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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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2851 - 2864 A literature review on mechanisms and models for the coalescence process of fluid particles
Liao YX, Lucas D
2865 - 2883 Shannon entropy for local and global description of mixing by Lagrangian particle tracking
Guida A, Nienow AW, Barigou M
2884 - 2895 Closed-loop step response identification of integrating and unstable processes
Liu T, Gao FR
2896 - 2909 Volume of fluid method for interfacial reactive mass transfer: Application to stable liquid film
Haroun Y, Legendre D, Raynal L
2910 - 2920 Performance of solid-gas reaction heat transformer system with gas valve control
Wang C, Zhang P, Wang RZ
2921 - 2933 The steady-state kinetics of parallel reaction networks
Vilekar SA, Fishtik I, Datta R
2934 - 2956 Numerical simulation of mass transfer in circulating drops
Ubal S, Harrison CH, Grassia P, Korchinsky WJ
2957 - 2964 High pressure emulsification with nano-particles as stabilizing agents
Kohler K, Santana AS, Braisch B, Preis R, Schuchmann HP
2965 - 2977 Carbon nanotube reactor: Ferrocene decomposition, iron particle growth, nanotube aggregation and scale-up
Conroy D, Moisala A, Cardoso S, Windle A, Davidson J
2978 - 2989 Deposition of Brownian particles during evaporation of two-dimensional sessile droplets
Petsi AJ, Kalarakis AN, Burganos VN
2990 - 3000 Wave propagation velocities in integrated PLS based control of a simulated moving bed process
Chen JH, Hsieh KT, Chan LLT
3001 - 3008 Particle suspension in top-covered unbaffled tanks
Brucato A, Cipollina A, Micale G, Scargiali F, Tamburini A
3009 - 3024 Flow structure and the effect of macro-instabilities in a pitched-blade stirred tank
Roy S, Acharya S, Cloeter MD
3025 - 3033 Ab initio screening of metal sorbents for elemental mercury capture in syngas streams
Jain A, Seyed-Reihani SA, Fischer CC, Couling DJ, Ceder G, Green WH
3034 - 3041 A macroscopic and microscopic study of particle mixing in a rotating tumbler
Gui N, Fan JR, Cen KF
3042 - 3049 Mass transfer modeling and simulation at a rotating cylinder electrode (RCE) reactor under turbulent flow for copper recovery
Rivero EP, Granados P, Rivera FF, Cruz M, Gonzalez I
3050 - 3058 PEM fuel cell Pt anode inhibition by carbon monoxide: Non-uniform behaviour of the cell caused by the finite hydrogen excess
Bonnet C, Franck-Lacaze L, Ronasi S, Besse S, Lapicque F
3059 - 3063 Predicting the fraction of the mixing zone of a rolling bed in rotary kilns
Liu XY, Specht E
3064 - 3071 Effect of ultrasonically induced nucleation on ice crystals' size and shape during freezing in vials
Saclier M, Peczalski R, Andrieu J
3072 - 3079 Online measurement of particle size distribution during crystallization using ultrasonic spectroscopy
Shukla A, Prakash A, Rohani S
3080 - 3087 Dialkylimidazolium halide ionic liquids as dual function inhibitors for methane hydrate
Xiao CW, Wibisono N, Adidharma H
3088 - 3099 Thermodynamic modeling of confined fluids using an extension of the generalized van der Waals theory
Travalloni L, Castier M, Tavares FW, Sandler SI
3100 - 3112 Comparison and evaluation of interphase momentum exchange models for simulation of the solids volume fraction in tapered fluidised beds
Duangkhamchan W, Ronsse F, Depypere F, Dewettinck K, Pieters JG
3113 - 3127 Optimal design of an autothermal membrane reactor coupling the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene with the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline
Abo-Ghander NS, Logist F, Grace JR, Van Impe JFM, Elnashaie SSEH, Lim CJ
3128 - 3139 A semi-empirical model for the drag force and fluid-particle interaction in polydisperse suspensions
Cello F, Di Renzo A, Di Maio FP
