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Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.66, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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5739 - 5748 An experimental study of gas void fraction in dilute alcohol solutions in annular gap bubble columns using a four-point conductivity probe
Al-Oufi FM, Rielly CD, Cumming IW
5749 - 5761 Predictive model for countercurrent coal gasifiers
Grieco EM, Baldi G
5762 - 5774 Turbulent liquid-liquid dispersion in SMV static mixer at high dispersed phase concentration
Lobry E, Theron F, Gourdon C, Le Sauze N, Xuereb C, Lasuye T
5775 - 5790 A model for the corrosion of steel subjected to synthetic produced water containing sulfate, chloride and hydrogen sulfide
Smith P, Roy S, Swailes D, Maxwell S, Page D, Lawson J
5791 - 5803 Gas-liquid flow in circular microchannel. Part I: Influence of liquid physical properties and channel diameter on flow patterns
Zhang T, Cao B, Fan YL, Gonthier Y, Luo LG, Wang SD
5804 - 5812 The influence of nanoscale microstructural variations on the pellet scale flow properties of hierarchical porous catalytic structures using multiscale 3D imaging
Tariq F, Lee PD, Haswell R, McComb DW
5813 - 5821 TiO2 absorption and scattering coefficients using Monte Carlo method and macroscopic balances in a photo-CREC unit
Moreira J, Serrano B, Ortiz A, de Lasa H
5822 - 5831 The effects of fluid viscoelasticity on the settling behaviour of horizontally aligned spheres
Gumulya MM, Horsley RR, Pareek V, Lichti DD
5832 - 5851 A comprehensive theoretical analysis for the effect of microwave heating on the progress of a first order endothermic reaction
Bhattacharya M, Basak T, Senagala R
5852 - 5861 Modeling of pore structure evolution within the fiber bundle during chemical vapor infiltration process
Guan K, Cheng LF, Zeng QF, Feng ZQ, Zhang LT, Li H, Ren HT
5862 - 5874 Use of PIV to measure turbulence modulation in a high throughput stirred vessel with the addition of high Stokes number particles for both up- and down-pumping configurations
Gabriele A, Tsoligkas AN, Kings IN, Simmons MJH
5875 - 5890 Semi-batch emulsion copolymerization of styrene and butyl acrylate for production of high solids content latexes: Experiments and mathematical model
Marinangelo G, Hirota WH, Giudici R
5891 - 5898 The deformation of saturated soft porous materials: 1-Addressing the determination of the activation energy for a global effective transfer of fluid through the contact zones during multimode shear/compression
Rebouillat S
5899 - 5909 Numerical study of condensing bubble in subcooled boiling flow using volume of fluid model
Jeon SS, Kim SJ, Park GC
5910 - 5921 Particle-bubble interaction and attachment in flotation
Verrelli DI, Koh PTL, Nguyen AV
5922 - 5929 Pollutants adsorption from aqueous solutions: the role of the mean lifetime
Venditti F, Bufalo G, Lopez F, Ambrosone L
5930 - 5937 Particle motion and separation in a laminar tube flow with downstream enlargement
Matulka P, Du X, Walzel P
5938 - 5944 Dynamics of CO2 adsorption on sodium oxide promoted alumina in a packed-bed reactor
5945 - 5954 Modeling and validation of a photocatalytic oxidation reactor for indoor environment applications
Zhong LX, Haghighat F
5955 - 5967 Dynamics and control of aggregate thin film surface morphology for improved light trapping: Implementation on a large-lattice kinetic Monte Carlo model
Huang JQ, Zhang XY, Orkoulas G, Christofides PD
5968 - 5975 Experimental investigation on two-phase air/high-viscosity-oil flow in a horizontal pipe
Foletti C, Farise S, Grassi B, Strazza D, Lancini M, Poesio P
5976 - 5988 An assessment of different turbulence models for predicting flow in a baffled tank stirred with a Rushton turbine
Singh H, Fletcher DF, Nijdam JJ
5989 - 6001 Intensification of the G/L absorption in microstructured falling film application to the treatment of chlorinated VOC's. Part III: Influence of gas thickness channel on mass transfer
Mhiri N, Monnier H, Falk L
