Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.205 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Impact of heat and mass transfer in porous catalytic monolith: CFD modeling of exothermic reaction
Klenov OP, Chumakova NA, Pokrovskaya SA, Noskov AS
14 - 24 A general EMMS drag model applicable for gas-solid turbulent beds and cocurrent downers
Hu SW, Liu XH
25 - 35 Investigating laminar mixing in high pressure microfluidic systems
Zhang F, Erriguible A, Marre S
36 - 45 Fault detection of uncertain nonlinear process using interval-valued data-driven approach
Harkat MF, Mansouri M, Nounou M, Nounou H
46 - 57 Application of a dual-grid multiscale CFD-DEM coupling method to model the raceway dynamics in packed bed reactors
Santana ER, Pozzetti G, Peters B
58 - 73 Mathematical modeling of temperature and pressure effects on permeability, diffusivity and solubility in polymeric and mixed matrix membranes
Maghami S, Mehrabani-Zeinabad A, Sadeghi M, Sanchez-Lainez J, Zornoza B, Tellez C, Coronas J
74 - 82 Syngas production by dry reforming of methane using lyophilized nickel catalysts
Moura-Nickel CD, Tachinski CG, Landers R, De Noni A, Virmond E, Peterson M, Moreira RDPM, Jose HJ
83 - 93 Rise of Taylor bubbles through power law fluids - Analytical modelling and numerical simulation
Majumdar A, Das PK
94 - 105 Performance and operating limits of a sorbent-catalyst system for sorption-enhanced reforming (SER) in a fluidized bed reactor
Martinez I, Grasa G, Meyer J, Di Felice L, Kazi S, Sanz C, Maury D, Voisin C
106 - 120 High pressure dewatering rolls: Comparison of a novel prototype to existing industrial technology
Hofgen E, Collini D, Batterham RJ, Scales PJ, Stickland AD
121 - 133 Particle-scale study of spout deflection in a flat-bottomed spout fluidized bed
Yue YH, Wang TY, Sakai M, Shen YS
134 - 142 Effect of ammonia nitrogen and low-molecular-weight organics on the adsorption of additives on coal surface: A combination of experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
Wang SN, Wu JH, Liu JZ, Li N, Zeng XQ, Cen KF
143 - 150 Collagen hydrolysate from Thunnus orientalis bone induces osteoblast proliferation and differentiation
Ding D, Yu TF, Du BW, Huang YQ
151 - 164 Improved discrete ordinate method for accurate simulation radiation transport using solar and LED light sources
Moreno J, Casado C, Marugan J
165 - 173 Swapping the equilibrium
Yablonsky GS, Branco D, Marin GB, Constales D
174 - 180 The impact of surface charge on the ionic dissociation of common salt (NaCl)
Crundwell FK
181 - 189 Preparation of carbon nanofiber with multilevel gradient porous structure for supercapacitor and CO2 adsorption
Ma S, Wang YX, Liu ZY, Huang MN, Yang H, Xu ZL
190 - 200 Effects of supercritical fluid parameters and emulsion formulation on the production of quercetin nanocapsules by supercritical fluid extraction of emulsion
Dong C, Li ZY, Liu FX, Wei W, Wang XJ, Liu ZJ
201 - 211 Metabolic flux analysis during galactose and lactate co-consumption reveals enhanced energy metabolism in continuous CHO cell cultures
Torres M, Berrios J, Rigual Y, Latorre Y, Vergara M, Dickson AJ, Altamirano C
212 - 219 Evaporative deposition of mono- and bi-dispersed colloids on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) surface
Yu YS, Wang MC, Zhu YQ, Zhou JZ, Zhou A
220 - 229 Investigating the selectivity of a xanthate derivative for the flotation separation of chalcopyrite from pyrite
Huang XP, Huang KH, Jia Y, Wang S, Cao ZF, Zhong H
230 - 237 Catalytic performance and mechanistic study of toluene combustion over the Pt-Pd-HMS catalyst
Zhang QL, Su WK, Ning P, Liu X, Wang HM, Hu J
238 - 247 Carbon formation on the surface during the reduction of iron oxide particles by CO and CO/H-2 mixtures
Lu F, Wen LY, Chen YX, Zhong H, Xu J, Zhang SF, Yang ZQ
248 - 258 Heat and pH stable curcumin-based hydrophilic colorants obtained by the solid dispersion technology assisted by spray-drying
Leimann VF, Goncalves OH, Sorita GD, Rezende S, Bona E, Fernandes IPM, Ferreira ICFR, Barreiro MF
259 - 268 Mechanism analysis of the solids holdup variations in downer reactors based on volumetric flux
Lian WH, Pan XE, Zheng S, Zhang W, Zhang H, Fushimi C, Tsutsumi A, Hao XG, Huang W, Guan GQ
269 - 277 Bio-mediated synthesis of alpha-Ni(OH)(2) nanobristles on hollow porous carbon nanofibers for rechargeable alkaline batteries
Yang XX, Fu K, Mao LC, Peng W, Jin JH, Yang SL, Li G
278 - 286 In situ fabrication of dynamic nano zero-valent iron/activated carbon nanotubes membranes for tellurium separation
Yu HQ, Zhang T, Jing ZF, Xu JC, Qiu FX, Yang DY, Yu LB
287 - 298 Towards an understanding of the microstructure and interfacial properties of the ionic liquid/sulfuric acid catalyst in liquid-liquid reactions
Zheng WZ, Cao P, Sun WZ, Zhao L
299 - 318 A numerical study on concentration polarization in 3D cylindrical fluidized beds with vertically immersed membranes
Voncken RJW, Roghair I, Annaland MV
319 - 331 Characteristics and formation mechanism of plug flow in the industrial vertical pipeline of dense-phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal
Jin Y, Lu HF, Guo XL, Gong X
332 - 340 Thermodynamic, structural, and mechanical properties of fluoropolymers from molecular dynamics simulation: Comparison of force fields
Tamir E, Sidess A, Srebnik S
341 - 349 Catalytic steam gasification of sawdust char on K-based composite catalyst at high pressure and low temperature
Jiao WH, Wang ZQ, Zhou X, Mei YG, Feng RT, Liu T, Ding L, Huang JJ, Fang YT
350 - 357 Mass transfer estimation for bubble column scale up
Deshpande SS, Kar K, Pressler J, Tebeka I, Martins B, Rosenfeld D, Biggs J
358 - 373 Simulation of two-step redox recycling of non-stoichiometric ceria with thermochemical dissociation of CO2/H2O in moving bed reactors - Part II: Techno-economic analysis and integration with 100 MW oxyfuel power plant with carbon capture
Farooqui A, Bose A, Ferrero D, Llorca J, Santarelli M
374 - 390 A three layer model for solids transport in pipes
Shirazi AS, Frigaard IA
391 - 400 Macro- and microscopic analyses of piles formed by Platonic solids
Zhao HY, An XZ, Dong KJ, Yang RY, Xu F, Fu HT, Zhang H, Yang XH
401 - 413 Design of bypass-simulated moving bed chromatography for reduced purity requirements
Maruyama RT, Karnal P, Sainio T, Rajendran A
414 - 419 Engineering inverse opals with enclosed voids via Bottom-up assembly of double emulsions