Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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2475 - 2490 Intensification of G/L absorption in microstructured falling film. Application to the treatment of chlorinated VOC's - part II: Modeling and geometric optimization
Monnier H, Falk L
2491 - 2501 Evaluation of using thermoelectric coolers in a dehumidification system to generate freshwater from ambient air
Milani D, Abbas A, Vassallo A, Chiesa M, Al Bakri D
2502 - 2511 Comparative study of internal batch mixer such as cam, banbury and roller: Numerical simulation and experimental verification
Salahudeen SA, Elleithy RH, AlOthman O, AlZahrani SM
2512 - 2522 Identification and analysis of possible splits for azeotropic mixtures-1. Method for column sections
Petlyuk F, Danilov R, Skouras S, Skogestad S
2523 - 2534 The role of meso-mixing in anti-solvent crystallization processes
Barrett M, O'Grady D, Casey E, Glennon B
2535 - 2544 Intra-tablet coating variability for several pharmaceutical tablet shapes
Freireich B, Ketterhagen WR, Wassgren C
2545 - 2553 Characterization of the surface properties of nanoparticles using moisture adsorption dynamic profiling
Wang H, Yao JP, Shadman F
2554 - 2567 Simulation of continuous stirred rotating disk-membrane module: An approach based on surface renewal theory
Sarkar D, Datta D, Sen D, Bhattacharjee C
2568 - 2586 Flow and pressure distribution in linear discrete "ladder-type" fluidic circuits: An analytical approach
Tondeur D, Fan YL, Commenge JM, Luo LG
2587 - 2595 The effect of reliable prediction of final pressure during pressure equalization steps on the performance of PSA cycles
Yavary M, Ale-Ebrahim H, Falamaki C
2596 - 2605 Modelling the solubility in Bayer liquors: A critical review and new models
Nortier P, Chagnon P, Lewis AE
2606 - 2615 Analysis and refinement of the training set in predicting a variety of constant pure compound properties by the targeted QSPR method
Shacham M, Brauner N
2616 - 2626 Twin jets in cross-flow
Naik-Nimbalkar VS, Suryawanshi AD, Patwardhan AW, Banerjee I, Padmakumar G, Vaidyanathan G
2627 - 2636 Analysis of pressure fluctuations in fluidized beds. I. Similarities with turbulent flow
Ghasemi F, van Ommen JR, Sahimi M
2637 - 2645 Analysis of pressure fluctuations in fluidized beds. II. Reconstruction of the data by the Fokker-Planck and Langevin equations
Ghasemi F, Sahimi M
2646 - 2659 Computer simulation of gas generation and transport in landfills. V: Use of artificial neural network and the genetic algorithm for short-and long-term forecasting and planning
Li H, Sanchez R, Qin SJ, Kavak HI, Webster IA, Tsotsis TT, Sahimi M
2660 - 2671 Nonlinear characterization of oil-gas-water three-phase flow in complex networks
Gao ZK, Jin ND
2672 - 2676 Structural phase transitions of methane plus ethane mixed-gas hydrate induced by 1,1-dimethylcyclohexane
Matsumoto Y, Miyauchi H, Makino T, Sugahara T, Ohgaki K
2677 - 2689 Heterogeneous thermochemical decomposition of a semi-transparent particle under direct irradiation
Ebner PP, Lipinski W
2690 - 2698 Estimation of densities of ionic liquids using Patel-Teja equation of state and critical properties determined from group contribution method
Shen C, Li CX, Li XM, Lu YZ, Muhammad Y
2699 - 2706 Accurate size measurement of needle-shaped particles using digital holography
Khanam T, Rahman MN, Rajendran A, Kariwala V, Asundi AK
2707 - 2712 Potential of ionic liquids for VOC absorption and biodegradation in multiphase systems
Quijano G, Couvert A, Amrane A, Darracq G, Couriol C, Le Cloirec P, Paquin L, Carrie D
2713 - 2722 Modeling a non-equilibrium distillation stage using irreversible thermodynamics
Mendoza DF, Kjelstrup S
2723 - 2733 Optimization of in-situ combustion processes: A parameter space study towards reducing the CO2 emissions
Liu ZS, Jessen K, Tsotsis TT
2734 - 2744 Study of the drying behavior of high load multiphase droplets in an acoustic levitator at high temperature conditions
Mondragon R, Hernandez L, Julia JE, Jarque JC, Chiva S, Zaitone B, Tropea C
2745 - 2757 Modeling of turbulent gas-liquid bubbly flows using stochastic Lagrangian model and lattice-Boltzmann scheme
Sungkorn R, Derksen JJ, Khinast JG
2758 - 2763 Periodic open-cell foams: Pressure drop measurements and modeling of an ideal tetrakaidecahedra packing
Inayat A, Schwerdtfeger J, Freund H, Korner C, Singer RF, Schwieger W
2764 - 2773 Bubble formation at a single orifice in a 2D gas-fluidized bed
Olaofe OO, van der Hoef MA, Kuipers JAM
2774 - 2787 Parameter estimation in nonlinear chemical and biological processes with unmeasured variables from small data sets
Jang SS, Gopaluni RB
2788 - 2797 Numerical study of particle mixing in bubbling fluidized beds based on fractal and entropy analysis
Gui N, Fan JR
2798 - 2806 A new empirical viscosity model for ceramic suspensions
Horri BA, Ranganathan P, Selomulya C, Wang HT
2807 - 2816 Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation of electrokinetic effects on heterogeneous ionic transport in nano-channel
Wang YL, Wang YS, Chen KT, Li B
2817 - 2822 High pressure adsorptive separation of ethylene and ethane on Na-ETS-10
Shi M, Avila AM, Yang F, Kuznicki TM, Kuznicki SM
2823 - 2832 A transport model considering charge adsorption inside pores to describe salts rejection by nanofiltration membranes
Deon S, Escoda A, Fievet P
2833 - 2841 Buoyancy effects on objects moving in a bubbling fluidized bed
Soria-Verdugo A, Garcia-Gutierrez LM, Garcia-Hernando N, Ruiz-Rivas U
2842 - 2852 Restoration of particle size distributions from fiber-optical in-line measurements in fluidized bed processes
Fischer C, Peglow M, Tsotsas E
2853 - 2863 Core-annular flow in horizontal and slightly inclined pipes: Existence, pressure drops, and hold-up
Strazza D, Grassi B, Demori M, Ferrari V, Poesio P
2864 - 2871 Influence of the mass flow rate of secondary air on the gas/particle flow characteristics in the near-burner region of a double swirl flow burner
Jing JP, Li ZQ, Wang L, Chen ZC, Chen LZ, Zhang FC
2872 - 2878 Application of incomplete similarity theory for estimating maximum shear layer thickness of granular flows in rotating drums
Cheng NS, Zhou Q, Tan SK, Zhao KF
2879 - 2882 Evaluation of realistic 95% confidence intervals for the activation energy calculated by the iterative linear integral isoconversional method
Cai JM, Han D, Chen Y, Chen SY
2883 - 2887 Experimental investigation of Marangoni effect in 1-hexanol/water system
Wang ZH, Lu P, Zhang GJ, Yong YM, Yang C, Mao ZS