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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 16 Experimental and modeling investigations into hydrate shell growth on suspended bubbles considering pore updating and surface collapse
Sun BJ, Liu Z, Wang ZY, Chen LT, Li H, Duan WG
17 - 29 Critical sinking of hydrophobic micron particles
Ji BQ, Song Q, Wang A, Yao Q
30 - 38 Maxwell-Stefan diffusion coefficient model derived from entropy generation minimization principle for binary liquid mixtures
Cao XP, Zhou M, Jia SK, Yuan XG, Yu KT
39 - 53 Sensitivity analysis and validation of a Two Fluid Method (TFM) model for a spouted bed
Moliner C, Marchelli F, Ong L, Martinez-Felipe A, Van der Dominic A, Arato E
54 - 68 Confining migration of amine monomer during interfacial polymerization for constructing thin-film composite forward osmosis membrane with low fouling propensity
Zhang X, Xiong S, Liu CX, Shen L, Ding C, Guan CY, Wang Y
69 - 78 Tailoring product formulation properties to reduce grinding media wear
Flach F, Breitung-Faes S, Kwade A
79 - 90 A study on the potential of carbon-based nanomaterials for enhancement of evaporation and water production
Ghafurian MM, Niazmand H, Dastjerd FT, Mahian O
91 - 104 Revisiting glycerol esterification with acetic acid over Amberlyst-35 via statistically designed experiments: Overcoming transport limitations
Caballero KV, Guerrero-Amaya H, Baldovino-Medrano VG
105 - 129 1-D semi-analytical modeling and parametric study of a single phase rectangular Coupled Natural Circulation Loop
Dass A, Gedupudi S
130 - 144 Photocuring of di-acrylate in presence of oxygen
Ledema PD, Schambock V, Boonen H, van der Linden MN, Willemse R
145 - 152 Analytical solution of Taylor circulation in a prolate ellipsoid droplet in the frame of 2D Stokes equations
Makeev IV, Popov IY, Abiev RS
153 - 171 Numerical study of droplet deformation in shear flow using a conservative level-set method
Amani A, Balcazar N, Castro J, Oliva A
172 - 180 Simulation of particle migration during viscosity measurement of solid-bearing slag using a spindle rotational type viscometer
Wang YN, Liu ZZ, Cao LL, Blanpain B, Guo MX
181 - 193 Residence time distribution in coil and plate micro-reactors
Hopley A, Doyle BJ, Roberge DM, Macchi A
194 - 201 Minimum fluidization velocity of binary mixtures of medium particles in the Air Dense medium fluidized bed
Fu ZJ, Zhu ES, Barghi S, Zhao YM, Luo ZF, Duan CL
202 - 214 Kinetics and modeling of supercritical pyrolysis of endothermic hydrocarbon fuels in regenerative cooling channels
Li ZZ, Wang HY, Jing K, Wang LM, Li Y, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
215 - 234 Modeling and analysis of the acidizing process in carbonate rocks using a two-phase thermal-hydrologic-chemical coupled model
Liu PY, Yan X, Yao J, Sun SY
235 - 246 Confinement of Fe2O3 nanoparticles in the shell of N-doped carbon hollow microsphere for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Xiao ZR, Hou F, Li YT, Zhang RR, Shen GQ, Wang L, Zhang XW, Wang QF, Li GZ
247 - 257 Thermodynamic and population balance models for solvent-mediated phase transformation of lansoprazole
Zong SY, Wang JK, Xiao Y, Sakoth B, Wu H, Liu Q, Zhou YN, Huang X, Hao HX
258 - 270 Experimental investigation of a two-zone model for semi-batch precipitation in stirred-tank reactors
Rehage H, Nikq F, Kind M
271 - 279 A novel and efficient route for aryl ketones generation over Co3O4/Ag@C3N4 photocatalyst
Chen P, Liu F, Chen S, Guo JK, Shen S, Chen L, Au CT, Yin SF
280 - 304 Effects of correlated morphological and topological heterogeneity of pore network on effective transport and reaction parameters
