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1 - 10 High-gravity-assisted scalable synthesis of zirconia nanodispersion for light emitting diodes encapsulation with enhanced light extraction efficiency
He XL, Wang Z, Pu Y, Wan D, Tang RJ, Cui SM, Wang JX, Chen JF
11 - 22 Towards improved partial oxidation product yield in mixed ionic-electronic membrane reactors using CSTR and CFD modelling
Sommer DE, Kirchen P
23 - 38 Measurement of droplet breakage in a pump-mixer
Zhou H, Yu X, Jing S, Zhou H, Lan WJ, Li SW
39 - 50 Comparison of solid phase closure models in Eulerian-Eulerian simulations of a circulating fluidized bed riser
Nikku M, Daikeler A, Stroh A, Myohanen K
51 - 61 Solid-like film formed by nano-silica self-assembly at oil-water interface
Dai CL, Huang YP, Lyu XY, Li L, Sun YP, Zhao MW, Zhao G, Wu YN
62 - 73 Process intensification of mixing and chemical modification for polymer solutions in microreactors based on gas-liquid two-phase flow
Zha L, Shang MJ, Qiu M, Zhang H, Su YH
74 - 82 Dynamic wetting failure in curtain coating: Comparison of model predictions and experimental observations
Liu CY, Carvalho MS, Kumar S
83 - 94 Numerical and experimental characterization of the hydrodynamics and drying kinetics of a barbotine slurry spray
Sebastia-Saez D, Hernandez L, Arellano-Garcia H, Julia JE
95 - 106 From nanoengineering to nanomedicine: A facile route to enhance biocompatibility of graphene as a potential nano-carrier for targeted drug delivery using natural deep eutectic solvents
Zainal-Abidin MH, Hayyan M, Ngoh GC, Wong WF
107 - 119 Kinetic study of the aqueous Kolbe-Schmitt synthesis of 2,4-and 2,6-dihydroxybenzoic acids
Zhang XB, Liu YX, Luo ZH
120 - 126 A new non-dimensional parameter to obtain the minimum mixing length in tree-like concentration gradient generators
Rismanian M, Saidi MS, Kashaninejad N
127 - 140 Numerical matching of anisotropic transport processes in porous electrodes of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Xing L, Xu YX, Das PK, Mao BD, Xu Q, Su HN, Wu X, Shi WD
141 - 158 Mechanistic understanding of plasma arcing in microwave food processing
Bianchi C, Datt AK, Dughiero F
159 - 178 Dissipation rate estimation in a rectangular shaped test section with periodic structure at the walls
La Forgia N, Hero EH, Solsvik J, Jakobsen HA
179 - 184 Differentiation between O-2 and NO2 impact on PtOx formation in a diesel oxidation catalyst
Arvajova AB, Boutikos P, Koci P
185 - 200 Synthesis of heat exchanger networks with economic and environmental assessment using fuzzy-Analytic Hierarchy Process
Mano TB, Guillen-Gosalbez G, Jimenez L, Ravagnani MASS
201 - 207 Electrohydrodynamic formation of single and double emulsions for low interfacial tension multiphase systems within microfluidics
Azizian P, Azarmanesh M, Dejam M, Mohammadi M, Shamsi M, Sanati-Nezhad A, Mohamad AA
208 - 217 Sulfur vacancy formation at different MoS2 edges during hydrodesulfurization process: A DFT study
Shang H, Wang TY, Zhang WH
218 - 229 Characterization of caking for crystalline materials: Comparison and statistical analysis of three mechanical tests
Samain S, Leturia M, Mottelet S, Benali M, Saleh K
230 - 238 Enhanced carbon dioxide flux by catechol-Zn2+ synergistic manipulation of graphene oxide membranes
Ren YX, Peng DD, Wu H, Yang LX, Wu XY, Wu YZ, Wang SF, Jiang ZY
239 - 241 Determination of constant viscosity for a power-law melt flow inside a circular tube
Luo C
242 - 249 Liquid-liquid extraction in laminar two-phase stratified flows in capillary microchannels
Ramji S, Pushpavanam S
250 - 261 Experimental and numerical investigation of fractal-tree-like heat exchanger manufactured by 3D printing
Wang G, Gu Y, Zhao LHB, Xuan J, Zeng GF, Tang ZY, Sun YH
262 - 270 Model-based evaluation of selenate and nitrate reduction in hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor
