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IX - X Preface
Froment GF
1533 - 1542 Kinetic Modeling of Industrial Catalytic Processes Based upon Fundamental Elementary Kinetics Under Ultra-High-Vacuum
Waugh KC
1543 - 1567 Modeling of Phenomena Within Catalyst Particles
Keil FJ
1569 - 1594 Computational Fluid-Dynamics for Chemical Reactor Engineering
Harris CK, Roekaerts D, Rosendal FJ, Buitendijk FG, Daskopoulos P, Vreenegoor AJ, Wang H
1595 - 1614 Chemical-Reaction Engineering - A Multiscale Approach to a Multiobjective Task
Lerou JJ, Ng KM
1615 - 1635 Building Useful Models of Complex-Reaction Systems in Petroleum Refining
Quann RJ, Jaff SB
1637 - 1659 Polymerization Reactor Modeling - A Review of Recent Developments and Future-Directions
Kiparissides C
1663 - 1672 Kinetics of Hydrogenation of P-Isobutyl Acetophenone Using a Supported Ni Catalyst in a Slurry Reactor
Rajashekharam MV, Chaudhari RV
1673 - 1682 Surface-Enhanced Raman-Spectroscopy as an in-Situ Real-Time Probe of No Reduction over Rhodium at High Gas-Pressures
Williams CT, Tolia AA, Weaver MJ, Takoudis CG
1683 - 1690 The Microkinetics of Ammonia-Synthesis Catalyzed by Cesium-Promoted Supported Ruthenium
Hinrichsen O, Rosowski F, Muhler M, Ertl G
1691 - 1699 First Principle Analysis of the Catalytic Reaction Pathways in the Synthesis of Vinyl-Acetate
Neurock M, Provine WD, Dixon DA, Coulston GW, Lerou JJ, Vansanten RA
1703 - 1713 Liquid Circulation, Bubble-Size Distributions, and Solids Movement in 2-Phase and 3-Phase Bubble-Columns
Grevskott S, Sannaes BH, Dudukovic MP, Hjarbo KW, Svendsen HF
1715 - 1724 Detailed Modeling of the Chemisorption of CO2 into NaOH in a Bubble-Column
Fleischer C, Becker S, Eigenberger G
1725 - 1734 3-D Hydrodynamics in a Tank Stirred by a Double-Propeller System and Filled with a Liquid Having Evolving Rheological Properties
Xuereb C, Bertrand J
1735 - 1744 Modeling Fluid-Dynamics in Multiphase Reactors
Zehner P, Benfer R
1747 - 1756 Accelerating Fronts During the Electrodissolution of Cobalt
Otterstedt RD, Plath PJ, Jaeger NI, Sayer JC, Hudson JL
1757 - 1765 Catalysis on Microcomposite Surfaces
Bangia AK, Bar M, Kevrekidis IG, Graham MD, Rotermund HH, Ertl G
1767 - 1776 Kinetic Modeling of Multiple Steady-States for the Oxidation of Aqueous-Ethanol with Oxygen on a Carbon-Supported Platinum Catalyst
Jelemensky L, Kuster BF, Marin GB
1777 - 1786 The Continuously-Stirred Decanting Reactor - Steady-State and Dynamic Features
Harold MP, Ostermaier JJ, Drew DW, Lerou JJ, Luss D
1789 - 1798 The Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitric-Oxide in the Bead String Reactor
Takacs K, Calis HP, Gerritsen AW, Vandenbleek CM
1799 - 1806 Catalytic Cracking of Hydrocarbons in a Novel Riser Simulator - Lump Adsorption Parameters Under Reaction Conditions
Pruski J, Pekediz A, Delasa H
1807 - 1816 A Fast Fluidized-Bed Reactor for Industrial fcc Regenerator
Maciel R, Batista LM, Fusco M
1817 - 1826 Comparison of the Catalytic Performance of V2O5/Gamma-Al2O3 in the Oxidehydrogenation of Propane to Propylene in Different Reactor Configurations - 1) Packed-Bed Reactor, 2) Monolith-Like Reactor and, 3) Catalytic Membrane Reactor
