Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.61, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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307 - 315 A fractal description of transport phenomena in dendritic porous network
Sanyal D, Ramachandrarao P, Gupta OP
316 - 331 Kinetic studies in a batch reactor using ion exchange resin catalysts for oxygenates production: Role of mass transfer mechanisms
Silva VMTM, Rodrigues AE
332 - 346 A generalized population balance model for the prediction of particle size distribution in suspension polymerization reactors
Kotoulas C, Kiparissides C
347 - 352 Effect of reaction kinetics on amplification of input temperature perturbations in a packed-bed reactor: Comparison of CO-oxidation on Pt/Al2O3 and on CuO/Al2O3
Yakhnin V, Menzinger A
353 - 362 Modeling of the simulated moving-bed reactor for the enzyme-catalyzed production of lactosucrose
Pilgrim A, Kawase M, Matsuda F, Miura K
363 - 369 Numerical calculation of shapes and detachment times of bubbles generated from a sieve plate
Martin M, Montes FJ, Galan MA
370 - 387 Non-linear bifurcation analysis of the living nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization of styrene in a CSTR
Lemoine-Nava R, Flores-Tlacuahuac A, Saldivar-Guerra E
388 - 396 Gas and solids mixing in a dynamically scaled fluid coker stripper
Cui HP, Strabel M, Rusnell D, Bi HT, Mansaray K, Grace JR, Lim CJ, McKnight CA, Bulbuc D
397 - 416 Single bubble ignition after shock wave impact
Mitropetros K, Hieronymus H, Steinbach J
417 - 427 Collisions of spheres with wet and dry porous layers on a solid wall
Kantak AA, Davis RH
428 - 433 NaCl adsorption in multi-walled carbon nanotube/active carbon combination electrode
Dai K, Shi LY, Zhang DS, Fang JH
434 - 448 Boundary effects on osmophoresis: Motion of a spherical vesicle perpendicular to two plane walls
Hsu YS, Keh HJ
449 - 458 Air pollutant absorption by single moving droplets with drag force at moderate Reynolds numbers
Chen WH
459 - 472 Recuperative coupling of exothermic and endothermic reactions
Ramaswamy RC, Ramachandran PA, Dudukovic MP
473 - 488 Prediction of the dispersion of particle clusters in the nano-scale -Part 1: Steady shearing responses
Fanelli M, Feke DL, Manas-Zloczower I
489 - 504 Studies in multiple impeller agitated gas-liquid contactors
Shewale SD, Pandit AB
505 - 515 Rheology of methane hydrate slurries during their crystallization in a water in dodecane emulsion under flowing
Fidel-Dufour A, Gruy F, Herri JM
516 - 525 2-D radiation field in photocatalytic channels of square, rectangular, equilateral triangular and isosceles triangular sections
Alexiadis A
526 - 537 Onset of pulsing in trickle beds with non-Newtonian liquids at elevated temperature and pressure - Modeling and experimental verification
Iliuta I, Aydin B, Larachi F
538 - 557 Multiphase fluidization in large-scale slurry jet loop bubble columns for methanol and or dimethyl ether production
Bakopoulos A
558 - 568 A general enhancement factor model of the physical absorption of gases in multiphase systems
Zhang GD, Cai WF, Xu CJ, Zhou M
569 - 585 Investigating the need of a pre-concentrator column for acetic acid dehydration system via heterogeneous azeotropic distillation
Chien IL, Kuo CL
586 - 596 Multi-scale finite element modelling of laminar steady flow through highly permeable porous media
Parvazinia M, Nassehi V, Wakeman RJ
597 - 604 Gas-phase residence time distribution in a falling-film microreactor
Commenge JM, Obein T, Genin G, Framboisier X, Rode S, Schanen V, Pitiot R, Matlosz M
605 - 620 Nonlinear model reconstruction by frequency and amplitude response for a heterogeneous binary reaction in a chemostat
Zimmerman WB
621 - 632 Cheating Nyquist: Nonlinear model reconstruction with undersampled frequency response of a forced, damped, nonlinear oscillator
Zimmerman WB
633 - 651 Approximation of a PSA process based on an equivalent continuous countercurrent flow process: Blow-up and blow-down representation
Leinekugel-le-Cocq D, Tayakout-Fayolle M, Jallut C, Jolimaitre E
652 - 664 Numerical and analytical investigation of barium sulphate crystallization
Oncul AA, Sundmacher K, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Thevenin D
665 - 675 CFD modelling of slug flow inside square capillaries
Taha T, Cui ZF
676 - 687 CFD modelling of slug flow in vertical tubes
Taha T, Cui ZF
688 - 697 A novel local singularity distribution based method for flow regime identification: Gas-liquid stirred vessel with Rushton turbine
Jade AM, Jayaraman VK, Kulkarni BD, Khopkar AR, Ranade VV, Sharma A
698 - 719 A macroscopic model for shear-thinning flow in packed beds based on network modeling
Balhoff MT, Thompson KE
720 - 742 A review on the continuous blending of powders
Pernenkil L, Cooney CL
743 - 752 Experimental and theoretical analysis of the operation of a natural gas cogeneration system using a polymer exchange membrane fuel cell
Radulescu M, Lottin O, Feidt M, Lombard C, Le Noc D, Le Doze S
753 - 765 Influence of ion-exchange resin catalysts on side reactions of the esterification of n-Butanol with acetic acid
Blagov S, Parada S, Bailer O, Moritz P, Lam D, Weinand R, Hasse H
766 - 774 Solid circulation rate in a circulating fluidized bed in the presence of fine powders
Mahmoud EA, Nakazato T, Nakagawa N, Kato K
775 - 778 Dissolution of a solid sphere in an unbounded, stagnant liquid
Rice RG, Do DD
779 - 793 Equation-free, coarse-grained computational optimization using timesteppers
Bindal A, Ierapetritou MG, Balakrishnan S, Armaou A, Makeev AG, Kevrekidis IG
794 - 801 Studies on the interactions between some alpha-amino acids with a non-polar side chain and two saturated cyclic ethers at 298.15 K: enthalpic measurement and computer simulation
Yu L, Yuan SL, Hu XG, Lin RS
802 - 813 Visual investigations on radial solid holdup in vapor-liquid-solid fluidized bed evaporator with a CCD measuring system
Liu MY, Wang H, Lin RT
814 - 822 Interaction of kinetics and internal diffusion in complex catalytic three-phase reactions: Activity and selectivity in citral hydrogenation
Aumo J, Warna J, Salmi T, Murzin DY
823 - 834 Adhesion of solid particles to gas bubbles. Part 1: Modelling
Omota F, Dimian AC, Bliek A
835 - 844 Adhesion of solid particles to gas bubbles. Part 2: Experimental
Omota F, Dimian AC, Bliek A
845 - 857 Flow in the nose region and annular film around a Taylor bubble rising through vertical columns of stagnant and flowing Newtonian liquids
Nogueira S, Riethmuler ML, Campos JBLM, Pinto AMFR
858 - 873 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of 2D and 3D non-Brownian suspensions in Couette flow
Kromkamp J, van den Ende D, Kandhai D, van der Sman R, Boom R