Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.75 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Group contribution lattice fluid equation of state (GCLF EOS) for ionic liquids
Lei ZG, Xiao L, Dai CN, Chen BH
14 - 27 Dynamics of textile motion in a front-loading domestic washing machine
Mac Namara C, Gabriele A, Amador C, Bakalis S
28 - 37 CO2 capture into aqueous solutions of 3-methylaminopropylamine activated dimethyl-monoethanolamine
Bruder P, Lauritsen KG, Mejdell T, Svendsen HF
38 - 48 The liquid volume expansion effect as a simple thermodynamic criterion in cholesterol micronization by supercritical assisted atomization
Wang Q, Guan YX, Yao SJ, Zhu ZQ
49 - 62 The effects of extensional stresses on the foamability of polystyrene-talc composites blown with carbon dioxide
Wong A, Park CB
63 - 74 Effect of impellers configuration on the gas dispersion of high-viscosity fluid using Narrow Annular Gap Unit. Part 2: numerical approach
Mardaru A, Souidi K, Marcati A, Jinescu G, Habchi C, Della Valle D, Djelveh G
75 - 83 A simplified approach to modeling of dual-layer ammonia slip catalysts
Colombo M, Nova I, Tronconi E
84 - 84 Prediction of the porosity of multi-component mixtures of cohesive and non-cohesive particles (vol 64, pg 4711, 2011)
Zou RP, Gan ML, Yu AB
85 - 95 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of micro-reactor performance: Effect of various configurations
An H, Li A, Sasmito AP, Kurnia JC, Jangam SV, Mujumdar AS
96 - 105 On-line detection of homogeneous operation ranges by dynamic principal component analysis based time-series segmentation
Dobos L, Abonyi J
106 - 119 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of pinched flow fractionation
Shardt O, Mitra SK, Derksen JJ
120 - 131 Design of experiments for discrimination of rival models based on the expected number of eliminated models
Alberton AL, Schwaab M, Lobao MWN, Pinto JC
132 - 132 Development of support vector regression (SVR)-based model for prediction of circulation rate in a vertical tube thermosiphon reboiler (vol 69, pg 514, 2012)
Zaidi S
133 - 143 Optimal design of complex distillation system for multicomponent zeotropic separations
Zou X, Cui YH, Dong HG, Wang JQ, Grossmann IE
144 - 151 Control of coupled PDEs-ODEs using input-output linearization: Application to a cracking furnace
Panjapornpon C, Limpanachaipornkul P, Charinpanitkul T
152 - 166 Intensification of heat transfer during evaporation of a falling liquid film in vertical microchannels-Experimental investigations
Monnier H, Portha JF, Kane A, Falk L
167 - 176 In-line jet mixing of liquid-pulp-fibre suspensions: Effect of concentration and velocities
Yenjaichon W, Grace JR, Lim CJ, Bennington CPJ
177 - 182 Multiscale modeling of biomass pretreatment for optimization of steam explosion conditions
Zhang YZ, Chen HZ
183 - 197 The effects of supersaturation, temperature, agitation and seed surface area on the secondary nucleation of paracetamol in ethanol solutions
Frawley PJ, Mitchell NA, O'Ciardha CT, Hutton KW
198 - 208 Electrostatics in gas-solid fluidized beds for different particle properties
Moughrabiah WO, Grace JR, Bi XT
209 - 219 A compressional rheology model of fluctuating feed concentration during filtration of compressible suspensions
Stickland AD
220 - 234 Moisture distribution and hydrodynamics of wet granules during fluidized-bed drying characterized with volumetric electrical capacitance tomography
Rimpilainen V, Heikkinen LM, Vauhkonen M
235 - 242 Positron emission particle tracking measurements with 50 micron tracers
Cole KE, Buffler A, van der Meulen NP, Cilliers JJ, Franzidis JP, Govender I, Liu C, van Heerden MR
243 - 249 Estimating transport-shifted acid dew-point surface temperatures and conditions for the avoidance of acid mists in energy recovery operations
Rosner DE, Arias-Zugasti M
250 - 255 Fabrication, characterization and catalytic oxidation of propylene over TS-1/Au membranes