Capannelli G, Carosini E, Cavani F, Monticelli O, Trifiro F
1827 - 1836 A Continuous Chromatographic Reactor - Smbr
Mazzotti M, Kruglov A, Neri B, Gelosa D, Morbidelli M
1837 - 1846 Design, Modeling and Performance of a Novel Sonochemical Reactor for Heterogeneous Reactions
Horst C, Chen YS, Kunz U, Hoffmann U
1847 - 1855 A New Reactor for Industrial Organic Electrosynthesis
Roquero P, Ghanemlakhal A, Cognet P, Lacoste G, Berlan J, Fabre PL, Duverneuil P
1857 - 1865 Oxidation of Phenol in Waste-Water by Sonoelectrochemistry
Trabelsi F, Aitlyazidi H, Ratsimba B, Wilhelm AM, Delmas H, Fabre PL, Berlan J
1869 - 1878 Measurement of Liquid-Phase Multicomponent Adsorption in a Synzyme Partial Oxidation Catalyst
Claessens R, Baron GV
1879 - 1888 Measurement and Prediction of the Diffusivity of Y-Type Zeolite
Masuda T, Fukada K, Fujikata Y, Ikeda H, Hashimoto K
1889 - 1896 Problems in the Determination of Pore Connectivity by Digital Image-Processing
Scharfenberg R, Meyerhoff K, Hesse D
1899 - 1908 Effect of Process-Model Mismatch on the Optimization of the Catalytic Epoxidation of Oleic-Acid Using Tendency Models
Fotopoulos J, Georgakis C, Stenger HG
1909 - 1918 Nonlinear Dynamic Estimation for a Fixed-Bed Reactor with Decaying Catalysts
Cheng YS, Mongkhonsi T, Kershenbaum LS
1919 - 1926 Design and Implementation of an Extended Observer for the Polymerization of Polyethylenterephthalate
Appelhaus P, Engell S
1929 - 1938 Modeling the Scalar Dissipation Rate for a Turbulent Series-Parallel Reaction
Tsai KC, Fox RO
1939 - 1946 Trajectory Length Distribution (TLD), a Novel Concept to Characterize Mixing in Flow Systems
Villermaux J
1947 - 1955 Hydrodynamics and Heat-Transfer of Rheologically Complex Fluids in a Sulzer SMX Static Mixer
Li HZ, Fasol C, Choplin L
1957 - 1966 Interaction of Macromixing and Micromixing on Particle-Size Distribution in Reactive Precipitation
Chen JF, Zheng C, Chen GT
1967 - 1976 Liquid-Mixing Based on Convection and Turbulent Dispersion in Bubble-Columns
Degaleesan S, Roy S, Kumar SB, Dudukovic MP
1979 - 1990 Monitoring the Fluidization Characteristics of Polyolefin Resins Using X-Ray Computer-Assisted Tomography Scanning
Kantzas A, Kalogerakis N
1991 - 2000 Scale-Up of Chaotic Fluidized-Bed Hydrodynamics
Schouten JC, Vanderstappen ML, Vandenbleek CM
2001 - 2010 Radial Nonuniformity of Flow Structure in a Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized-Bed
Liang WG, Zhu JX, Jin Y, Yu ZQ, Wang ZW, Zhou J
2011 - 2020 Solids Mixing in Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized-Beds - Experiments and Modeling
Cassanello M, Larachi F, Guy C, Chaouki J
2021 - 2029 Regenerative Removal of SO2 and NOx for a 150 Mwe Power-Plant in an Interconnected Fluidized-Bed Facility
Snip OC, Woods M, Korbee R, Schouten JC, Vandenbleek CM
2031 - 2039 A 2-Stage Cyclic Fluidized-Bed Process for Converting Hydrogen-Chloride to Chlorine
Mortensen M, Minet RG, Tsotsis TT, Benson S
2041 - 2050 Reactor Development for Conversion of Natural-Gas to Liquid Fuels - A Scale-Up Strategy Relying on Hydrodynamic Analogies
Krishna R, Ellenberger J, Sie ST
2053 - 2060 Paraffin Alkylation Using Zeolite Catalysts in a Slurry Reactor - Chemical-Engineering Principles to Extend Catalyst Lifetime
