Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.189 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 23 Image processing techniques for the measurement of two-phase bubbly pipe flows using particle image and tracking velocimetry (PIV/PTV)
Cerqueira RFL, Paladino EE, Ynumaru BK, Maliska CR
24 - 32 Development of extended boundary diagrams to design thermally safe operating conditions for homogenous semibatch reactors
Guo ZC, Chen LP, Chen WH
33 - 42 Modeling water imbibition into coated and uncoated papers
Ghanbarian B, Aslannejad H, Raoof A
43 - 55 Gas separation by ionic liquids: A theoretical study
Zhao YS, Pan MG, Kang XJ, Tu WH, Gao HS, Zhang XP
56 - 64 Simulations of dense agitated solid-liquid suspensions - Effects of the distribution of particle sizes
Derksen JJ
65 - 74 CO2 adsorption performance of functionalized metal-organic frameworks of varying topologies by molecular simulations
Li W, Li S
75 - 83 Design of tunable-size 2D nanopore membranes from self-assembled amphiphilic nanosheets using dissipative particle dynamics simulations
Song XY, Guo H, Ta JB, Zhao SL, Han X, Liu HL
84 - 101 A granular Discrete Element Method for arbitrary convex particle shapes: Method and packing generation
Seelen LJH, Padding JT, Kuipers JAM
102 - 113 Mass transfer from two spheres in tandem accompanied by chemical reactions
Juncu G
114 - 122 CO2 capture from ambient air using hydrated Na2CO3 supported on activated carbon honeycombs with application to CO2 enrichment in greenhouses
Rodriguez-Mosqueda R, Bramer EA, Brem G
123 - 134 A porous media model for CFD simulations of gas-liquid two-phase flow in rotating packed beds
Lu X, Xie P, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
135 - 153 Comprehensive experimental design for chemical engineering processes: A two-layer iterative design approach
Yu H, Yue H, Hailing P
154 - 164 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of flow and heat transfer evolution inside encapsulated phase change materials due to natural convection melting
Lin Q, Wang SG, Ma ZJ, Wang JH, Zhang TF
165 - 178 Experimental study on the effect of interfacial tension on the conformance control of oil-in-water emulsions in heterogeneous oil sands reservoirs
Yu L, Dong MZ, Ding BX, Yuan YG
179 - 190 Simulation of diesel exhaust aftertreatment system DOC-pipe-SCR: The effects of Pt loading, PtOx formation and pipe configuration on the deNO(x) performance
Leskovjan M, Koci P, Maunula T
191 - 211 Process system fault detection and diagnosis using a hybrid technique
Amin MT, Imtiaz S, Khan F
212 - 220 Simulation of a large methanol-to-olefins fluidized bed reactor with consideration of coke distribution
Zhang JY, Lu BN, Chen FG, Li H, Ye M, Wang W
221 - 232 Knowledge-data-integrated sparse modeling for batch process monitoring
Luo LJ, Bao SY
233 - 244 Influence of incoming air conditions on fuel spray evaporation in an evaporating chamber
Bazdidi-Tehrani F, Abedinejad MS
245 - 259 Phase inversion phenomena in vertical three-phase flow: Experimental study on the influence of fluids viscosity, duct geometry and gas flow rate
Colmanetti ARA, de Castro MS, Barbosa MC, Rodriguez OMH
260 - 265 Fractal analysis of the effect of rough surface morphology on gas slip flow in micro- and nano- porous media
Zheng Q, Fan JT, Li XP, Xu C
266 - 276 Distribution models for nitrophenols in a liquid-liquid system
Lopes ALCV, Ribeiro AFG, Reis MPS, Silva DCM, Portugal I, Baptista CMSG
277 - 285 Improving particle dispersity and CO2 separation performance of amine-functionalized CAU-1 based mixed matrix membranes with polyethyleneimine-grafting modification
Guo XY, Huang HL, Liu DH, Zhong CL
286 - 295 Microwave-assisted fast and efficient dissolution of silkworm silk for constructing fibroin-based biomaterials
Li SC, Chen CY, Zhang D, Zhang XZ, Sun BC, Lv SS
296 - 310 Dispersion in non-Newtonian fluid flows in a conduit with porous walls
Dejam M
311 - 319 Catalytic processing of non-condensable pyrolysis gas from plastics: Effects of calcium supports on nickel-catalyzed decomposition of hydrocarbons and HCl sorption
Veksha A, Giannis A, Oh WD, Lisaka G
320 - 339 Catalytic combustion of soot over Cu, Mn substitution CeZrO2-delta nanocomposites catalysts prepared by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis method
Guan B, Lin H, Zhan R, Huang Z
340 - 359 Multiphase processes with ionic liquids in microreactors: hydrodynamics, mass transfer and applications
Yao CQ, Zhao YC, Chen GW
360 - 368 Prediction of species concentration distribution using a rigorous turbulent mass diffusivity model for bubble column reactor simulation part II: Analogy between turbulent mass and momentum transfer in toluene emissions biodegradation process
Zhang C, Yuan XG, Luo YQ, Yu GC
369 - 379 Emulsification using a "Sonolator" liquid whistle: A new correlation for droplet size from pilot-scale experiments
Ryan DJ, Baker MR, Kowalski AJ, Simmons MJH
380 - 393 Dynamic behaviors of feed jets and catalyst particles in FCC feed injection zone
Yan ZH, Fan YP, Bi XT, Lu CX
394 - 400 A model for the depletion layer prediction in a dilute suspension of rigid rod-like particles under shear flows in the entire range of Peclet numbers
Monjezi S, Patterson GK, Nelson AK, Park J
401 - 412 The soft sensor of the molten steel temperature using the modified maximum entropy based pruned bootstrap feature subsets ensemble method
Wang XJ, Wang XY, Zhang Q, Mao ZZ
413 - 421 Elucidating the mechanism of fast cycling NOx storage and reduction using C3H6 and H-2 as reductants
Ting AWL, Harold MP, Balakotaiah V
422 - 430 Continuous flow synthesis of ultrasmall gold nanoparticles in a microreactor using trisodium citrate and their SERS performance
Huang H, du Toit H, Besenhard MO, Ben-Jaber S, Dobson P, Parkin I, Gavriilidis A
431 - 448 A review on microreactors: Reactor fabrication, design, and cutting-edge applications
Suryawanshi PL, Gumfekar SP, Bhanvase BA, Sonawane SH, Pimplapure MS