Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.176 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 18 Direct numerical simulation of fluid flow and mass transfer in dense fluid-particle systems with surface reactions
Lu JT, Das S, Peters EAJF, Kuipers JAM
19 - 34 Vapor pressure, vapor-liquid equilibria, liquid-liquid equilibria and excess enthalpy of the system consisting of isophorone, furfural, acetic acid and water
Ershova O, Pokki JP, Zaitseva A, Alopaeus V, Sixta H
35 - 49 Study on the meniscus-induced motion of droplets and bubbles by a three-phase Lattice Boltzmann model
Wei B, Huang HB, Hou J, Sukop MC
50 - 58 Evolution of mass distribution in walls of rigid polyurethane foams
Ferkl P, Krskova I, Kosek J
59 - 65 Three-dimensional simulation of droplet dynamics in planar contraction microchannel
Hoang VT, Lim J, Byon C, Park JM
66 - 76 Breakup dynamics for droplet formation in shear-thinning fluids in a flow-focusing device
Du W, Fu TT, Duan YF, Zhu CY, Ma YG, Li HZ
77 - 95 On comparison of the sharp-interface and diffuse-interface level set methods for 2D capillary or/and gravity induced flows
Shaikh J, Sharma A, Bhardwaj R
96 - 106 Pressure equalization approach for flow uniformity in microreactor with parallel channels
Madane K, Kulkarni AA
107 - 115 Transient three-dimensional simulation of densification process of carbon fibre preforms via chemical vapour infiltration of carbon matrix from methane
Tang ZP, Li AJ, Hatakeyama T, Shuto H, Hayashi J, Norinaga K
116 - 126 Effect of gas sparger design on bubble column hydrodynamics using pure and binary liquid phases
Besagni G, Gallazzini L, Inzoli F
127 - 138 Variations in the molecular weight response of anionic polyacrylamides under different flocculation conditions
Costine A, Cox J, Travaglini S, Lubansky A, Fawell P, Misslitz H
139 - 152 Effect of surfactant on emulsification in microchannels
Kovalchuk NM, Roumpea E, Nowak E, Chinaud M, Angeli P, Simmons MJH
153 - 156 Evolution of flow regimes in non-Newtonian liquids under gas sparging
Xu Q, Bhattacharjee PK, Allitt D, Eshtiaghi N, Parthasarathy R
157 - 164 Selective protein quantification for preparative chromatography using variable pathlength UV/Vis spectroscopy and partial least squares regression
Brestrich N, Rudt M, Buchler D, Hubbuch J
165 - 179 Analysis of electroosmotic flow and Joule heating effect in a hydrophobic channel
Nayak AK, Haque A, Weigand B
180 - 191 Micromixing by two-phase hydrodynamic focusing: A 3D analytical modeling
Sadeghi A
192 - 204 Dynamic capillary phenomena using Incompressible SPH
Nair P, Poschel T
205 - 219 Modeling of convective turbulent heat transfer of water-based Al2O3 nanofluids in an uniformly heated pipe
Sekrani G, Poncet S, Proulx P
220 - 232 Hydrodynamics and flow mechanism of foam column Trays: Contact angle effect
Yan P, Li XG, Li H, Gao X
233 - 241 Non-spherical solid-non-Newtonian liquid fluidization and ANN modelling: Minimum fluidization velocity
Maiti SB, Let S, Bar N, Das SK
242 - 253 Numerical simulation of struvite crystallization in fluidized bed reactor
Ye X, Gao YC, Cheng JC, Chu DY, Ye ZL, Chen SH
254 - 263 Formation mechanisms of solid in water in oil compound droplets in a horizontal T-junction device
Pan DW, Liu MF, Li F, Chen Q, Liu XD, Liu YY, Zhang ZW, Huang WX, Li B
264 - 269 Thermodynamic prediction of the solvent effect on a transesterification reaction
Lemberg M, Schomacker R, Sadowski G
270 - 284 Mixing and orientation behaviors of cylindrical particles in a mixing layer of an Oldroyd-B fluid
Lin JZ, Wang YL, Zhang PJ, Ku XK
285 - 293 Catalytic deactivation mechanism research over Cu/SAPO-34 catalysts for NH3-SCR (I): The impact of 950 degrees c hydrothermal aging time
Fan DQ, Wang J, Yu T, Wang JQ, Hu XQ, Shen MQ
294 - 305 Evaporation excites temporal sequence of resonant modes in a sessile droplet perturbed at constant frequency - Insights into the universal dynamics of mode transitions
Sanyal A, Basu S
