Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Gas-solid flow behaviors in a multi-stage circulating fluidized bed under elevated pressure
Feng RT, Li JG, Dong LB, Hao ZH, Ba ZR, Zhan HJ, Fang YT
14 - 24 Initial agglomeration of non-wetted solid particles in high temperature melt
Duan HJ, Ren Y, Zhang LF
25 - 36 Understanding dissolution phenomena of spray dried powders using a single particle approach
Karampalis D, Cao H, Caragay J, Ding YL, Bakalis S
37 - 53 Coarse grain 3D CFD-DEM simulation and validation with capacitance probe measurements in a circulating fluidized bed
Stroh A, Daikeler A, Nikku M, May J, Alobaid F, von Bohnstein M, Strohle J, Epple B
54 - 63 Extracellular redox potential regulation improves yeast tolerance to furfural
Li K, Xia J, Mehmood MA, Zhao XQ, Liu CG, Bai FW
64 - 71 Leather enabled multifunctional thermal camouflage armor
Wang XL, Tang Y, Wang YP, Ke L, Ye XX, Huang X, Shi B
72 - 81 Determination of filtration and consolidation properties of protein crystal suspensions using analytical photocentrifuges with low volume samples
Radel B, Funck M, Nguyen TH, Nirschl H
82 - 90 Glycerol improves heterologous biosynthesis of betulinic acid in engineered Yarrowia lipolytica
Sun J, Zhang CB, Nan WH, Li DS, Ke D, Lu WY
91 - 103 Kinetic study of single-walled carbon nanotube synthesis by thermocatalytic decomposition of methane using floating catalyst chemical vapour deposition
Yadav MD, Dasgupta K, Patwardhan AW, Kaushal A, Joshi JB
104 - 115 Mass transfer in fibrous media with varying anisotropy for flow battery electrodes: Direct numerical simulations with 3D X-ray computed tomography
Kok MDR, Jervis R, Trantet TG, Sadeghi MA, Brett DJL, Shearing PR, Gostick JT
116 - 129 Modeling the effects of hydrogen and nitrogen addition on soot formation in laminar ethylene jet diffusion flames
Yen M, Magi V, Abraham J
130 - 144 CFD-DEM study of the effect of ring baffles on system performance of a full-loop circulating fluidized bed
Wang S, Luo K, Hu CS, Fan JR
145 - 165 Three-dimensional Eulerian modeling of gas-liquid-solid flow with gas hydrate dissociation in a vertical pipe
Li P, Zhang XH, Lu XB
166 - 175 Analytical solutions of an isothermal two-dimensional model of a cathode flow channel in transport limited operational regimes of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Thosar AU, Lele AK
176 - 187 The measurements of the intrinsic diffusivity in pores and surface diffusivity inside the porous materials in liquid phase
Sun W, Chen SL, Xu MR, Wei YQ, Fan TT, Huang LX, Ma BL, Guo JT
188 - 201 Axial meso-scale modeling of gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds
Ma YL, Liu MY, Zhang Y
202 - 213 The second critical capillary number for chemical flooding in low permeability reservoirs: Experimental and numerical investigations
Li Y, Li H, Chen S, Mbi E, Wu K
214 - 224 Oxidation-assisted pulsating three-stream non-Newtonian slurry atomization for energy production
Strasser W
225 - 246 Microscopic theory of capillary pressure hysteresis based on pore-space accessivity and radius-resolved saturation
Gu ZY, Bazant MZ
247 - 264 A hybrid numerical approach for predicting mixing length and mixing time in microfluidic junctions from moderate to arbitrarily large values of the Peclet number
Borgogna A, Murmura MA, Annesini MC, Giona M, Cerbelli S
265 - 276 Enhanced pervaporation performance of polyamide membrane with synergistic effect of porous nanofibrous support and trace graphene oxide lamellae
Cheng C, Li PY, Zhang TH, Wang XF, Hsiao BS
277 - 290 Completion of thermal runaway criteria: Two new criteria to define runaway limits
Kummer A, Varga T
291 - 309 Comprehensive investigation and comparison of TFM, DenseDPM and CFD-DEM for dense fluidized beds
Ostermeier P, DeYoung S, Vandersickel A, Gleis S, Spliethoff H
310 - 323 Lattice Boltzmann simulations for invasion patterns during drying of capillary porous media
Zachariah GT, Panda D, Surasani VK
324 - 332 Separation and purification of three, four, and five carbon diamines from fermentation broth
Lee JA, Ahn JH, Kim I, Li S, Lee SY
333 - 343 Droplet pinch-off with pressure fluctuations
Zhu PA, Wang LQ
344 - 353 Study of a thermally integrated parallel plates reactor for hydrogen production
Izurieta EM, Pedernera MN, Lopez E
354 - 365 Fitness functions for evolutionary optimization of rate parameters in chemically reacting systems
Siouris S, Blakey S
366 - 383 Measuring, imaging and modelling solute transport in a microporous limestone
Kurotori T, Zahasky C, Hejazi SAH, Shah SM, Benson SM, Pini R
384 - 390 Conservatively Perturbed Equilibrium (CPE) in chemical kinetics
Yablonsky GS, Branco PD, Marin GB, Constales D
391 - 401 Numerical analysis on cavitation effects in submerged water jet added with turbulent drag-reducing additives of CTAC
Li GD, Deng SS, Guan JF, Yao S
402 - 413 Design of Cu-based intermetallic nanocrystals for enhancing hydrogenation selectivity
Yu HB, Tang WQ, Li KJ, Yin HF, Zhao SL, Zhou SH
414 - 424 Fluid dynamic modeling of a large bubbling fluidized bed for biomass combustion: Mass transfer in bubbles
Villanueva-Chavez JG, Bizzo WA
425 - 432 Flow visualization of heavy oil in a packed bed using real-time neutron radiography
Shoji E, Yamagiwa K, Kubo M, Tsukada T, Takami S, Sugimoto K, Ito D, Saito Y, Teratani S
433 - 443 The use of computational fluid dynamics to predict the turbulent dissipation rate and droplet size in a stirred autoclave
Booth CP, Leggoe JW, Aman ZM
444 - 462 Interfacial wave analysis of low viscous oil-water flow in upwardly inclined pipes
Perera K, Time RW, Pradeep C, Kumara AS
463 - 477 The kinetics of Fast Flotation using the Reflux Flotation Cell
Jiang K, Dickinson JE, Galvin KP
478 - 492 Comprehensive validation analysis of sub-grid drag and wall corrections for coarse-grid two-fluid modeling
Zhu LT, Bin Rashid TA, Luo ZH
493 - 500 Coalescence of small bubbles with surfactants
Lu JK, Corvalan CM, Chew YMJ, Huang JY
501 - 513 Comparison of liquid-solid flow characteristics in upward and downward circulating fluidized beds by CFD approach
Song Y, Zhu J, Zhang C, Sun ZN, Lu XF
514 - 526 Numerical study of the dynamics of a droplet in a T-junction microchannel using OpenFOAM
Mora AEM, Silva ALFDE, Silva SMMDE
527 - 537 Characterization of products derived from the high temperature flash pyrolysis of microalgae and rice hulls
Palumbo AW, Bartel CJ, Sorli JC, Weimer AW
538 - 551 Development of a new column shortcut model and its application in process optimisation
Ecker AM, Thomas I, Halele M, Wunderlich B, Obermeier A, Ferstl J, Klein H, Peschel A