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IX - X Professor M.M. Sharma
Nigam KDP, Joshi JB
VII - VII 8th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, December 16-19, 2007 - Preface
Nigam KDP, Joshi JB
6957 - 6968 Innovative technology to meet the demands of the white biotechnology revolution of chemical production
Villadsen J
6969 - 6977 Insights into gas-liquid-solid reactors obtained by magnetic resonance imaging
Gladden LF, Anadon LD, Dunckley CP, Mantle MD, Sederman AJ
6978 - 6991 Explorations on the multi-scale flow structure and stability condition in bubble columns
Yang N, Chen JH, Zhao H, Ge W, Li JH
6992 - 7010 Microreactor technology and process miniaturization for catalytic reactions - A perspective on recent developments and emerging technologies
Mills PL, Quiram DJ, Ryley JF
7011 - 7019 Modelling of unsteady-state hydrodynamics in periodically operated trickle-bed reactors: Influence of the liquid-phase physical properties
Brkljac B, Bludowsky T, Dietrich W, Grunewald M, Agar DW
7020 - 7025 Effect of partial wetting on liquid/solid mass transfer in trickle bed reactors
Baussaron L, Julcour-Lebigue C, Boyer C, Wilhelm AM, Delmas H
7026 - 7032 Hydrodynamics of trickle bed reactors at high pressure: Two-phase flow model for pressure drop and liquid holdup, formulation and experimental validation
Boyer C, Volpi C, Ferschneider G
7033 - 7044 Investigation of liquid maldistribution in trickle-bed reactors using porous media concept in CFD
Atta A, Roy S, Nigam KDP
7045 - 7052 Trickle-bed CFD studies in the catalytic wet oxidation of phenolic acids
Lopes RJG, Quinta-Ferreira RM
7053 - 7059 Lateral mixing in trickle bed reactors
Babu BV, Shah KJ, Rao VG
7060 - 7067 Particle dispersion in viscous three-phase inverse fluidized beds
Lee KI, Son SM, Kim UY, Kang Y, Kang SH, Kim SD, Lee JK, Seo YC, Kim WH
7068 - 7077 Local and global hydrodynamics in a two-phase internal loop airlift
Olivieri G, Marzocchella A, van Ommen J, Salatino P
7078 - 7089 Development of support vector regression (SVR)-based correlation for prediction of overall gas hold-up in bubble column reactors for various gas-liquid systems
Gandhi AB, Joshi JB, Jayaranlan VK, Kulkarni BD
7090 - 7097 Bubble nucleation and growth in fluids
Frank X, Dietrich N, Wub J, Barraud R, Li HZ
7098 - 7106 Hydrodynamics of a slurry airlift reactor at high solid concentrations
Liu ML, Wang TF, Yu W, Wang JF
7107 - 7118 Numerical simulations of gas-liquid mass transfer in bubble columns with a CFD-PBM coupled model
Wang TF, Wang JF
7119 - 7132 Numerical simulations of bubble formation on submerged orifices: Period-1 and period-2 bubbling regimes
Buwa VV, Gerlach D, Durst F, Schlucker E
7133 - 7139 Numerical and experimental investigations of gas-liquid dispersion in an ejector
Kim MI, Kim OS, Lee DH, Kim SD
7140 - 7150 CFD simulation of bubbly flows: Random dispersion model
Dhotre MT, Smith BL, Niceno B
7151 - 7162 CFD simulation of gas-liquid contacting in tubular reactors
Podila K, Al Taweel AM, Koksal M, Troshko A, Gupta YP
7163 - 7171 Oxygen transfer prediction in aeration tanks using CFD
Fayolle Y, Cockx A, Gillot S, Roustan M, Heduit A
7172 - 7183 Experiment and lattice Boltzmann simulation of two-phase gas-liquid flows in microchannels
Yu Z, Heraminger O, Fan LS
7184 - 7195 CFD simulations of gas-liquid-solid stirred reactor: Prediction of critical impeller speed for solid suspension
Murthy BN, Ghadge RS, Joshi JB
7196 - 7204 A multi-scale approach for CFD calculations of gas-liquid flow within large size column equipped with structured packing
Raynal L, Royon-Lebeaud A
7205 - 7213 Simulation of oscillatory baffled column: CFD and population balance
Ekambara K, Dhotre MT
7214 - 7224 Numerical simulations of drop impact and spreading on horizontal and inclined surfaces
Lunkad SF, Buwa VV, Nigam KDP
7225 - 7232 Local liquid saturation measurements inside a trickle bed reactor operating near the transition between pulsing and trickling flow
Llamas JD, Lesage F, Wild G
7233 - 7244 Three-dimensional analysis of trickle flow hydrodynamics: Computed tomography image acquisition and processing
van der Merwe W, Nicol W, de Beer F
7245 - 7252 Local measurement of oxygen transfer around a single bubble by planar laser-induced fluorescence
Dani A, Guiraud P, Cockx A