Chen XM, Lai CY, Fang F, Zhao HP, Dai XH, Ni BJ
271 - 280 An intensification of the CO2 methanation reaction: Effect of carbon nanofiber network on the hydrodynamic, thermal and catalytic properties of reactors filled with open cell foams
Frey M, Romero T, Roger AC, Edouard D
281 - 298 Scaling up of extractor-free electrosprays in linear arrays
Sochorakis N, Grifoll J, Rosell-Llompart J
299 - 300 Comment on the paper "Unsteady MHD Falkner-Skan flow of Casson nanofluid with generative/destructive chemical reaction, Imran Ullah, Sharidan Shafie, Oluwole Daniel Makinde, Ilyas Khan, Chemical Engineering Science 172 (2017) 694-706"
Pantokratoras A
301 - 311 Joint mass transfer of two components associated with the spontaneous interfacial convection in the liquid-liquid extraction system
Shevchenko EA, Mitra S, Ermakov SA, Titov AG, Ermakov AA, Pattader PSG
312 - 324 Particle dynamics investigation by means of shadow imaging inside an air separator
Roloff C, Lukas E, van Wachem B, Thevenin D
325 - 334 Self-assembly of DCPD-loaded cross-linked micelle from triblock copolymers and its pH-responsive behavior: A dissipative particle dynamics study
Gao JB, Wang P, Wang ZK, Li CL, Sun SQ, Hu SQ
335 - 346 Experimental implementation of a Quality-by-Control (QbC) framework using a mechanistic PBM-based nonlinear model predictive control involving chord length distribution measurement for the batch cooling crystallization of L-ascorbic acid
Szilagyi B, Borsos A, Pal K, Nagy ZK
347 - 355 Model of an industrial multitubular reactor for methanol to formaldehyde oxidation in the presence of catalyst deactivation
Braz CG, Mendes A, Rocha J, Alvim R, Matos HA
356 - 366 Numerical and experimental comparison of tracer particle and averaging techniques for particle velocities in a fluidized bed
Xu YP, Li TW, Lu LQ, Tebianian S, Chaouki J, Leadbeater TW, Jafari R, Parker DJ, Seville J, Ellis N, Grace JR
367 - 380 Distributor performance in a bubbling fluidized bed: Effects of multiple gas inlet jet and bubble generation
Sanchez-Delgado S, Marugan-Cruz C, Serrano D, Briongos JV
381 - 398 Equation-oriented optimization of reactive distillation systems using pseudo-transient models
Ma YJ, Luo YQ, Yuan XG
399 - 412 Detailed investigation of the surface mechanisms and their interplay with transport phenomena in alumina atomic layer deposition from TMA and water
Gakis GP, Vergnes H, Scheid E, Vahlas C, Boudouvis AG, Caussat B
413 - 422 CFD modelling of biomass gasification with a volatile break-up approach
Kumar U, Paul MC
423 - 432 Comparison of fouling of raw milk and whey protein solution on stainless steel and fluorocarbon coated surfaces: Effects on fouling performance, deposit structure and composition
Magens OM, Hofmans JFA, Adriaenssens Y, Wilson DI
433 - 441 Droplets trapped by a wetting surface with chemical defects in shear flows
Shang XL, Luo ZY, Bai BF
442 - 454 High viscosity polymeric fluid droplet formation in a flow focusing microfluidic device - Experimental and numerical study
Carneiro J, Campos JBLM, Miranda JM
455 - 461 Generation and reduction of bulk nanobubbles by ultrasonic irradiation
Yasuda K, Matsushima H, Asakura Y
462 - 483 Review on heat conduction, heat convection, thermal radiation and phase change heat transfer of nanofluids in porous media: Fundamentals and applications
Xu HJ, Xing ZB, Wang FQ, Cheng ZM
484 - 493 An investigation of the reduction of TiO2 by Mg in H-2 atmosphere
Li Q, Zhu XF, Zhang Y, Fang ZGZ, Zheng SL, Sun P, Xia Y, Li P, Zhang Y, Zou X
494 - 506 Multi-objective optimization method for enhancing chemical reaction process
Cao XP, Jia SK, Luo YQ, Yuan XG, Qi ZW, Yu KT
507 - 518 Experimental studies on droplet formation in a flow-focusing microchannel in the presence of surfactants
Roumpea E, Kovalchuk NM, Chinaud M, Nowak E, Simmons MJH, Angeli P
