Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.197 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Defect-engineered cobalt-based solid catalyst for high efficiency oxidation of sulfite
Liu J, Wang H, Wang LD, Xing L, Zhang SH, Xiao HN, Ma YL
11 - 25 Production of polyamide 11 microparticles for Additive Manufacturing by liquid-liquid phase separation and precipitation
Dechet MA, Goblirsch A, Romeis S, Zhao M, Lanyi FJ, Kaschta J, Schubert DW, Drummer D, Peukert W, Schmidt J
26 - 36 Mechanism of small bubble breakup in an unbaffled stirred vessel
Yamamoto T, Fang Y, Komarov SV
37 - 51 Supported Mn catalysts and the role of different supports in the catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide
Mobini S, Meshkani F, Rezaei M
52 - 68 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of gas-liquid interfacial mass transfer with Rayleigh convection using hybrid LBM-FDM and its mass transfer coefficient model
Ge XL, Liu BT, Liu BT, Wang HX, Yuan XG
69 - 73 Topography analysis of particle velocity distribution function in gas-solid flow
Zhao BD, Wang JW
74 - 86 Investigation of a novel photoelectrochemical hydrogen production system
Acar C, Dincer I
87 - 97 Novel chromatographic process for the recovery and purification of hydroxy acids from alkaline spent pulping liquors
Heinonen J, Sainio T
98 - 108 Fractal continuum model for the adsorption-diffusion process
Herrera-Hernandez EC, Aguilar-Madera CG, Ocampo-Perez R, Espinosa-Paredes G, Nunez-Lopez M
109 - 119 Evaluation the effect of fiber alignment on particle collection performance of mechanical/electret filters based on Voronoi tessellations
Cai RR, Lu H, Zhang LZ
120 - 134 Adsorption and structure of benzene, toluene, and p-xylene in carbon slit pores: A Monte Carlo simulation study
Diao R, Zhang HY, Zhao DF, Li S
135 - 149 Simulation of plasma-assisted catalytic reduction of NOx, CO, and HC from diesel engine exhaust with COMSOL
Oskooei AB, Koohsorkhi J, Mehrpooya M
150 - 158 An evaluation of in-silico methods for predicting solute partition in multiphase complex fluids - A case study of octanol/water partition coefficient
Turchi M, Cai Q, Lian GP
159 - 171 Modelling bubble induced turbulence for gas-liquid bubbly flow in a vertical pipe
Islam ASMA, Bergstrom DJ
172 - 183 Study of droplet breakage in a pulsed disc and doughnut column-Part I: Experiments and correlations
Zhou H, Jing S, Yu X, Zhou H, Lan WJ, Li SW
184 - 184 Measurements of hydrocarbon bubble points in synthesized mesoporous siliceous monoliths (vol 177, pg 481, 2018)
Cho H, Caputo D, Bartl MH, Deo M
185 - 194 Adsorption and desorption of binary mixture of acetone and ethyl acetate on silica gel
Sui H, Liu JJ, He L, Li XG, Jani A
195 - 203 Miniaturization of surface patterns in soft elastic film over patterned substrates
Basu S, Sarkar J
204 - 211 Enhanced oil recovery with CO2/N-2 slug in low permeability reservoir: Molecular dynamics simulation
Fang TM, Wang MH, Gao Y, Zhang YN, Yan YG, Zhang J
212 - 222 Oligomerization of supercritical ethylene over nickel-based silica-alumina catalysts
Jan O, Song KL, Dichiara A, Resende FLP
223 - 234 Extrapolation of DEM simulations to large time scale. Application to the mixing of powder in a conical screw mixer
Bednarek X, Martin S, Ndiaye A, Peres V, Bonnefoy O
235 - 245 Global optimization of distillation columns using explicit and implicit surrogate models
Kessler T, Kunde C, McBride K, Mertens N, Michaels D, Sundmacher K, Kienle A
246 - 257 Influence of the inclination of a plate on forces generated in flows of Newtonian and yield stress fluids
Ouattara Z, Magnin A, Bleses D, Jay P
258 - 268 Breakup dynamics of droplets in an asymmetric bifurcation by mu PIV and theoretical investigations
Wang X, Liu ZM, Pang Y
269 - 279 Effect of surface tension, viscosity, pore geometry and pore contact angle on effective pore throat
Chao C, Xu GW, Fan XF
280 - 295 CFD-DEM simulation of heat transfer in fluidized beds: Model verification, validation, and application
Wang S, Luo K, Hu CS, Lin JJ, Fan JR
296 - 305 Gas flow maldistribution in random packed beds of non-spherical particles - A CFD study
Marek M
306 - 316 Numerical simulation of milk fouling: Taking fouling layer domain and localized surface reaction kinetics into account
Pan F, Chen XD, Mercade-Prieto R, Xiao J
317 - 325 Method for recovery of complete molecular composition of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products on the basis of incomplete experimental data
Ermolaev VS, Mordkovich VZ
326 - 326 Mesoscale modeling of emulsification in rotor-stator devices: Part II: A model framework integrating emulsifier adsorption (vol 193, pg 156, 2019)
Chen C, Guan XP, Ren Y, Yang N, Li JH, Kunkelmann C, Schreiner E, Holtze C, Mulheims K, Sachweh B
327 - 344 An Euler-Euler model for mono-dispersed gas-particle flows incorporating electrostatic charging due to particle-wall and particle-particle collisions
Ray M, Chowdhury F, Sowinski A, Mehrani P, Passalacqua A
345 - 356 Mathematical modelling of surface tension of nanoparticles in electrolyte solutions
Olayiwola SO, Dejam M
357 - 370 CFD analysis of fluid flow and particle-to-fluid heat transfer in packed bed with radial layered configuration
Guo ZH, Sun ZN, Zhang N, Ding M, Shi S
371 - 378 Oxygen content as a variable to control product selectivity in hydrodeoxygenation reactions on molybdenum carbide catalysts
Kumar A, Bhan A
379 - 385 Modeling the electrocoagulation process for the treatment of contaminated water
Graca NS, Ribeiro AM, Rodrigues AE
386 - 403 Analysis of pneumatic nozzle operation with the stochastic Euler-Lagrange model
Ludwig W, Zajac D, Ligus G, Korman P
404 - 414 Pore scale and macroscopic visual displacement of oil-in-water emulsions for enhanced oil recovery
Liu ZY, Li YQ, Luan HX, Gao WB, Guo Y, Chen YH
415 - 418 Microkinetic modeling of aqueous phase biomass conversion:Application to ethylene glycol reforming
Gu GH, Wittreich GR, Vlachos DG
419 - 419 Mesoscale modeling of emulsification in rotor-stator devices: Part I: A population balance model based on EMMS concept (vol 193, pg 171, 2019)
Chen C, Guan XP, Ren Y, Yang N, Li JH, Kunkelmann C, Schreiner E, Holtze C, Mulheims K, Sachweh B
420 - 431 Parameter estimation in reactive systems subject to sufficient criteria for thermodynamic stability
Glass M, Mitsos A
432 - 448 Two-step MILP/MINLP approach for the synthesis of large-scale HENs
Nemet A, Isafiade AJ, Klemes JJ, Kravanja Z