Adloo H, L'Heureux I, Kharaghani A
305 - 316 The invalidation mechanism of kinetic hydrate inhibitors under high subcooling conditions
Cheng LW, Liao K, Li Z, Cui JL, Liu B, Li FG, Chen GJ, Sun CY
317 - 326 How coherent structures dominate the residence time in a bubble wake: An experimental example
v Kameke A, Kastens S, Ruttinger S, Herres-Pawlis S, Schluter M
327 - 333 Time-dependent density functional theory for the freezing/melting transition in interfacial systems
Liu Y, Guo FY, Hu J, Liu HL, Hu Y
334 - 343 Ammonium perchlorate encapsulating nanothermites as high energetic composites: Preparation, thermal decomposition and combustion properties
Hu YH, Yang YL, Lin KF, Hao DY, Qiu LL, Wang DK, Fan RQ, Xia DB
344 - 351 Methods for determining the intrinsic kinetic characteristics of irreversible adsorption processes
Constales D, Fang ZT, Kunz MR, Yablonsky G, Fushimi R
352 - 357 Suzuki-Miyura cross-coupling reaction in droplet-based microreactor
Yan LF, Wang H, Bai L, Fu YH, Cheng Y
358 - 378 An EMMS drag model for coarse grid simulation of polydisperse gas-solid flow in circulating fluidized bed risers
Qin ZY, Zhou Q, Wang JW
379 - 396 On the choice of closure complexity in anisotropic drag closures for filtered Two Fluid Models
Cloete JH, Cloete S, Radl S, Amini S
397 - 409 A pore-scale study of transport of inertial particles by water in porous media
Kokubun MAE, Muntean A, Radu FA, Kumar K, Pop IS, Keilegavlen E, Spildo K
410 - 423 The impact of CO gradients on C. ljungdahlii in a 125 m(3) bubble column: Mass transfer, circulation time and lifeline analysis
Siebler F, Lapin A, Hermann M, Takors R
424 - 440 Automatic identification of the optimal distillation sequence based on its integration with reactor
Yin CF, Liu GL
441 - 447 High yield one-pot synthesis of high density and low freezing point jet-fuel-ranged blending from bio-derived phenol and cyclopentanol
Nie GK, Dai YY, Liu YN, Xie JJ, Gong S, Afzal N, Zhang XW, Pan L, Zou JJ
448 - 455 Efficient bio-ethanol recovery by non-contact vapor permeation process using membranes with tailored pore size and hydrophobicity
Zheng PY, Zhang WH, Li C, Wang NX, Li J, Qin ZP, An QF
456 - 456 Experimental investigation of air entrainment by vertical plunging liquid jet (vol 181, pg 251, 2018)
Miwa S, Moribe T, Tsutsumi K, Hibiki T
457 - 463 A permeation model of shale gas in cylindrical-like kerogen pores at geological conditions
Sun JJ, Liu ZP, Cao DP
464 - 478 On the pressure drop of fluids through woven screen meshes
Azizi F
479 - 489 Modeling intraphase and interphase mass transfer limitations for NH3-SCR over Cu-ZSM-5
Zhong C, Gong JK, Tan LG, Liu WQ, Liu GL, Zhang ZQ
490 - 494 Effective thermal conductivity of a bed packed with granular iron-manganese oxide for thermochemical energy storage
Hamidi M, Wheeler VM, Kreider P, Catchpole K, Weimer AW
495 - 503 Spreading of droplets impacting different wettable surfaces at a Weber number close to zero
Liu X, Zhang X, Min JC
504 - 515 Linking power and flow in rotor-stator mixers
John TP, Panesar JS, Kowalski A, Rodgers TL, Fonte CP
516 - 526 Copper sulfide-macroporous polyacrylamide hydrogel for solar steam generation
Sun Y, Gao JP, Liu Y, Kang HY, Xie MH, Wu FM, Qiu HX
527 - 541 The role of viscous and capillary forces in the prediction of critical conditions defining super-hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics
Panda A, Pati AR, Saha B, Kumar A, Mohapatra SS
542 - 555 Experimental study on the atomization and particle evolution characteristics in an impinging entrained-flow gasifier
Wu XX, Gong Y, Guo QH, Xue ZC, Yu GS
