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4459 - 4467 Common potholes in modeling solid- liquid reactions-methods for avoiding them
Grenman H, Ingves M, Warna J, Corander J, Murzin DY, Salmi T
4468 - 4476 Hydrodynamics of lube oil-water flow through 180 degrees return bends
Sharma M, Ravi P, Ghosh S, Das G, Das PK
4477 - 4487 Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the preferential oxidation of CO using normally distributed rate probabilities
Guerrero S, Wolf EE
4488 - 4498 Fault detection, identification and diagnosis using CUSUM based PCA
Bin Shams MA, Budman HM, Duever TA
4499 - 4509 Gasification of wood chip particles: Experimental and numerical study of char-H2O, char-CO2, and char-O-2 reactions
Van de Steene L, Tagutchou JP, Sanz FJE, Salvador S
4510 - 4520 Of mice and men: Their diet, metabolism, and weight change
Datta M, Jackson MD, Datta R
4521 - 4532 Kinetics study of carbon dioxide absorption in aqueous solutions of 1,6-hexamethyldiamine (HMDA) and 1,6-hexamethyldiamine, N,N' di-methyl (HMDA, N,N')
Singh P, van Swaaij WPM, Brilman DWF
4533 - 4548 Transfer coefficients for the liquid-vapor interface of a two-component mixture
Inzoli I, Kjelstrup S, Bedeaux D, Simon JM
4549 - 4554 Effect of solvent and impurity on synthesis of ethyl lactate from fermentation-derived ammonium lactate
Kasinathan P, Hwang DW, Lee U, Hwang YK, Chang JS
4555 - 4560 Perturbation chromatography with inert core adsorbent: Moment solution for two-component nonlinear isotherm adsorption
Li P, Yu JG, Xiu GH, Rodrigues AE
4561 - 4572 Modeling of particle deposition in a vertical turbulent pipe flow at a reduced probability of particle sticking to the wall
Eskin D, Ratulowski J, Akbarzadeh K
4573 - 4581 Zeta-potential and local filtration properties: Constitutive relationships for TiO2 from experimental filtration measurements
Mattsson T, Sedin M, Theliander H
4582 - 4594 A new method to quantify parameters of membrane morphology from electron microscopy micrographs by texture recognition
Torras C, Puig D, Garcia MA
4595 - 4604 Species segregation of binary mixtures and a continuous size distribution of Group B particles in riser flow
Chew JW, Hays R, Findlay JG, Karri SBR, Knowlton TM, Cocco RA, Hrenya CM
4605 - 4614 Unsteady auto-ignition of hydrogen in a perfectly stirred reactor with oscillating residence times
Oh CB, Lee EJ, Jung GJ
4615 - 4623 Catalytic reaction in a circulating fluidized bed downer: Ozone decomposition
Li DB, Zhu J, Ray MB, Ray AK
4624 - 4635 Eulerian simulation of gas-solid flows with particles of Geldart groups A, B and D using EMMS-based meso-scale model
Lu BN, Wang W, Li JH
4636 - 4644 Reactivity of a spray-dried NiO/NiAl2O4 oxygen carrier for chemical-looping combustion
Mattisson T, Jerndal E, Linderholm C, Lyngfelt A
4645 - 4653 Nonlinear dynamics of a gas-solid fluidized bed by the state space analysis
Karimi M, Mostoufi N, Zarghami R, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R
4654 - 4662 Application of Danckwerts-type boundary conditions to the modeling of the thermal behavior of metal hydride reactors
Ranong CN, Lozano G, Hapke J, Roetzel W, Fieg G, von Colbe JB
4663 - 4669 Analysis of droplet expulsion in stagnant single water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion globules
Gaitzsch F, Gabler A, Kraume M
4670 - 4682 Robust multi-objective optimal control of uncertain (bio)chemical processes
Logist F, Houska B, Diehl M, Van Impe JF
4683 - 4689 Thermodynamic time-invariances: Theory of TAP pulse-response experiments
