Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 18 Effect of interface contamination on particle-bubble collision
Huang Z, Legendre D, Guiraud P
19 - 35 Effect of cholineacetyltransferase activity and choline recycle ratio on diffusion-reaction modeling, bifurcation and chaotic behavior of acetylcholine neurocycle and their relation to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
Mustafa IH, Elkamel A, Chen P, Ibrahim G, Elnashaie SSEH
36 - 53 A robust mathematical formulation for multipurpose batch plants
Seid R, Majozi T
54 - 71 A novel technique for prediction of time points for scheduling of multipurpose batch plants
Seid R, Majozi T
72 - 81 Cluster characteristics of Geldart Group B particles in a pilot-scale CFB riser. I. Monodisperse systems
Chew JW, Hays R, Findlay JG, Knowlton TM, Karri SBR, Cocco RA, Hrenya CM
82 - 93 Cluster characteristics of Geldart group B particles in a pilot-scale CFB riser. II. Polydisperse systems
Chew JW, Hays R, Findlay JG, Knowlton TM, Karri SBR, Cocco RA, Hrenya CM
94 - 100 Supercritical CO2-assisted preparation of a PMMA composite membrane for bisphenol A recognition in aqueous environment
da Silva MS, Viveiros R, Coelho MB, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Casimiro T
101 - 107 Grand Canonical Monte Carlo simulations for energy gases and silicalite-1
Zhao L, Zhai D, Liu B, Liu ZC, Xu CM, Wei W, Chen Y, Gao JS
108 - 119 CFD simulation of flow pattern and jet penetration depth in gas-fluidized beds with single and double jets
Zhang K, Pei P, Brandani S, Chen HG, Yang YP
120 - 131 The spatio-temporal evolution of tribo-electric charge transfer during the pneumatic conveying of powders: Modelling and experimental validation
Khashayar S, Aghili A
132 - 142 Dynamic optimization of a dividing-wall column using model predictive control
Rewagad RR, Kiss AA
143 - 150 Experimental and numerical investigation of sloshing resonance phenomena in a spring-mounted rectangular tank
Pirker S, Aigner A, Wimmer G
151 - 156 Characteristics of jet droplet produced by bubble bursting on the free liquid surface
Zhang JQ, Chen JJJ, Zhou NJ
157 - 165 Local time-average gas holdup comparisons in cold flow fluidized beds with side-air injection
Drake JB, Heindel TJ
166 - 183 Attainable region of reactive distillation-Part IV: Inclusion of multistage units for complex reaction schemes
Amte V, Gaikwad R, Malik R, Mahajani S
184 - 191 Influence of liquid back mixing on a kinetically controlled reactive distillation process
Shah M, Kiss AA, Zondervan E, de Haan AB
192 - 201 A predictive approach in modeling and simulation of heat and mass transfer during microwave heating. Application to SFME of essential oil of Lavandin Super
Navarrete A, Mato RB, Cocero MJ
202 - 214 Integration of electroplating process design and operation for simultaneous productivity maximization, energy saving, and freshwater minimization
Liu CW, Zhao CY, Xu Q
215 - 226 Testing the validity of the spherical DEM model in simulating real granular screening processes
Delaney GW, Cleary PW, Hilden M, Morrison RD
227 - 235 Evolution of the droplet size distribution during a two-phase flow through a porous media: Population balance studies
Orciuch W, Makowski L, Moskal A, Gradon L
236 - 249 Utilizing DE optimization approach to boost hydrogen and octane number in a novel radial-flow assisted membrane naphtha reactor
Iranshahi D, Pourazadi E, Paymooni K, Rahimpour MR
250 - 257 Diffusional exchange of isotopes in a metal hydride sphere
James SC, Hamilton J, Wolfer WG
258 - 277 Three-dimensional numerical modelling of interactions between a gas-liquid jet and a fluidized bed
Pougatch K, Salcudean M, McMillan J
278 - 289 Numerical and experimental investigations of mixing in T-shaped and cross-shaped micromixers
Mouheb NA, Malsch D, Montillet A, Solliec C, Henkel T
290 - 304 Group contribution model for determination of molecular diffusivity of non-electrolyte organic compounds in air at ambient conditions
Gharagheizi F, Eslamimanesh A, Mohammadi AH, Richon D
305 - 312 The collision efficiency in a shear flow
Balakin B, Hoffmann AC, Kosinski P
313 - 327 Targeting and design of energy allocation networks with carbon capture and storage
Shenoy AU, Shenoy UV
328 - 339 Measuring and modeling alcohol/salt systems
Held C, Prinz A, Wallmeyer V, Sadowski G
340 - 354 Computing transcription factor distribution profiles from green fluorescent protein reporter data
Huang ZY, Chu YF, Hahn J
355 - 361 Correlation between antibacterial activity and crystallite size on ceramics
Ohira T, Yamamoto O
362 - 375 Mechanics and thermodynamics of diffusion
Whitaker S
376 - 382 Functionalized organosilicate materials for irritant gas removal
Johnson BJ, Melde BJ, Peterson GW, Schindler BJ, Jones P
383 - 391 A thermodynamically consistent model for burkeite solubility
Picot JB, Mortha G, Rueff M, Nortier P
392 - 400 May the Knudsen equation be legitimately, or at least usefully, applied to dilute adsorbable gas flow in mesoporous media?