Sasidharan M, Patra AK, Kiyozumi Y, Bhaumik A
256 - 266 Experimental study on gas-liquid-liquid macro-mixing in a stirred tank
Cheng D, Cheng JC, Li XY, Wang X, Yang C, Mao ZS
267 - 278 An irregular pore network model for convective drying and resulting damage of particle aggregates
Kharaghani A, Metzger T, Tsotsas E
279 - 281 Josef Stefan and his evaporation-diffusion tube-the Stefan diffusion problem
Mitrovic J
282 - 288 Regeneration of Na-ETS-10 using microwave and conductive heating
Chowdhury T, Shi M, Hashisho Z, Sawada JA, Kuznicki SM
289 - 291 Comment on "Conceptual design of single-feed hybrid reactive distillation columns", by RM Dragomir and M. Jobson, Chemical Engineering Science 60 (2005) 4377-4395
Keller T, Kuhlmann H, Gorak A
292 - 297 Microreactor combinatorial system for nanoparticle synthesis with multiple parameters
Watanabe K, Orimoto Y, Nagano K, Yamashita K, Uehara M, Nakamura H, Furuya T, Maeda H
298 - 308 Study on mass transfer and kinetics of CO2 absorption into aqueous ammonia and piperazine blended solutions
Liu JZ, Wang SJ, Zhao B, Qi GJ, Chen CH
309 - 317 Estimation of turbulent fragmenting forces in a high-pressure homogenizer from computational fluid dynamics
Hakansson A, Innings F, Revstedt J, Tragardh C, Bergenstahl B
318 - 326 Considerations on the design of flow cells in by-pass systems for process analytical applications and its influence on the flow profile using NMR and CFD
Dalitz F, Maiwald M, Guthausen G
327 - 333 On the efficiency and robustness of the core routine of the quadrature method of moments (QMOM)
John V, Thein F
334 - 341 Bubble column gas-liquid interfacial area in a polymer plus surfactant plus water system
Garcia-Abuin A, Gomez-Diaz D, Losada M, Navaza JM
342 - 348 Mass transfer and liquid hold-up determination in structured packing by CFD
Haroun Y, Raynal L, Legendre D
349 - 358 An EMMS-based multi-fluid model (EFM) for heterogeneous gas-solid riser flows: Part II. An alternative formulation from dominant mechanisms
Wang JW, Zhou Q, Hong K, Wang W, Li JH
359 - 363 Vacuum evaporation of LiCl-BaCl2-SrCl2 system
Eun HC, Cho YZ, Park HS, Kim IT, Lee HS, Park GI
364 - 375 Application of design of experiments in heterogeneous catalysis: Using the isomerization of n-decane for a parameter screening
Rufer A, Reschetilowski W
376 - 389 An EMMS-based multi-fluid model (EFM) for heterogeneous gas-solid riser flows: Part I. Formulation of structure-dependent conservation equations
Hong K, Wang W, Zhou Q, Wang JW, Li JH
390 - 399 Continuous processing of low-density, microcellular poly(lactic acid) foams with controlled cell morphology and crystallinity
Wang J, Zhu WL, Zhang HT, Park CB
400 - 407 Assessment of drag models in simulating bubbling fluidized bed hydrodynamics
Loha C, Chattopadhyay H, Chatterjee PK
408 - 417 Impact of rheology on the mass transfer coefficient during the growth phase of Trichoderma reesei in stirred bioreactors
Gabelle JC, Jourdier E, Licht RB, Ben Chaabane F, Henaut I, Morchain J, Augier F
418 - 423 Assessing the accuracy of volume averaging effective diffusivity estimates with Brownian dynamics simulations
Aguilar-Madera CG, Valdes-Parada FJ, Dagdug L, Alvarez-Ramirez J
424 - 434 Closure of non-integer moments arising in multiphase flow phenomena
Haeri S, Shrimpton JS
435 - 444 Electrostatic characteristics in a large-scale triple-bed circulating fluidized bed system for coal gasification
Cheng YP, Lim EWC, Wang CH, Guan GQ, Fushimi C, Ishizuka M, Tsutsumi A
445 - 455 Influence of elastic tube deformation on flow behavior of a shear thinning fluid
Nahar S, Jeelani SAK, Windhab EJ
456 - 467 Multiscale computations of mass transfer from buoyant bubbles
Aboulhasanzadeh B, Thomas S, Taeibi-Rahni M, Tryggvason G
468 - 477 Axial dispersion in pulsed disk and doughnut columns: A unified law
Charton S, Duhamet J, Borda G, Ode D