Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.202 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Gas-liquid-liquid multiphase flow in microfluidic systems
Chen Z, Xu JH, Wang YD
15 - 25 Study on phenol sulfonation by concentrated sulfuric acid: Kinetics and process optimization
Ma XK, Li P, Ma TX, Chu GW, Luo Y, Zou HK, Sun BC, Chen JF
26 - 35 The nanoscale dimension determines the carbonization outcome of electrospun lignin/recycled-PET fibers
Svinterikos E, Zuburtikudis I, Al-Marzouqi M
36 - 54 Modeling fluidized bed impregnation of active pharmaceutical ingredients onto porous excipients
Grigorov PI, Muzzio FJ, Glasser BJ
55 - 69 Application of a novel model for bubble-induced turbulence to bubbly flows in containers and vertical pipes
Liao YX, Ma T, Krepper E, Lucas D, Frohlich J
70 - 74 Prediction of entropy and Gibbs free energy for nitrogen
Jia CS, Zhang LH, Peng XL, Luo JX, Zhao YL, Liu JY, Guo JJ, Tang LD
75 - 83 Controllable emulsion phase behaviour via the selective host-guest recognition of mixed surfactants at the water/octane interface
Jia H, Leng X, Wang QX, Han YG, Wang SY, Ma A, Guo MZ, Yan H, Lv KH
84 - 94 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) formation during acetylene pyrolysis in tubular reactor under low pressure carburizing conditions
Bensabath T, Le MD, Monnier H, Glaude PA
95 - 104 Fuel drop impact on heated solid surface in film evaporation regime
Bhat M, Sakthikumar R, Sivakumar D
105 - 117 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of liquid flows in microchannel with an improved slip boundary condition
Yang LM, Yu Y, Pei HJ, Gao Y, Hou GX
118 - 129 Experimental validation of analytical models for liquid film breakup on rotating substrates
Line H, Steiner H, Brenn G
130 - 137 Improvement of a diffusion-based microfluidic chemotaxis assay through stable formation of a chemical gradient
Lee B, Jeong HH, Kang KK, Lee CS, Lee SH
138 - 145 Energy analysis of a surfactant micelle's deformation by coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations
Zhou WJ, Liu F, Liu DJ, Chen F, Wei JJ
146 - 156 Dynamic analysis of a continuous-flow microwave-assisted screw propeller system for biodiesel production
Ye JH, Zhu HC, Yang Y, Huang KM, Raghavan GSV
157 - 168 CFD simulations of tapered bubbling/turbulent fluidized beds with/without gas distributor based on the structure-based drag model
Zou Z, Liu WM, Yan D, Xie ZH, Li HZ, Zhu QS, He SY
169 - 185 Simulation of flow and soot particle distribution in wall-flow DPF based on lattice Boltzmann method
Kong XJ, Li ZJ, Shen BX, Wu Y, Zhang YK, Cai D
186 - 193 Machine learning models for solvent effects on electric double layer capacitance
Su HP, Lian C, Liu JC, Liu HL
194 - 207 Dynamic pore-network modeling of air-water flow through thin porous layers
Qin CZ, Guo B, Celia M, Wu R
208 - 221 Coupled CFD-PBM simulation of bubble size distribution in a 2D gas-solid bubbling fluidized bed with a bubble coalescence and breakup model
Wang T, Xia ZH, Chen CX
222 - 237 Two-phase oil/water flow measurement using an Earth's field nuclear magnetic resonance flow meter
O'Neill KT, Brancato L, Stanwix PL, Fridjonsson EO, Johns ML
238 - 249 Calcium sulphate crystallisation in the presence of mesoporous silica particles: Experiments and population balance modelling
Lapidot T, Matar OK, Heng JYY
250 - 269 Explosively driven hierarchical particle jetting
Xue K, Liu JQ, Feng C, Gan YX, Bai CH
270 - 281 Determining random packing density and equivalent packing size of superballs via binary mixtures with spheres
Liu LF, Yuan Y, Deng W, Li SX
282 - 299 Numerical simulation of the particle filtration process inside porous walls using lattice Boltzmann method
Kong XJ, Li ZJ, Cai D, Shen BX, Zhang YK
300 - 317 Computer-aided reaction solvent design based on transition state theory and COSMO-SAC
Liu QL, Zhang L, Liu LL, Du J, Meng QW, Gani R
318 - 335 Experimental investigation on the bubble formation from needles with and without liquid co-flow
Muilwijk C, Van den Akker HEA
336 - 346 Pore engineering of hierarchically structured hydrodemetallization catalyst pellets in a fixed bed reactor
Shi Y, Ye GH, Yang CF, Tang YQ, Peng C, Qian G, Yuan WK, Duan XZ, Zhou XG
347 - 356 Modeling of molybdenum transport and pressure drop increase in fixed bed reactors used for selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde using iron molybdate catalysts
Raun KV, Thorhauge M, Hoj M, Jensen AD
357 - 372 Product design: Incorporating make-or-buy analysis and supplier selection
Zhang X, Zhang L, Fung KY, Ng KM
373 - 382 Oil-detachment from the calcium carbonate surfaces via the actions of surfactant, nanoparticle and low salinity brine: An insight from molecular dynamic simulation
Aminian A, ZareNezhad B
383 - 391 DEM investigation of shear flows of binary mixtures of non-spherical particles
Yang JC, Guo Y, Buettner KE, Curtis JS
392 - 402 Transition from bubble flow to slug flow along the streamwise direction in a gas-liquid swirling flow
Liu W, Bai BF
403 - 416 CO2 solubility and mass transfer in water-lean solvents
Wanderley RR, Yuan Y, Rochelle GT, Knuutila HK
417 - 428 Effect of microchannel junction angle on two-phase liquid-gas Taylor flow
Lim AE, Lim CY, Lam YC, Lim YH
429 - 446 Sustainability and thermoenvironmental indicators on the multiobjective optimization of the liquefied natural gas fired micro-cogeneration systems
Kanbur BB, Xiang LM, Dubey S, Choo FH, Duan F
447 - 461 Numerical investigation of liquid dispersion by hydrophobic/hydrophilic mesh packing using particle method
Liu QX, Sun ZG, Sun YJ, Chen X, Xi G
462 - 480 Industrial scale simulations of tablet coating using GPU based DEM: A validation study
Kureck H, Govender N, Siegmann E, Boehling P, Radeke C, Khinast JG
481 - 490 A comparison of power and flow characteristics between batch and in-line rotor-stator mixers
John TP, Fonte CP, Kowalski A, Rodgers TL
491 - 507 Hydrodynamics, mixing and mass transfer in a pilot-scale bubble column with dense internals
Moller F, Lavetty C, Schleicher E, Loschau M, Hampel U, Schubert M
508 - 518 Determination of gas film mass transfer coefficient in a packed bed reactor for the catalytic combustion of hydrogen
Sandeep KC, Mohan S, Mandal D, Mahajani S
519 - 528 Is the dewatering of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) feasible? Effect of temperature on POME's rheological properties and compressive behavior
Khadaroo SNBA, Grassia P, Gouwanda D, Poh PE
529 - 536 Thermodynamic stability and formation kinetics of CHClF2 hydrates in the presence of NiCl2
Woo Y, Jeong JH, Lee JW, Park J, Cha M, Kim D, Yoo K, Yoon JH