Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.73 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Two phase steady-state particle size distribution in a gas-phase fluidized bed ethylene polymerization reactor
Ashrafi O, Mostoufi N, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R
8 - 19 Axial gas and solids mixing in a down flow circulating fluidized bed reactor based on CFD simulation
Khongprom P, Aimdilokwong A, Limtrakul S, Vatanatham T, Ramachandran PA
20 - 29 Thermodynamic time invariances for dual kinetic experiments: Nonlinear single reactions and more
Constales D, Yablonsky GS, Marin GB
30 - 43 Heat exchanger network synthesis using a stagewise superstructure with non-isothermal mixing
Huang KF, Al-Mutairi EM, Karimi IA
44 - 50 Experimental investigation of liquid disintegration by rotary cups
Liu JX, Yu QB, Guo Q
51 - 54 The significance of dosing sequence in the flocculation of hematite
Ma M
55 - 78 Three-dimensional volume of fluid simulations on bubble formation and dynamics in bubble columns
Zhang YJ, Liu MY, Xu YG, Tang C
79 - 85 Surfactant effects on hydrate formation in an unstirred gas/liquid system: An experimental study using methane and micelle-forming surfactants
Ando N, Kuwabara Y, Mori YH
86 - 98 QSPR with extended topochemical atom (ETA) indices: Modeling of critical micelle concentration of non-ionic surfactants
Roy K, Kabir H
99 - 115 CO2 hydration by immobilized carbonic anhydrase in Robinson-Mahoney and packed-bed scrubbers-Role of mass transfer and inhibitor removal
Larachi F, Lacroix O, Grandjean BPA
116 - 122 Preparation and characterization of ITQ-29/polysulfone mixed-matrix membranes for gas separation: Effect of zeolite composition and crystal size
Casado-Coterillo C, Soto J, Jimare MT, Valencia S, Corma A, Tellez C, Coronas J
123 - 139 Computational study of the multiphase flow in a dense medium cyclone: Effect of particle density
Chu KW, Wang B, Yu AB, Vince A
140 - 150 Numerical and experimental investigation of onset of gas entrainment phenomenon
Durve AP, Patwardhan AW
151 - 168 Tracer diffusion coefficients of polar systems
Magalhaes AL, Da Silva FA, Silva CM
169 - 180 Numerical investigation of slush nitrogen flow in a horizontal pipe
Jiang YY, Zhang P
181 - 194 Process control strategies for the gas phase synthesis of silicon nanoparticles
Groschel M, Kormer R, Walther M, Leugering G, Peukert W
195 - 207 Mixing by cutting and shuffling 3D granular flow in spherical tumblers
Juarez G, Christov IC, Ottino JM, Lueptow RM
208 - 217 Effects of aromatics on desulfurization of liquid fuel by pi-complexation and carbon adsorbents
Wang LF, Sun BD, Yang FH, Yang RT
218 - 230 Atomistic simulations of aqueous griseofulvin crystals in the presence of individual and multiple additives
Zhu WS, Romanski FS, Dalvi SV, Dave RN, Tomassone MS
231 - 238 Numerical modelling of suction filling using DEM/CFD
Wu CY, Guo Y
239 - 248 Permeability modeling of fibrous media with bimodal fiber size distribution
Gervais PC, Bardin-Monnier N, Thomas D
249 - 260 Optimal geometry of catalytic microreactors: Maximal reaction rate density with fixed amount of catalyst and pressure drop
Mathieu-Potvin F, Gosselin L, da Silva AK
261 - 284 Olefin/paraffin separation using membrane based facilitated transport/chemical absorption techniques
Faiz R, Li K
285 - 298 Experimental investigation of pressure drop in structured packings
Zakeri A, Einbu A, Svendsen HF
299 - 313 Two-phase flow in packed-bed microreactors: Experiments, model and simulations
Iliuta I, Hamidipour M, Schweich D, Larachi F
314 - 320 Suspension separation with deterministic ratchets at moderate Reynolds numbers
Lubbersen YS, Schutyser MAI, Boom RM
321 - 328 Toward a desktop attrition tester; validation with dilute phase pneumatic conveying
van Laarhoven B, Schaafsma SH, Meesters GMH
329 - 333 Mass transfer to droplets formed by the controlled breakup of a cylindrical jet - physical absorption
Hoh ST, Farid MM, Chen JJJ
334 - 344 Experimental study of water wetting in oil-water two phase flow-Horizontal flow of model oil
Cai JY, Li C, Tang XP, Ayello F, Richter S, Nesic S
345 - 353 A new design method for water-using networks of multiple contaminants with the concentration potential concepts
Fan XY, Li YP, Liu ZY, Pan CH
354 - 365 Flow regimes and drop break-up in SMX and packed bed static mixers
Baumann A, Jeelani SAK, Holenstein B, Stossel P, Windhab EJ
366 - 372 Natural convection heat transfer on the outer surface of inclined cylinders
Heo JH, Chung BJ
373 - 387 A low-dimensional model for describing the oxygen storage capacity and transient behavior of a three-way catalytic converter
Kumar P, Makki I, Kerns J, Grigoriadis K, Franchek M, Balakotaiah V
388 - 399 Experimental study of flow regime and mixing in T-jets mixers
Sultan MA, Fonte CP, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
400 - 411 Design loading of free flowing and cohesive solids in flighted rotary dryers
Ajayi OO, Sheehan ME
412 - 420 Mass transfer modeling of a consecutive reaction in rotating foam stirrer reactors: Selective hydrogenation of a functionalized alkyne
Leon MA, Nijhuis TA, van der Schaaf J, Schouten JC
421 - 430 Starch-gluten separation by shearing: Influence of the device geometry
van der Zalm EEJ, Berghout JAM, van der Goot AJ, Boom RM
431 - 438 High-purity hydrogen production through sorption enhanced water gas shift reaction using K2CO3-promoted hydrotalcite
Jang HM, Lee KB, Caram HS, Sircar S
439 - 453 Stability analysis of non-isothermal film blowing process for non-Newtonian fluids using variational principles
Kolarik R, Zatloukal M, Tzoganakis C