Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.56, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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249 - 249 ISCRE 16 - Preface
Burghardt A, Pohorecki R, Cybulski A
251 - 267 Process intensification using multifunctional reactors
Dautzenberg FM, Mukherjee M
269 - 291 Continuous reactive chromatography
Lode F, Houmard M, Migliorini C, Mazzotti M, Morbidelli M
293 - 303 Microreaction engineering - is small better?
Jensen KF
305 - 322 Chemical reaction engineering aspects of fine chemicals manufacture
Carpenter KJ
323 - 332 Transport phenomena in polymeric membrane fuel cells
Costamagna P
333 - 341 Dynamics of the direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC): experiments and model-based analysis
Sundmacher K, Schultz T, Zhou S, Scott K, Ginkel M, Gilles ED
343 - 350 Reactive absorption: Optimal process design via optimal modelling
Kenig EY, Schneider R, Gorak A
351 - 357 A simplified procedure for the optimal design of autothermal reactors for endothermic high-temperature reactions
Kolios G, Frauhammer J, Eigenberger G
359 - 364 Process intensification in in-line monolithic reactor
Stankiewicz A
365 - 370 2-methylpropylacetate synthesis in a system of equilibrium reactor and reactive distillation column
Smejkal Q, Hanika J, Kolena J
371 - 379 Hydrodynamics in a ceramic pervaporation membrane reactor for resin production
van der Gulik GJS, Janssen REG, Wijers JG, Keurentjes JTF
381 - 386 Catalytic heat-exchanger reactor for strongly exothermic reactions
Kirillov VA, Kuzin NA, Mescheryakov VD, Droboshevich VI
387 - 394 Reactive distillation - industrial applications, process design & scale-up
Tuchlenski A, Beckmann A, Reusch D, Dussel R, Weidlich U, Janowsky R
395 - 402 Ethylene epoxidation in a catalytic packed-bed membrane reactor: experiments and model
Al-Juaied MA, Lafarga D, Varma A
403 - 410 A reactive distillation process for a cascade and azeotropic reaction system: Carbonylation of ethanol with dimethyl carbonate
Luo HP, Xiao WD
411 - 418 Design of a continuous process for the production of highly substituted granular carboxymethyl starch
Tijsen CJ, Voncken RM, Beenackers AACM
419 - 425 The dead core model applied to beads with immobilized cells in a fed-batch cephalosporin C production bioprocess
Cruz AJG, Almeida RMRG, Araujo MLGC, Giordano RC, Hokka CO
427 - 432 Chemo-enzymatic epoxidation of unsaturated plant oils
Hilker I, Bothe D, Pruss J, Warnecke HJ
433 - 442 Modeling of hydrogel immobilized enzyme reactors with mass-transport enhancement by electric field
Pribyl M, Chmelikova R, Hasal P, Marek M
443 - 452 Relation between flow pattern and de-activation of enzymes in stirred reactors
Joshi JB, Sawant SB, Patwardhan AW, Patil DJ, Kshatriya SS, Nere NK
453 - 458 Lactosucrose production using a simulated moving bed reactor
Kawase M, Pilgrim A, Araki T, Hashimoto K
459 - 466 Determination of sucrose effective diffusivity and intrinsic rate constant of hydrolysis catalysed by Ca-alginate entrapped cells
Polakovic M, Kudlacova G, Stefuca V, Bales V
467 - 474 The effect of pore-space morphology on the performance of anaerobic granular sludge particles containing entrapped gas
Stepanek F, Marek M, Adler PM
475 - 483 A biofilter network model - importance of the pore structure and other large-scale heterogeneities
Schwarz BCE, Devinny JS, Tsotsis TT
485 - 492 A networks-of-zones analysis of mixing and mass transfer in three industrial bioreactors
Zahradnik J, Mann R, Fialova M, Vlaev D, Vlaev SD, Lossev V, Seichter P
493 - 502 Development of a complete model for an air-lift reactor
Camarasa E, Carvalho E, Meleiro LAC, Maciel R, Domingues A, Wild G, Poncin S, Midoux N, Bouillard J
503 - 512 Eulerian simulations for determination of the axial dispersion of liquid and gas phases in bubble columns operating in the churn-turbulent regime
van Baten JM, Krishna R
