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1 - 15 Bubble growth characteristics in bi-component liquid: Influence of component concentration and liquid temperature
Liu H, Cai C, Jia M, Yan YA, Xi X
16 - 24 CFD study of the effect of unsteady slip velocity waveform on shear stress in membrane systems
Liang YY, Weihs GAF, Fletcher DF
25 - 33 Predicting aerosol size distribution development in absorption columns
Majeed H, Hillestad M, Knuutila H, Svendsen HF
34 - 45 A quantitative comparison of in-line coating thickness distributions obtained from a pharmaceutical tablet mixing process using discrete element method and terahertz pulsed imaging
Pei CL, Lin HY, Markl D, Shen YC, Zeitler JA, Elliott JA
46 - 60 Pulse response analysis using the Y-procedure: A data science approach
Kunz MR, Borders T, Redekop E, Yablonsky GS, Constales D, Wang LC, Fushimi R
61 - 73 Performance manipulations of a composite membrane of low thermal conductivity for seawater desalination
Zhang LZ, Su QW
74 - 84 Influence of molecular structure of alcohol-water mixtures on bubble behaviour and bubble surface mobility
Basarova P, Pislova J, Mills J, Orvalho S
85 - 93 Improved H-2/CO2 separation performance on mixed-linker ZIF-7 polycrystalline membranes
Chang H, Wang Y, Xiang L, Liu DH, Wang CQ, Pan YC
94 - 102 Capture of CO2 in carbon nanotube bundles supported with room-temperature ionic liquids: A molecular simulation study
Zeng YP, Li K, Zhu QY, Wang JL, Cao YN, Lu SJ
103 - 113 Model-based performance analysis and scale-up of membrane adsorbers with a cassettes format designed for parallel operation
Velali E, Stute B, Leuthold M, von Lieres E
114 - 125 Significance of gas-liquid interfaces for two-phase flows in micro-channels
Chao C, Xu X, Kwelle SO, Fan XF
126 - 127 Interactions in droplet and particle system of near unity size ratio (vol 170, pg 154, 2017)
Mitra S, Evans GM, Doroodchi E, Pareek V, Joshi JB
128 - 142 Identifying dominant spatial and time characteristics of flow dynamics within free-surface baffled stirred-tanks from CFD simulations
de Lamotte A, Delafosse A, Calvo S, Toye D
143 - 160 Structure influence on jet pump operating limits
Zhu XL, Wang DM, Xu CH, Zhu YF, Zhou WD, He F
161 - 175 Direct numerical simulations of creeping to early turbulent flow in unbaffled and baffled stirred tanks
Tamburini A, Gagliano G, Micale G, Brucato A, Scargiali F, Ciofalo M
176 - 186 Non-linear stability analysis of pressure drop oscillations in a heated channel
Rahman ME, Singh S
187 - 198 Simulation the convective mixing of CO2 in geological formations with a meshless model
Xu TB, Jin YC
199 - 210 Lagrangian mixing simulation and quantification of scales
Matos J, Brito MSCA, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
211 - 217 Ammonia capture by water splitting and hollow fiber extraction
Yan HY, Wu L, Wang YM, Shehzad MA, Xu TW
218 - 234 Spontaneous imbibition in randomly arranged interacting capillaries
Ashraf S, Visavale G, Phirani J
235 - 243 A novel molecular chaperone GroEL2 from Rhodococcus ruber and its fusion chimera with nitrile hydratase for co-enhanced activity and stability
Chen YZ, Jiao S, Wang MM, Chen J, Yu HM
244 - 253 Estimating the hindered-settling flux function from a batch test in a cone
Burger R, Careaga J, Diehl S, Merckel R, Zambrano J
254 - 263 The effect of mixing on silver particle morphology in flow synthesis
Yang T, Segets D, Thajudeen T, Han YS, Peukert W
264 - 272 Electrokinetic motion of a submerged oil droplet near an air-water interface
Wang CF, Song YX, Pan XX, Li DQ
273 - 287 A review on adsorbents for treatment of water and wastewaters containing copper ions
Krstic V, Urosevic T, Pesovski B
288 - 305 Euler-Euler simulation and X-ray measurement of bubble chain in a shallow container filled with liquid metals
Liu L, Keplinger O, Ma T, Ziegenhein T, Shevchenko N, Eckert S, Yan HJ, Lucas D
306 - 317 Efficient calculation of constraint back-offs for optimization under uncertainty: A case study on maleic anhydride synthesis