Dejong KP, Mesters CM, Peferoen DG, Vanbrugge PT, Degroot C
2061 - 2068 Slow Convergence to Cycle-Invariance During Forced-Oscillations of the No+co Reaction over a Pt Catalyst
Sadhankar RR, Lynch DT
2069 - 2078 Kinetics and Mechanism of Carbonylation of Allyl Chloride Using a Pd Catalyst - A Case of Gas-Liquid-Liquid-Solid Catalytic Reaction
Gupte SP, Krishnamurthy VP, Chaudhari RV
2079 - 2088 Complex Gas - Liquid Reactions - Feedback from Bulk Liquid to Liquid - Side Film
Parulekar SJ, Amin NA
2091 - 2098 Phthalic-Anhydride Synthesis - Reactor Optimization Aspects
Papageorgiou JN, Froment GF
2099 - 2108 Axial-Dispersion in Gases Flowing Through a Packed-Bed at Elevated Pressures
Benneker AH, Kronberg AE, Post JW, Vanderham AG, Westerterp KR
2109 - 2118 Low-Pressure Chemical-Vapor-Deposition of Polycrystalline Silicon - Validation and Assessment of Reactor Models
Weerts WL, Decroon MH, Marin GB
2119 - 2128 Design and Scale-Up of Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Reactors for Semiconductor Processing
Kleijn CR, Kuijlaars KJ, Vandenakker HE
2131 - 2138 Tomographic Imaging of Trickle-Bed Reactors
Reinecke N, Mewes D
2139 - 2148 Comparison of Trickle-Bed and Upflow Reactor Performance at High-Pressure - Model Predictions and Experimental-Observations
Khadilkar MR, Wu YX, Aldahhan MH, Dudukovic MP, Colakyan M
2149 - 2158 Solid Effects on Gas-Liquid Mass-Transfer in 3-Phase, Slurry Catalytic-Hydrogenation of Adiponitrile over Raney-Nickel
Jolyvuillemin C, Debellefon C, Delmas H
2161 - 2167 Modeling of 3-Phase Catalytic Upflow Reactor - A Significant Chemical Determination of Liquid-Solid and Gas-Liquid Mass-Transfer Coefficients
Stuber F, Wilhelm AM, Delmas H
2169 - 2178 Neural Nets, Fuzzy-Sets and Digraphs in Safety and Operability Studies of Refinery Reaction Processes
Wang XZ, Chen BH, Yang SH, Mcgreavy C
2179 - 2188 Modeling of a Fixed-Bed Reactor Using the K-L Expansion and Neural Networks
Zhou XG, Liu LH, Dai YC, Yuan WK, Hudson JL
2189 - 2198 Fast-Response Distributed-Parameter Fluidized-Bed Reactor Model for Propylene Partial Oxidation Using Feedforward Neural-Network Methods
Leib TM, Mills PL, Lerou JJ
2201 - 2209 Single Pellet Reactor for the Dynamic Analysis of Gas-Solid Reactions Reaction of SO2 with Activated Soda
Kopac T, Dogu G, Dogu T
2211 - 2220 Heat-Transfer Mechanisms and Multistep Kinetics in the Ablative Pyrolysis of Cellulose
Diblasi C
2221 - 2230 Development, Modeling and Evaluation of a (Laminar) Entrained Flow Reactor for the Determination of the Pyrolysis Kinetics of Polymers
Westerhout RW, Kuipers JA, Vanswaaij WP
2231 - 2239 Flammability Limits in Flowing Ethene-Air-Nitrogen Mixtures - An Experimental-Study
Bolk JW, Siccama NB, Westerterp KR
2243 - 2252 Optimization and Scale-Up of Batch Chemical Reactors - Impact of Safety Constraints
Toulouse C, Cezerac J, Cabassud M, Lelann MV, Casamatta G
2253 - 2259 Control of Runaway Polymerization Reactions by Injection of Inhibiting Agents - A Contribution to the Safety of Chemical Reactors
Kammel U, Schluter S, Steiff A, Weinspach PM
2263 - 2272 NMR and Fractal Modeling Studies of Transport in Porous-Media