7253 - 7263 Electrical resistance tomography for flow characterization of a gas-liquid-solid three-phase circulating fluidized bed
Razzak SA, Barghi S, Zhu JX
7264 - 7273 Bubble wake visualization by using photochromic dye
Sanada T, Shirota M, Watanabe M
7274 - 7281 Analysis of local heat transfer and hydrodynamics in a bubble column using fast response probes
Jhawar AK, Prakash A
7282 - 7289 A greener, pressure intensified propylene epoxidation process with facile product separation
Lee HJ, Shi TP, Busch DH, Subramaniam B
7290 - 7304 Modeling of bubble column slurry reactor for reductive alkylation of p-phenylenediamine
Chaudhari AS, Rampure MR, Ranade VV, Jaganathan R, Chaudhari RV
7305 - 7311 Dynamic modeling and simulation of absorption of carbon dioxide into seawater
Tokumura M, Baba M, Kawase Y
7312 - 7319 Kinetics and modeling of carbon dioxide absorption into aqueous solutions of piperazine
Samanta A, Bandyopadhyay SS
7320 - 7326 Gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactors for the alkylation of benzene with propylene
Lei Z, Yang H, Gao J, Chen B, Li C
7327 - 7335 Rate-based analysis of reactive distillation sequences with different degrees of integration
Mueller I, Pech C, Bhatia D, Kenig EY
7336 - 7343 Surfactant adsorption onto activated carbon and its effect on absorption with chemical reaction
Rosu M, Marlina A, Kaya A, Schurnpe A
7344 - 7350 Absorption of CO2 into aqueous blends of alkanolamines prepared from renewable resources
Vaidya PD, Kenig EY
7351 - 7358 Effect of gas feed flow and gas composition modulation on activated carbon performance in phenol wet air oxidation
Ayude A, Rodriguez T, Font J, Fortuny A, Bengoa C, Fabregat A, Stuber F
7359 - 7369 Experimental determination of particles capture efficiency in flotation
Sarrot V, Huang Z, Legendre D, Guiraud P
7370 - 7377 Thermal imaging of catalyst surface during catalytic dehydrogenation of cyclohexane under spray-pulsed conditions
Biniwale RB, Ichikawa M
7378 - 7390 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in bubble column: Influence of liquid phase surface tension
Chaumat H, Billet AM, Delmas H
7391 - 7398 Enhancement of oxygen mass transfer rate in the presence of nanosized particles
Nagy E, Feczko T, Koroknai B
7399 - 7405 Oxygen transfer and hydrodynamics in three-phase inverse fluidized beds
Hamdad M, Hashemi S, Rossi D, Macchi A
7406 - 7413 Heat and mass transfer characteristics in a gas-sluffy-solid fluidized bed
Muroyama K, Shimomichi T, Masuda T, Kato T
7414 - 7425 Fluid flow and mass transfer in a counter-current gas-liquid inclined tubes photo-bioreactor
Merchuk JC, Rosenblat Y, Berzin I
7426 - 7435 Cyclic operation strategy for extending cycle life of trickle beds under gas-liquid filtration
Hamidipour M, Larachi F, Ring Z
7436 - 7445 Population balance simulation of gas-liquid contacting
Azizi F, Al Taweel AM
7446 - 7453 Intensification of nitrous acid oxidation
Chacuk A, Miller JS, Wilk M, Ledakowicz S
7454 - 7462 The intensification of gas-liquid flows with a periodic, constricted oscillatory-meso tube
Reis N, Mena PC, Vicente AA, Teixeira JA, Rocha FA
7463 - 7470 Experimental investigation of gas-liquid distribution in monolith reactors
Behl M, Roy S
7471 - 7483 Effect of nozzle diameter and its orientation on the flow pattern and plume dimensions in gas-liquid jet reactors
Dahikar SK, Gulawani SS, Joshi JB, Shah MS, Prasad CSR, Shukla DS
7484 - 7493 Hydrodynamics and liquid phase residence time distribution in mesh microreactor
Kulkarni AA, Gorasia AK, Ranade VV
7494 - 7504 Slug flow in curved microreactors: Hydrodynamic study
Kumar V, Vashisth S, Hoarau Y, Nigam KDP
7505 - 7514 mu-PIV study of the formation of segmented flow in microfluidic T-junctions
van Steijn V, Kreutzer MT, Kleijn CR
7515 - 7522 Spreading of liquid droplets on proton exchange membrane of a direct alcohol fuel cell
Keshav TR, Basu S
7523 - 7529 Classifying flow regimes in three-phase fluidized beds from CARPT experiments
Fraguio MS, Cassanello MC, Larachi F, Limtrakul S, Dudukovic M
7530 - 7538 Drift flux concept in two- and three-phase reactors
Nacef S, Poncin S, Bouguettoucha A, Wild G
7539 - 7547 Fast-mode alternating cyclic operation in trickle beds at elevated temperature for foaming systems
Aydin B, Hamidipour M, Larachi F
7548 - 7553 Levitation of air bubbles and slugs in liquids under low-frequency vibration excitement
Ellenberger J, Krishna R