3140 - 3146 Facile preparation of high-capacity hydrogen storage metal-organic frameworks: A combination of microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis and supercritical activation
Xiang ZH, Cao DP, Shao XH, Wang WC, Zhang JW, Wu WZ
3147 - 3157 Design of a moving bed reactor for the production of uranium tetrafluoride based on mathematical modeling
Niksiar A, Rahimi A
3158 - 3168 Shrinkage of an oxygen bubble rising in a molten glass
Pigeonneau F, Martin D, Mario O
3169 - 3178 Scalar transport in a milli-scale metal foam reactor
Hutter C, Allemann C, Kuhn S, von Rohr PR
3179 - 3190 Monitoring and handling of actuator faults in two-tier control systems for nonlinear processes
Liu J, Ohran BJ, de la Pena DM, Christofides PD, Davis JF
3191 - 3198 A method of characteristics for solving population balance equations (PBE) describing the adsorption of impurities during crystallization processes
Fevotte F, Fevotte G
3199 - 3207 Selective separation of low concentration CO2 using hydrogel immobilized CA enzyme based hollow fiber membrane reactors
Zhang YT, Zhang L, Chen HL, Zhang HM
3208 - 3222 Modeling and simulation of an industrial slurry-phase catalytic olefin polymerization reactor series
Touloupides V, Kanellopoulos V, Pladis P, Kiparissides C, Mignon D, Van-Grambezen P
3223 - 3230 A molecular thermodynamic model for temperature- and solvent-sensitive hydrogels, application to the swelling behavior of PNIPAm hydrogels in ethanol/water mixtures
Zhi DY, Huang YM, Han X, Liu HL, Hu Y
3231 - 3239 An extension of the hard-sphere particle-particle collision model to study agglomeration
Kosinski P, Hoffmann AC
3240 - 3248 The rise and deformation of a single bubble in ionic liquids
Dong HF, Wang XL, Liu L, Zhang XP, Zhang SJ
3249 - 3259 Transient behavior of the planar-flow melt spinning process
Theisen EA, Davis MJ, Weinstein SJ, Steen PN
3260 - 3267 Numerical simulation of non-isothermal pressure-driven miscible channel flow with viscous heating
Sahu KC, Ding H, Matar OK
3268 - 3278 Numerical study of particle-particle collision in swirling jets: A DEM-DNS coupling simulation
Gui N, Fan JR, Chen S
3279 - 3292 Multi-field synergy study of CO2 capture process by chemical absorption
Yu YS, Li Y, Lu HF, Yan LW, Zhang ZX, Wang GX, Rudolph V
3293 - 3300 Three-dimensional pore network model of biofilter treating toluene: A study of the effect of the pore space morphology
Jani F, Dadvar M
3301 - 3312 Systematic staging in chemical reactor design
Hillestad M
3313 - 3321 Dynamical modelling of a reactive extrusion process: Focus on residence time distribution in a fully intermeshing co-rotating twin-screw extruder and application to an alginate extraction process
Baron R, Vauchel P, Kaas R, Arhaliass A, Legrand J
3322 - 3330 Theophylline molecular imprint composite membranes prepared from poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) substrate
Wang JY, Liu F, Xu ZL, Li K
3331 - 3340 A computer appraisal of BET theory, BET surface area and the calculation of surface excess for gas adsorption on a graphite surface
Do DD, Do HD, Nicholson D
3341 - 3351 Constitutive model to predict flow of cohesive powders in bench scale hoppers
Faqih AN, Chaudhuri B, Mehrotra A, Tomassone MS, Muzzio F
3352 - 3355 Hydrate phase equilibria for hydrogen plus water and hydrogen plus tetrahydrofuran plus water systems: Predictions of dissociation conditions using an artificial neural network algorithm
Mohammadi AH, Richon D
3356 - 3361 Clathrate hydrate dissociation conditions for the methane plus cycloheptane/cyclooctane plus water and carbon dioxide plus cycloheptane/cyclooctane plus water systems
Mohammadi AH, Richon D
3362 - 3362 Comment on: "Rapid simultaneous evaluation of four parameters of single-component gases in nonvolatile liquids from a single data set", by F. Civan and ML Rasmussen, Chemical Engineering Science 64, 5084-5092 (2009)
Mehrotra AK, Upreti SR