Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.62, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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6499 - 6515 On predicting self-diffusion coefficients from viscosity in gases and liquids
Suarez-Iglesias O, Medina I, Pizarro C, Bueno JL
6516 - 6523 Equilibrium liquidus temperatures of binary mixtures from differential scanning calorimetry
Kousksou T, Jamil A, Zeraouli Y, Dumas JP
6524 - 6533 Macroscopic investigation of hydrate film growth at the hydrocarbon/water interface
Taylor CJ, Miller KT, Koh CA, Sloan ED
6534 - 6547 Characterization of potassium glycinate for carbon dioxide absorption purposes
Portugal AF, Derks PWJ, Versteeg GE, Magalhaes FD, Mendes A
6548 - 6555 Cationic starches as gas hydrate kinetic inhibitors
Lee JD, Wu HJ, Englezos P
6556 - 6567 Reduction and oxidation kinetics of Mn3O4/Mg-ZrO2 oxygen carrier particles for chemical-looping combustion
Zafar Q, Abad A, Mattisson T, Gevert B, Strand M
6568 - 6581 Modelling and optimization of catalytic-dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor for methane and carbon dioxide conversion using hybrid artificial neural network - genetic algorithm technique
Istadi I, Amin NAS
6582 - 6594 Kinetic studies of the partial oxidation of gasoline (POXG) over a Ni-CeO2 catalyst in a fixed-bed flow reactor
Ibrahim HH, Idem RO
6595 - 6603 Influence of structured packing on gas holdup in a three-phase bubble column
Monsalvo M, Bohm U
6604 - 6614 Dynamic modeling of a batch crystallization process: A stochastic approach for agglomeration and attrition process
Laloue N, Couenne F, Gorrec Y, Kohl M, Tanguy D, Tayakout-Fayolle M
6615 - 6630 CFD simulation of large-scale bubble plumes: Comparisons against experiments
Dhotre MT, Smith BL
6631 - 6640 Drying air-induced disturbances in multi-layer coating systems
Ikin JB, Thompson HM
6641 - 6648 Chemotherapeutic engineering: Vitamin E TPGS-emulsified nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers realized sustainable paclitaxel chemotherapy for 168 h in vivo
Feng SS, Zhao LY, Zhang ZP, Bhakta G, Win KY, Dong YC, Chien S
6649 - 6658 A method to predict solubility of hydrogen in hydrocarbons and their mixtures
Riazi MR, Roomi YA
6659 - 6676 The effect of gas injection on the hydraulic transport of slurries in horizontal pipes
Orell A
6677 - 6686 Chaotic advection using passive and externally actuated particles in a serpentine channel flow
Kang TG, Hulsen MA, Anderson PD, den Toonder JMJ, Meijer HEH
6687 - 6695 Shape optimization of a micromixer with staggered herringbone groove
Ansari MA, Kim KY
6696 - 6708 Modelling and simulation of the nonlinear behaviour of paper: A cellular materials approach
Ribeiro HA, Costa CAV
6709 - 6715 Stability of water/toluene interfaces saturated with adsorbed naphthenic acids - A molecular dynamics study
Li CL, Li ZY, Choi P
6716 - 6725 Electro-ultrafiltration of amylase enzymes: Process design and economy
Enevoldsen AD, Hansen EB, Jonsson G
6726 - 6746 Near field characteristics of swirling flow past a sudden expansion
Mak H, Balabani S
6747 - 6753 Rise velocities and gas-liquid mass transfer of bubbles in organic solutions
Maceiras R, Santana R, Alves SS
6754 - 6767 The Y-procedure: How to extract the chemical transformation rate from reaction-diffusion data with no assumption on the kinetic model
Yablonsky GS, Constales D, Shekhtmanc SO, Gleaves JT
6768 - 6776 Propyne hydrogenation in a continuous polymeric catalytic membrane reactor
Brandao L, Madeira LM, Mendes AM
6777 - 6783 Jacobi galerkin spectral method for cylindrical and spherical geometries
Fernandino M, Dorao CA, Jakobsen HA
6784 - 6793 Modeling of a packed-bed electrochemical reactor for producing glyoxylic acid from oxalic acid
Li J, Hu XH, Su YZ, Li QB
6794 - 6805 Nano-fluidization under high gravity - A perspective view from simulation
Hou CF, Ge W
6806 - 6815 Estimation of rheological parameters using velocity measurements
Park HM, Hong SM, Lim JY
6816 - 6826 Batch extractive distillation as a hybrid process: separation of minimum boiling azeotropes
Kotai B, Lang P, Modla G
6827 - 6835 Sulfate decomposition from circulating fluidized bed combustors bottom ash
Hoteit A, Bouquet E, Schonnenbeck C, Gilot P
6836 - 6842 The importance of finite adsorption kinetics in the sorption of hydrocarbon gases onto a nutshell-derived activated carbon
Wang K, Li C, San H, Do DD
6843 - 6850 Transmission probabilities and particle-wall contact for Knudsen diffusion in pores of variable diameter
Albo SE, Broadbelt LJ, Snurr RQ
6851 - 6864 A dynamic optimization procedure for non-catalytic nitric oxide reduction in waste incineration plants
Zanoelo EF, Meleiro LAC
6865 - 6878 PDF method for population balance in turbulent reactive flow
Rigopoulos S
6879 - 6884 Interaction between two single-walled carbon nanotubes revisited: Structural stability of nanotube bundles
Cao DP, Wang WC
6885 - 6896 Dispersion of high-viscosity liquid-liquid systems by flow through SMX static mixer elements
Rao NVR, Baird MHI, Hrymak AN, Wood PE
6897 - 6907 Performance of stress-transport models in the prediction of particle-to-fluid heat transfer in packed beds
Coussirat M, Guardo A, Mateos B, Egusquiza E
6908 - 6913 Gravity draining of a yield-stress fluid through an orifice
Toplak T, Tabuteau H, de Bruyn JR, Coussot P
6914 - 6926 An analytical solution of different configurations of the linear viscoelastic normal and frictional-elastic tangential contact model
Kruggel-Emden H, Wirtz S, Scherer V
6927 - 6938 Numerical and experimental investigations on thermal debinding of polymeric binder of powder injection molding compact
Khoong LE, Lam YC, Chai JC, Jiang L, Ma J
6939 - 6946 Application of the Maxwell-Stefan approach to ion exchange in microporous materials. Batch process modelling
Silva CM, Lito PF
6947 - 6956 Fluidization, bubbling and jamming of nanoparticle agglomerates
Valverde JM, Castellanos A