Rigby SP, Gladden LF
2273 - 2282 First-Order Kinetics in Fractal Catalysts - Renormalization Analysis of the Effectiveness Factor
Giona M, Schwalm WA, Adrover A, Schwalm MK
2283 - 2292 Fractal Aspects in the Catalytic Reforming of Naphtha
Coppens MO, Froment GF
2293 - 2302 Reaction and Diffusion at an Artificial Fractal Interface - Evidence for a New Diffusional Regime
Mougin P, Pons M, Villermaux J
2305 - 2314 Bioreaction Techniques Under Microaerobic Conditions - From Molecular-Level to Pilot-Plant Reactors
Zeng AP, Deckwer WD
2315 - 2325 A Countercurrent Adsorptive Reactor for Acidifying Bioconversions
Vanderwielen LA, Diepen PJ, Houwers J, Luyben KC
2327 - 2336 Coupled Nitrification-Denitrification Processes in a Mixed Culture of Coimmobilized Cells - Analysis and Experiment
Tartakovsky B, Kotlar E, Sheintuch M
2337 - 2346 Electrochemically Assisted Catalyst for Enzymatic Glucose-Oxidation
Gros P, Bergel A, Comtat M
2349 - 2358 Multitubular Reactors for Etherifications
Miracca I, Tagliabue L, Trotta R
2359 - 2368 Development of a New Catalytic Distillation Process for Fuel Ethers via a Detailed Nonequilibrium Model
Sundmacher K, Hoffmann U
2369 - 2377 1-Hexene Isomerization on a Pt/Gamma-Al2O3 Catalyst - The Dramatic Effects of Feed Peroxides on Catalyst Activity
Clark MC, Subramaniam B
2379 - 2387 Processes for Converting Methane to Liquid Fuels - Economic Screening Through Energy Management
Lange JP, Tijm PJ
2391 - 2398 Convective Acceleration of Mass-Transfer in 3-Phase Systems by Pressure Oscillations
Vandenheuvel JC, Zwart IP, Vredenbregt LH
2399 - 2407 Optimal Reactor Structures for Exothermic Reversible-Reactions with Complex Kinetics
Hopley F, Glasser D, Hildebrandt D
2409 - 2418 Optimization of the Cold-Start Behavior of Automotive Catalysts Using an Electrically Heated Pre-Catalyst
Kirchner T, Eigenberger G
2419 - 2426 Automotive Exhaust Catalysis - Is Periodic Operation Beneficial
Silveston PL
2429 - 2438 Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Oxidation Reactions over Platinum and Inert Surfaces
Vlachos DG
2439 - 2448 Mixing and Reaction in a Tubular Jet Reactor - A Comparison of Experiments with a Model-Based on a Prescribed Pdf
Kruis FE, Falk L
2449 - 2458 Are Barium-Sulfate Kinetics Sufficiently Known for Testing Precipitation Reactor Models
Aoun M, Plasari E, David R, Villermaux J
2461 - 2470 Dynamic Modeling and Steady-State Multiplicity in High-Pressure Multizone LDPE Autoclaves
Topalis E, Pladis P, Kiparissides C, Goossens I
2471 - 2477 General-Theory of Molecular-Weight Distribution of Polymers Formed in Continuous Nonterminating Catalytic Polymerization Accompanied by Chain Transfer-Reactions
Litvinenko GI
2479 - 2488 Radical-Addition Polymerization of Acrylates in a Buss-Kneader
Troelstra EJ, Dierendonck LL, Janssen LP, Maeder S, Renken A
2491 - 2500 The Effect of Bubbling Regime on Gas and Liquid-Phase Mixing in Bubble-Column Reactors
Zahradnik J, Fialova M
2501 - 2510 Bubble Characteristics in 3-Phase Systems Used for Pulp and Paper Processing
Reese J, Jiang P, Fan LS
2511 - 2520 Coherent Structures and Axial-Dispersion in Bubble-Column Reactors
Groen JS, Oldeman RG, Mudde RF, Vandenakker HE