Maussner J, Freund H
318 - 334 Core-Annulus radial solids concentration distribution in riser
Fan YP, Li C, Fan HW, Yu M, Lu CX
335 - 358 GRAMS: A general framework describing adsorption, reaction and sorption-enhanced reaction processes
Arora A, Iyer SS, Hasan MMF
359 - 370 A UV photodecomposition reactor for siloxane removal from biogas: Modeling aspects
Divsalar A, Entesari N, Dods MN, Prosser RW, Egolfopoulos FN, Tsotsis TT
371 - 379 Kinetic study of CO2 hydrates crystallization: Characterization using FTIR/ATR spectroscopy and contribution modeling of equilibrium/non-equilibrium phase-behavior
Boufares A, Provost E, Dalmazzone D, Osswald V, Clain P, Delahaye A, Fournaison L
380 - 390 On the dimensionality and complexity of multiple-feed attainable regions
Zimucha DK, Ming D, Low M
391 - 413 A numerical model to simulate the NAPL source zone remediation by injecting zero-valent iron nanoparticles
Tsakiroglou CD, Sikinioti-Lock A, Terzi K, Theodoropoulou M
414 - 421 Taking full advantage of KMn0 4 in simplified Hummers method: A green and one pot process for the fabrication of alpha MnO2 nanorods on graphene oxide
Liu X, Shi LY, Jiang WT, Zhang JP, Huang L
422 - 433 Hierarchical design of extraction-distillation processes using short-cut apparatus models with piece-wise linearized thermodynamics
Kaul M, Burger J, Hasse H
434 - 447 Dynamic analysis of millimetre-scale fixed bed reactors for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Mandic M, Dikic V, Petkovska M, Todic B, Bukur DB, Nikacevic NM
448 - 466 Development of novel heat conduction interaction model for solid body thermal contact in CFD based particle flow simulations
Florio LA
467 - 476 Interface tracking of an oil ganglion inside a cascade of pore bodies and pore throats: A quasistatic investigation
Salama A
477 - 487 Investigation on the mechanical properties and mechanical stabilities of pipewall hydrate deposition by modelling and numerical simulation
Song GC, Li YX, Wang WC, Jiang K, Shi ZZ, Yao SP
488 - 498 Evaluation of LLDPE/LDPE blend foamability by in situ rheological measurements and bubble growth simulations
Chen YC, Wan C, Liu T, Chen ZQ, Qiao YD, Lu JW, Yan JY, Zhao L, Esseghir M
499 - 506 A direct solution to multi-objective optimization: Validation in solving the EMMS model for gas-solid fluidization
Zhang L, Chen JH, Huang WL, Li JH
507 - 515 Production of an oil-degrading bacterial consortium in an airlift bioreactor: Insights into the mass transfer of the oil and oxygen
Tec-Caamal EN, Jimenez-Gonzalez A, Medina-Moreno SA, Lizardi-Jimenez MA
516 - 525 Conversion of bio-char to CaC2 at low temperatures-morphology and kinetics
Li ZK, Liu ZY, Wang RX, Guo XJ, Liu QY
526 - 540 Experimental study of interaction between liquid droplets in oil-in-water emulsions using multivariate time series analysis
Han YF, Jin ND, Zhai LS, Ren YY
541 - 550 A self-heating oxygen pump using microchanneled ceramic membranes for portable oxygen supply
Shao X, Dong DH, Parkinson G, Li CZ
551 - 564 Hydrodynamics studies of the behaviour of traditional and two-phase ionic liquid solvent systems in countercurrent chromatography (CCC)
Lange V, Brown L, Angeli P
565 - 575 On the temperature dependence of the alpha function in the cubic equation of state
Yang FF, Liu Q, Duan YY, Yang Z
576 - 590 Transport modeling and mapping of pulsed reactor dynamics near and beyond the onset of viscid flow
Gering KL, Baroi C, Fushimi RR
591 - 602 Theoretical analysis of the explosion limits of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures and their stability
Lidor A, Weihs D, Sher E
603 - 612 Modelling CO2 adsorption dynamics onto amine-functionalised sorbents: A fractal-like kinetic perspective
Montagnaro F, Balsamo M
613 - 618 Comments on the paper "effect of impurities on the onset and the growth of gravitational instabilities in a geological CO2 storage process: Linear and nonlinear analyses"
