Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.203 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 11 CO2 footprint reduction via the optimal design of Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen SYmbiosis Networks (CHOSYNs)
Panu M, Topolski K, Abrash S, El-Halwagi MM
12 - 27 Sonofragmentation of two-dimensional plate-like crystals: Experiments and Monte Carlo simulations
Bhoi S, Das A, Kumar J, Sarkar D
28 - 42 Effect of Cu content and zeolite framework of n-C4H10-SCR catalysts on de-NOx performances
Lee K, Kosaka H, Sato S, Yokoi T, Choi B
43 - 53 HKUST-1 catalyzed efficient in situ regeneration of NAD(+) for dehydrogenase mediated oxidation
Xia H, Li ZX, Zhong X, Li BH, Jiang YP, Jiang YB
54 - 67 Water in nanotubes: The surface effect
Kohler MH, Bordin JR, de Matos CF, Barbosa MC
68 - 75 Air separation and selective oxygen pumping via temperature and pressure swing oxygen adsorption using a redox cycle of SrFeO3 perovskite
Bulfin B, Lapp J, Richter S, Guban D, Vieten J, Brendelberger S, Roeb M, Sattler C
76 - 85 Derivation of rate equations for equilibrium limited gas-solid reactions
Wenzel M, Sundmacher K
86 - 103 Novel models for correlation of Solubility constant and diffusivity of N2O in aqueous 1-dimethylamino-2-propanol
Liu HL, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P
104 - 112 Orientation of cylindrical particles in a fluidized bed based on stereo X-ray particle tracking velocimetry (XPTV)
Chen X, Zhong WQ, Heindel TJ
113 - 121 Design of nanoscale structured composite particles through mechanical process for fabricating a powder layer with rapid drying properties
Iijima M, Hayakawa M, Tatami J, Nakamura K, Nagashima S
122 - 137 Boundary and concentration effects on the creeping motions of core-shell particles
Chen SH, Li XF
138 - 162 A multiphase level set approach to motion of disconnected fluid ganglia during capillary-dominated three-phase flow in porous media: Numerical validation and applications
Helland JO, Pedersen J, Friis HA, Jettestuen E
163 - 172 Efficient and selective photocatalytic oxidation of cyclohexane using O-2 as oxidant in VOCl2 solution and mechanism insight
Wan YL, Guo Q, Wang K, Wang XT
173 - 185 Modeling dual reflux-pressure swing adsorption processes: Numerical solution based on the finite volume method
Rossi E, Paloni M, Storti G, Rota R
186 - 200 Synchronous screening-and-optimization of nano-engineered blood pressure-drop using rapid robust non-linear Taguchi profiling
Besseris GJ
201 - 211 A modelling approach for the comparison between intensified extraction in small channels and conventional solvent extraction technologies
Bascone D, Angeli P, Fraga ES
212 - 219 Computational screening of zeolites for C3H7Cl/C3H5Cl separation and a conformation based separation mechanism
Zhang YJ, Xu YX, Xu JB, Yang C
220 - 227 Production of metal-organic framework-bearing polystyrene fibers by solution blow spinning
Deneff JI, Walton KS
228 - 236 Reaction mechanism and kinetics for Pt/CNTs catalyzed base-free oxidation of glycerol
Ma YY, Gan J, Pan MJ, Zhang YF, Fu WZ, Duan XZ, Chen WY, Chen D, Qian G, Zhou XG
237 - 246 Superwetting rape pollen layer for emulsion switchable separation with high flux
Yue XJ, Zhang T, Yang DY, Qiu FX, Li ZD
247 - 258 The critical contribution of chemical engineering to a pathway to sustainability
Arastoopour H
259 - 284 Droplet generation hydrodynamics in the microfluidic cross-junction with different junction angles
Yu W, Liu XD, Zhao YJ, Chen YP
285 - 292 Enhanced separation of water-in-oil emulsions using ultrasonic standing waves
Luo XM, Gong HY, Cao JH, Yin HR, Yan YP, He LM
293 - 301 General Dusty Gas Model for porous media with a specified pore size distribution
Das SK
302 - 311 Mass-transfer area in a pilot-scale structured-packing column under different types of ship motion
Di XN, Ma J, Huang Y
312 - 320 Facile synthesis of copper ions chelated sand via dopamine chemistry for recyclable and sustainable catalysis
Wang N, Zhang ZR, Huang JR, Hu YX
321 - 332 Pressure compensated temperature control of Kaibel divided-Wall column
Pan H, Wu X, Qiu J, He GC, Ling H
333 - 345 Stability analysis of stratified Rayleigh-Benard-Poiseuille convection. Part III: Interface deformation
Fontana E, Mancusi E, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU
346 - 357 Impact of MOF defects on the binary adsorption of CO2 and water in UiO-66
Hossain MI, Cunningham JD, Becker TM, Grabick BE, Walton KS, Rabideau BD, Glover TG
358 - 379 Analysing the effect of screw configuration using a stochastic twin-screw granulation model
McGuire AD, Mosbach S, Reynolds GK, Patterson RIA, Bringley E, Eaves N, Dreyer JAH, Kraft M
380 - 390 Understanding mild cell disintegration of microalgae in bead mills for the release of biomolecules
Garcia ES, Lo C, Eppink MHM, Wijffels RH, van den Berg C
391 - 401 An integrated phenomenological process model for prediction of oxygen pickup during open air tapping and pouring of liquid steel
Singla R, Tripathy S, Das SK
402 - 414 Integrated ionic liquid and process design involving azeotropic separation processes
Chen YQ, Gani R, Kontogeorgis GM, Woodley JM
415 - 424 Decreased peak tailing during transport of solutes in porous media with alternate adsorption properties
Rana C, De Malsche W, De Wit A
425 - 438 CFD investigation of the gas dispersion and liquid mixing in bubble columns with dense vertical internals
Agahzamin S, Pakzad L
439 - 449 Study of local solid volume fraction fluctuations using high speed electrical impedance tomography: Particles with low Stokes number
Marefatallah M, Breakey D, Sanders RS
450 - 463 Dynamic transition of dendrite orientation in the diffusive spinodal decomposition of binary mixtures under a thermal gradient
Bertei A, Tellini B, Mauri R
464 - 474 Dimensional analysis and CFD simulations of microcarrier 'just-suspended' state in mesenchymal stromal cells bioreactors
Loubiere C, Delafosse A, Guedon E, Chevalot I, Toye D, Olmos E
475 - 488 A biomimetic approach to fast selection of optimal controlled variables using multiagent algorithms and a decomposition approach
Bankole T, Bhattacharyya D, Gebreslassie B, Diwekar U
489 - 500 Two-phase gas-liquid flow in concentric and fully eccentric annuli. Part I: Flow patterns, holdup, slip ratio and pressure gradient
Ibarra R, Nossen J, Tutkun M
501 - 510 Two-phase gas-liquid flow in concentric and fully eccentric annuli. Part II: Model development, flow regime transition algorithm and pressure gradient
Ibarra R, Nossen J, Tutkun M
511 - 525 Heat transfer and particulate flow analysis of a 30 kW directly irradiated solar fluidized bed reactor for thermochemical cycling
Bellan S, Kodama T, Matsubara K, Goko N, Cho YS, Inoue K