite forward osmosis membranes based on polydopamine modified polysulfone substrates with enhancements in both water flux and salt rejection
Han G, Zhang S, Li X, Widjojo N, Chung TS
232 - 241 Influence of NaCl on mineral carbonation of CO2 using cement material in aqueous solutions
Jo H, Jang YN, Jo HY
242 - 252 Modeling and analysis of solid catalyzed reactive HiGee stripping
Gudena K, Rangaiah GP, Lakshminarayanan S
253 - 269 Solutions to inversion problems in preferential crystallization of enantiomers-part I: Batch crystallization in a single vessel
Hofmann S, Raisch J
270 - 278 Phase separation of viscous ternary liquid mixtures
Park JM, Mauri R, Anderson PD
279 - 292 A comprehensive frictional-kinetic model for gas-particle flows: Analysis of fluidized and moving bed regimes
Schneiderbauer S, Aigner A, Pirker S
293 - 305 A one dimensional solid oxide electrolyzer-fuel cell stack model and its application to the analysis of a high efficiency system for oxygen production
Iora P, Taher MAA, Chiesa P, Brandon NP
306 - 316 Raceway formation in laterally gas-driven particle beds
Hilton JE, Cleary PW
317 - 325 Modeling the cAMP desorption process from an anion exchange chromatography column
Qian WB, Wu JL, Yang L, Lin XQ, Chen Y, Chen XC, Bai JX, Xie JG, Ying HJ
326 - 333 Development of a group contribution method for determination of viscosity of ionic liquids at atmospheric pressure
Gharagheizi F, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Mohammadi AH, Ramjugernath D, Richon D
334 - 341 Mixing patterns in water plugs during water/ionic liquid segmented flow in microchannels
Dore V, Tsaoulidis D, Angeli P
342 - 348 Influence of Laval nozzles on the air flow field in melt blowing apparatus
Tan DH, Herman PK, Janakiraman A, Bates FS, Kumar S, Macosko CW
349 - 360 Multi-dimensional population balance modeling and experimental validation of continuous powder mixing processes
Sen M, Singh R, Vanarase A, John J, Ramachandran R
361 - 364 A modelling approach for derivation of the breakage functions
Tsoy EN
365 - 379 CFD simulation of hydrodynamic characteristics in a multiple-spouted bed
Li YC, Che DF, Liu YH
380 - 392 A comparison of model order reduction techniques for a four-dimensional population balance model describing multi-component wet granulation processes
Barrasso D, Ramachandran R
393 - 401 Reactor runaway due to statistically driven axial activity variations in graded catalyst beds
Calverley EM, Witt PM, Sweeney JD
402 - 408 A statistical method for evaluation of the experimental phase equilibrium data of simple clathrate hydrates
Eslamimanesh A, Gharagheizi F, Mohammadi AH, Richon D
409 - 418 Using a multi-frequency acoustic backscatter system as an in situ high concentration dispersion monitor
Hunter TN, Darlison L, Peakall J, Biggs S
419 - 428 Characterization of fluidized bed layer inversion in a 191-mm-diameter column using both experimental and CPFD approaches
Vivacqua V, Vashisth S, Hebrard G, Grace JR, Epstein N
429 - 434 Multi-objective dynamic optimisation of cyclic chemical reactors with distributed parameters
Logist F, Van Impe J
435 - 450 Model-based characterization of operational stability of multimeric enzymes with complex deactivation behavior: An in-silico investigation
Bechtold M, Panke S
451 - 451 Experimental study of internal two-phase flow induced fluctuating force on a 90 degrees elbow (vol 76, pg 173, 2012)
Liu Y, Miwa S, Hibiki T, Ishi M, Morita H, Kondo Y, Tanimoto K
452 - 459 Electrodeposition of mesoporous bilayers of polyaniline supported Cu2O semiconductor films from Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline phase
Xue T, Loo LS, Wang X, Kwak SK, Lee JM