Raad SMJ, Hassanzadeh H
619 - 633 Modelling of particle flow in a dual circulation fluidized bed by a Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
Gu JR, Shao YJ, Liu XJ, Zhong WQ, Yu AB
634 - 641 The pressure drop across combined polydisperse spherical particle - Cylindrical fiber networks
Yang H, He SD, Ouyang H, Anderson MJ, Shen L, Hogan CJ
642 - 654 Stoichiometric restrictions on operating modes in chemical technology
Pisarenko YA, Yakhyaev MA, Serna-Loaiza S, Cardona CA
655 - 664 Synthesis mechanism of carbon nanotube fibers using reactor design principles
Lee SH, Kim HR, Lee H, Lee J, Lee CH, Lee J, Park J, Lee KH
665 - 677 Hydrodynamics, mass transfer and cell growth characteristics in a novel microbubble stirred bioreactor employing sintered porous metal plate impeller as gas sparger
Li GL, Li H, Wei GG, He X, Xu S, Chen KQ, Ouyang PK, Ji XJ
678 - 687 A novel metaheuristic framework for the scheduling of multipurpose batch plants
Woolway M, Majozi T
688 - 698 Engineering the dispersion of nanoparticles in polyurethane membranes to control membrane physical and transport properties
Sadeghi M, Shamsabadi AA, Ronasi A, Isfahani AP, Dinari M, Soroush M
699 - 713 Homogenization of current density of PEM fuel cells by in-plane graded distributions of platinum loading and GDL porosity
Xing L, Wang Y, Das PK, Scott K, Shi WD
714 - 724 Drag force of bubble swarms and numerical simulations of a bubble column with a CFD-PBM coupled model
Yang GY, Zhang HH, Luo JJ, Wang TF
725 - 738 Experiments and meso-scale modeling of phase holdups and bubble behavior in gas-liquid-solid mini-fluidized beds
Li XN, Liu MY, Ma YL, Dong TT, Yao D
739 - 758 Mapping of microalgae culturing via radioactive particle tracking
Sabri LS, Sultan AJ, Al-Dahhan MH
759 - 773 An effective three-marker drag model via sub-grid modeling for turbulent fluidization
Zhu LT, Liu YX, Luo ZH
774 - 787 Bubble velocity in horizontal and low-inclination upward slug flow in concentric and fully eccentric annuli
Ibarra R, Nossen J
788 - 802 Monitoring the progress of catalytic cracking for model compounds in the mid-infrared (MIR) 3200-2800 cm(-1) range
Lopez-Zamora S, Alkhlel A, de Lasa H
803 - 815 DEM simulation of the mixing behavior in a spheronization process
Weis D, Evers M, Thommes M, Antonyuk S
816 - 828 Application of COSMO-RS and UNIFAC for ionic liquids based gas separation
Liu XY, Zhou T, Zhang XP, Zhang SJ, Liang XD, Gani R, Kontogeorgis GM
829 - 839 Application of a mathematical method in calculation of the skin variation during a real field acidizing operation
Shabani A, Jamshidi S, Jahangiri HR
840 - 849 Induced nucleation by gassing and its monitoring for the design and operation of an MSMPR cascade
Luhrmann MC, Termuhlen M, Timmermann J, Schembecker G, Wohlgemuth K
850 - 863 An exploratory study on fluid particles breakup rate models for the entire spectrum of turbulent energy
Karimi M, Andersson R
864 - 881 Mesoscale-structure-based dynamic multiscale method for gas-solid flow
Chen XZ, Wang JW
882 - 891 Producing carbon nanotubes from thermochemical conversion of waste plastics using Ni/ceramic based catalyst
Liu XT, Shen BX, Wu ZT, Parlett CMA, Han ZN, George A, Yuan P, Patel D, Wu CF
892 - 905 A semi-analytical model for linear stability analysis of rectangular natural circulation loops
Nadella S, Srivastava AK, Maheshwari NK
906 - 929 Development and verification of anisotropic solids stress closures for filtered Two Fluid Models
Cloete JH, Cloete S, Radl S, Amini S
930 - 954 Development and verification of anisotropic drag closures for filtered Two Fluid Models
Cloete JH, Cloete S, Municchi F, Radl S, Amini S
955 - 971 Modelling of water-to-gas hollow fiber membrane humidifier
Pandey R, Lele A
972 - 980 Modeling the transport and retention of polydispersed colloidal suspensions in porous media
Bradford SA, Leij FJ