6002 - 6013 Modeling and nonlinear predictive functional control of liquid level in a coke fractionation tower
Zhang RD, Xue AK, Wang SQ
6014 - 6027 Flow of wet powder in a conical centrifugal filter-an analytical model
Bizard AFM, Symons DD
6028 - 6038 CFD modeling of gas flow in porous medium and catalytic coupling reaction from carbon monoxide to diethyl oxalate in fixed-bed reactors
Gao X, Zhu YP, Luo ZH
6039 - 6047 Room temperature ionic liquids for propyne-propylene separations: Solubility behaviors and selectivity investigation
Palgunadi J, Indarto A
6048 - 6056 Determination of the interfacial area and mass transfer coefficients in the Taylor gas-liquid flow in a microchannel
Sobieszuk P, Pohorecki R, Cyganski P, Grzelka J
6057 - 6068 Role of adsorption and diffusion pathways on the CO2/N-2 separation performance of nanocomposite (B)-MFI-alumina membranes
Nicolas CH, Sublet J, Schuurman Y, Pera-Titus M
6069 - 6088 Discrete element simulation of particle flow in arbitrarily complex geometries
Su JW, Gu ZL, Xu XY
6089 - 6098 Size segregation mechanism of binary particle mixture in forming a conical pile
Rahman M, Shinohara K, Zhu HP, Yu AB, Zulli P
6099 - 6108 Multi-scale cross entropy analysis for inclined oil-water two-phase countercurrent flow patterns
Zhu L, Jin ND, Gao ZK, Zong YB
6109 - 6119 Kinetics of carbon dioxide absorption into aqueous amine amino acid salt: 3-(methylamino)propylamine/sarcosine solution
Aronu UE, Hartono A, Svendsen HF
6120 - 6127 Effect of liquid droplet impact velocity on liquid wicking kinetics in surface V-grooves
Khan MS, Kannangara D, Garnier G, Shen W
6128 - 6145 Discrete particle simulation of gas fluidization of ellipsoidal particles
Zhou ZY, Pinson D, Zou RP, Yu AB
6146 - 6158 Multistablity, bistability and bubbles phenomena in a periodically forced ethanol fermentor
Abashar MEE, Elnashaie SSEH
6159 - 6167 A novel microfluidic mixer using aperiodic perturbation flows
Cho CC, Chen CL, Tsai RT, Chen CK
6168 - 6179 Experimental validation of physico-chemical models of effective diffusion in chromatographic columns packed with superficially porous particles
Gritti F, Guiochon G
6180 - 6192 Upscaling multi-component two-phase flow in porous media with partitioning coefficient
Soulaine C, Debenest G, Quintard M
6193 - 6198 CO2 capture into aqueous solutions of piperazine activated 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol
Bruder P, Grimstvedt A, Mejdell T, Svendsen HF
6199 - 6208 Simulation of activity loss of fixed bed catalytic reactor of MTO conversion using percolation theory
Izadbakhsh A, Khorasheh F
6209 - 6219 Design of continuous ion exchange process for the wastewater treatment
Bochenek R, Sitarz R, Antos D
6220 - 6231 Cartesian grid simulations of bubbling fluidized beds with a horizontal tube bundle
Li TW, Dietiker JF, Zhang YM, Shahnam M
6232 - 6243 Direct numerical simulation of a three-dimensional particle laden plane mixing layer considering inter-particle collisions
Chen XW, Li DB, Luo K, Fan JR
6244 - 6253 Finite element analysis of oxygen transport in microfluidic cell culture devices with varying channel architectures, perfusion rates, and materials
Zahorodny-Burke M, Nearingburg B, Elias AL
6254 - 6263 The role of vapour-liquid equilibrium in Fischer-Tropsch product distribution
Masuku CM, Hildebrandt D, Glasser D
6264 - 6271 Determination of steel quality based on discriminating textural feature selection
Kim D, Liu JJ, Han CH
6272 - 6279 Effects of wall-heating on the linear instability characteristics of pressure-driven two-layer channel flow
Reddy VTSRK, Janardhanan VM, Sahu KC
6280 - 6286 Energy shaping plus damping injection control for a class of chemical reactors
Alvarez J, Alvarez-Ramirez J, Espinosa-Perez G, Schaum A
6287 - 6296 Steam reforming of kerosene over a metal-monolithic alumina-supported Ru catalyst: Effect of preparation conditions and electrical-heating test
Guo Y, Li HB, Kameyama H
6297 - 6305 Effect of temperature on gas adsorption and separation in ZIF-8: A combined experimental and molecular simulation study
Huang HL, Zhang WJ, Liu DH, Liu B, Chen GJ, Zhong CL