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4679 - 4679 4th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands, 23-25 August 1999
4681 - 4709 Some aspects of high-pressure phenomena of bubbles in liquids and liquid-solid suspensions
Fan LS, Yang GQ, Lee DJ, Tsuchiya K, Luo X
4711 - 4728 Cross-sectional distributions of gas and solid holdups in slurry bubble column investigated by ultrasonic computed tomography
Warsito, Ohkawa M, Kawata N, Uchida S
4729 - 4747 Modelling of two-phase flow in packings and monoliths
Mewes D, Loser T, Millies M
4749 - 4755 Theoretical analysis of fluid particle collisions in turbulent flow
Hagesaether L, Jakobsen HA, Svendsen HF
4757 - 4766 The effect of surface-active additives on bubble coalescence in aqueous media
Zahradnik J, Fialova M, Linek V
4767 - 4777 A study on coalescence and breakage mechanisms in three different bubble columns
Colella D, Vinci D, Bagatin R, Masi M, ABu Bakr E
4779 - 4784 CFD modelling of gas-liquid reactive precipitation
Al-Rashed MH, Jones AG
4785 - 4790 Supported glass fibers catalysts for novel multi-phase reactor design
Kiwi-Minsker L, Yuranov I, Holler V, Renken A
4791 - 4799 A numerical comparison of alternative three-phase reactors with a conventional trickle-bed reactor. The advantages of countercurrent flow for hydrodesulfurization
van Hasselt BW, Lebens PJM, Calis HPA, Kapteijn F, Sie ST, Moulijn JA, van den Bleek CM
4801 - 4809 Gas-liquid-liquid reaction engineering: the Koch synthesis of pivalic acid from iso- and tert-butanol; Reaction kinetics and the effect of a dispersed second-liquid phase
Brilman DWF, van Swaaij WPM, Versteeg GF
4811 - 4816 Effect of the catalyst wettability on the performance of a trickle-bed reactor for ethanol oxidation as a case study
Horowitz GI, Martinez O, Cukierman AL, Cassanello MC
4817 - 4823 Bubble flow simulations with the lattice Boltzmann method
Sankaranarayanan K, Shan X, Kevrekidis IG, Sundaresan S
4825 - 4830 Hydrodynamic characteristics of free rise of light solid particles and gas bubbles in non-Newtonian liquids
Dewsbury K, Karamanev D, Margaritis A
4831 - 4838 Bubble wake dynamics of a single bubble rising in the freeboard of a two-dimensional liquid-solid fluidized bed
Chen RC, Wang FM, Lin TJ
4839 - 4844 Mixing in batch G-L-L ' reactors with top and bottom blowing
Diaz M, Martin M
4845 - 4851 An oscillating liquid-gas reaction with periodic evaporation: nonlinear analysis and experimental results
Zeyer KP, Mangold M, Obertopp T, Gilles ED
4853 - 4859 Heat transfer and bubble characteristics from a nozzle in high-pressure bubble columns
Lin TJ, Fan LS
4861 - 4867 Gas dispersion through porous nozzles into down-flowing liquids
Evans GM, Rigby GD, Honeyands TA, He QL
4869 - 4879 Modelling of gas-liquid reactors - stability and dynamic behaviour of gas-liquid mass transfer accompanied by irreversible reaction
Van Elk EP, Borman PC, Kuipers JAM, Versteeg GF
4881 - 4886 Gas-liquid reactor/separator: dynamics and operability characteristics
Ranade VV, Kuipers JAM, Versteeg GF
4887 - 4893 Diagnosis of bubble distribution and mass transfer in bubble columns with viscous liquid medium
Kang Y, Cho YJ, Woo KJ, Kim SD
4895 - 4902 Characterization of bubble column hydrodynamics with local measurements
Lefebvre S, Guy C
4903 - 4911 Influence of scale on the hydrodynamics of bubble columns operating in the churn-turbulent regime: experiments vs. Eulerian simulations
Krishna R, Urseanu MI, van Baten JM, Ellenberger J
4913 - 4920 Experimental and numerical studies of the hydrodynamics in a bubble column
Lain S, Broder D, Sommerfeld M
4921 - 4927 Dynamic behavior of the flow field of a bubble column at low to moderate gas fractions
