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Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.58, No.3-6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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519 - 519 Special issue - ISCRE 17 - Chemical reaction engineering: Challenges and opportunities in a global environment - Foreword
Yue PL, Yuan WK, Kwauk M
521 - 535 Exploring complex systems in chemical engineering - the multi-scale methodology
Li JH, Kwauk M
537 - 547 Preparation of nanoparticles via spray route
Okuyama K, Lenggoro IW
549 - 555 Novel tools to speed up the technology commercialization process
Gembicki SA, VandenBussche KM, Oroskar AR
557 - 568 Molecular simulations in zeolitic process design
Smit B, Krishna R
569 - 575 Synthesis of nano-fibers of aluminum hydroxide in novel rotating packed bed reactor
Chen JF, Shao L, Guo F, Wang XM
577 - 582 A novel cyclic process for synthesis gas production
Zeng Y, Tamhankar S, Ramprasad N, Fitch F, Acharya D, Wolf R
583 - 591 Is a monolithic loop reactor a viable option for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis?
de Deugd RM, Chougule RB, Kreutzer MT, Meeuse FM, Grievink J, Kapteijn F, Moulijn JA
593 - 601 Analysis of a novel reverse-flow reactor concept for autothermal methane steam reforming
Glockler B, Kolios G, Eigenberger G
603 - 611 Property evaluation and control in a semibatch MMA/MA solution copolymerization reactor
Park MJ, Rhee HK
613 - 619 Correlations between local conversion and hydrodynamics in a 3-D fixed-bed esterification process: An MRI and lattice-Boltzmann study
Yuen EHL, Sederman AJ, Sani F, Alexander P, Gladden LF
621 - 626 Study of structure-function relationships in platinum-silica catalysts using hydrocarbon hydrogenation as a probe reaction
Dias E, Davies AT, Mantle MD, Roy D, Gladden LF
627 - 632 Kinetics of hydrogenation of maleic acid in a batch slurry reactor using a bimetallic Ru-Re/C catalyst
Chaudhari RV, Rode CV, Deshpande RM, Jaganathan R, Leib TM, Mills PL
633 - 642 Experimental and numerical study on the transient behavior of partial oxidation of methane in a catalytic, monolith
Schwiedernoch R, Tischer S, Correa C, Deutschmann O
643 - 648 Selective oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride in fluid bed reactors: detailed kinetic investigation and reactor modelling
Dente M, Pierucci S, Tronconi E, Cecchini M, Ghelfi F
649 - 656 Methanol to olefins using ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst membrane reactor
Masuda T, Asanuma T, Shouji M, Mukai SR, Kawase M, Hashimoto K
657 - 663 Front propagation at low temperatures and multiscale modeling for the catalytic combustion of H-2 on Pt
Raimondeau S, Vlachos DG
665 - 670 A novel catalytic filter for tar removal from biomass gasification gas: Improvement of the catalytic activity in presence of H2S
Engelen K, Zhang YH, Draelants DJ, Baron GV
671 - 677 PdO/Al2O3 in catalytic combustion of methane: stabilization and deactivation
Ozawa Y, Tochihara Y, Nagai M, Omi S
679 - 685 A novel laponite clay-based Fe nanocomposite and its photo-catalytic activity in photo-assisted degradation of Orange II
Feng JY, Hu XJ, Yue PL, Zhu HY, Lu GQ
687 - 695 A new system design for the preparation of copper/activated carbon catalyst by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition method
Lam FLY, Hu XJ
697 - 704 Influence of operating pressure on the gas hold-up in bubble columns for high viscous media
Urseanu MI, Guit RPM, Stankiewicz A, van Kranenburg G, Lommen JHGM
705 - 710 Shaken, not stirred, bubble column reactors: Enhancement of mass transfer by vibration excitement
Ellenberger J, Krishna R
711 - 718 Gas-particle interactions in dense gas-fluidized beds
Li J, Kuipers JAM
719 - 724 Influence of scale on the hydrodynamics of bubble column reactors: an experimental study in columns of 0.1, 0.4 and 1 m diameters
Forret A, Schweitzer JM, Gauthier T, Krishna R, Schweich D
725 - 731 Principles of a novel multistage circulating fluidized bed reactor for biomass gasification
Kersten SRA, Prins W, van der Drift B, van Swaaij WPM
733 - 738 Hot zones formation in packed bed reactors
Marwaha B, Luss D
739 - 746 VOCs removal from waste gases: gas-phase bioreactor for the abatement of hexane by Aspergillus niger
Spigno G, Pagella C, Fumi MD, Molteni R, De Faveri DM
747 - 758 Design of a prototype miniature bioreactor for high throughput automated bioprocessing
Lamping SR, Zhang H, Allen B, Shamlou PA
759 - 766 Bioreactor operation parameters as tools for metabolic regulations in fermentation processes: influence of pH conditions
Calik P, Bilir E, Calik G, Ozdamar TH
767 - 775 Product distribution of casein tryptic hydrolysis based on HPSEC analysis and molecular mechanism
Qi W, He ZM, Shi DQ
777 - 784 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a Couette-Taylor bioreactor for the culture of animal cells
Haut B, Ben Amor H, Coulon L, Jacquet A, Halloin V
785 - 791 L(+)-lactic acid production by pellet-form Rhizopus oryzae R1021 in a stirred tank fermentor
Bai DM, Jia MZ, Zhao XM, Ban R, Shen F, Li XG, Xu SM
793 - 800 Steady-state multiplicity in bioreactors: bifurcation analysis of cybernetic models
Namjoshi A, Kienle A, Ramkrishna D