556 - 580 Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in a microchannel via passive oscillation of a flexible vortex generator
Dadvand A, Hosseini S, Aghebatandish S, Khoo BC
581 - 587 Tuning crystal structure in a micro-scale reactive flow
Perazzo A, Sicignano L, Tomaiuolo G, Marotta R, Andreozzi R, Guido S
588 - 599 Spectroscopic analysis of Jet A-1 heteroatomic components
Sharma P
600 - 610 Determination of the moisture transport coefficient from pore network simulations of spontaneous imbibition in capillary porous media
Jabbari Y, Tsotsas E, Kirsch C, Kharaghani A
611 - 618 Macroporous MoS2/carbon hybrid film with superior ion/electron conductivity for superhigh areal capacity Li-ion batteries
Zhang HX, Liu Y, Jiang H, Deng ZN, Liu HL, Li CZ
619 - 630 Fast pyrolysis of guaiacol to simple phenols: Experiments, theory and kinetic model
Yerrayya A, Natarajan U, Vinu R
631 - 643 Investigation of bubble behavior with phase change under the effect of noncondensable gas
Jia HW, Xiao X, Kang YM
644 - 652 Mathematical modeling of oscillations during CO oxidation on Ni under reducing conditions
Makeev AG, Peskov NV, Semendyaeva NL, Slinko MM, Bychkov VY, Korchak VN
653 - 662 Group C+ particles: Enhanced flow and fluidization of fine powders with nano-modulation
Zhou Y, Zhu J
663 - 671 Implementation of pseudo-turbulence closures in an Eulerian-Eulerian two-fluid model for non-isothermal gas-solid flow
Peng C, Kong B, Zhou J, Sun B, Passalacqua A, Subramaniam S, Fox RO
672 - 687 Experimental and numerical study of cavitation flows in venturi tubes: From CFD to an empirical model
Shi HB, Li MD, Nikrityuk P, Liu QX
688 - 701 Development of a sulfonic gemini zwitterionic viscoelastic surfactant with high salt tolerance for seawater-based clean fracturing fluid
Zhang WL, Mao JC, Yang XJ, Zhang H, Zhao JZ, Tian JZ, Lin C, Mao JH
702 - 712 Mixing and regime transition analysis of liquid-solid conical fluidized bed through RPT technique
Kalo L, Kamalanathan P, Pant HJ, Cassanello MC, Upadhyay RK
713 - 724 Capturing the instantaneous flow structure in gas-solid circulating fluidized bed using high-speed imaging and fiber optic sensing
Wei XY, Zhu J
725 - 743 Toward multiscale consequential sustainable process design: Including the effects of economy and resource constraints with application to green urea production in a watershed
Lee K, Ghosh T, Bakshi BR
744 - 751 The role of homogeneous steam reforming of acetylene in the partial oxidation of methane to syngas in matrix type converters
Savchenko VI, Nikitin AV, Sedov IV, Ozerskii AV, Arutyunov VS
752 - 768 Cleaning insoluble viscoplastic soil layers using static and moving coherent impinging water jets
Fernandes RR, Oevermann D, Wilson DI
769 - 779 Continuum-scale modeling of water infiltration into a stack of two thin fibrous layers and their inter-layer space
Tavangarrad AH, Mohebbi B, Qin CZ, Hassanizadeh SM, Rosati R, Claussen J, Blumich B
780 - 789 Multiple particle tracking in PEPT using Voronoi tessellations
Blakemore DM, Govender I, McBride AT, Mainza AN
790 - 798 Slime-resistant marine anti-biofouling coating with PVP-based copolymer in PDMS matrix
Zhao WQ, Yang J, Guo HS, Xu T, Li QS, Wen CY, Sui XJ, Lin CG, Zhang JW, Zhang L
799 - 804 Release of pharmaceutical cocktails from small polymeric micelles
Shaw DD, Pease LF
805 - 819 Robust optimization of a pharmaceutical freeze-drying process under non-Gaussian parameter uncertainties
Xie XZ, Schenkendorf R
820 - 828 Continuous and controllable preparation of polyaniline with different reaction media in microreactors for supercapacitor applications
Song Y, Liu SE, Wang BY, Shang MJ, Lin LL, Su YH
