Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.187 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 15 A micro-level transport model for plant-based food materials during drying
Rahman MM, Kumar C, Joardder MUH, Karim MA
16 - 26 Effects of temperature on methanol adsorption on functionalized graphite: Saturation of functional groups
Dilokekunakul W, Klomkliang N, Supasitmongkol S, Chaemchuen S, Do DD, Nicholson D
27 - 32 Theoretical analysis of the viscosity correction factor for heat transfer in pipe flow
Mondal S, Field RW
33 - 51 Reynolds number dependence of particle resuspension in turbulent duct flows
Zhao YL, Wang YZ, Yao J, Fairweather M
52 - 59 Control of a nonlinear continuous stirred tank reactor via event triggered sliding modes
Sinha A, Mishra RK
60 - 66 Cyclohexanone ammoximation over TS-1 catalyst without organic solvent in a microreaction system
Hu YP, Dong C, Wang T, Luo GS
67 - 78 Supported PEBA-zeolite 13X nano-composite membranes for gas separation: Preparation, characterization and molecular dynamics simulation
Asghari M, Mosadegh M, Harami HR
79 - 86 Kinetic model discrimination of penicillin G acylase thermal deactivation by non-isothermal continuous activity assay
McDonald MA, Bromig L, Grover MA, Rousseau RW, Bommarius AS
87 - 97 A spiral microreactor for improved stability and performance for catalytic combustion of propane
Kunte A, Raghu AK, Kaisare NS
98 - 106 Mesoporous phenolics filled in macroporous membranes for tunable tight-ultrafiltration
Lan QQ, Wang ZG, Wang Y
107 - 116 Turbulence generation after a monolith in automotive catalytic converters
Cornejo I, Nikrityuk P, Hayes RE
117 - 126 The development and numerical modelling of a Representative Elemental Volume for packed sand
Thabet A, Straatman AG
127 - 133 Numerical study of the critical drop size on a thin horizontal fiber: Effect of fiber shape and contact angle
Wang S, Desjardins O
134 - 147 Thermodynamic modeling of VLE and VLLE for the ternary system of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoroprop-1-ene(R1234yf) + propane (R290)+1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane(R134a) at 253.15 K-313.15 K
Qin YB, Zhang H, Wu YL, Wang ZL, Liu SS, Yang M
148 - 156 Homogeneous catalytic hydroformylation of propylene in propane-expanded solvent media
Liu D, Chaudhari RV, Subramaniam B
157 - 173 Computational studies of a novel magnetically driven single-use-technology bioreactor: A comparison of mass transfer models
Maltby R, Tian S, Chew YMJ
174 - 188 Comparison of hollow fiber and flat mixed-matrix membranes: Theory and simulation
Monsalve-Bravo GM, Bhatia SK
189 - 199 The non-catalytic partial oxidation of methane in a flow tube reactor using indirect induction heating - An experimental and kinetic modelling study
Li CE, Kuan B, Lee WJ, Burke N, Patel J
200 - 212 Interfacial behaviour, wettability alteration and emulsification characteristics of a novel surfactant: Implications for enhanced oil recovery
Pal N, Saxena N, Laxmi KVD, Mandal A
213 - 222 Solids mixing in a shallow cross-flow bubbling fluidized bed
Kong WB, Wang B, Baeyens J, Li S, Ke H, Tan TW, Zhang HL
223 - 244 A multistage stochastic programming formulation to evaluate feedstock/process development for the chemical process industry
Christian B, Cremaschi S
245 - 255 Pore scale characteristics of gas flow in shale matrix determined by the regularized lattice Boltzmann method
Zhao TY, Zhao HW, Li XF, Ning ZF, Wang Q, Zhao W, Zhang JL
256 - 268 Accuracy analysis of SPH for flow in a model extruder with a kneading element
Wittek P, Pereira GG, Emin MA, Lemiale V, Cleary PW
269 - 279 A combined monitoring scheme with fuzzy logic filter for plant-wide Tennessee Eastman Process fault detection
Ammiche M, Kouadri A, Bakdi A
280 - 291 An apparent liquid permeability model of dual-wettability nanoporous media: A case study of shale
Zhang T, Li XF, Shi JT, Sun Z, Yin Y, Wu KL, Li J, Feng D
292 - 301 Investigation of the critical entry pressure values associated with the permeation of an oil droplet through a cascade of pore throats and pore bodies: A quasistatic analysis
Salama A
302 - 317 Polymers and polymer-based gelants for improved oil recovery and water control in naturally fractured chalk formations
Hatzignatiou DG, Giske NH, Stavland A
318 - 326 IR laser induced phase change behaviors of the NaCl solution in the microchannel
He XF, Xu QY, Chen R, Zhu X, Liao Q, Ye DD, Zhang B, Jiao L, Li W
327 - 341 In-pipe rheology and mixing characterisation using electrical resistance sensing
Machin TD, Wei HY, Greenwood RW, Simmons MJH
342 - 353 Acoustic agglomeration with addition of sprayed liquid droplets: Three-dimensional discrete element modeling and experimental verification
Zhang GX, Wang JQ, Chi ZH, Hu E
354 - 366 Experimental study on particle steady state velocity distribution in horizontal dilute phase pneumatic conveying
Santo N, Portnikov D, Eshel I, Taranto R, Kalman H
367 - 376 Mixing time and mass transfer of rising bubbles in swarm turbulence
Kuck UD, Miessner U, Aydin M, Thoming J
377 - 390 Fluid structure behaviour in gas-oil two-phase flow in a moderately large diameter vertical pipe
Omar R, Hewakandamby B, Azzi A, Azzopardi B
391 - 405 Modelling of breakage rate and bubble size distribution in bubble columns accounting for bubble shape variations
Shi WB, Yang J, Li G, Yang XG, Zong Y, Cai XY
406 - 414 Encapsulation of single-walled carbon nanotubes with asymmetric pyrenyl-gemini surfactants
Song XY, Guo H, Tao JB, Zhao SL, Han X, Liu HL
415 - 431 Numerical simulation of bubble formation with a moving contact line using Local Front Reconstruction Method
Mirsandi H, Rajkotwala AH, Baltussen MW, Peters EAJF, Kuipers JAM
432 - 443 Evaluation of CO2 gas supply of large open algae ponds
Rarrek A, Rehfeldt S, Klein H
444 - 454 Transesterification of soybean and castor oil with methanol and butanol using heterogeneous basic catalysts to obtain biodiesel
Navas MB, Lick ID, Bolla PA, Casella ML, Ruggera JF
455 - 469 Parameters estimation and model discrimination for solid-liquid reactions in batch processes
Wang YJ, Biegler LT, Patel M, Wassick J