Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.199 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 19 The effect of magnetic field and operating parameters on cathodic copper winning in electrowinning process
Najminoori M, Mohebbi A, Afrooz K, Arabi BG
20 - 27 Experimental measurement and assessment of equilibrium behaviour for phase change solvents used in CO2 capture
Tzirakis F, Tsivintzelis I, Papadopoulos AI, Seferlis P
28 - 39 A new soft-sensor algorithm with concurrent consideration of slowness and quality interpretation for dynamic chemical process
Qin Y, Zhao CH, Huang B
40 - 49 Second-order sensitivity coefficient based electrical tomography imaging
Ding ML, Yue SH, Li J, Wang YR, Wang HX
50 - 63 Model analysis of gas residence time in an ironmaking blast furnace
Yu XB, Shen YS
64 - 78 PdIn intermetallic material with isolated single-atom Pd sites - A promising catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cell
Zhang RG, Peng M, Ling LX, Wang BJ
79 - 87 Reaction engineering approach to the synthesis of sodium borohydride
Salmi T, Russo V
88 - 99 Quantitative comparison of strategies to delay clogging in straight capillaries
Pal S, Kulkarni AA
100 - 112 Population balance Monte Carlo simulation of self-assembly of core (micro-Al2O3)-shell (nano-TiO2) structure in aqueous suspensions
Zhao HQ, Xu ZW, Zhao HB
113 - 122 Inhibitory effect of water-based drilling fluid on methane hydrate dissociation
Zhao X, Qiu ZS, Zhao C, Xu JG, Zhang YB
123 - 136 Kinetic study of the dissolution of vanadyl sulfate and vanadium pentoxide in sulfuric acid aqueous solution
El Hage R, Chauvet F, Biscans B, Cassayre L, Maurice L, Tzedakis T
137 - 155 CFD simulation of hydrodynamics in a high-pressure bubble column using three optimized drag models of bubble swarm
Yan P, Jin HB, He GX, Guo XY, Ma L, Yang SH, Zhang RY
156 - 163 Evolution of sorptive and textural properties of CaO-based sorbents during repetitive sorption/regeneration cycles: Part II. Modeling of sorbent sintering during initial cycles
Bazaikin YV, Derevschikov VS, Malkovich EG, Lysikov AI, Okunev AG
164 - 178 Integrated control and process design for improved load changes in fluidized bed boiler steam path
Hultgren M, Ikonen E, Kovacs J
179 - 198 Relationship between bubble characteristics and hydrodynamic parameters for single bubbles in presence of surface active agents
Lewandowski B, Fertig M, Ulbricht M, Krekel G
199 - 209 An analytical model for gas transport through elliptical nanopores
Sun Z, Shi JT, Wu KL, Zhang T, Feng D, Huang L, Shi YB, Ramachandran H, Li XF
210 - 219 Preparation of sandwich-structured Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9-Sm(0.6)Sr(0.4)FeO(3-delta )ceramic membranes and its oxygen permeability
Yang W, Li F, Li QM
220 - 230 Reaction kinetics of carbon dioxide with potassium prolinate in water-lean solvents
Bian YY, Li H, Shen SF
231 - 239 Scale-independent model of gravitational settling of particulate suspension in a fractal channel
Kurose Y, Ishizawa K, Soriano MR, Harada S
240 - 248 Preparation and anticoagulant activity of functionalised silk fibroin
Shi PG, Zhang L, Tian W, Li HL, Wang QY, Yi HG, Yin Y, Wang AQ, Ning P, Dong FL, Wang JN
249 - 257 Continuum prediction of entrainment rates and agglomeration of gas-fluidized, lightly-cohesive particles
Kellogg KM, Liu PY, Hrenya CM
258 - 274 A comment on thermodynamically consistent feasibility condition of asymptotic observers
Hoang NH, Dochain D
275 - 284 Constructing interconnected ionic cluster network in polyelectrolyte membranes for enhanced CO2 permeation
Qu Z, Wu H, Zhou Y, Yang LX, Wu XY, Wu YZ, Ren YX, Zhang N, Liu YT, Jiang ZY
285 - 301 Investigation of drag properties for flow through and around square arrays of cylinders at low Reynolds numbers
Tang TT, Yu P, Shan XW, Che HS, Su J
302 - 318 Modelling of CO2 absorption in a rotating packed bed using an Eulerian porous media approach
Lu X, Xie P, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
319 - 331 Analysis of Henry's law and a unified lattice Boltzmann equation for conjugate mass transfer problem
Lu JH, Lei HY, Dai CS
332 - 341 Green synthesis of nano silver on TiO2 catalyst for application in oxidation of thiophene