Petropoulos JH, Papadokostaki KG
401 - 412 A reduced order rate based model for distillation in packed columns: Dynamic simulation and the differentiation index problem
Bonilla J, Logist F, Degreve J, De Moor B, Van Impe J
413 - 423 Layered two- and four-bed PSA processes for H-2 recovery from coal gas
Ahn S, You YW, Lee DG, Kim KH, Oh M, Lee CH
424 - 431 Preparation and CO2 adsorption of amine modified Mg-Al LDH via exfoliation route
Wang JW, Stevens LA, Drage TC, Wood J
432 - 442 Relationship between size of oil droplet generated during chemical dispersion of crude oil and energy dissipation rate: Dimensionless, scaling, and experimental analysis
Mukherjee B, Wrenn BA, Ramachandran P
443 - 448 Semi-regular solution: General behavior
Castellanos-Suarez AJ, Garcia-Sucre M
449 - 460 Surface flow and drainage films created by horizontal impinging liquid jets
Wilson DI, Le BL, Dao HDA, Lai KY, Morison KR, Davidson JF
461 - 468 Indirect-mode jet pulse spray system design and monodisperse droplets generation
Li YB, Zhang SG, Li JG
469 - 480 CFD-PBE simulation of premixed continuous precipitation incorporating nucleation, growth and aggregation in a stirred tank with multi-class method
Cheng JC, Yang C, Mao ZS
481 - 491 Calorimetric investigation of cyclopentane hydrate formation in an emulsion
Karanjkar PU, Lee JW, Morris JF
492 - 505 A new hybrid membrane separation process for enhanced ethanol recovery: Process description and numerical studies
Haelssig JB, Tremblay AY, Thibault J
506 - 519 A nonlinear kernel Gaussian mixture model based inferential monitoring approach for fault detection and diagnosis of chemical processes
Yu J
520 - 529 Saturated PI control of continuous bioreactors with Haldane kinetics
Schaum A, Alvarez J, Lopez-Arenas T
530 - 540 Relaxation oscillations between Marangoni cells and double diffusive fingers in a reactive liquid-liquid system
Schwarzenberger K, Eckert K, Oldenbach S
541 - 554 Turbulent mixing and fast chemical reaction in the confined jet flow at large Schmidt number
Chorny A, Zhdanov V
555 - 566 CFD study of droplet atomisation using a binary nozzle in fluidised bed coating
Duangkhamchan W, Ronsse F, Depypere F, Dewettinck K, Pieters JG
567 - 578 Effects of additives on dual-layer hydrophobic-hydrophilic PVDF hollow fiber membranes for membrane distillation and continuous performance
Edwie F, Teoh MM, Chung TS
579 - 594 Onset of Rayleigh-Benard-Marangoni convection with time-dependent nonlinear concentration profiles
Sun ZF
595 - 605 Depressurized dissociation of methane-hydrate-bearing natural cores with low permeability
Oyama H, Konno Y, Suzuki K, Nagao J
606 - 616 Mathematical modeling of mass and charge transport and reaction in a solid oxide fuel cell with mixed ionic conduction
Bertei A, Thorel AS, Bessler WG, Nicolella C
617 - 623 Enhanced rate of gas hydrate formation in a fixed bed column filled with sand compared to a stirred vessel
Linga P, Daraboina N, Ripmeester JA, Englezos P
624 - 639 Operation and dynamic behavior of wire mesh pads
Setekleiv AE, Svendsen HF
640 - 649 Characteristics of liquid slugs in gas-liquid Taylor flow in microchannels
Zaloha P, Kristal J, Jiricny V, Volkel N, Xuereb C, Aubin J
650 - 655 A diffusivity model for gas diffusion through fractal porous media
Zheng Q, Yu BM, Wang SF, Luo L
656 - 659 Mathematical modeling of chain-end scission using continuous distribution kinetics
Stickel JJ, Griggs AJ
660 - 662 Thermodynamic stability of hydrogen plus tetra-n-butyl phosphonium bromide mixed semi-clathrate hydrate
Fujisawa Y, Tsuda T, Hashimoto S, Sugahara T, Ohgaki K
663 - 667 Influence of internal heat removal upon effectiveness, stability of an exothermic catalytic film: Implications for process intensification
Honda GS, Wilhite BA