Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Enhancement mechanism of an improved liquid membrane using selective permeation retardant for heavy metal ions separation
Zeng LL, Liu Q, Luo L, Liu L, Tang KW
15 - 24 On the kinetics of catalytic hydrogenation over Pd nanoparticles regulated by various nucleosides
Wang TD, Shan JX, Wang L, Zhang XW, Li GZ
25 - 33 Hierarchical H beta zeolite as a highly efficient solid acid catalyst for alkenylation of p-xylene with phenylacetylene
Guo YL, Zhao ZK
34 - 49 CFD simulation of gas flow field distribution and design optimization of the tridimensional rotational flow sieve tray with different structural parameters
Tang M, Zhang SF, Wang DW, Liu Y, Zhang YS, Wang LS, Liu C
50 - 57 Control of ice crystal growth and its effect on porous structure of chitosan cryogels
Zhang HY, Liu CJ, Chen L, Dai B
58 - 73 Assessing the ability of the Eulerian-Eulerian and the Eulerian-Lagrangian frameworks to capture meso-scale dynamics in bubbly flows
Sardina G, Jareteg K, Strom H, Sasic S
74 - 81 Reduction kinetics for large spherical 2:1 iron-manganese oxide redox materials for thermochemical energy storage
Hamidi M, Bayon A, Wheeler VM, Kreider P, Wallace MA, Tsuzuki T, Catchpole K, Weimer AW
82 - 96 Dynamic process fault detection and diagnosis based on a combined approach of hidden Markov and Bayesian network model
Don MG, Khan F
97 - 111 Crystallization of fesoterodine fumarate active pharmaceutical ingredient: Modelling of thermodynamic equilibrium, nucleation, growth, agglomeration and dissolution kinetics and temperature cycling
Trampuz M, Teslic D, Likozar B
112 - 120 High-throughput production of magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the monopolar arrangement of iron electrodes in water
Nurlilasari P, Widiyastuti W, Setyawan H, Faizal F, Wada M, Lenggoro IW
121 - 131 Continuous rapid dechlorination of p-chlorophenol by Fe-Pd nanoparticles promoted by procyanidin
Liu MY, Huan RL, Li CX, Che MD, Su RX, Li SZ, Yu J, Qi W, He ZM
132 - 144 Large-eddy simulation and 3D proper orthogonal decomposition of the hydrodynamics in a stirred tank
Janiga G
145 - 156 Molecular composition modelling of petroleum fractions based on a hybrid structural unit and bond-electron matrix (SU-BEM) framework
Feng S, Cui C, Li KY, Zhang LZ, Shi Q, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
157 - 166 Kinetic study of SO2 adsorption on microfibrous entrapped sorbents for solid oxide fuel cell cathode protection
Cheng P, Tatarchuk BJ
167 - 174 Self-healing anion exchange membrane for pH 7 redox flow batteries
Hou JQ, Liu YH, Liu YZ, Wu L, Yang ZJ, Xu TW
175 - 190 The effect of silanization assisted nanoparticle hydrophobicity on emulsion stability through droplet size distribution analysis
Maaref S, Kantzas A, Bryant SL
191 - 200 Polyurethane hybrid membranes with confined mass transfer channels: The effect of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes on permeation properties
Wang T, Zhang YL, Shi XP, Wu LG, Zhang XY, Zhang SQ
201 - 211 LBM study of aggregation of monosized spherical particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence
Wang GC, Wan DD, Peng C, Liu K, Wang LP
212 - 221 Experimental investigation of spontaneous imbibition process of nanofluid in ultralow permeable reservoir with nuclear magnetic resonance
Zhou HD, Zhang QS, Dai CL, Li YY, Lv WJ, Wu YN, Cheng R, Zhao MW
222 - 229 Determination of nanoparticle size using Rayleigh approximation and Mie theory
Niskanen I, Forsberg V, Zakrisson D, Reza S, Hummelgard M, Andres B, Fedorov I, Suopajarvi T, Liimatainen H, Thungstrom G
230 - 236 The effect of ultrathin ALD films on the oxidation kinetics of SiC in high-temperature steam
