Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.175 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Effects of pore size distribution and coordination number on filtration coefficients for straining-dominant deep bed filtration from percolation theory with 3D networks
Ding BB, Li CL, Wang YW, Xu JH
12 - 24 Computational fluid dynamics simulation of an industrial P. chrysogenum fermentation with a coupled 9-pool metabolic model: Towards rational scale-down and design optimization
Haringa C, Tang WJ, Wang G, Deshmukh AT, van Winden WA, Chu J, van Gulik WM, Heijnen JJ, Mudde RF, Noorman HJ
25 - 39 DEM-SPH study of molten slag trickle flow in coke bed
Natsui S, Sawada A, Terui K, Kashihara Y, Kikuchi T, Suzuki RO
40 - 55 Mathematical modelling of water absorption and evaporation in a pharmaceutical tablet during film coating
Christodoulou C, Sorensen E, Garcia-Munoz S, Mazzei L
56 - 71 Kinetics of CuO/SiO2 and CuO/Al2O3 oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion
San Pio MA, Martini M, Gallucci F, Roghair I, Annaland MV
72 - 83 Micro- and mesoporous supports for CO2 methanation catalysts: A comparison between SBA-15, MCM-41 and USY zeolite
Bacariza MC, Graca I, Bebiano SS, Lopes JM, Henriques C
84 - 90 MnFePSi-based magnetocaloric packed bed regenerators: Structural details probed by X-ray tomography
Funk A, Zeilinger M, Miehe A, Sopu D, Eckert J, Dotz F, Waske A
91 - 97 Experiments on the transition of fast to slow bubbles in water
Nullig M, Peters F
98 - 109 Masuda's sandstone core hydrate dissociation experiment revisited
Hardwick JS, Mathias S
110 - 117 An ethane-trapping MOF PCN-250 for highly selective adsorption of ethane over ethylene
Chen YW, Qiao ZW, Wu HX, Lv DF, Shi RF, Xia QB, Zhou J, Li Z
118 - 129 A bonded sphero-cylinder model for the discrete element simulation of elasto-plastic fibers
Guo Y, Wassgren C, Curtis JS, Xu DD
130 - 138 Kinetic modeling of methanol synthesis from renewable resources
Seidel C, Jorke A, Vollbrecht B, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Kienle A
139 - 147 Continuous enzymatic synthesis of polycaprolactone in packed bed reactor using pressurized fluids
Veneral JG, de Oliveira D, Ferreira SRS, Oliveira JV
148 - 161 Estimation of physical properties of amino acids by group-contribution method
Jhamb S, Liang XD, Gani R, Hukkerikar AS
162 - 167 Questioning the catalytic effect of Ni nanoparticles on CO2 hydration and the very need of such catalysis for CO2 capture by mineralization from aqueous solution
Ramsden JJ, Sokolov IJ, Malik DJ
168 - 174 Preparation of chemically uniform and monodisperse microparticles as highly efficient solid acid catalysts for aldol condensation
Kim J, Jin SH, Kang KK, Chung YM, Lee CS
175 - 184 Interaction of the Taylor flow behaviors and catalytic reaction inside a gas-liquid-solid microreactor under long-term operation
Chen R, Feng H, Zhu X, Liao Q, Ye DD, Liu J, Liu M, Chen G, Wang K
185 - 198 Local gas holdup and bubble dynamics investigation during microalgae culturing in a split airlift photobioreactor
Ojha A, Al-Dahhan M
199 - 207 C-2 yield enhancement during oxidative coupling of methane in a nonpermselective porous membrane reactor
Aseem A, Harold MP
208 - 219 Food suspensions study with SR microtomography
Islam SF, Wysokinski TW, Belev G, Sundara RV, Whitehouse S, Palzer S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
220 - 230 A cascaded recognition method for copper rougher flotation working conditions
Lu M, Xie DH, Gui WH, Wu LH, Chen CY, Yang CH
231 - 242 The concept of liquid inlet model and its effect on the flooding wave frequency in vertical air-water churn flow
Tekavcic M, Koncar B, Kljenak I
243 - 256 Micro-combustor performance enhancement using a novel combined baffle-bluff configuration
Ansari M, Amani E
257 - 266 Colloid deposition in monolithic porous media - Experimental investigations using X-ray computed microtomography and magnetic resonance velocimetry
Mikolajczyk G, Huang L, Wilhelm M, Dreher W, Odenbach S
267 - 277 Modeling the liquid-liquid extraction equilibrium of iron (III) with hydroxyoxime extractant and equilibrium-based simulation of counter-current copper extraction circuits
Vasilyev F, Virolainen S, Sainio T
278 - 285 A new method of estimating the liquidus temperature of coal ash slag using ash composition
Shi WJ, Dai X, Bai J, Kong LX, Xu J, Li XM, Bai ZQ, Li W
286 - 295 Effect of char on the combustion process of multicomponent bio-fuel
Mahmoudi AH, Pozarlik AK, van der Weide E, Kersten SRA, Luding S, Brem G
296 - 305 A fixed-grid model to track the interface and porosity of a chemically reacting moving char particle
Dierich F, Richter A, Nikrityuk P
306 - 319 Multi-zone parallel-series plug flow reactor model with catalyst deactivation effect for continuous catalytic reforming process
Dong XJ, He YJ, Shen JN, Ma ZF
320 - 334 Mass transfer characteristics of rotating spiral gas-liquid contacting
MacInnes JM, Ayash AA
335 - 342 Improving the thermo-tolerance of yeast base on the antioxidant defense system
Xu K, Gao LM, Ul Hassan J, Zhao ZP, Li C, Huo YX, Liu GY
343 - 353 Influence of micromixing time and shear rate in fast contacting mixers on the precipitation of boehmite and NH4-dawsonite
Lafficher R, Digne M, Salvatori F, Boualleg M, Colson D, Puel F
354 - 364 Dynamics of thin liquid films flowing down the uniformly heated/cooled cylinder with wall slippage
Chao YC, Ding ZJ, Liu R
365 - 376 An experimental and modeling study of CO2 solubility in a 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) + N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) solution
Pakzad P, Mofarahi M, Izadpanah AA, Afkhamipour M, Lee CH
377 - 386 Multiscale RANS-based modeling of the turbulence decay inside of an automotive catalytic converter
Cornejo I, Nikrityuk P, Hayes RE
387 - 395 Transformation of 2,3-butanediol in a dual bed catalyst system
Zeng F, Bossmann SH, Heidlage MG, Hohn KL
396 - 404 Modeling residence-time distribution in horizontal screw hydrolysis reactors
Sievers DA, Stickel JJ
405 - 415 Optimal reactor design and operation taking catalyst deactivation into account
Xie MQ, Freund H
416 - 423 A compact formula for the effective diffusivity of two-dimensional, anisotropic porous media with surface diffusion and interacting phases
Mirbagheri M, Akbari A, Hill RJ
424 - 444 Stochastic analysis of a full system of two competing populations in a chemostat
Voulgarelis D, Velayudhan A, Smith F