801 - 807 Methanol oxidative dehydrogenation in a packed-bed membrane reactor: yield optimization experiments arid model
Diakov V, Varma A
809 - 814 A general approach for the conceptual design of counter-current reactive separations
Gorissen HJ
815 - 821 A novel macrokinetic approach for mechanochemical reactions
Delogu F, Orru R, Cao G
823 - 832 ECT imaging of three-phase fluidized bed based on three-phase capacitance model
Warsito W, Fan LS
833 - 839 Amplification of inlet temperature disturbances in a packed-bed reactor for CO oxidation over Pt/Al2O3
Jaree A, Hudgins RR, Budman H, Silveston PL, Yakhnin V, Menzinger M
841 - 847 Increasing yield and operating time of SLP-catalyst processes by flow reversal and instationary operation
Beckmann A, Keil FJ
849 - 857 Modeling and analysis of HVOF thermal spray process accounting for powder size distribution
Li MH, Christofides PD
859 - 865 Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of a pilot-scale annular bubble column photocatalytic reactor
Pareek VK, Cox SJ, Brungs MP, Young B, Adesina AA
867 - 875 Heterogeneous modeling for fixed-bed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Reactor model and its applications
Wang YN, Xu YY, Li YW, Zhao YL, Zhang BJ
877 - 885 The effects of abrupt T-outlets in a riser: 3D simulation using the kinetic theory of granular flow
De Wilde J, Marin GB, Heynderickx GJ
887 - 893 OH spillover from a gamma-Al2O3 support in the partial oxidation of methane over Ru/Al2O3
Wang DZ, Li ZL, Luo CR, Weng WZ, Wan HL
895 - 901 Mesoscopic modeling of transport and reaction in microporous crystalline membranes
Snyder MA, Vlachos DG, Katsoulakis MA
903 - 910 Numerical simulations of single phase reacting flows in randomly packed fixed-bed reactors and experimental validation
Freund H, Zeiser T, Huber F, Klemm E, Brenner G, Durst F, Emig G
911 - 914 Modeling of corrugated plate photocatalytic reactors and experimental validation
Zhang ZS, Anderson WA, Moo-Young M
915 - 921 Discrete particle simulation of solids motion in a gas-solid fluidized bed
Limtrakul S, Chalermwattanatai A, Unggurawirote K, Tsuji Y, Kawaguchi T, Tanthapanichakoon W
923 - 928 Kinetics study on catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol
Wu Q, Hu XJ, Yue PL
929 - 934 A rapid treatment of formaldehyde in a highly tight room using a photocatalytic reactor combined with a continuous adsorption and desorption apparatus
Shiraishi F, Yamaguchi S, Ohbuchi Y
935 - 941 Innovations in chemical reaction processes using supercritical water: an environmental application to the production of epsilon-caprolactam
Ikushima Y, Sato O, Sato M, Hatakeda K, Arai M
943 - 949 Photo-catalytic degradation of air borne pollutants apparent quantum efficiencies in a novel photo-CREC-air reactor
Ibrahim H, de Lasa H
951 - 958 Innovative means for the catalytic regeneration of particulate traps for diesel exhaust cleaning
Fino D, Fino P, Saracco G, Specchia V
959 - 962 Performance of a membrane-catalyst for photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Maira AJ, Lau WN, Lee CY, Yue PL, Chan CK, Yeung KL
963 - 970 Catalytic studies in wet oxidation of effluents from formaldehyde industry
Silva AMT, Castelo-Branco IM, Quinta-Ferreira RM, Levec J
971 - 978 Heterogeneous photocatalysis of butanol and methyl ethyl ketone - characterization of catalyst and dynamic study
Monneyron P, Manero MH, Foussard JN, Benoit-Marquie F, Maurette MT
979 - 985 Absolute quantum yields in photocatalytic slurry reactors
Brandi RJ, Citroni MA, Alfano OM, Cassano AE
987 - 993 Electrochemical removal of fluoride ions from industrial wastewater
Shen F, Chen XM, Gao P, Chen GH
995 - 1001 Anodic oxidation of dyes at novel Ti/B-diamond electrodes
Chen XM, Chen GH, Yue PL
1003 - 1011 Thermodynamics of gas-char reactions: first and second law analysis
Prins MJ, Ptasinski KJ, Janssen FJJG
1013 - 1020 Photooxidation of a model pollutant in an oscillatory flow reactor with baffles
Gao P, Ching WH, Herrmann M, Chan CK, Yue PL
1021 - 1027 Studies on chemical activators for electrode I: Electrochemical activation of deactivating cathode for oxalic acid reduction
Zhou YL, Zhang XS, Dai YC, Yuan WK
1029 - 1036 Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) with internal reforming: model-based analysis of cell dynamics
Heidebrecht P, Sundmacher K
1037 - 1041 Syngas in millisecond reactors: higher alkanes and fast lightoff
Schmidt LD, Klein EJ, Leclerc CA, Krummenacher JJ, West KN
1043 - 1052 Membrane-based reactive separations for power generation applications: oxygen lancing
Ren JY, Fan YQ, Egolfopoulos FN, Tsotsis TT
1053 - 1061 A novel approach for describing mixing effects in homogeneous reactors
Chakraborty S, Balakotaiah V
1063 - 1070 Mass-transfer enhancement by static mixers in a wall-coated catalytic reactor
Khinast JG, Bauer A, Bolz D, Panarello A
1071 - 1077 High temperature fluidized bed reactor: measurements, hydrodynamics and simulation
Cui HP, Sauriol P, Chaouki J
1079 - 1086 Heat and mass fluxes in presence of superficial reaction in a not completely developed laminar flow
Di Benedetto A, Marra FS, Russo G
1087 - 1093 Effect of gassing rate on solid-liquid mass transfer coefficients and particle slip velocities in stirred tank reactors
Fishwick RP, Winterbottom JM, Stitt EH