Hoskins AL, Gossett TA, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW
237 - 246 Poly-dispersed modeling of bubbly flow using the log-normal size distribution
Frederix EMA, Cox TLW, Kuerten JGM, Komen EMJ
247 - 263 Effect of local thermal non-equilibrium model on natural convection in a nanofluid-filled wavy-walled porous cavity containing inner solid cylinder
Alsabery AI, Mohebbi R, Chamkha AJ, Hashim I
264 - 273 Enhancement effect and mechanism of gas-liquid mass transfer by baffles embedded in the microchannel
Yin YR, Zhu CY, Fu TT, Ma YG, Wang K, Luo GS
274 - 287 Effects of ultrasonic waves on subcooled pool boiling on a small plain heating surface
Tang JG, Sun LC, Wu D, Du M, Xie G, Yang K
288 - 297 Mn-based MOFs as efficient catalysts for catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into cyclic carbonates and DFT studies
Wu YF, Song XH, Zhang JH, Xu SQ, Gao LJ, Zhang J, Xiao GM
298 - 308 Asymmetric coalescence-induced droplet jumping on hydrophobic fibers
Li BB, Xin F, Zhu GR, Tan W
309 - 318 Combining tomographic imaging and in silico computation for rapid effective PEMFC cathode transport characterization
Star AG, Fuller TF
319 - 324 1.5 Minute-synthesis of continuous graphene films by chemical vapor deposition on Cu foils rolled in three dimensions
Nagai Y, Sugime H, Noda S
325 - 338 A model for predicting bubble velocity in yield stress fluid at low Reynolds number
Wang ZY, Lou WQ, Sun BJ, Pan SW, Zhao XX, Liu H
339 - 348 Using multivariate pattern segmentation to assess process performance and mine good operation conditions for dynamic chemical industry
Wang K, Chen JH, Song ZH
349 - 361 CFD-PBM simulation of two-phase flow in a pulsed disc and doughnut column with directly measured breakup kernel functions
Yu X, Zhou H, Jing S, Lan WJ, Li SW
362 - 372 Coupling gas flow pattern and kinetics for tyre pyrolysis modelling
Arabiourrutia M, Lopez G, Aguado R, Bilbao J, Olazar M
373 - 381 Influence of CO2 and H2O co-feeding in the NOx abatement by SCR over an efficient Cu-CHA catalyst
Cortes-Reyes M, Larrubia MA, Herrera C, Alemany LJ
382 - 385 Generally-valid optimal Reynolds and Dean numbers for efficient liquid-liquid mixing in helical pipes
Mansour M, Thevenin D, Nigam KDP, Zahringer K
386 - 396 Continuous flow aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol on Ru/Al2O3 catalyst in a flat membrane microchannel reactor: An experimental and modelling study
Wu GW, Cao EH, Ellis P, Constantinou A, Kuhn S, Gavriilidis A
397 - 412 Characterization of laminar flow in periodic open-cell porous structures
Jorge P, Mendes MAA, Werzner E, Pereira JMC
413 - 423 Dynamics of formation and oscillation of non-spherical drops
Deka H, Tsai PH, Biswas G, Dalal A, Ray B, Wang AB
424 - 436 Effective heat transfers in packed bed: Experimental and model investigation
Zenner A, Fiaty K, Belliere-Baca V, Rocha C, Gauthier G, Edouard D
437 - 447 Mixing intensification in a horizontal self-cleaning twin-shaft kneader with a highly viscous Newtonian fluid
Cheng WK, Ye Y, Jiang SX, Wang JJ, Gu XP, Feng LF
448 - 466 Particle shape effect on bubble dynamics in central air jet pseudo-2D fluidized beds: A CFD-DEM study
Shrestha S, Kuang SB, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
467 - 474 PdCl2-catalyzed hydrodeoxygenation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into 2,5-dimethylfuran at room-temperature using polymethylhydrosiloxane as the hydrogen donor
Zhang J, Dong KJ, Luo WM
475 - 483 Modeling droplet coalescence kinetics in microfluidic devices using population balances
Williams YO, Roas-Escalona N, Rodriguez-Lopez G, Villa-Torrealba A, Toro-Mendoza J