Chemical Engineering Science

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ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 17 Evaluation of contact force models for discrete modelling of ellipsoidal particles
Kildashti K, Dong KJ, Samali B, Zheng QJ, Yu AB
18 - 26 Oxygen permeation properties of novel BaCo0.85Bi0.05Zr0.1O3-delta hollow fibre membrane
Qiu ZH, Hu YD, Tan XY, Hashim SS, Sunarso J, Liu SM
27 - 38 Experimental investigation of mass transfer performance in laboratory- and pilot-scale structured-packing columns under roll motion
Di XN, Chen SJ, Wang WH, Huang Y
39 - 52 Impact of phase saturation on wormhole formation in rock matrix acidizing
Babaei M, Sedighi M
53 - 73 Measurement of gas phase characteristics in vertical oil-gas-water slug and churn flows
Wang DY, Jin ND, Han YF, Wang F
74 - 88 Modeling multiple chemical equilibrium in chiral extraction of metoprolol enantiomers from single-stage extraction to fractional extraction
Zhang PL, Wang SC, Tang KW, Xu WF, He F, Qiu YR
89 - 109 The Antoine equation of state: Rediscovering the potential of an almost forgotten expression for calculating volumetric properties of pure compounds
Araujo-Lopez E, Lopez-Echeverry JS, Reif-Acherman S
110 - 121 Application of hot-wire anemometry for experimental investigation of flow distribution in micro-packed bed reactors for synthesis gas conversion
Dadgar F, Venvik HJ, Pfeifer P
122 - 131 Kinetic modeling of CO2 adsorption on an amine-functionalized solid sorbent
Jung W, Park J, Lee KS
132 - 138 Extension to multiple temperatures of a three-reaction global kinetic model for methane dehydroaromatization
Zhu Y, Al-Ebbinni N, Henney R, Yi C, Barat R
139 - 150 An experimental investigation of the probability distribution of turbulent fragmenting stresses in a high-pressure homogenizer
Hakansson A
151 - 162 Fluidized bed classification of particles of different size and density
Chladek J, Jayarathna CK, Moldestad BME, Tokheim LA
163 - 179 How chain length dependencies interfere with the bulk RAFT polymerization rate and microstructural control
De Rybel N, Van Steenberge PHM, Reyniers MF, D'hooge DR, Marin GB
180 - 194 A dual grid, dual level set based cut cell immersed boundary approach for simulation of multi-phase flow
Patel T, Lakdawala A
195 - 209 Investigations about the effect of fractal distributors on the hydrodynamics of fractal packs of novel plate and frame designs
He GQ, Kochergin V, Li YH, Nandakumar K
210 - 217 Lattice-Boltzmann flow simulation of an oil-in-water emulsion through a coalescing filter: Effects of filter structure
Mino Y, Hasegawa A, Shinto H, Matsuyama H
218 - 233 Polyimide-graphene oxide nanofiltration membrane: Characterizations and application in enhanced high concentration salt removal
Zaman NK, Rohani R, Mohammad AW, Isloor AM
234 - 244 State estimation for a penicillin fed-batch process combining particle filtering methods with online and time delayed offline measurements
Kager J, Herwig C, Stelzer IV
245 - 260 Intrusive measurements of air-water flow properties in highly turbulent supported plunging jets and effects of inflow jet conditions
Wang H, Slamet NS, Zhang GF, Chanson H
261 - 269 Absolute instability induced by Marangoni effect in thin liquid film flows on vertical cylindrical surfaces
Ding ZJ, Liu R, Wong TN, Yang C
270 - 283 Intensification of high-phase-ratio extraction via microbubble-agitation in gas-liquid-liquid systems
Feng TF, Tan J, Deng WS, Su YF
284 - 292 Efficient simulation and equilibrium theory for adsorption processes with implicit adsorption isotherms - Ideal adsorbed solution theory
Fechtner M, Kienle A
293 - 300 Iron-oxide nano-particles effect on the blood hemodynamics in atherosclerotic coronary arteries
Nematollahzadeh A, Dabaleh A, Ahadi-Jomairan N, Torabi S
