Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Permeability measurements of quartz sands with methane hydrate
Li G, Li XS, Lv QN, Zhang Y
6 - 14 Nature inspired fractal tree-like photobioreactor via 3D printing for CO2 capture by microaglae
Zhao LHB, Zeng GF, Gu Y, Tang ZY, Wang G, Tang T, Shan Y, Sun YH
15 - 26 A new method for voidage correlation of gas-liquid mixture based on differential pressure fluctuation
Wang WW, Liang X, Zhang MZ, Sefiane K
27 - 37 Supported ionic liquid membranes with high carrier efficiency via strong hydrogen-bond basicity for the sustainable and effective olefin/paraffin separation
Dou HZ, Jiang B, Xu M, Zhou JH, Sun YL, Zhang LH
38 - 52 Characteristics of energy production and dissipation around a bubble rising in water
Gumulya M, Joshi JB, Utikar RP, Evans GM, Pareek V
53 - 65 Study of hydrodynamics in wave bioreactors by computational fluid dynamics reveals a resonance phenomenon
Zhan CJ, Hagrot E, Brandt L, Chotteau V
66 - 75 A delayed detached eddy simulation model with low Reynolds number correction for transitional swirling flow in a multi-inlet vortex nanoprecipitation reactor
Liu ZP, Hill JC, Fox RO, Passalacqua A, Olsen MG
76 - 88 A mass-conserving lattice Boltzmann method for bubble behavior estimation
Li X, Gao DY, Hou BL, Wang XD
89 - 101 Drop impact on small targets with different target-to-drop diameters ratio
Arogeti M, Sher E, Bar-Kohany T
102 - 119 Unsteady three-dimensional theoretical model and numerical simulation of a 120-kW chemical looping combustion pilot plant
Hamidouche Z, Masi E, Fede P, Simonin O, Mayer K, Penthor S
120 - 132 Experimental testing and model validation of the calcination of calcium carbonate by the reduction of copper oxide with CH4
Fernandez JR, Abanades JC
133 - 143 Transferring bioelectrochemical processes from H-cells to a scalable bubble column reactor
Enzmann F, Mayer F, Stockl M, Mangold KM, Hommel R, Holtmann D
144 - 155 Evaluation of carrier size and surface morphology in carrier-based dry powder inhalation by surrogate modeling
Farizhandi AAK, Paclawski A, Szlek J, Mendyk A, Shao YH, Lau R
156 - 170 Mesoscale modeling of emulsification in rotor-stator devices Part II: A model framework integrating emulsifier adsorption
Chen C, Guan XP, Ren Y, Yang N, Li JH, Kunkelman C, Schreiner E, Holtze C, Mulheims K, Sachweh B
171 - 183 Mesoscale modeling of emulsification in rotor-stator devices Part I: A population balance model based on EMMS concept
Chen C, Guan XP, Ren Y, Yang N, Li JH, Kunkelmann C, Schreiner E, Holtze C, Mulheims K, Sachweh B
184 - 187 Responses to the comment on the paper ''Effect of impurities on the onset and the growth of gravitational instabilities in a geological CO2 storage process: Linear and nonlinear analyses" by MC Kim and KH Song
Kim MC, Song KH
188 - 204 Continuum modeling of granular segregation during hopper discharge
Xiao H, Fan Y, Jacob KV, Umbanhowar PB, Kodam M, Koch JF, Lueptow RM
205 - 216 The exact regulation of temperature evolutions for droplet impact on ultrathin cold films at superhydrophilic surface
Li Y, Zheng Y, Chen YS, Lan Z, Ma XH
217 - 229 Tailored mesoporosity and acidity of shape-selective fibrous silica beta zeolite for enhanced toluene co-reaction with methanol
Ghani NNM, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Aziz MAA, Rahman AFA, Hamid MYS, Izan SM, Nawawi MGM
230 - 242 Synergistic effect of welding electrospun fibers and MWCNT reinforcement on strength enhancement of PAN-PVC non-woven mats for water filtration
Namsaeng J, Punyodom W, Worajittiphon P
243 - 254 Effect of flow and fluid properties on the mobility of multiphase flows through porous media
Patel HV, Kuipers JAM, Peters EAJF
255 - 263 Propyl gallate: A novel collector for flotation separation of fluorite from calcite
Gao JD, Sun W, Hu YH, Wang L, Liu RQ, Gao ZY, Chen P, Tang HH, Jiang W, Lyu F
264 - 275 Intensification of the liquid side mass transfer in double-side falling film microchannels by micro-mixing structures
Chen SY, Zhang T, Lv L, Chen YX, Yang YC, Tang SW
276 - 281 Interactions between colliding oil drops coated with non-ionic surfactant determined using optical tweezers
Chen A, Li SW, Jing D, Xu JH
282 - 297 Penetration time of hydrophilic micron particles impacting into an unconfined planar gas-liquid interface
Zhu SJ, Liu RZ, Wang T, Niu YJ, Lu HF, Chen XL
298 - 311 Modeling of transitional pore blockage to cake filtration and modified fouling index - Dynamical surface phenomena in membrane filtration
Harouna BM, Benkortbi O, Hanini S, Amrane A
312 - 324 Compact coiled flow inverter for process intensification
Soni S, Sharma L, Meena P, Roy S, Nigam KDP
325 - 335 Numerical simulation of dynamic behavior of compound droplets on solid surface in shear flow by front-tracing method
Shang XL, Luo ZY, Bai BF
336 - 345 A fast adhesive discrete element method for random packings of fine particles
Chen S, Liu WW, Li SQ
346 - 363 A New Three-Phase Flash Algorithm Considering Capillary Pressure in a Confined Space
Sun H, Li HA
364 - 369 Improving lycopene production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through optimizing pathway and chassis metabolism
Li X, Wang ZX, Zhang GL, Yi LJ
370 - 378 A simple and reliable procedure to accurately estimate NRTL interaction parameters from liquid-liquid equilibrium data
Diaz I, Rodriguez M, Gonzalez EJ, Gonzalez-Miquel M
379 - 393 Development of a multiphysics model for the study of fuel compressibility effects in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor
Cervi E, Lorenzi S, Cammi A, Luzzi L
394 - 410 Quality variable prediction for chemical processes based on semisupervised Dirichlet process mixture of Gaussians
Shao WM, Ge ZQ, Song ZH
411 - 420 The rheology of slurries of athermal cohesive micro-particles immersed in fluid: A computational and experimental comparison
Murphy E, Lomboy G, Wang KJ, Sundararajan S, Subramaniam S
421 - 435 A comprehensive CFD study on the effect of dense vertical internals on the hydrodynamics and population balance model in bubble columns
Agahzamin S, Pakzad L