Mudde RF, Van Den Akker HEA
4929 - 4935 Dynamic flow behaviour in bubble columns
Becker S, De Bie H, Sweeney J
4937 - 4943 Periodical changes of input air flowrate - a possible way of improvement of oxygen transfer and liquid circulation in airlift bioreactors
Godo S, Klein J, Polakovic M, Bales V
4945 - 4951 Mass transfer and structure of bubbly flows in a system of CO2 disposal into the ocean by a gas-lift column
Saito T, Kajishima T, Tsuchiya K, Kosugi S
4953 - 4959 Wet air oxidation (WAO) for the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sludge. Design of bubble column reactors
Debellefontaine H, Crispel S, Reilhac P, Perie F, Foussard JN
4961 - 4966 Use of dimensional similitude for scale-up of hydrodynamics in three-phase fluidized beds
Safoniuk M, Grace JR, Hackman L, McKnight CA
4967 - 4973 Fundamentals of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a three-phase fluidized bed system
Song JS, Hyndman CL, Jakher RK, Hamilton K, Kantzas A
4975 - 4980 Effect of coalescence inhibitors on the performance of three-phase inverse fluidized-bed columns
Briens CL, Ibrahim YAA, Margaritis A, Bergougnou MA
4981 - 4990 Mass transfer in a confined plunging liquid jet bubble column
Evans GM, Machniewski PM
4991 - 4995 The development and modelling of high-intensity impinging stream jet reactors for effective mass transfer in heterogeneous systems
Kleingeld AW, Lorenzen L, Botes FG
4997 - 5002 Measurement of local particle-fluid heat transfer coefficient in trickle-bed reactors
Marcandelli C, Wild G, Lamine AS, Bernard JR
5003 - 5012 Measurement and analysis of flows in a gas-liquid column reactor
Bennett MA, West RM, Luke SP, Jia X, Williams RA
5013 - 5019 Multicomponent reaction engineering model for Fe-catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in commercial scale slurry bubble column reactors
van der Laan GP, Beenackers AACM, Krishna R
5021 - 5029 The boiling slurry reactor: Axial dispersion model
Khinast JG, Luss D, Leib TM, Harold MP
5031 - 5037 A two-fluid model for flow regime transition in gas-liquid trickle-bed reactors
Attou A, Ferschneider G
5039 - 5045 The generalized slit model: Pressure gradient, liquid holdup & wetting efficiency in gas-liquid trickle flow
Iliuta I, Larachi F
5047 - 5053 Gas- and liquid-phase residence time distribution in the three-levels-of-porosity reactor
van Hasselt BW, Calis HPA, Sie ST, van den Bleek CM
5055 - 5060 CFD simulation of bubble column reactors: importance of drag force formulation
Thakre SS, Joshi JB
5061 - 5069 Two- and three-dimensional simulations of a bubble plume using a two-fluid model
Mudde RF, Simonin O
5071 - 5083 Numerical simulation of gas-liquid dynamics in cylindrical bubble column reactors
Sanyal J, Vasquez S, Roy S, Dudukovic MP
5085 - 5090 Use of computational fluid dynamics for simulating hydrodynamics and mass transfer in industrial ozonation towers
Cockx A, Do-Quang Z, Line A, Roustan M
5091 - 5099 Hydrodynamic simulations of laboratory scale bubble columns fundamental studies of the Eulerian-Eulerian modelling approach
Pfleger D, Gomes S, Gilbert N, Wagner HG
5101 - 5107 Numerical simulation of gas-liquid-solid fluidization systems using a combined CFD-VOF-DPM method: bubble wake behavior
Li Y, Zhang JP, Fan LS
5109 - 5117 A concept for multi-scale modeling of bubble columns and loop reactors
Bauer M, Eigenberger G
5119 - 5125 Gas-liquid mass transfer in an internally finned monolith operated countercurrently in the film flow regime
Lebens PJM, Heiszwolf JJ, Kapteijn F, Sie ST, Moulijn JA
5127 - 5137 Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid flow in 2D packed/unpacked rectangular reactor
Spicka P, Martins AA, Dias MM, Lopes JCB