981 - 992 Parameter estimation for cubic equations of state models subject to sufficient criteria for thermodynamic stability
Glass M, Djelassi H, Mitsos A
993 - 1010 Interface evolution of a liquid Taylor droplet during passage through a sudden contraction in a rectangular channel
Sudhakar T, Das AK
1011 - 1035 A review on gravity flow of free-flowing granular solids in silos - Basics and practical aspects
Saleh K, Golshan S, Zarghami R
1036 - 1040 Simple correlation for critical isotherm of pure compounds
Bhagwat SS, Kane A, Ganju S, Vora PP
1041 - 1057 Parametric study of hydrogen production via sorption enhanced steam methane reforming in a circulating fluidized bed riser
Phuakpunk K, Chalermsinsuwan B, Putivisutisak S, Assabumrungrat S
1058 - 1070 Layered two-phase flows in microchannels with arbitrary interface-wall contact angles
Dandekar R, Picardo JR, Pushpavanam S
1071 - 1080 Homogenization of liquids inside a new soft elastic reactor: Revealing mixing behavior through dimensional analysis
Delaplace G, Gu YY, Liu MH, Jeantet R, Xiao J, Chen XD
1081 - 1090 Interaction between binder and high silica HZSM-5 zeolite for methanol to olefins reactions
Chen XD, Li XG, Li H, Han JJ, Xiao WD
1091 - 1104 Hydrodynamics study of bubbly flow in a top-submerged lance vessel
Wang YN, Vanierschot M, Cao LL, Cheng ZF, Blanpain B, Guo MX
1105 - 1123 Non-spherical particles in a pseudo-2D fluidised bed: Modelling study
Mahajan VV, Nijssen TMJ, Kuipers JAM, Padding JT
1124 - 1137 Optimization of fixed-bed methanation reactors: Safe and efficient operation under transient and steady-state conditions
Fache A, Marias F, Guerre V, Palmade S
1138 - 1156 Interfacial mass transfer limitations of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis operated in a slurry bubble column reactor at industrial conditions
Vik CB, Solsvik J, Hillestad M, Jakobsen HA
1157 - 1166 Development of a drag force correlation for assemblies of cubic particles: The effect of solid volume fraction and Reynolds number
Chen Y, Muller CR
1167 - 1176 Understanding of imidazolium group hydration and polymer structure for hydroxide anion conduction in hydrated imidazolium-g-PPO membrane by molecular dynamics simulations
Zhang N, Huo J, Yang BY, Ruan XH, Zhang XP, Bao JJ, Qi WX, He GH
1177 - 1188 Effect of microwave heating on the performance of catalytic oxidation of n-butane in a gas-solid fluidized bed reactor
Hamzehlouia S, Shabanian J, Latifi M, Chaouki J
1189 - 1197 A droplet-based millifluidic method for studying ice and gas hydrate nucleation
Atig D, Touil A, Ildefonso M, Marlin L, Bouriat P, Broseta D
1198 - 1208 Rapid solidification forming of glassy and crystalline ribbons by planar flow casting
Mattson J, Theisen E, Steen P
1209 - 1217 Vibrationally directed assembly of micro- and nanoparticle-polymer composites
Shabaniverki S, Thorud S, Juarez JJ
1218 - 1230 Synthesis of a quantitative strategy to minimize energy used in conditioning of dry air in buildings in summer with fluctuating ambient and room occupancy rate
Chu JYG, Davey KR
1231 - 1241 Results from a commercial-scale experimental validation of a quantitative strategy to minimize energy used in conditioning of dry air in buildings in summer with fluctuating ambient and room occupancy rate
Chu JYG, Davey KR
1242 - 1251 Structural and kinetic insights into Pt/CNT catalysts during hydrogen generation from ammonia borane
Chen WY, Wang ZJ, Duan XZ, Qian G, Chen D, Zhou XG
1252 - 1259 Confinement effect on water transport in CNT membranes
Tao JB, Song XY, Zhao T, Zhao SL, Liu HL
1260 - 1260 Experimental investigations on unmixed combustion for heat transfer applications (vol 164, pg 122, 2017)
Deshpande A, Krishnaswamy S, Ponnani K
1261 - 1261 A correlation for interfacial area concentration in high void fraction flows in large diameter channels (vol 131, pg 172, 2015)
Schlegel JP, Hibiki T
1262 - 1262 Comment on "Experimental investigation of Taylor vortex photocatalytic reactor for water purification"
Mittal S, Tezduyar TE