513 - 522 Model evaluation for an industrial process of direct chlorination of ethylene in a bubble-column reactor with external recirculation loop
Orejas JA
523 - 529 Single- and two-phase flow in fixed-bed reactors: MRI flow visualisation and lattice-Boltzmann simulations
Mantle MD, Sederman AJ, Gladden LF
531 - 536 Gas-liquid mass transfer characteristics of the three-levels-of-porosity reactor
van Hasselt BW, Calis HPA, Sie ST, van den Bleek CM
537 - 545 Design and scale up of a bubble column slurry reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Krishna R, van Baten JM, Urseanu MI, Ellenberger J
547 - 555 Experimental comparison of three reactor designs for photocatalytic water purification
Dijkstra MFJ, Buwalda H, de Jong AWF, Michorius A, Winkelman JGM, Beenackers AACM
557 - 564 Selective hydrogenation of 1,5,9-cyclododecatriene in up- and down-flow fixed-bed reactors: experimental observations and modeling
Julcour C, Jaganathan R, Chaudhari RV, Wilhelm AM, Delmas H
565 - 570 Neural network and hybrid model: a discussion about different modeling techniques to predict pulping degree with industrial data
Aguiar HC, Maciel R
571 - 578 Hydrodynamic modelling of dense gas-fluidised beds using the kinetic theory of granular flow: effect of coefficient of restitution on bed dynamics
Goldschmidt MJV, Kuipers JAM, van Swaaij WPM
579 - 585 Modelling radial dispersion in terms of the local structure of packed beds
Schnitzlein K
587 - 595 Determination of bed voidage using water substitution and 3D magnetic resonance imaging, bed density and pressure drop in packed-bed reactors
Sharma S, Mantle MD, Gladden LF, Winterbottom JM
597 - 603 Modelling and simulation of a steam reforming tube with furnace
Grevskott S, Rusten T, Hillestad M, Edwin E, Olsvik O
605 - 612 Heterogeneous reaction model for FCC riser units
Martignoni W, de Lasa HI
613 - 620 A pilot plant study and 2-D dispersion-reactor model for a high-density riser reactor
Wei F, Wan XT, Hu YQ, Wang ZG, Yang YH, Jin Y
621 - 626 Modelling and simulation of 1,2-dichloroethane production by ethylene oxychlorination in fluidized-bed reactor
Al-Zahrani SM, Aljodai AM, Wagialla KM
627 - 632 Design and simulation of a reactor for the chlorination of acetone in gaseous phase
Markos J, Soos M, Jelemensky L
633 - 639 Hydrogen production by catalytic cracking of methane over nickel gauze under periodic reactor operation
Monnerat B, Kiwi-Minsker L, Renken A
641 - 649 Heterogeneous reactor modeling for simulation of catalytic oxidation and steam reforming of methane
Avci AK, Trimm DL, Onsan ZI
651 - 658 Improving catalyst structures and reactor configurations for autothermal reaction systems: Application to solid oxide fuel cells
Aguiar P, Lapena-Rey N, Chadwick D, Kershenbaum L
659 - 666 Multilevel modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reactors
Lakatos BG
667 - 671 Modeling of hydrazodicarbonamide oxidation by chlorine in a gas-liquid-solid system
Lin C, Zhang JY
673 - 681 Simulation of a slurry airlift using a two-fluid model
Oey RS, Mudde RF, Portela LM, van den Akker HEA
683 - 692 Mechanistic investigation of electric field-activated self-propagating reactions: experimental and modeling studies
Orru R, Cincotti A, Cao G, Munir ZA
693 - 698 Liquid dispersion and holdup in a small-scale upflow hydrotreater at high temperatures and pressure
Thanos AM, Galtier PA, Papayannakos NG
699 - 705 Modelling of complex liquid-solid reaction systems in semibatch reactors: Claisen condensation in industrial scale
Tirronen E, Salmi T, Lehtonen J, Vuori A, Gronfors O, Kaljula K
707 - 711 The fractional Brownian motion as a model for an industrial airlift reactor
Scheffer R, Maciel R
713 - 719 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane for propylene production -comparison of catalytic processes
Wolf D, Dropka N, Smejkal Q, Buyevskaya O
721 - 726 The modeling of a fountain photocatalytic reactor with a parabolic profile
Li Puma G, Yue PL