5139 - 5144 A simple model for pressure drop and liquid hold-up in packed-bed bubble reactors
Attou A, Ferschneider G
5145 - 5152 Counter-current operation of a structured catalytically packed-bed reactor: Liquid phase mixing and mass transfer
Higler AP, Krishna R, Ellenberger J, Taylor R
5153 - 5157 Gas hold-up and mass transfer in gas-lift reactors operated at elevated pressures
Letzel M, Stankiewicz A
5159 - 5171 Ensemble correlation PIV applied to bubble plumes rising in a bubble column
Delnoij E, Westerweel J, Deen NG, Kuipers JAM, van Swaaij WPM
5173 - 5179 Immersed heater-to-bed heat transfer in liquid-liquid-solid fluidized beds
Kim SD, Kim JS, Nam CH, Kim SH, Kang Y
5181 - 5185 Liquid circulation and critical gas velocity in slurry bubble column with short size draft tube
Kojima H, Sawai J, Uchino H, Ichige T
5187 - 5193 Hydrodynamics of a bubble column under elevated pressure
Pohorecki R, Moniuk W, Zdrojkowski A
5195 - 5203 Rigorous dynamic modelling of complex reactive absorption processes
Kenig EY, Schneider R, Gorak A
5205 - 5209 Butylacetate via reactive distillation - modelling and experiment
Hanika J, Kolena J, Smejkal Q
5211 - 5221 Hydrodynamics and flow regimes in external loop airlift reactors
Bendjaballah N, Dhaouadi H, Poncin S, Midoux N, Hornut JM, Wild G
5223 - 5229 Natural modes of multi-orifice bubbling from a common plenum
Ruzicka M, Drahos J, Zahradnik J, Thomas NH
5231 - 5235 Selective hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehyde in gas-liquid-liquid-solid four phases
Yamada H, Urano H, Goto S
5237 - 5243 Dynamics of gas-liquid flows in bubble column reactors
Ranade VV, Utikar RP
5245 - 5252 Two-phase hydrodynamic study of a rectangular air-lift loop reactor with an internal baffle
Couvert A, Roustan M, Chatellier P
5253 - 5258 Hydrodynamic model for three-phase internal- and external-loop airlift reactors
Freitas C, Fialova M, Zahradnik J, Teixeira JA
5259 - 5263 Scale-up effects in nonlinear dynamics of three-phase reactors
Yano T, Kuramoto K, Tsutsumi A, Otawara K, Shigaki Y
5265 - 5271 Analysis of bubble dynamics and local hydrodynamics based on instantaneous heat transfer measurements in a slurry bubble column
Li H, Prakash A
5273 - 5278 Gas holdup in a three-phase magneto-fluidized bed
Sonolikar RL, Butley GV, Saheb SP
5279 - 5284 Reaction engineering of catalytic gas-liquid processes in loop-venturi reactors in comparison with stirred vessels operation
Stefoglo EF, Zhukova OP, Kuchin IV, Albrecht SN, Nagirnjak AT, Van Dierendonck L
5285 - 5292 Hydrodynamics and computer simulation of an ozone oxidation reactor for treating drinking water
Muroyama K, Norieda T, Morioka A, Tsuji T
5293 - 5298 Liquid-phase flow structure and backmixing characteristics of gas-liquid-solid three-phase circulating fluidized bed
Yang WG, Wang JF, Chen W, Jin Y
5299 - 5309 Modelling and simulation of a bubble-column reactor with external loop: Application to the direct chlorination of ethylene
Orejas JA
5311 - 5318 Modeling and measurement of sulfur dioxide absorption rate in a laminar falling film reactor
Van Dam MHH, Corriou JP, Midoux N, Lamine AS, Roizard C
5319 - 5327 Bubble characteristics in a high-intensity gas/liquid contactor
Waldie B, Johnston T, Harris WK, Bell C
5329 - 5337 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in trickle-bed reactors: an overview
Iliuta I, Ortiz-Arroyo A, Larachi F, Grandjean BPA, Wild G
5339 - 5345 Gas-liquid-powder flow in moving particles: Operational and non-operational regimes
Pham TS, Pinson D, Yu AB, Zulli P
5347 - 5354 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer prediction in a three-phase airlift reactor for marine sediment biotreatment
Tobajas M, Garcia-Calvo E, Siegel MH, Apitz SE