Saha B, Kumar S, Sengupta S
342 - 348 Breakup of ultra-thin liquid films on vertical fiber enhanced by Marangoni effect
Ding ZJ, Liu Z, Liu R, Yang C
349 - 358 Effects of phase transformation on properties of alumina ceramic membrane: A new assessment based on quantitative X-ray diffraction (QXRD)
Lu XW, Yang JN, Li XY, Sun FY, Wang F, Chao YQ
359 - 370 Minimum bubbling fluidization velocity in a supercritical water fluidized bed acquired by the dual-capacitance probe method
Huang JK, Lu YJ, Wang H
371 - 380 Building a data-driven reduced order model of a chemical vapor deposition process from low-fidelity CFD simulations
Gkinis PA, Koronaki ED, Skouteris A, Aviziotis IG, Boudouvis AG
381 - 387 Theoretical study on the redox reaction mechanism of quinone compounds in industrial processes
Tarumi M, Matsuzaki Y, Suzuki K
388 - 397 Development of wide bandgap perovskites for next-generation low-cost CdTe tandem solar cells
Siegler TD, Shimpi TM, Sampath WS, Korgel BA
398 - 404 Microchannel process for phenol production via the cleavage of cumene hydroperoxide
Dai X, Zhou WY, Yang S, Sun FA, Qian JF, He MY, Chen Q
405 - 416 A mechanistic model for the prediction of swirling annular flow pattern transition
Liu L, Bai BF
417 - 425 Co-pyrolysis of oil sand bitumen with lignocellulosic biomass under hydrothermal conditions
Liu ZY, Li YH, Yu FH, Zhu J, Xu L
426 - 438 Kinetic modelling of Prileschajew epoxidation of oleic acid under conventional heating and microwave irradiation
Aguilera AF, Tolvanen P, Eranen K, Warna J, Leveneur S, Marchant T, Salmi T
439 - 450 Uniform generation of water slugs in air flowing through superhydrophobic microchannels with T-junction
Song YX, Xin F, Gezi GY, Lou S, Cao C, Wang JZ
451 - 462 Pore-level modeling of effective longitudinal thermal dispersion in non-isothermal flows through granular porous media
Afshari S, Hejazi SH, Kantzas A
463 - 477 CFD simulation of combined electroosmotic-pressure driven micro-mixing in a microchannel equipped with triangular hurdle and zeta-potential heterogeneity
Qaderi A, Jamaati J, Bahiraei M
478 - 485 Intrinsic reaction kinetics and mechanism for the reverse disproportionation reaction to methyl phenyl carbonate
Yin X, Zeng Y, Yao J, Du ZP, Zhang H, Sun T, Wang GY
486 - 495 Application of support vector machine on controlling the silanol groups of silica xerogel with the aid of segmented continuous flow reactor
Wang C, Yang QQ, Wang JY, Zhao J, Wan XY, Guo Z, Yang YH
496 - 507 Mass transfer towards a reactive particle in a fluid flow: Numerical simulations and modeling
Sulaiman M, Climent E, Hammouti A, Wachs A
508 - 527 Equilibrium theory of ion exchange chromatography with variable solution normality and steric hindrance
Fechtner M, Kienle A
528 - 545 A mesoscale 3D CFD analysis of the liquid flow in a rotating packed bed
Xie P, Lu XS, Ding HB, Yang X, Ingham D, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
546 - 551 Rear-surface integral method for calculating thermal diffusivity from laser flash experiments
Carr EJ
552 - 570 CFD population balance modeling and dimensionless group analysis of a multiphase oscillatory baffled column (OBC) using moving overset meshes
Sutherland K, Pakzad L, Fatehi P
571 - 587 Influence of viscous damping and elastic waves on energy dissipation during impacts
Boettcher R, Eichmann S, Mueller P
588 - 601 Flow regime identification of swirling gas-liquid flow with image processing technique and neural networks
Liu L, Bai BF
602 - 612 Reaction engineering approach for modeling single wood particle drying at elevated air temperature
Kharaghani A, Le KH, Tran TTH, Tsotsas E
613 - 627 Pore-scale direct numerical simulation of particle transport in porous media
Su JW, Chai GL, Wang L, Cao WD, Gu ZL, Chen CG, Xu XY
628 - 634 Slurry rheology of Hanford sludge
Pease LF, Daniel RC, Burns CA
635 - 651 Catalyst ignition and extinction: A microkinetics-based bifurcation study of adiabatic reactors for oxidative coupling of methane
Vandewalle LA, Lengyel I, West DH, Van Geem KM, Marin GB
652 - 660 Ultimate bounds on reaction selectivity for batch reactors
Frumkin JA, Doherty MF