519 - 530 Tortuosity and connectivity evaluation by CFD simulation for morphological characterization of membranes and catalytic structures. Case study: CaF2-like structure
Azzato G, De Marco G, Stellato V, Sun Y, Caravella A
531 - 540 Combination of axial dispersion and velocity profile in parallel tanks-in-series compartment model for prediction of residence time distribution in a wide range of non-ideal laminar flow regimes
Fazli-Abukheyli R, Darvishi P
541 - 552 Dynamic simulation of the CO2 methanation in a micro-structured fixed-bed reactor
Kreitz B, Wehinger GD, Turek T
553 - 564 Macro-scale effects over filtered and residual stresses in gas-solid riser flows
Mouallem J, Niaki SRA, Chavez-Cussy N, Milioli CC, Milioli FE
565 - 577 The dual phase moisture conductivity of fibrous materials using random walk techniques in X-ray microcomputed tomographic structures
Defrenne Y, Zhdankin V, Ramanna S, Ramaswamy S, Ramarao BV
578 - 584 Pressure loss in packed beds of binary mixtures of angular parallelepipeds
Hallett WLH, Busigin MK, Berdusco D, Wiens E
585 - 597 Particle mixing in bubbling fluidized bed reactors with continuous particle exchange
Hofer G, Marzinger T, Eder C, Proll F, Proll T
598 - 608 A systematic numerical study of the laminar burning velocity of iso-octane/syngas/air mixtures
Xu HH, Liu FS, Sun SZ, Meng S, Zhao YJ
609 - 618 Constructing rapid diffusion pathways in ultrapermeable hybrid membranes by hierarchical porous nanotubes
Pan FS, Wang HJ, Li WD, Zhang SB, Sun J, Yang H, Wang MD, Wang MR, Zhou XD, Liu X, Jiang ZY
619 - 630 Molecular-level kinetic modelling of fluid catalytic cracking slurry oil hydrotreating
Chen ZY, Feng S, Zhang LZ, Shi Q, Xu ZM, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
631 - 641 A simplified model to describe drainage of egg white powder foam containing additives
Faezian A, Yeganehzad S, Tighchi HA
642 - 656 Effect of lift force and hydrodynamic torque on fluidisation of non-spherical particles
Mema I, Mahajan VV, Fitzgerald BW, Padding JT
657 - 664 Droplet-based microfluidic method for robust preparation of gold nanoparticles in axisymmetric flow focusing device
Bandulasena MV, Vladisavljevic GT, Benyahia B
665 - 670 Rapid low-temperature synthesis of hollow CuS0.55 nanoparticles for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation
Zhang HX, Jiang H, Xu QC, Hu YJ, Li CZ
671 - 682 Gas phase dispersion/mixing investigation in a representative geometry of gas-liquid upflow Moving Bed Hydrotreater Reactor (MBR) using developed gas tracer technique and method based on convolution/regression
Alexander V, Albazzaz H, Al-Dahhan M
683 - 692 Hydration structures of vanadium/oxovanadium cations in the presence of sulfuric acid: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Zhang N, Yang BY, Huo J, Qi WX, Zhang XP, Ruan XH, Bao JJ, He GH
693 - 706 Influences of operating parameters on the fluidized bed coal gasification process: A coarse-grained CFD-DEM study
Hu CS, Luo K, Wang S, Sun LY, Fan JR
707 - 719 Butanol production via vacuum fermentation: An economic evaluation of operating strategies
Diaz VHG, von Stosch M, Willis MJ
720 - 729 Deformation and crawling of oil drop on solid substrates by shearing liquid
Lu H, Xu X, Xie LS, Wang HL, Sun GN, Yang Q
730 - 736 Hydrodynamics of a bubble-driven liquid-solid fluidized bed
Liu YJ, Zhu JX
737 - 747 Numerical analyses and optimization of tubular thermochemical heat storage reactors using axisymmetric thermal lattice Boltzmann model
Pan ZH, Yan J, Zhao CY
748 - 757 Study on soot nucleation and growth from PAHs and some reactive species at flame temperatures by ReaxFF molecular dynamics
Yuan HL, Kong WJ, Liu FS, Chen DP
758 - 766 Modelling of homogeneously catalyzed hemicelluloses hydrolysis in a laminar-flow reactor
Nebreda AP, Russo V, Di Serio M, Salmi T, Grenman H
767 - 776 Investigate the interactions between biomass components during pyrolysis using in-situ DRIFTS and TGA