306 - 318 An open-source quadrature-based population balance solver for OpenFOAM
Passalacqua A, Laurent F, Madadi-Kandjani E, Heylmun JC, Fox RO
319 - 328 Controlled synthesis of graphite oxide: Formation process, oxidation kinetics, and optimized conditions
Li C, Shi YX, Chen X, He DF, Shen LM, Bao NZ
329 - 342 Towards improved predictions for the enzymatic chain-end scission of natural polymers by population balances: The need for a non-classical rate kernel
Ho YK, Kirse C, Briesen H, Singh M, Chan CH, Kow KW
343 - 355 LES and PIV investigation of turbulent characteristics in a vessel stirred by a novel long-short blades agitator
Pan X, Ding L, Luo PC, Wu H, Zhou Z, Zhang ZB
356 - 366 Effect of the contact angle on the morphology, residence time distribution and mass transfer into liquid rivulets: A CFD study
Sebastia-Saez D, Gu S, Ramaioli M
367 - 376 Modelling and numerical simulation of coupled transport phenomena with phase change: Layer evaporation of a binary mixture
Rieks S, Kenig EY
377 - 399 A novel multiscale theoretical model for droplet coalescence induced by turbulence in the framework of entire energy spectrum
Gong SG, Han LC, Luo HA
400 - 408 Effect of structural ordering of the carbon support on the behavior of Pd catalysts in aqueous-phase hydrodechlorination
Baeza JA, Calvo L, Alonso-Morales N, Heras F, Eser S, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA
409 - 420 Verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification of a sub-grid model for heat transfer in gas-particle flows with immersed horizontal cylinders
Lane WA, Ryan EM
421 - 428 Experimental and modelling study of partial oxidation of ethanol in a micro-reactor using gold nanoparticles as the catalyst
Behravesh E, Kilpio T, Russo V, Eranen K, Salmi T
429 - 438 Thin PdCu membrane for hydrogen purification from in-situ produced methane reforming complex mixtures containing H2S
Acha E, van Delft YC, Cambra JF, Arias PL
439 - 453 Modeling and simulation of the influences of particle-particle interactions on dense solid-liquid suspensions in stirred vessels
Xie L, Luo ZH
454 - 475 Stochastic DSMC method for dense bubbly flows: Methodology
Kamath S, Padding JT, Buist KA, Kuipers JAM
476 - 490 Modeling of complex liquid-solid flow of particle swelling in slurry loop reactors
Zhou RT, Chen JH, Yang N, Li JH, Fernandez A, Ricoux P
491 - 502 Photocuring of di-acrylate
Iedema PD, Schambock V, Boonen H, Koskamp J, Schellekens S, Willemse R
503 - 514 Transport characteristics of saturated gas diffusion layers treated with hydrophobic coatings
Moosavi SM, Niffeler M, Gostick J, Haussener S
515 - 523 Experimental study of non-uniform bubble growth in deep fluidized beds
Zhang CX, Li PL, Lei C, Qian WZ, Wei F
524 - 545 A CFD-DEM solver to model bubbly flow. Part I: Model development and assessment in upward vertical pipes
Pena-Monferrer C, Monros-Andreu G, Chiva S, Martinez-Cuenca R, Munoz-Cobo JL
546 - 559 A CFD-PBM approach for modeling ice slurry flow in horizontal pipes
Xu D, Liu ZQ, Cai LL, Tang YF, Yu YX, Xu AX
560 - 579 A coupled volume-of-fluid and level set method based on multi-dimensional advection for unstructured triangular meshes
Cao ZZ, Sun DL, Wei JJ, Yu B
580 - 599 Numerical and experimental study of La-Ni hydriding kinetics based on the varying-size model
Song J, Wang YQ, Li SS, He C, Wang D, Yang FS, Wu Z, Zheng L, Zhang ZX
600 - 608 Development of a scale-up strategy for fermentative production of docosahexaenoic acid by Schizochytrium sp.
Guo DS, Ji XJ, Ren LJ, Li GL, Sun XM, Chen KQ, Gao S, Huang H
609 - 621 Simulations of droplet merging with free surface and bubble column reactor with Finite-size Lagrangian particle tracking
Badreddine H, Niceno B
622 - 631 Phase separation dynamics in oil-polymer-salt-water three-liquid-phase system: Effect of phase-forming salt
Lin JY, Huang K, Sun P, Liu HZ
632 - 640 Diffusiophoretic enhancement of mass transfer by nanofluids
Dhuriya R, Dalia V, Sunthar P