829 - 843 Reactive mass transfer of single O-2 bubbles in a turbulent flow chamber
Bao YY, Jiang ZC, Tong SF, Huang XB, Cai ZQ, Gao ZM
844 - 852 Effect of Au doping of Ni/Al2O3 catalysts used in steam reforming of methane: Mechanism, apparent activation energy, and compensation effect
Rocha KD, Marques CMP, Bueno JMC
853 - 861 Investigation of bubble plume oscillations by Euler-Euler simulation
Fleck S, Rzehak R
862 - 875 Kinetic model for the ammoxidation of ethanol to acetonitrile
Tripodi A, Ripamonti D, Martinazzo R, Folco F, Tabanelli T, Cavani F, Rossetti I
876 - 891 Experimental study on VMD and its performance comparison with AGMD for treating copper-containing solution
Yang CH, Peng X, Zhao YJ, Wang X, Cheng L, Wang F, Li YD, Li PL
892 - 902 Multi-dimensional analysis of micro-/nano-polymeric foams by confocal laser scanning microscopy and foam simulations
Ma HY, Gong PJ, Zhai S, Huang YJ, Niu YH, Park CB, Li GX
903 - 910 Highly permeable and fouling-resistant hollow fiber membranes for reverse osmosis
Zhang Y, Yang LM, Pramoda KP, Gai WX, Zhang S
911 - 928 A study on the permeability for the tree-like branching network with polygonal loops based on the fractal network of leaf vein
Liang MC, Gao YH, Luo L, Xiao BQ, Pang MH, Wang ZK
929 - 941 A hybrid image processing method for measuring 3D bubble distribution using digital inline holography
Shao SY, Li C, Hong JR
942 - 957 Effect of vibration characteristics on the performance of mixing in a vertically vibrated bed of a binary mixture of spherical particles
Menbari A, Hashemnia K
958 - 969 Modelling reaction and diffusion in a wax-filled hollow cylindrical pellet of Fischer Tropsch catalyst
Hubble R, York APE, Dennis JS
970 - 979 Selective adsorption of oil on self-organized surface patterns formed over soft thin PDMS films
Basu S, Sarkar J
980 - 992 Low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature performance of the continuous regenerative diesel particulate filter assisted by electric regeneration
Zhong C, Gong JK, Liu WN, Liu GL
993 - 1006 Operation, validation and model comparison for a reactive dividing wall column
Egger T, Fieg G
1007 - 1016 Single-bubble fragmentation in a mechanically stirred liquid bath under trailing vortex conditions
Yamamoto T, Komarov SV
1017 - 1029 Optimization of thermo-mechanical properties of shape memory polymer composites based on a network model
Wang ZQ, Chang MZ, Kong FY, Yun K
1030 - 1039 Laminar flow friction factor in highly curved helical pipes: Numerical investigation, predictive correlation and experimental validation using a 3D-printed model
Abushammala O, Hreiz R, Lemaitre C, Favre E
1040 - 1048 Freeze-thaw valves as a flow control mechanism in spatially complex 3D-printed fluidic devices
Nawada SH, Aalbers T, Schoenmakers PJ
1049 - 1059 Evaluation of the ship motion effects on the NaOH/air absorption system performance
Son Y, Lee S, Heo S
1060 - 1071 Highly efficient synthesis of dimethyl carbonate over copper catalysts supported on resin-derived carbon microspheres
Zhao JX, Shi RN, Quan YH, Liu JJ, Wang J, Pei YL, Wang XH, Li Z, Ren J
1072 - 1084 Numerical modelling and multi-objective optimization of the novel hydrocyclone for ultra-fine particles classification
Ye JX, Xu YX, Song XF, Yu JG
1085 - 1095 Promotional effect of TiO2 on quinoline hydrodenitrogenation activity over Pt/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Liu J, Li WY, Feng J, Gao X, Luo ZY
1096 - 1106 MRI observation of CO2-C3H8 hydrate-induced water migration in glass sand
Zheng JN, Jiang LL, Wang PF, Zhou H, Yang MJ