Wang JQ, Shen BX, Kang DR, Yuan P, Wu CF
777 - 790 Fault detection and pathway analysis using a dynamic Bayesian network
Amin MT, Khan F, Imtiaz S
791 - 800 Controllable wettability on stainless steel substrates with highly stable coatings
Su MJ, Bai S, Luo Y, Chu GW, Sun BC, Le Y, Chen JF
801 - 809 Microfluidics for synthesis and morphology control of hierarchical porous covalent organic polymer monolith
Zhao Y, Liao ZJ, Xiang ZH
810 - 819 Acetylene pyrolysis in a jet-stirred-reactor for low pressure gas carburizing process - Experiments, kinetic modeling and mixing intensity investigations by CFD simulation
Bensabath T, Monnier H, Glaude PA
820 - 827 Direct simulations of two-phase flow experiments of different geometry complexities using Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) method
Yin X, Zarikos I, Karadimitriou NK, Raoof A, Hassanizadeh SM
828 - 840 Upset-conscious scheduling for continuous parallel-process and performance decaying unit system
Chen M, Xu Q
841 - 850 On the challenges and constrains of ultra-low emission limits: Formaldehyde oxidation in catalytic sinusoidal-shaped channels
Torkashvand B, Maier L, Hettel M, Schedlbauer T, Grunwaldt JD, Deutschmann O
851 - 880 Diffusing uphill with James Clerk Maxwell and Josef Stefan
Krishna R
881 - 893 Numerical modeling and control of solids separation using continuously moving fine mesh filters
Sherratt A, DeGroot CT, Straatman AG, Santoro D
894 - 903 Liquid holdup and pressure drop in packed column with structured packing under offshore conditions
Son Y, Won W
904 - 920 A discrete-time scheduling model for power-intensive processes taking fatigue of equipment into consideration
Obermeier A, Windmeier C, Esche E, Repke JU
921 - 934 Experimental flow structure analysis in a 1 MWth circulating fluidized bed pilot plant
Daikeler A, Strohle J, Epple B
935 - 945 Hydrothermal catalytic processing of waste cooking oil for hydrogen-rich syngas production
Nanda S, Rana R, Hunter HN, Fang Z, Dalai AK, Kozinski JA
946 - 957 Multiobjective optimization of a flat-panel airlift reactor designed by computational fluid dynamics
Ansoni JL, Santiago PA, Seleghim P
958 - 967 Dissolution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in subcritical and supercritical Water: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Qu H, Gong JH, Tan XC, Yuan PQ, Cheng ZM, Yuan WK
968 - 984 Influence of multiphase turbulence modelling on interfacial momentum transfer in two-fluid Eulerian-Eulerian CFD models of bubbly flows
Colombo M, Fairweather M
985 - 994 Toluene degradation over Mn-TiO2/CeO2 composite catalyst under vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) irradiation
Wu MY, Leung DYC, Zhang YG, Huang HB, Xie RJ, Szeto W, Li F
995 - 1009 Mechanistic model to simulate wet agglomerate breakage in a gas-solid fluidized bed
Motlagh AHA, Palanisamy K, Pougatch K, Salcudean M, Grace JR, Grecov D, McMillan J
1010 - 1020 Piezoelectric-based high performance spray solvent delivery system for desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry: Systematic design and case studies for high throughput screening of N-alkylation reactions
Szilagyi B, Koswara A, Loren BP, Ferreira CR, Thompson DH, Nagy ZK
1021 - 1027 A molecular dynamics approach to nanostructuring of particles produced via aerosol cationic photopolymerization
Bazzano M, Marchisio D, Sangermano M, Worner M, Pisano R
1028 - 1028 Questioning the catalytic effect of Ni nanoparticles on CO2 hydration and the very need of such catalysis for CO2 capture by mineralization from aqueous solution - Response to letter
Malik DJ, Sokolov IJ, Ramsden JJ
1029 - 1030 Comment on "Questioning the catalytic effect of Ni nanoparticles on CO2 hydration and the very need of such catalysis for CO2 mineralization from aqueous solutions by Ramsden et al. Chem. Eng. Sci. (2018) 175-162"
Bhaduri GA, Siller L