301 - 312 Modeling and validation of a pilot-scale aqueous mineral carbonation reactor for carbon capture using computational fluid dynamics
Kim M, Na J, Park S, Park JH, Han C
313 - 322 Particle motion and heat transfer in an upward-flowing dense particle suspension: Application in solar receiver
Garcia-Trinanes P, Seville JPK, Ansart R, Benoit H, Leadbeater TW, Parker DJ
323 - 332 Adsorption of simple square-well fluids in slit nanopores: Modeling based on Generalized van der Waals partition function and Monte Carlo simulation
Kong LL, Adidharma H
333 - 339 Unification of particle velocity distribution functions in gas-solid flow
Zhao BD, Wang JW
340 - 353 A validation of commonly used CFD methods applied to rotor stator mixers using PIV measurements of fluid velocity and turbulence
Mortensen HH, Arlov D, Innings F, Hakansson A
354 - 368 Optimization of pre-concentration, entrainer recycle and pressure selection for the extractive distillation of acetonitrile-water with ethylene glycol
You XQ, Gu JL, Gerbaud V, Peng CJ, Liu HL
369 - 379 Numerical study of heat transfer and thermal homogenization in a helical reactor
Mansour M, Janiga G, Nigam KDP, Thevenin D, Zahringer K
380 - 390 VUV/TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation process of methyl orange and simultaneous utilization of the lamp-generated ozone
Szeto W, Li JT, Huang HB, Leung DYC
391 - 398 A kinetics study on cumene oxidation catalyzed by carbon nanotubes: Effect of N-doping
Mu CL, Cao YH, Wang HJ, Yu H, Peng F
399 - 409 H5PMo10V2O40 anchor by -OH of the Titania nanotubes: Highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the direct hydroxylation of benzene
Wang HF, Wang CY, Zhao M, Yang YF, Fang LP, Wang YJ
410 - 416 Construction of thermo-tolerant yeast based on an artificial protein quality control system (APQC) to improve the production of bio-ethanol
Xu K, Yu LP, Bai WX, Xiao B, Liu YQ, Lv B, Li J, Li C
417 - 421 On the predictions for diffusion-driven evaporation of sessile droplets with interface cooling
Tran HV, Nguyen TAH, Biggs SR, Nguyen AV
422 - 430 Bio-combustion of petroleum coke: The process integration with photobioreactors
Severo IA, Depra MC, Barin JS, Wagner R, de Menezes CR, Zepka LQ, Jacob-Lopes E
431 - 444 Pore-scale simulation of vortex characteristics in randomly packed beds using LES/RANS models
Jiang LS, Liu HS, Wu D, Wang JS, Xie MZ
445 - 454 Direct measurement of the contact angle of water droplet on quartz in a reservoir rock with atomic force microscopy
Deng YJ, Xu L, Lu HL, Wang H, Shi YM
455 - 463 Self-agglomeration mechanism of iron nanoparticles in a fluidized bed
Li J, Kong J, He SY, Zhu QS, Li HZ
464 - 470 Investigation of reaction mechanisms in the chemical vapor deposition of al from DMEAA
Psarellis GM, Aviziotis IG, Duguet T, Vahlas C, Koronaki ED, Boudouvis AG
471 - 480 Pinch-off of liquid bridge during droplet coalescence under constrained condition
Peng LQ, Luo ZY, Zuo YY, Yan G, Bai BF
481 - 490 Measurements of hydrocarbon bubble points in synthesized mesoporous siliceous monoliths
Cho H, Caputo D, Bartl MH, Deo M
491 - 500 A deterministic model for positional gradients in copolymers
Kryven I, Zhao YR, McAuley KB, Iedema P
501 - 508 Effect of calcium on the fouling of whey protein isolate on stainless steel using QCM-D
Yang W, Li D, Chen XD, Mercade-Prieto R
509 - 522 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in vertical, inclined and oscillating trickle-bed reactors for offshore floating applications
Iliuta I, Larachi F
523 - 536 3D direct numerical simulations of reactive mass transfer from deformable single bubbles: An analysis of mass transfer coefficients and reaction selectivities
Falcone M, Bothe D, Marschall H
537 - 556 A CFD-DEM solver to model bubbly flow. Part II: Critical validation in upward vertical pipes including axial evolution
Pena-Monferrer C, Monros-Andreu G, Chiva S, Martinez-Cuenca R, Munoz-Cobo JL