1107 - 1120 Investigation of a bubbling fluidized bed methanation reactor by using CFD-DEM and approximate image processing method
Li JG, Agarwal RK, Zhou L, Yang BL
1121 - 1139 Salt crystal growth in interacting drops of a complex biopolymer: Statistical characterization using FESEM images
Choudhury MD, Das S, Roy B, Sengupta S, Tarafdar S, Karmakar S
1140 - 1147 Improvement of pulverization efficiency for micro-sized particles grinding by uncooled high-temperature air jet mill using a computational simulation
Lee HW, Song S, Kim HT
1148 - 1158 Rational Scale-Up of a methane producing bioelectrochemical reactor to 50 L pilot scale
Enzmann F, Holtmann D
1159 - 1174 Impacts of synthesis schemes on economy and flexibility of hydrogen networks
Kang LX, Jiang YH, Liu YZ
1175 - 1186 Model evaluation of particle breakage facilitated process intensification for Mixed-Suspension-Mixed-Product-Removal (MSMPR) crystallization
Li HY, Yang BS
1187 - 1195 An optimized separation process of microalgal lipidic products by molecular distillation: Techno-economic analysis
Mazzelli A, Luzzi DM, Buonanno G, Cicci A, Piemonte V, Laquaniello G
1196 - 1213 Polymeric membrane materials for nitrogen production from air: A process synthesis study
Bozorg M, Addis B, Picciall V, Ramirez-Santos AA, Castel C, Pinnau I, Favre E
1214 - 1229 Conservative mathematical model and numerical simulation of batch gravity settling with coalescence of liquid-liquid dispersions
Garcia A, Betancourt F
1230 - 1245 Nonlinear model predictive control of a multiscale thin film deposition process using artificial neural networks
Kimaev G, Ricardez-Sandoval LA
1246 - 1255 Design of inorganic-organic hybrid photocatalytic systems for enhanced CO2 reduction under visible light
Zhang L, Wang W, Wang H, Ma X, Bian ZY
1256 - 1269 Using a bio-inspired copper complex to investigate reactive mass transfer around an oxygen bubble rising freely in a thin-gap cell
Felis F, Strassl F, Laurini L, Dietrich N, Billet AM, Roig V, Herres-Pawlis S, Loubiere K
1270 - 1277 Fibre formation in calcium caseinate influenced by solvent isotope effect and drying method - A neutron spectroscopy study
Tian B, Sakai VG, Pappas C, van der Goot AJ, Bouwman WG
1278 - 1287 Magnetic seeded filtration for the separation of fine polymer particles from dilute suspensions: Microplastics
Rhein F, Scholl F, Nirschl H
1288 - 1298 Characterization of slug formation towards the performance of air-liquid segmented flow
Termuhlen M, Strakeljahn B, Schembecker G, Wohlgemuth K
1299 - 1308 Deposition mechanism of electroless nickel plating of composite coatings on magnesium alloy
Shang W, Zhan XQ, Wen YQ, Li YQ, Zhang Z, Wu F, Wang CL
1309 - 1330 Solving hyperbolic conservation laws with active counteraction against numerical errors: Isothermal fixed-bed adsorption
Lee JW, Seidel-Morgenstern A
1331 - 1340 Mass transfer characteristics and concentration field evolution for gas-liquid Taylor flow in milli channels
Abiev RS, Butler C, Cid E, Lalanne B, Billet AM
1341 - 1352 Kinetic study of boron doped carbon nanotubes synthesized using chemical vapour deposition
Sharma A, Patwardhan A, Dasgupta K, Joshi JB
1353 - 1363 Combining small-scale screening methods to predict microorganism floatability
Guldena SJ, Riedele C, Mueller S, Kopf MH, Nirschl H
1364 - 1365 Comment on the paper "Generation and reduction of bulk nanobubbles by ultrasonic irradiation" by Keiji Yasuda, Hodaka Matsushima, and Yoshiyuki Asakura, Chemical Engineering Science 195 (2019) 455-461
Peng C
1366 - 1367 Responses to the comment on the paper "Generation and reduction of bulk nanobubbles by ultrasonic irradiation"
Yasuda K, Matsushima H, Asakura Y