Constales D, Yablonsky GS, Galvita V, Marin GB
4690 - 4701 Mechanism of mixing enhancement with baffles in impeller-agitated vessel, part I: A case study based on cross-sections of streak sheet
Hashimoto S, Natami K, Inoue Y
4702 - 4710 Optimization of nonlinear process based on sequential extreme learning machine
Zhang YW, Zhang PC
4711 - 4721 Prediction of the porosity of multi-component mixtures of cohesive and non-cohesive particles
Zou RP, Gan ML, Yu AB
4722 - 4732 Dominant reaction pathway for methanol conversion to propene over high silicon H-ZSM-5
Wu WZ, Guo WY, Xiao WD, Luo M
4733 - 4741 Simulations of microfluidic droplet formation using the two-phase level set method
Bashir S, Rees JM, Zimmerman WB
4742 - 4756 Non-Newtonian multi-phase flows: On drag reduction, pressure drop and liquid wall friction factor
Jia N, Gourma M, Thompson CP
4757 - 4770 Prediction of attrition in agitated particle beds
Hare C, Ghadiri M, Dennehy R
4771 - 4779 A predictive model based on tortuosity for pressure drop estimation in'slim' and'fat' foams
Ahmed J, Pham-Huu C, Edouard D
4780 - 4797 Observer-based nonlinear control law for a continuous stirred tank reactor with recycle
Di Ciccio MP, Bottini M, Pepe P, Foscolo PU
4798 - 4806 A study of the water-gas shift reaction in Ru-promoted Ir-catalysed methanol carbonylation utilising experimental design methodology
Hosseinpour V, Kazemeini M, Mohammadrezaee A
4807 - 4813 Self-assembly of sugar-based amphiphile on carbon nanotubes for protein adsorption
Feng W, Luo RM, Xiao J, Ji PJ, Zheng ZG
4814 - 4823 Experimental investigation of flow induced molecular weight fractionation during extrusion of HDPE polymer melts
Musil J, Zatloukal M
4824 - 4837 Coalescence of air bubbles in aqueous solutions of alcohols and nonionic surfactants
Samanta S, Ghosh P
4838 - 4850 Experiment based model development for the enzymatic hydrolysis in a packed-bed reactor with biphasic reactant flow
Krause P, Fieg G
4851 - 4866 Counter-currentgas - liquid flow between vertical corrugated plates
Trifonov YY
4867 - 4877 Modeling batch crystallization processes: Assumption verification and improvement of the parameter estimation quality through empirical experiment design
Kalbasenka A, Huesman A, Kramer H
4878 - 4888 Improvement of CO2 adsorption on ZIF-8 crystals modified by enhancing basicity of surface
Zhang ZJ, Xian SK, Xi HX, Wang HH, Li Z
4889 - 4900 Experimental model validation for n-propyl propionate synthesis in a reactive distillation column coupled with a liquid-liquid phase separator
Keller T, Muendges J, Jantharasuk A, Gonzalez-Rugerio CA, Moritz H, Kreis P, Gorak A
4901 - 4912 Analysis and demonstration of a control concept for a heat integrated simulated moving bed reactor
Zahn VM, Yi CU, Seidel-Morgenstern A
4913 - 4921 Steam reforming of methanol over a CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst, part I: Kinetic modelling
Sa S, Sousa JM, Mendes A
4922 - 4931 A modified DSMC method for simulating gas-particle two-phase impinging streams
Du M, Zhao CS, Zhou B, Guo HW, Hao YL
4932 - 4935 Continued self-similar breakup of drops in viscous continuous phase in agitated vessels
Patil PD, Kumar S
4936 - 4940 Phase equilibria of binary clathrate hydrates of nitrogen plus cyclopentane/cyclohexane/methyl cyclohexane and ethane plus cyclopentane/cyclohexane/methyl cyclohexane
Mohammadi AH, Richon D
4941 - 4941 CFD simulations of mass transfer from Taylor bubbles rising in circular capillaries (vol 59, pg 2535, 2004)
van Baten JM, Krishna R